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Thu, 12 Jul 2012
[ 09:05:52 rea ] Original commit 
exim mail files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. High performance MTA for Unix systems on the Internet
mail/exim: upgrade to 4.80

Extracts from the NewStuff,

 1. New authenticator driver, "gsasl".  Server-only (at present).
    This is a SASL interface, licensed under GPL, which can be found at
    This system does not provide sources of data for authentication, so
    careful use needs to be made of the conditions in Exim.

 2. New authenticator driver, "heimdal_gssapi".  Server-only.
    A replacement for using cyrus_sasl with Heimdal, now that $KRB5_KTNAME
    is no longer honoured for setuid programs by Heimdal.  Use the
    "server_keytab" option to point to the keytab.

 3. The "pkg-config" system can now be used when building Exim to reference
    cflags and library information for lookups and authenticators, rather
    than having to update "CFLAGS", "AUTH_LIBS", "LOOKUP_INCLUDE" and
    "LOOKUP_LIBS" directly.  Similarly for handling the TLS library support
    without adjusting "TLS_INCLUDE" and "TLS_LIBS".

    In addition, setting PCRE_CONFIG=yes will query the pcre-config tool to
    find the headers and libraries for PCRE.

 4. New expansion variable $tls_bits.

 5. New lookup type, "dbmjz".  Key is an Exim list, the elements of which will
    be joined together with ASCII NUL characters to construct the key to pass
    into the DBM library.  Can be used with gsasl to access sasldb2 files as
    used by Cyrus SASL.

 6. OpenSSL now supports TLS1.1 and TLS1.2 with OpenSSL 1.0.1.

    Avoid release 1.0.1a if you can.  Note that the default value of
    "openssl_options" is no longer "+dont_insert_empty_fragments", as that
    increased susceptibility to attack.  This may still have interoperability
    implications for very old clients (see version 4.31 change 37) but
    administrators can choose to make the trade-off themselves and restore
    compatibility at the cost of session security.

 7. Use of the new expansion variable $tls_sni in the main configuration option
    tls_certificate will cause Exim to re-expand the option, if the client
    sends the TLS Server Name Indication extension, to permit choosing a
    different certificate; tls_privatekey will also be re-expanded.  You must
    still set these options to expand to valid files when $tls_sni is not set.

    The SMTP Transport has gained the option tls_sni, which will set a hostname
    for outbound TLS sessions, and set $tls_sni too.

    A new log_selector, +tls_sni, has been added, to log received SNI values
    for Exim as a server.

 8. The existing "accept_8bitmime" option now defaults to true.  This means
    that Exim is deliberately not strictly RFC compliant.  We're following
    Dan Bernstein's advice in by default.
    Those who disagree, or know that they are talking to mail servers that,
    even today, are not 8-bit clean, need to turn off this option.

 9. Exim can now be started with -bw (with an optional timeout, given as
    -bw<timespec>).  With this, stdin at startup is a socket that is
    already listening for connections.  This has a more modern name of
    "socket activation", but forcing the activated socket to fd 0.  We're
    interested in adding more support for modern variants.

10. ${eval } now uses 64-bit values on supporting platforms.  A new "G" suffix
    for numbers indicates multiplication by 1024^3.

11. The GnuTLS support has been revamped; the three options gnutls_require_kx,
    gnutls_require_mac & gnutls_require_protocols are no longer supported.
    tls_require_ciphers is now parsed by gnutls_priority_init(3) as a priority
    string, documentation for which is at:

    SNI support has been added to Exim's GnuTLS integration too.

    For sufficiently recent GnuTLS libraries, ${randint:..} will now use
    gnutls_rnd(), asking for GNUTLS_RND_NONCE level randomness.

12. With OpenSSL, if built with EXPERIMENTAL_OCSP, a new option tls_ocsp_file
    is now available.  If the contents of the file are valid, then Exim will
    send that back in response to a TLS status request; this is OCSP Stapling.
    Exim will not maintain the contents of the file in any way: administrators
    are responsible for ensuring that it is up-to-date.

    See "experimental-spec.txt" for more details.

13. ${lookup dnsdb{ }} supports now SPF record types. They are handled
    identically to TXT record lookups.

