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Sun, 8 Dec 2013
[ 16:58:56 rea ] Original commit   Revision:335913
exim mail files touched by this commit  An older version of this port was marked as vulnerable. High performance MTA for Unix systems on the Internet
Exim: update to 4.82

New Stuff since 4.80.1 (

 1. New command-line option -bI:sieve will list all supported sieve extensions
    of this Exim build on standard output, one per line.
    ManageSieve (RFC 5804) providers managing scripts for use by Exim should
    query this to establish the correct list to include in the protocol's
    SIEVE capability line.

 2. If the -n option is combined with the -bP option, then the name of an
    emitted option is not output, only the value (if visible to you).
    For instance, "exim -n -bP pid_file_path" should just emit a pathname
    followed by a newline, and no other text.

 3. When built with SUPPORT_TLS and USE_GNUTLS, the SMTP transport driver now
    has a "tls_dh_min_bits" option, to set the minimum acceptable number of
    bits in the Diffie-Hellman prime offered by a server (in DH ciphersuites)
    acceptable for security.  (Option accepted but ignored if using OpenSSL).
    Defaults to 1024, the old value.  May be lowered only to 512, or raised as
    far as you like.  Raising this may hinder TLS interoperability with other
    sites and is not currently recommended.  Lowering this will permit you to
    establish a TLS session which is not as secure as you might like.

    Unless you really know what you are doing, leave it alone.

 4. If not built with DISABLE_DNSSEC, Exim now has the main option
    dns_dnssec_ok; if set to 1 then Exim will initialise the resolver library
    to send the DO flag to your recursive resolver.  If you have a recursive
    resolver, which can set the Authenticated Data (AD) flag in results, Exim
    can now detect this.  Exim does not perform validation itself, instead
    relying upon a trusted path to the resolver.

    Current status: work-in-progress; $sender_host_dnssec variable added.

 5. DSCP support for outbound connections: on a transport using the smtp driver,
    set "dscp = ef", for instance, to cause the connections to have the relevant
    DSCP (IPv4 TOS or IPv6 TCLASS) value in the header.

    Similarly for inbound connections, there is a new control modifier, dscp,
    so "warn control = dscp/ef" in the connect ACL, or after authentication.

    Supported values depend upon system libraries.  "exim -bI:dscp" to list the
    ones Exim knows of.  You can also set a raw number 0..0x3F.

 6. The -G command-line flag is no longer ignored; it is now equivalent to an
    ACL setting "control = suppress_local_fixups".  The -L command-line flag
    is now accepted and forces use of syslog, with the provided tag as the
    process name.  A few other flags used by Sendmail are now accepted and

 7. New cutthrough routing feature.  Requested by a "control =
    ACL modifier; works for single-recipient mails which are recieved on and
    deliverable via SMTP.  Using the connection made for a recipient verify,
    if requested before the verify, or a new one made for the purpose while
    the inbound connection is still active.  The bulk of the mail item is copied
    direct from the inbound socket to the outbound (as well as the spool file).
    When the source notifies the end of data, the data acceptance by the
    is negociated before the acceptance is sent to the source.  If the
    does not accept the mail item, for example due to content-scanning, the item
    is not accepted from the source and therefore there is no need to generate
    a bounce mail.  This is of benefit when providing a secondary-MX service.
    The downside is that delays are under the control of the ultimate
    system not your own.

    The Recieved-by: header on items delivered by cutthrough is generated
    early in reception rather than at the end; this will affect any timestamp
    included.  The log line showing delivery is recorded before that showing
    reception; it uses a new ">>" tag instead of "=>".

    To support the feature, verify-callout connections can now use ESMTP and
    The usual smtp transport options are honoured, plus a (new, default

    New variable families named tls_in_cipher, tls_out_cipher etc. are
    for specific access to the information for each connection.  The old names
    are present for now but deprecated.

    Not yet supported: IGNOREQUOTA, SIZE, PIPELINING.

 8. New expansion operators ${listnamed:name} to get the content of a named list
    and ${listcount:string} to count the items in a list.

 9. New global option "gnutls_allow_auto_pkcs11", defaults false.  The GnuTLS
    rewrite in 4.80 combines with GnuTLS 2.12.0 or later, to autoload PKCS11
    modules.  For some situations this is desirable, but we expect admin in
    those situations to know they want the feature.  More commonly, it means
    that GUI user modules get loaded and are broken by the setuid Exim being
    unable to access files specified in environment variables and passed
    through, thus breakage.  So we explicitly inhibit the PKCS11 initialisation
    unless this new option is set.

