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Tue, 26 Nov 2013
[ 14:49:04 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:334937
pkg ports-mgmt files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. Package manager
Welcome pkg 1.2 final

- Improved build system
- Allow to hook plugins, before closing the local db if it was opened in RW mode
- Allow ARCH to be printed by pkg info
- New pkg bootstrap subcommand that is the counter part of the pkg(7) bootstrap
- Use port specified in the SRV entries to connect to a given mirror
- Properly support srv priority/weigh when ordering mirrors
- Lots of spelling/grammar fixes
- Broken incremental pkg repo support was removed.
- ABI is now checked again using globs:
  * a 'noarch' package should just specify: ARCH: 'freebsd:*'
  * a package working on both i386 and amd64: ARCH: 'freebsd:9:x86:*'
- new pkg config subcommand to allow direct query of options
- options can now have a description
- pkg repo can now take new arguments:
  pkg repo [path] [rsa_key|'signing_command: <command>']
  This allow calling external command to perform the signing and
  pass the checksum to be signed in the command stdin.
- in case pkg info is querying a file or is a single direct match
  query then default on -f
- pkg info -q is now equivalent of pkg info -qa
- expat is now always bundled (for vuxml)
- vuxml is now the default source for pkg audit
- Accept empty/comment only configuration files
- Print a pkg name only once - even if multiple vulns were found - when using -q
  in pkg audit
- pkg info now default on glob matching
- Support for pkg+foo url scheme where foo can be (http, https, ftp).
- pkg add is now able to read the packages from a pipe or a non-regular
  file '-' is an alias for stdin, this also works from pipes, fifos,
  unix domain sockets etc.
- New 'fingerprint' kind of signature:
    if a repository is declared using the fingerprint type of
    signature, a fingerprint directory should also be provided.
    Inside that fingerprint directory should be 2 directories:
    trusted and revoked.  Those directories will contains files (in
    yaml/ucl format) containing the fingerprint of the trusted
    certificated and the revoked ones:

    --- begins --
    function: sha256
    fingerprint: an_hex_representation_of_the_fingerprint
    --- ends ---

    All unknown attribute will be silently ignored to allow extending
    in the future.

    It also support multiple signatures inside the catalog. the
    catalog should provide the signature in the following form:

- packagesite in pkg.conf is deprecated in favour using dedicated
  repository configuration files
- REPO_DIR is now a list instead of a simple string
- New git like aliases to allow creating custom commands
- Allow using '?' operator in pkg query expressions
- Fix ssh:// support
- New PKG_SSH_ARGS to allow passing custom arguments to ssh command
  used for the ssh:// protocol
- Do not generate catalogs in pkg 1.0 format anymore.
- YAML is replaced by UCL format:

  Both formats are really simular. pkg(8) will falls back on parsing YAML
  when the UCL parser fail. And will emit a warning to the
  user showing a syntax that is compatible with both YAML and UCL.
  More informations on UCL:
- Dependencies on library is now automatic via pkg register and pkg
- Auto upgrade of pkg(8) now restart the upgrade process automatically
- Lots of bug fixes discovered by Coverity Scan
- New debug level traces
- Bug fixes in zsh completion
- rquery can now take a -I argument to output index like lines (needed for
- Skip self upgrade with -F is passed
- Autodetect if libelf should be used bundled
- Lots of bug fixes

Thanks a lot to all people allowed this release to happen, may that be from
code, ideas, submitting bugs, documenting or just supporting.

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