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Sun, 3 Jun 2012
[ 05:56:20 az ] Original commit 
p5-Algorithm-IncludeExclude devel files touched by this commit Build and evaluate include/exclude lists
p5-Astro-Sunrise astro files touched by this commit Perl extension for computing the sunrise/sunset on a given day
p5-Authen-Htpasswd security files touched by this commit Authen::Htpasswd - interface to read and modify Apache .htpasswd files
p5-Best devel files touched by this commit Fallbackable module loader
p5-Bit-Vector math files touched by this commit Library of advanced math functions that includes a Perl OO module
p5-Boulder converters files touched by this commit API for hierarchical tag/value structures
p5-Class-Closure devel files touched by this commit Encapsulated, declarative classes in Perl
p5-Class-ReturnValue devel files touched by this commit Return-value object that can be treated as a boolean, array, or object
p5-Class-Spiffy devel files touched by this commit Class::Spiffy - Spiffy Perl Interface Framework For You
p5-Class-Tom devel files touched by this commit Perl module to transport objects from one system to another
p5-Clipboard x11 files touched by this commit Access to X11 clipboard from Perl
p5-Crypt-OpenPGP security files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Pure-Perl OpenPGP-compatible PGP implementation
p5-Crypt-PassGen security files touched by this commit Crypt::PassGen - Generate a random password that looks like a real word
p5-DBIx-DataSource databases files touched by this commit Database-independent create and drop functions
p5-Data-ACL devel files touched by this commit Data::ACL - Perl extension for simple ACL lists
p5-Data-Compare devel files touched by this commit Data::Compare - compare perl data structures
p5-Data-Validate-Domain dns files touched by this commit Data::Validate::Domain - domain validation methods
p5-Date-DayOfWeek devel files touched by this commit Determine the day of the week for any date
p5-Email-Find mail files touched by this commit Find RFC 822 email addresses in plain text
p5-Email-Send mail files touched by this commit Email::Send - Simply Sending Email
p5-Encode-compat converters files touched by this commit Compatibility interfaces for on Perl < 5.7.1
p5-File-Attributes devel files touched by this commit File::Attributes - Manipulate file metadata
p5-File-Attributes-Recursive devel files touched by this commit Inherit file attributes from parent directories
p5-File-CreationTime devel files touched by this commit Keeps track of file creation times
p5-Graph math files touched by this commit Graph, the Perl module for graph operations
p5-HTML-SBC textproc files touched by this commit Simple blog code to valid XHTML
p5-HTTP-Server-Simple-Recorder www files touched by this commit Mixin to record HTTP::Server::Simple's sockets
p5-Mail-Box mail files touched by this commit Perl module implementing a modern mail folder management
p5-Memoize devel files touched by this commit Transparently speed up perl functions by caching return values
p5-Net-DNS-ZoneCheck dns files touched by this commit Validate a DNS zone composed of Net::DNS::RR records
p5-Net-DNS-ZoneFile dns  Deleted files touched by this commit Perl extension to convert a zone file to a collection of RRs
p5-Parse-Syslog-Mail mail files touched by this commit Parse log messages generated by various MTAs
p5-Perl6-Subs lang files touched by this commit Perl6::Subs - Define your subroutines in the Perl 6 style
p5-Plucene textproc files touched by this commit Perl port of the Java Lucene search engine
p5-Plucene-Plugin-Analyzer-SnowballAnalyzer textproc files touched by this commit Stemmed analyzer plugin for p5-Plucene search engine
p5-Set-IntSpan-Fast math files touched by this commit Fast handling of sets containing integer spans
p5-String-Koremutake textproc files touched by this commit Convert to/from Koremutake Memorable Random Strings
p5-Template-DBI databases files touched by this commit Template::Plugin::DBI - Template interface to the DBI module
p5-Template-Plugin-Lingua-EN-Inflect textproc files touched by this commit Interface Template Toolkit to Lingua::EN::Inflect module
p5-Term-Prompt devel files touched by this commit Perl extension for prompting a user for information
p5-Test-HTTP-Server-Simple www files touched by this commit Test::More functions for HTTP::Server::Simple
p5-Text-Diff-HTML textproc files touched by this commit Text::Diff::HTML - XHTML format for Text::Diff::Unified
p5-Text-Filter-Chain textproc files touched by this commit Chains multiple Text::Filter objects and runs them in sequence
p5-Text-FixedLength-Extra textproc files touched by this commit Various niceties for p5-Text-FixedLength lovers
p5-Text-Graphics textproc files touched by this commit Text graphics rendering toolkit
p5-Text-Query-SQL databases files touched by this commit Text-Query-SQL provides query builders for SQL databases
p5-Tk-Splashscreen x11-toolkits files touched by this commit Tk::Splashscreen, display a Splashscreen during program initialization
- Remove SITE_PERL from *_DEPENDS

Approved by: maintainer (tobez@ via IM)

Number of ports [& non-ports] in this commit: 47

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