    Some older OS's with earlier versions of GnuTLS might not have pkcs11
    so have also added a build option which can be used to build Exim with
    but without trying to use any kind of PKCS11 support.  Uncomment this in the


10. The "acl = name" condition on an ACL now supports optional arguments.
    New expansion item "${acl {name}{arg}...}" and expansion condition
    "acl {{name}{arg}...}" are added.  In all cases up to nine arguments
    can be used, appearing in $acl_arg1 to $acl_arg9 for the called ACL.
    Variable $acl_narg contains the number of arguments.  If the ACL sets
    a "message =" value this becomes the result of the expansion item,
    or the value of $value for the expansion condition.  If the ACL returns
    accept the expansion condition is true; if reject, false.  A defer
    return results in a forced fail.

11. Routers and transports can now have multiple headers_add and headers_remove
    option lines.  The concatenated list is used.

12. New ACL modifier "remove_header" can remove headers before message gets
    handled by routers/transports.

13. New dnsdb lookup pseudo-type "a+".  A sequence of "a6" (if configured),
    "aaaa" and "a" lookups is done and the full set of results returned.

14. New expansion variable $headers_added with content from ACL add_header
    modifier (but not yet added to messsage).

15. New 8bitmime status logging option for received messages.  Log field "M8S".

16. New authenticated_sender logging option, adding to log field "A".

17. New expansion variables $router_name and $transport_name.  Useful
    particularly for debug_print as -bt commandline option does not
    require privilege whereas -d does.

18. If built with EXPERIMENTAL_PRDR, per-recipient data responses per a
    proposed extension to SMTP from Eric Hall.

19. The pipe transport has gained the force_command option, to allow
    decorating commands from user .forward pipe aliases with prefix
    wrappers, for instance.

20. Callout connections can now AUTH; the same controls as normal delivery
    connections apply.

21. Support for DMARC, using opendmarc libs, can be enabled. It adds new
    options: dmarc_forensic_sender, dmarc_history_file, and dmarc_tld_file.
    It adds new expansion variables $dmarc_ar_header, $dmarc_status,
    $dmarc_status_text, and $dmarc_used_domain.  It adds a new acl modifier
    dmarc_status.  It adds new control flags dmarc_disable_verify and

22. Add expansion variable $authenticated_fail_id, which is the username
    provided to the authentication method which failed.  It is available
    for use in subsequent ACL processing (typically quit or notquit ACLs).

23. New ACL modifer "udpsend" can construct a UDP packet to send to a given
    UDP host and port.

24. New ${hexquote:..string..} expansion operator converts non-printable
    characters in the string to \xNN form.

25. Experimental TPDA (Transport Post Delivery Action) function added.
    Patch provided by Axel Rau.

26. Experimental Redis lookup added. Patch provided by Warren Baker.

Changes since 4.80.1 (

PP/01 Add -bI: framework, and -bI:sieve for querying sieve capabilities.

PP/02 Make -n do something, by making it not do something.
      When combined with -bP, the name of an option is not output.

PP/03 Added tls_dh_min_bits SMTP transport driver option, only honoured
      by GnuTLS.

PP/04 First step towards DNSSEC, provide $sender_host_dnssec for
      $sender_host_name and config options to manage this, and basic check

PP/05 DSCP support for outbound connections and control modifier for inbound.

PP/06 Cyrus SASL: set local and remote IP;port properties for driver.
      (Only plugin which currently uses this is kerberos4, which nobody should
      be using, but we should make it available and other future plugins might
      conceivably use it, even though it would break NAT; stuff *should* be
      using channel bindings instead).

PP/07 Handle "exim -L <tag>" to indicate to use syslog with tag as the process
      name; added for Sendmail compatibility; requires admin caller.
      Handle -G as equivalent to "control = suppress_local_fixups" (we used to
      just ignore it); requires trusted caller.
      Also parse but ignore: -Ac -Am -X<logfile>
      Bugzilla 1117.

TL/01 Bugzilla 1258 - Refactor MAIL FROM optional args processing.

TL/02 Add +smtp_confirmation as a default logging option.

TL/03 Bugzilla 198 - Implement remove_header ACL modifier.
      Patch by Magnus Holmgren from 2007-02-20.

TL/04 Bugzilla 1281 - Spec typo.
      Bugzilla 1283 - Spec typo.
      Bugzilla 1290 - Spec grammar fixes.

TL/05 Bugzilla 1285 - Spec omission, fix docbook errors for spec.txt creation.

TL/06 Add Experimental DMARC support using libopendmarc libraries.

