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Mon, 21 Jan 2013
[ 17:04:13 gahr ] Original commit   Revision:310774
seed7 lang files touched by this commit High-level, extensible programming language
- Update to 05_20130120

  * Interpreter and compiler have been improved to support the option
    *l. This option allows adding a directory to the include library
    search path (e.g.: -l ../lib).
  * The compiler (s7c) has been improved to support the option -b.
    With -b the directory of the Seed7 runtime libraries can be
    specified (e.g.: -b ../bin).
  * The target s7c in the makefiles has been changed to take advantage
    of the options -l and -b. Now packages can compile the Seed7
    compiler without a post install step.
  * Additional function variants of parseFile, parseStri and execute
    have been added to the library progs.s7i. The new functions allow
    a detailed specification of parse and execution options.
  * The library gzip.s7c has been improved to decode also blocks with
    fixed Huffman codes. This type of block is almost never used since
    dynamic Huffman codes compress better.
  * The parsing of bigInteger literals has been improved to support
    literals with bases other than 10 (e.g.: 16#FEDCBA98765434210_).
  * The integer and bigInteger functions str (conversion to string)
    have been changed to use lower case characters for digits larger
    than 9. Now str(48879, 16) returns "beef" instead of "BEEF".
  * The program make7.sd7 and the library make.s7i have been improved
    to support multiple targets and the option -C.
  * The Seed7 compiler has been improved to generate special inline
    code for the case that the C floating point division by zero does
    not result in Infinity, -Infinity or NaN (not a number).
  * The functions chkLiteral and chkBitLength as well as checks for
    shifts with negative shift count have been added to the program
  * The function check_division as well as has checks for the operator
    /:= (in check_nan) have been added to the program chkflt.sd7.
  * The function check_str in chkint.sd7 has been improved to check
    the new behaviour of the function str with a give base.
  * The makefile mk_clang.mak has been added to support compilation
    with the clang C compiler.
  * The explanations of possible compilation errors in src/read_me.txt
    have been improved.
  * The functions interpreterPath and callOwnProgram have been removed
    from the libraries environment.s7i respectively shell.s7i. This
    functions were not used in any example program.
  * The support for the interpreter option -m (use less memory during
    the analyzing phase) has been removed. On many systems it was a
    noop anyway.
  * Result variables have been renamed in various libraries and example
  * The functions find_include_file, print_lib_path, append_to_lib_path
    and init_lib_path have been moved from infile.c to the new file
  * The function gen_rtl_array has been defined in the new file
    arrutl.c. The function is used in the files cmdlib.c (functions
    cmd_pipe2, cmd_pty, cmd_start_process) and prglib.c (functions
    prg_exec, prg_fil_parse, prg_str_parse).
  * The interpreter/compiler improvements (option -l) and the new
    function variants in progs.s7i have been realized with changes in
    prg_comp.c, analyze.c, data.h, infile.c, infile.h, info.c, option.h
    and s7.c.
  * The functions prgExec, prgFilParse and prgStrParse in prg_comp.c
    have been improved to support additional parse and execution
  * The function interpr has been renamed to interpret and moved from
    exec.c to prg_comp.c.
  * The function copy_args has been moved from prclib.c to prg_comp.c.
  * In traceutl.c the function set_trace has been changed and the
    function set_trace2 has been removed. The functions mapTraceFlags,
    mapTraceFlags2 and set_protfile_name have been added.
  * The functions uBigMultiplyAndAdd and bigParseBased have been added
    to big_rtl.c:
  * In big_gmp.c the functions bigBitLength, bigLShift, bigRShift,
    bigLShiftAssign, bigRShiftAssign, bigParse, and bigToInt32 have
    been improved and bigParseBased has been added.
  * To support bigInteger literals with base the file numlit.c has been

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