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Mon, 23 May 2011
[ 20:58:47 hrs ] Original commit 
ghostscript9 print files touched by this commit Ghostscript 9.x PostScript interpreter
Add print/ghostscript9, an interpreter of PostScript and PDF page
description languages.  Changes from 8.x series include:

- This release includes a move to an ICC-based color rendering
  workflow. The design allows easy integration of 3rd party color
  management modules (CMMs) and management of DeviceN and spot source
  colors with ICC profiles as well as with non-ICC proprietary
  methods. The default CMM is the well known littleCMS.  Postscript
  color objects and non-ICC CIE-based PDF color spaces are converted
  to equivalent ICC profiles enabling complete color management for
  all color spaces by an ICC-based CMM. New command line options
  enable the specification of gray, rgb and cmyk default ICC profiles
  as well as output device ICC profiles. The new work flow provides
  performance improvements in the rendering of images, shadings and
  transparencies. In addition, the color conversions are designed to
  work efficiently in multithreaded display list (c-list) rendering
  through the use of a shared link cache. Finally, proper ICC based
  rendering now occurs for ALL XPS objects including Named colors,
  N-Channel colors and images with internally embedded ICC profiles.

- The second major change in this release is that glyph rendering for
  all font types except Type 3 is now handled by Freetype (via a much
  improved and enhanced Font API). The most obvious benefit of this is
  a complete, and proven implementation of the TrueType byte code
  interpreter (now unencumbered by patents).

- Another major change is that the Postscript interpreter's graphics
  state now stores two separate colour space settings for stroking and
  filling, to better support the stroke and fill colours required by
  the PDF interpreter.

- Support for optional content has been added to the PDF interpreter.

- This release also includes a number of improvements to the pdfwrite
  device to improve reliability and quality with PCL and XPS
  input. Many improvements to the support of JPX images in PDF files,
  PDF annotation rendering and the usual number of general bug and
  robustness fixes.

- For security reasons, Ghostscript no longer searches the current
  directory by default. Use -P option to revert to old behavior.

- For monochrome devices, there is a new halftone technique for
  sampled image data. The existing technique is very efficient (and is
  is still used) for large areas of color, such as an area fill, but
  encountered performance problems dealing with sampled image data
  where a given colour value only covered a few pixels at a time. The
  new approach applies the halftone threshold array directly to the
  image samples.

- A new, robust CFF parser implemented in C (replacing the previous
  Poscript one)

- tiffscaled device - this renders internally as tiffgray, but then
 downsamples by an integer scale factor (specified by
 -dDownScaleFactor=n) and error diffuses to 1bpp output. The
 tiffscaled device also implements limited minimum feature size
 functionality; by setting -dMinFeatureSize to 1, 2 or 3, the device
 output is guaranteed to generate minimum dot sizes as multiples of
 the final resolution, useful for devices that offer finer position
 control than dot size control.

- Add DSC compatible output in ps2write.

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