TL/07 Fix an out of order global option causing a segfault.  Reported to dev
      mailing list by by Dmitry Isaikin.

JH/01 Bugzilla 1201 & 304 - New cutthrough-delivery feature, with TLS support.

JH/02 Support "G" suffix to numbers in ${if comparisons.

PP/08 Handle smtp transport tls_sni option forced-fail for OpenSSL.

NM/01 Bugzilla 1197 - Spec typo
      Bugzilla 1196 - Spec examples corrections

JH/03 Add expansion operators ${listnamed:name} and ${listcount:string}

PP/09 Add gnutls_allow_auto_pkcs11 option (was originally called
      gnutls_enable_pkcs11, but renamed to more accurately indicate its

PP/10 Let Linux makefile inherit CFLAGS/CFLAGS_DYNAMIC.
      Pulled from Debian 30_dontoverridecflags.dpatch by Andreas Metzler.

JH/04 Add expansion item ${acl {name}{arg}...}, expansion condition
      "acl {{name}{arg}...}", and optional args on acl condition
      "acl = name arg..."

JH/05 Permit multiple router/transport headers_add/remove lines.

JH/06 Add dnsdb pseudo-lookup "a+" to do an "aaaa" + "a" combination.

JH/07 Avoid using a waiting database for a single-message-only transport.
      Performance patch from Paul Fisher.  Bugzilla 1262.

JH/08 Strip leading/trailing newlines from add_header ACL modifier data.
      Bugzilla 884.

JH/09 Add $headers_added variable, with content from use of ACL modifier
      add_header (but not yet added to the message).  Bugzilla 199.

JH/10 Add 8bitmime log_selector, for 8bitmime status on the received line.
      Pulled from Bugzilla 817 by Wolfgang Breyha.

PP/11 SECURITY: protect DKIM DNS decoding from remote exploit.
      (nb: this is the same fix as in Exim 4.80.1)

JH/11 Add A= logging on delivery lines, and a client_set_id option on

JH/12 Add optional authenticated_sender logging to A= and a log_selector
      for control.

PP/12 Unbreak server_set_id for NTLM/SPA auth, broken by 4.80 PP/29.

PP/13 Dovecot auth: log better reason to rejectlog if Dovecot did not
      advertise SMTP AUTH mechanism to us, instead of a generic
      protocol violation error.  Also, make Exim more robust to bad
      data from the Dovecot auth socket.

TF/01 Fix ultimate retry timeouts for intermittently deliverable recipients.

      When a queue runner is handling a message, Exim first routes the
      recipient addresses, during which it prunes them based on the retry
      hints database. After that it attempts to deliver the message to
      any remaining recipients. It then updates the hints database using
      the retry rules.

      So if a recipient address works intermittently, it can get repeatedly
      deferred at routing time. The retry hints record remains fresh so the
      address never reaches the final cutoff time.

      This is a fairly common occurrence when a user is bumping up against
      their storage quota. Exim had some logic in its local delivery code
      to deal with this. However it did not apply to per-recipient defers
      in remote deliveries, e.g. over LMTP to a separate IMAP message store.

      This change adds a proper retry rule check during routing so that the
      final cutoff time is checked against the message's age. We only do
      this check if there is an address retry record and there is not a
      domain retry record; this implies that previous attempts to handle
      the address had the retry_use_local_parts option turned on. We use
      this as an approximation for the destination being like a local
      delivery, as in LMTP.

      I suspect this new check makes the old local delivery cutoff check
      redundant, but I have not verified this so I left the code in place.

TF/02 Correct gecos expansion when From: is a prefix of the username.

      Test 0254 submits a message to Exim with the header

        Resent-From: f

      When I ran the test suite under the user fanf2, Exim expanded
      the header to contain my full name, whereas it should have added
      a Resent-Sender: header. It erroneously treats any prefix of the
      username as equal to the username.

      This change corrects that bug.

GF/01 DCC debug and logging tidyup
      Error conditions log to paniclog rather than rejectlog.
      Debug lines prefixed by "DCC: " to remove any ambiguity.

TF/03 Avoid unnecessary rebuilds of lookup-related code.

PP/14 Fix OCSP reinitialisation in SNI handling for Exim/TLS as server.
      Bug spotted by Jeremy Harris; was flawed since initial commit.
      Would have resulted in OCSP responses post-SNI triggering an Exim
      NULL dereference and crash.

JH/13 Add $router_name and $transport_name variables.  Bugzilla 308.

      Bug detection, analysis and fix by Samuel Thibault.
      Bugzilla 1331, Debian bug #698092.

