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Number of commits found: 20

Wed, 24 Dec 2014
[ 23:43 rene ] Original commit 
375497 comms/dcf77pi/Makefile
375497 comms/dcf77pi/distinfo
comms/dcf77pi: update to 3.3.0

* improve support for decoding the alarm messages by showing the main German
  regions which are affected. Note that this was an experimental and now
  unused system. With permission from Mr. Wenzelewski from DIN

* Doxygen support, provide a Doxyfile (not supported by the port yet)

* Small fixes to the FidoCADJ schematics

* library:
  - assign date/time fields more independently so that errors are corrected
  - record the accumulated minute length at the end of each line in the log
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Thu, 18 Sep 2014
[ 11:56 rene ] Original commit 
368444 comms/dcf77pi/Makefile
368444 comms/dcf77pi/distinfo
368444 comms/dcf77pi/files
368444 comms/dcf77pi/pkg-plist
- Update comms/dcf77pi to version 3.2.0

Overall changes:
- Compile with -fpic instead of -fPIC (potentially smaller code size)
- Add a schematics file for the hardware receiver in FidoCadJ format
- Language and typographical updates to
- Several signed/unsigned/size fixes

Library changes:
- Extract generic third-party code for bits 1..14 from decode_alarm.h into a
  new file bits1to14.h
- Convert almost all calculations for decoding the live signal into integer
  operations, drop fields 'a', 'frac', and 'maxone' from struct bitinfo.
- New function setclock_ok() in setclock.h
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Mon, 14 Jul 2014
[ 11:23 rene ] Original commit 
361774 comms/dcf77pi/Makefile
361774 comms/dcf77pi/distinfo
361774 comms/dcf77pi/pkg-descr
comms/dcf77pi: update to 3.1.0, improve pkg-descr

- add partial support for OSX and Cygwin
- add bitinfo.last0 field which represents the last pulse where the radio signal
was 0
- store radio signal into a new field bitinfo.signal
- more robust handling of radio signal glitches
- improve realfreq by approximately 7% on a non-optimized standard build
- simplify code for handling DST changes and leap seconds
- defer assigning the decoded time until the minute length has been checked
  to match the exact expected value (i.e. 59 unless a leap second occurs)
- code cleanups

 - mention supported platforms

- display updates, show last0

- overhaul to make more use of libdcf77
- drop -t parameter
Sun, 1 Jun 2014
[ 15:00 rene ] Original commit 
356132 comms/dcf77pi/Makefile
356132 comms/dcf77pi/distinfo
356132 comms/dcf77pi/pkg-plist
comms/dcf77pi: Update

The code to decode the radio signal, date/time, and civil warnings is now
provided in a library together with the relevant header files.

dcf77pi is now split up into dcf77pi (the live client) and dcf77pi-analyze
(the client to analyze log files). The -f parameter of dcf77pi is dropped.

Apply minor lint(1) fixes.
Sun, 11 May 2014
[ 12:37 rene ] Original commit 
353681 comms/dcf77pi/Makefile
353681 comms/dcf77pi/distinfo
comms/dcf77pi: update to 2.1.0

- the maxzero and maxone parameters are now determined dynamically, remove
  them from config.txt and
- Do not consider time offset jumps if bit 17 and 18 are equal

- add a -q parameter to suppress displaying of the raw signal (default off)
- display updates

- display updates/fixes, show radio state
  (OK if no receive/transmit/random errors)
Sun, 13 Apr 2014
[ 16:37 rene ] Original commit 
351228 comms/dcf77pi/Makefile
351228 comms/dcf77pi/distinfo
351228 comms/dcf77pi/pkg-plist
comms/dcf77pi: update to 2.0.3, use the new @sample keyword
- Mention the "backspace" key in
- Reset DST and leap second announcements at the next hour
- Detect sudden jumps to non-DST
- Relax conditions for processing a DST change
Mon, 31 Mar 2014
[ 22:08 rene ] Original commit 
349808 comms/dcf77pi/Makefile
349808 comms/dcf77pi/distinfo
comms/dcf77pi: update to 2.0.2

- Prevent a possible string overflow when reading the configuration file.
- Plug a few memory leaks.
- Refactor a lot of code.

- Replace -l parameter (specify logfile) of dcf77pi by an interactive 'L' key
  which can also be used to change or disable the log file.
- New entry in config.txt, "outlogfile", to specify the the default log file
  (default empty).

- Fix a bug where the hour would be wrongly considered off by one at the
  moment of a DST change.

- Various bug fixes in the GUI code (only affected displaying of the data).

- Handle log files with \n\r line endings used by RISC OS (which runs on the
  Raspberry Pi).
- Slightly improve output when reading from a log file.