14. New expansion variable $tod_epoch_l for higher-precision time.

15. New global option tls_dh_max_bits, defaulting to current value of NSS
    hard-coded limit of DH ephemeral bits, to fix interop problems caused by
    GnuTLS 2.12 library recommending a bit count higher than NSS supports.

16. tls_dhparam now used by both OpenSSL and GnuTLS, can be path or identifier.
    Option can now be a path or an identifier for a standard prime.
    If unset, we use the DH prime from section 2.2 of RFC 5114, "ike23".
    Set to "historic" to get the old GnuTLS behaviour of auto-generated DH

17. SSLv2 now disabled by default in OpenSSL.  (Never supported by GnuTLS).
    Use "openssl_options -no_sslv2" to re-enable support, if your OpenSSL
    install was not built with OPENSSL_NO_SSL2 ("no-ssl2").

Extracts from the ChangeLog,

PP/01 Handle short writes when writing local log-files.
      In practice, only affects FreeBSD (8 onwards).
      Bugzilla 1053, with thanks to Dmitry Isaikin.

NM/01 Bugzilla 949 - Documentation tweak

NM/02 Bugzilla 1093 - eximstats DATA reject detection regexps

NM/03 Bugzilla 1169 - primary_hostname spelling was incorrect in docs.

PP/02 Implemented gsasl authenticator.

PP/03 Implemented heimdal_gssapi authenticator with "server_keytab" option.

PP/04 Local/Makefile support for (AUTH|LOOKUP)_*_PC=foo to use
      `pkg-config foo` for cflags/libs.

PP/05 Swapped $auth1/$auth2 for gsasl GSSAPI mechanism, to be more consistent
      with rest of GSASL and with heimdal_gssapi.

PP/06 Local/Makefile support for USE_(GNUTLS|OPENSSL)_PC=foo to use
      `pkg-config foo` for cflags/libs for the TLS implementation.

PP/07 New expansion variable $tls_bits; Cyrus SASL server connection
      properties get this fed in as external SSF.  A number of robustness
      and debugging improvements to the cyrus_sasl authenticator.

PP/08 cyrus_sasl server now expands the server_realm option.

PP/09 Bugzilla 1214 - Log authentication information in reject log.
      Patch by Jeremy Harris.

PP/10 Added dbmjz lookup type.

PP/11 Let heimdal_gssapi authenticator take a SASL message without an authzid.

PP/12 MAIL args handles TAB as well as SP, for better interop with
      non-compliant senders.
      Analysis and variant patch by Todd Lyons.

NM/04 Bugzilla 1237 - fix cases where printf format usage not indicated
      Bug report from Lars Müller <> (via SUSE),
      Patch from Dirk Mueller <>

PP/13 tls_peerdn now print-escaped for spool files.
      Observed some $tls_peerdn in wild which contained \n, which resulted
      in spool file corruption.

PP/14 TLS fixes for OpenSSL: support TLS 1.1 & 1.2; new "openssl_options"
      values; set SSL_MODE_AUTO_RETRY so that OpenSSL will retry a read
      or write after TLS renegotiation, which otherwise led to messages
      "Got SSL error 2".

TK/01 Bugzilla 1239 - fix DKIM verification when signature was not inserted
      as a tracking header (ie: a signed header comes before the signature).
      Patch from Wolfgang Breyha.

JH/01 Bugzilla 660 - Multi-valued attributes from ldap now parseable as a
      comma-sep list; embedded commas doubled.

JH/02 Refactored ACL "verify =" logic to table-driven dispatch.

PP/15 LDAP: Check for errors of TLS initialisation, to give correct
      Report and patch from Dmitry Banschikov.

PP/16 Removed "dont_insert_empty_fragments" fron "openssl_options".
      Removed SSL_clear() after SSL_new() which led to protocol negotiation
      failures.  We appear to now support TLS1.1+ with Exim.

PP/17 OpenSSL: new expansion var $tls_sni, which if used in tls_certificate
      lets Exim select keys and certificates based upon TLS SNI from client.
      Also option tls_sni on SMTP Transports.  Also clear $tls_bits correctly
      before an outbound SMTP session.  New log_selector, +tls_sni.

