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Tue, 18 Oct 2011
[ 08:55:44 rea ] Original commit 
exim mail files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. High performance MTA for Unix systems on the Internet
mail/exim: upgrade to 4.77

New stuff (from
 1. New options for the ratelimit ACL condition: /count= and /unique=.
    The /noupdate option has been replaced by a /readonly option.

 2. The SMTP transport's protocol option may now be set to "smtps", to
    use SSL-on-connect outbound.

 3. New variable $av_failed, set true if the AV scanner deferred; ie, when
    there is a problem talking to the AV scanner, or the AV scanner running.

 4. New expansion conditions, "inlist" and "inlisti", which take simple lists
    and check if the search item is a member of the list.  This does not
    support named lists, but does subject the list part to string expansion.

 5. Unless the new EXPAND_LISTMATCH_RHS build option is set when Exim was
    built, Exim no longer performs string expansion on the second string of
    the match_* expansion conditions: "match_address", "match_domain",
    "match_ip" & "match_local_part".  Named lists can still be used.

Relevant entries from ChangeLog at

TK/01 DKIM Verification: Fix relaxed canon for empty headers w/o
      whitespace trailer

TF/02 Fix a couple more cases where we did not log the error message
      when unlink() failed. See also change 4.74-TF/03.

TF/03 Make the exiwhat support code safe for signals. Previously
      Exim might lock up or crash if it happened to be inside a call
      to libc when it got a SIGUSR1 from exiwhat.

      The SIGUSR1 handler appends the current process status to the
      process log which is later printed by exiwhat. It used to use
      the general purpose logging code to do this, but several
      functions it calls are not safe for signals.

      The new output code in the SIGUSR1 handler is specific to the
      process log, and simple enough that it's easy to inspect for
      signal safety.  Removing some special cases also simplifies the
      general logging code.  Removing the spurious timestamps from the
      process log simplifies exiwhat.

PP/02 Raise smtp_cmd_buffer_size to 16kB.
      Bugzilla 879.  Patch from Paul Fisher.

PP/07 Make maildir_use_size_file an _expandable_ boolean.
      Bugzilla 1089.  Patch from Heiko Schlittermann.

PP/08 Handle ${run} returning more data than OS pipe buffer size.
      Bugzilla 1131.  Patch from Holger Weitz.

PP/09 Handle IPv6 addresses with SPF.
      Bugzilla 860.  Patch from Wolfgang Breyha.

PP/10 GnuTLS: support TLS 1.2 & 1.1.
      Bugzilla 1156.
      Use gnutls_certificate_verify_peers2() [patch from Andreas Metzler].
      Bugzilla 1095.

PP/12 fix uninitialised greeting string from PP/03 (smtps client

PP/13 shell and compiler warnings fixes for RC1-RC4 changes.

PP/14 fix log_write() format string regression from TF/03.
      Bugzilla 1152.  Patch from Dmitry Isaikin.

Other changes:
 - the patch for XCLIENT was updated to match the latest Exim sources;
 - removed already incorporated patch for exiqgrep;
 - removed Makefile.options and simplified OPTIONS handling.

PR: ports/161095, ports/161482, ports/157180

Number of ports [& non-ports] in this commit: 1

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