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Mon, 10 May 2010
[ 23:23:45 dougb ] Original commit 
portmaster ports-mgmt files touched by this commit Manage your ports without external databases or languages
New Feature
Add a --packages-local option for those who wish to use only local
packages, and never attempt to fetch from a remote site.

Bug Fix
Fix a braino for --index-first and --index-only:
The cross-checking of the command line options needs to happen before
the environment variables are set.

Cleanups And Optimizations
1. LOCALBASE_COMPAT is only ever used in combination with /pkg at the
   end, so fold that into the variable to start with.
2. Indicate to the user that -p is deprecated
3. Allow setting of DISTDIR directly in .portmasterrc like the other
   widely used vars. This entails the following:
   a. Capitalize distdir every place that it's used.
   b. Add to the list of --options to check which mean we don't even
      have to try to set it. This saves us a call to make(1).
   c. Don't set it to / if DISTDIR is empty, which makes error checking
      later on easier.
   d. Mark DISTDIR (and related vars) global in a few more functions
      to make it consistent.
4. Move the test for version > 6.4 first in the list, no point in
   processing a bunch of stuff only to bail out later.
5. Unset the test_command_line function when we're done using it
6. Be smarter about whether or not to use $PM_SU_CMD to fetch the
7. Improve cross-option error checking for the --packages* options

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