SC/01 Update eximstats to watch out for senders sending 'HELO [IpAddr]'

      Server implementation by Todd Lyons, client by JH.
      Only enabled when compiled with EXPERIMENTAL_PRDR.  A new
      config variable "prdr_enable" controls whether the server
      advertises the facility.  If the client requests PRDR a new
      acl_data_smtp_prdr ACL is called once for each recipient, after
      the body content is received and before the acl_smtp_data ACL.
      The client is controlled by bolth of: a hosts_try_prdr option
      on the smtp transport, and the server advertisement.
      Default client logging of deliveries and rejections involving
      PRDR are flagged with the string "PRDR".

PP/16 Fix problems caused by timeouts during quit ACLs trying to double
      fclose().  Diagnosis by Todd Lyons.

PP/17 Update configure.default to handle IPv6 localhost better.
      Patch by Alain Williams (plus minor tweaks).
      Bugzilla 880.

PP/18 OpenSSL made graceful with empty tls_verify_certificates setting.
      This is now consistent with GnuTLS, and is now documented: the
      previous undocumented portable approach to treating the option as
      unset was to force an expansion failure.  That still works, and
      an empty string is now equivalent.

PP/19 Renamed DNSSEC-enabling option to "dns_dnssec_ok", to make it
      clearer that Exim is using the DO (DNSSEC OK) EDNS0 resolver flag,
      not performing validation itself.

PP/20 Added force_command boolean option to pipe transport.
      Patch from Nick Koston, of cPanel Inc.

JH/15 AUTH support on callouts (and hence cutthrough-deliveries).
      Bugzilla 321, 823.

TF/04 Added udpsend ACL modifer and hexquote expansion operator

PP/21 Fix eximon continuous updating with timestamped log-files.
      Broken in a format-string cleanup in 4.80, missed when I repaired the
      other false fix of the same issue.
      Report and fix from Heiko Schlichting.
      Bugzilla 1363.

PP/22 Guard LDAP TLS usage against Solaris LDAP variant.
      Report from Prashanth Katuri.

PP/23 Support safari_ecdhe_ecdsa_bug for openssl_options.
      It's SecureTransport, so affects any MacOS clients which use the
      system-integrated TLS libraries, including email clients.

PP/24 Fix segfault from trying to fprintf() to a NULL stdio FILE* if
      using a MIME ACL for non-SMTP local injection.
      Report and assistance in diagnosis by Warren Baker.

TL/08 Adjust exiqgrep to be case-insensitive for sender/receiver.

JH/16 Fix comparisons for 64b.  Bugzilla 1385.

TL/09 Add expansion variable $authenticated_fail_id to keep track of
      last id that failed so it may be referenced in subsequent ACL's.

TL/10 Bugzilla 1375 - Prevent TLS rebinding in ldap. Patch provided by
      Alexander Miroch.

TL/11 Bugzilla 1382 - Option ldap_require_cert overrides start_tls
      ldap library initialization, allowing self-signed CA's to be
      used. Also properly sets require_cert option later in code by
      using NULL (global ldap config) instead of ldap handle (per
      session). Bug diagnosis and testing by alxgomz.

TL/12 Enhanced documentation in the script provided in
      the src/util/ subdirectory.

TL/13 Bug 1301 - Imported transport SQL logging patch from Axel Rau
      renamed to Transport Post Delivery Action by Jeremy Harris, as

TL/14 Bugzilla 1217 - Redis lookup support has been added. It is only enabled
      when Exim is compiled with EXPERIMENTAL_REDIS. A new config variable
      redis_servers = needs to be configured which will be used by the redis
      lookup.  Patch from Warren Baker, of The Packet Hub.

TL/15 Fix exiqsumm summary for corner case. Patch provided by Richard Hall.

TL/16 Bugzilla 1289 - Clarify host/ip processing when have errors looking up a
      hostname or reverse DNS when processing a host list. Used suggestions
      from multiple comments on this bug.

TL/17 Bugzilla 1057 - Multiple clamd TCP targets patch from Mark Zealey.

TL/18 Had previously added a -CONTINUE option to runtest in the test suite.
      Missed a few lines, added it to make the runtest require no keyboard

TL/19 Bugzilla 1402 - Test 533 fails if any part of the path to the test suite
      contains upper case chars. Make router use caseful_local_part.

TL/20 Bugzilla 1400 - Add AVOID_GNUTLS_PKCS11 build option. Allows GnuTLS
      support when GnuTLS has been built with p11-kit.

Additionally, fix Exim monitor port.

QA page:
PR: ports/184522 by Larry Rosenman <>

Number of ports [& non-ports] in this commit: 1

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