PP/18 Bugzilla 1122 - check localhost_number expansion for failure, avoid
      NULL dereference.  Report and patch from Alun Jones.

PP/19 DNS resolver init changes for NetBSD compatibility.  (Risk of breakage
      on less well tested platforms).  Obviates NetBSD pkgsrc patch-ac.
      Not seeing resolver debug output on NetBSD, but suspect this is a
      resolver implementation change.

PP/20 Revert part of NM/04, it broke log_path containing %D expansions.
      Left warnings.  Added "eximon gdb" invocation mode.

PP/21 Defaulting "accept_8bitmime" to true, not false.

PP/22 Added -bw for inetd wait mode support.

PP/23 Added PCRE_CONFIG=yes support to Makefile for using pcre-config to
      locate the relevant includes and libraries.  Made this the default.

PP/24 Fixed headers_only on smtp transports (was not sending trailing dot).
      Bugzilla 1246, report and most of solution from Tomasz Kusy.

JH/03 ${eval } now uses 64-bit and supports a "g" suffix (like to "k" and "m").
      This may cause build issues on older platforms.

PP/25 Revamped GnuTLS support, passing tls_require_ciphers to
      gnutls_priority_init, ignoring Exim options gnutls_require_kx,
      gnutls_require_mac & gnutls_require_protocols (no longer supported).
      Added SNI support via GnuTLS too.
      Made ${randint:..} supplier available, if using not-too-old GnuTLS.


PP/27 Applied dnsdb SPF support patch from Janne Snabb.
      Applied second patch from Janne, implementing suggestion to default
      multiple-strings-in-record handling to match SPF spec.

JH/04 Added expansion variable $tod_epoch_l for a higher-precision time.

PP/28 Fix DCC dcc_header content corruption (stack memory referenced,
      read-only, out of scope).
      Patch from Wolfgang Breyha, report from Stuart Northfield.

PP/29 Fix three issues highlighted by clang analyser static analysis.
      Only crash-plausible issue would require the Cambridge-specific
      iplookup router and a misconfiguration.
      Report from Marcin Mirosław.

PP/30 Another attempt to deal with PCRE_PRERELEASE, this one less buggy.

PP/31 %D in printf continues to cause issues (-Wformat=security), so for
      now guard some of the printf checks behind WANT_DEEPER_PRINTF_CHECKS.
      As part of this, removing so much warning spew let me fix some minor
      real issues in debug logging.

PP/32 GnuTLS was always using default tls_require_ciphers, due to a missing
      assignment on my part.  Fixed.

PP/33 Added tls_dh_max_bits option, defaulting to current hard-coded limit
      of NSS, for GnuTLS/NSS interop.  Problem root cause diagnosis by
      Janne Snabb (who went above and beyond: thank you).

PP/34 Validate tls_require_ciphers on startup, since debugging an invalid
      string otherwise requires a connection and a bunch more work and it's
      relatively easy to get wrong.  Should also expose TLS library linkage

PP/35 Pull in <features.h> on Linux, for some portability edge-cases of
      64-bit ${eval} (JH/03).

PP/36 Define _GNU_SOURCE in exim.h; it's needed for some releases of
      GNU libc to support some of the 64-bit stuff, should not lead to
      conflicts.  Defined before os.h is pulled in, so if a given platform
      needs to override this, it can.

PP/37 Unbreak Cyrus SASL auth: SSF retrieval was incorrect, Exim thought
      protection layer was required, which is not implemented.
      Bugzilla 1254, patch from Wolfgang Breyha.

PP/38 Overhaul DH prime handling, supply RFC-specified DH primes as built
      into Exim, default to IKE id 23 from RFC 5114 (2048 bit).  Make
      tls_dhparam take prime identifiers.  Also unbreak combination of

PP/39 Disable SSLv2 by default in OpenSSL support.

Changes in the port:

 - added knob to disable DKIM (requested by

 - added knob to build with GnuTLS (requested by

 - fixed handling of 'twist' directives in hosts.allow

PR: 166396
QA page:

Number of ports [& non-ports] in this commit: 1

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