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Fri, 2 May 2014
[ 14:16:49 tijl ] Original commit   Revision:352815
brainparty games files touched by this commit Family-friendly set of 36 puzzle games
chapping games files touched by this commit Turn based board football game
clanlib1 devel files touched by this commit Cross-platform game SDK
fpc-base lang files touched by this commit Meta package to install all of the Free Pascal base
fpc-graph graphics files touched by this commit Free Pascal interface to graphical applications
fpc-ide editors files touched by this commit Free Pascal integrated IDE/compiler
fpc-sdl devel files touched by this commit Free Pascal interface to SDL library
freedink-engine games files touched by this commit Dink Smallwood RPG and RPG Construction Set
freedroidrpg games files touched by this commit Modification of the classical Freedroid engine into an RPG
freetennis games files touched by this commit Tennis simulation
frozen-bubble games files touched by this commit Throw colourful bubbles to build groups and destroy the groups
galaxyhack games files touched by this commit AI script based strategy game
gmerlin-avdecoder multimedia files touched by this commit General purpose media decoding library
kartofel games files touched by this commit Connect the dots in order without crossing over yourself
lincity-ng games files touched by this commit Improved rich city simulation game for X
lives multimedia files touched by this commit Video editing system
luola games files touched by this commit 2D multiplayer cave-flying game
manaplus games files touched by this commit Free open source 2D MMORPG client for athena and evol servers
meandmyshadow games files touched by this commit Me and My Shadow puzzle/platform game
mjpegtools multimedia files touched by this commit Set of tools to record/playback/edit videos in MPEG format
oolite games files touched by this commit Trade and combat space simulator, clone of Elite
openalchemist games files touched by this commit Tetris-like game
openbubbles games files touched by this commit Clone of Evan Bailey's game Bubbles
openssn games files touched by this commit Modern submarine simulator
openxcom games files touched by this commit Open-source reimplementation of the original X-Com
p5-Alien-SDL devel files touched by this commit Detect and get configuration setting for SDL
p5-SDL devel files touched by this commit Perl Bindings for SDL
pangzero games files touched by this commit Clone of Super Pang
patapizza-tetris games files touched by this commit Unofficial clone of the original Tetris game
puckman games files touched by this commit Unofficial clone of the original Pac-Man game
qonk games files touched by this commit Small space build and conquer strategy game
rubygem-rubygame devel files touched by this commit Game-development extension and library for the ruby language
sdl_gfx graphics files touched by this commit SDL graphics drawing primitives and other support functions
syobon games files touched by this commit Platform game as Super Mario Bros
trophy games files touched by this commit Single player racing game
warmux games files touched by this commit Turn-based artillery game with free software mascots
widelands games files touched by this commit Realtime strategy game inspired by Settlers II
xblast games files touched by this commit Multi-player real-time strategy game for X11
xgalaga-sdl games files touched by this commit Classic single screen vertical shoot em up SDL
xpired games files touched by this commit Action-puzzle maze escape game (SDL)
xsw misc files touched by this commit Tool for creating presentations
Convert graphics/sdl_gfx to USES=libtool.  Also set USE_AUTOTOOLS because
upstream forgot to regenerate the build scripts.  This makes the build use
the correct version information and causes a library version bump.  Use
this opportunity to use USES=libtool instead of USES=libtool:oldver.
Bump PORTREVISION on all dependent ports and convert them to USES=libtool
where needed.  Also use USES=(gmake, pathfix, tar) and new LIB_DEPENDS
syntax here and there.

- Option helpers.
- Staging.
- Use dirrmtry for locale directories.

- Staging.
- Replace ECHO with ECHO_CMD.
- Don't use GNUSTEP_PREFIX to install files because it expands to
  LOCALBASE rather than PREFIX.

- Remove USES=desktop-file-utils.  No MimeType field in desktop file.
- Staging.
- Install files in standard DATADIR.

- Use proper options.
- Staging.
- Patch configure so normal make install can be used instead of do-install.
- Replace TAR | TAR with COPYTREE_SHARE.

Number of ports [& non-ports] in this commit: 41

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