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Wed, 5 Oct 2005
[ 00:06:06 girgen ] Original commit 
postgresql74-server databases  Deleted Deprecated Expired files touched by this commit  This port version is marked as vulnerable. The most advanced open-source database available anywhere
Upgrade to version 7.4.9

Migration to version 7.4.9

   A dump/restore is not required for those running 7.4.X. However, if you
   are upgrading from a version earlier than 7.4.8, see the release notes
   for 7.4.8.


     * Fix error that allowed "VACUUM" to remove ctid chains too soon, and
       add more checking in code that follows ctid links
       This fixes a long-standing problem that could cause crashes in very
       rare circumstances.
     * Fix CHAR() to properly pad spaces to the specified length when
       using a multiple-byte character set (Yoshiyuki Asaba)
       In prior releases, the padding of CHAR() was incorrect because it
       only padded to the specified number of bytes without considering
       how many characters were stored.
     * Fix the sense of the test for read-only transaction in "COPY"
       The code formerly prohibited "COPY TO", where it should prohibit
       "COPY FROM".
     * Fix planning problem with outer-join ON clauses that reference only
       the inner-side relation
     * Further fixes for x FULL JOIN y ON true corner cases
     * Make array_in and array_recv more paranoid about validating their
       OID parameter
     * Fix missing rows in queries like UPDATE a=... WHERE a... with GiST
       index on column a
     * Improve robustness of datetime parsing
     * Improve checking for partially-written WAL pages
     * Improve robustness of signal handling when SSL is enabled
     * Don't try to open more than max_files_per_process files during
       postmaster startup
     * Various memory leakage fixes
     * Various portability improvements
     * Fix PL/PgSQL to handle var := var correctly when the variable is of
       pass-by-reference type
     * Update "contrib/tsearch2" to use current Snowball code

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