- Update
Fri, 21 Feb 2014
[ 12:31 rene ] Original commit 
345378 comms/dcf77pi/Makefile
345378 comms/dcf77pi/distinfo
comms/dcf77pi: update to 2.0.1
- support DESTDIR and install-strip, uninstall targets in upstream Makefile
- clean up port Makefile accordingly
- bugfix: do not accept removed 'S' command line option
- bugfix: display 'no minute' at the correct position in GUI mode
- do not leak curses memory at exit
Sun, 16 Feb 2014
[ 12:32 rene ] Original commit 
344554 comms/dcf77pi/Makefile
344554 comms/dcf77pi/distinfo
comms/dcf77pi: update to version 2.0.0

- Provide an ncurses based interface in live mode, no changes when reading
  from a log file
- Drop the -v and -S parameters, they are now part of the GUI

- add ncurses to USES
Fri, 31 Jan 2014
[ 00:34 rene ] Original commit 
341907 comms/dcf77pi/Makefile
341907 comms/dcf77pi/distinfo
comms/dcf77pi: Update to 1.1.3

- Add the correct number of minutes when the accumulated minute length is
  more than 60 seconds (happens when e.g. the transmitter is off).
- Disallow DST changes or leap seconds if a 0 is specified for summermonth,
  wintermonth, or leapsecmonths.
- Allow compilation on NetBSD.
Wed, 1 Jan 2014
[ 22:00 rene ] Original commit 
338396 comms/dcf77pi/Makefile
338396 comms/dcf77pi/distinfo
Update to 1.1.2

- replace hardcoded realfreq parameter with a dynamically determined value
  and update
- minor updates to time decoder
Sun, 15 Dec 2013
[ 14:19 rene ] Original commit 
336539 comms/dcf77pi/Makefile
336539 comms/dcf77pi/distinfo
Update to 1.1.1


- Calculate century (modulo 400) from year, month, day of week, day of month
- New parameter -S to set the system time
- Improvements to DST handling
- Set error state if day of month is too large, not just when greater than 31

- New parameter -t for readpin to adjust nanosleep() delay
- Determine realfreq dynamically, do not use realfreq from config.txt

- Documentation updates
- Code cleanups
Tue, 3 Dec 2013
[ 21:33 rene ] Original commit 
335593 comms/dcf77pi/Makefile
335593 comms/dcf77pi/distinfo
335593 comms/dcf77pi/pkg-plist
* Update to 1.1.0:
  - New algorithm to receive bits from the radio signal from an idea by
    Udo Klein, with permission [1] (configuration file changed)
  - Use two independent maximum values for 0 and 1 bits (configuration
    file changed)
  - New verbose display output
  - Weaken precondition for processing leap seconds and DST changes to not
    insist on correct values for parity bits and bit 0, 20, 17, 18
  - updated
  - Style and other minor fixes

* Simplify PORTDOCS installation

Mon, 28 Oct 2013
[ 21:26 rene ] Original commit 
331897 comms/dcf77pi/Makefile
331897 comms/dcf77pi/distinfo
331897 comms/dcf77pi/files
331897 comms/dcf77pi/pkg-plist
- Update to 1.0.5
- Add a note to UPDATING about the changed and renamed configuration file.
Tue, 10 Sep 2013
[ 16:23 rene ] Original commit 
326916 comms/dcf77pi/Makefile
326916 comms/dcf77pi/distinfo
Update to 1.0.4 :
- better detection for bits in the radio signal
- catch more corner cases in decoding of the time data

The configuration file (hardware.txt) needs to be updated with this update.
Mon, 22 Jul 2013
[ 14:12 rene ] Original commit 
323450 comms/dcf77pi/Makefile
323450 comms/dcf77pi/distinfo
Update to

This release fixes installation of the configuration file.
Sun, 21 Jul 2013
[ 16:40 rene ] Original commit 
323403 comms/dcf77pi/Makefile
323403 comms/dcf77pi/distinfo
Distfile was rerolled, bump PORTREVISION
[ 14:42 rene ] Original commit 
323396 comms/dcf77pi/Makefile
323396 comms/dcf77pi/distinfo
Update to 1.0.3

No need to ignore on FreeBSD < 9.0, the software will disable GPIO itself.
Mon, 24 Jun 2013
[ 09:09 rene ] Original commit 
321672 comms/dcf77pi/Makefile
321672 comms/dcf77pi/distinfo
Update to 1.0.2
Fri, 21 Jun 2013
[ 22:46 rene ] Original commit 
321506 comms/Makefile
321506 comms/dcf77pi
321506 comms/dcf77pi/Makefile
321506 comms/dcf77pi/distinfo
321506 comms/dcf77pi/pkg-descr
321506 comms/dcf77pi/pkg-plist
Yet another DCF77 decoder.  This one is intended for the Raspberry Pi
platform but might work on other devices using GPIO pins too.

The received data can be logged for later playback/analysis.


Number of commits found: 20

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