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non port: head/devel/linux-f10-devtools/Makefile

Number of commits found: 6

Fri, 11 Dec 2015
[ 08:48 miwi ] Original commit 
403506 audio/praat/Makefile
403506 biology/bwa/Makefile
403506 biology/cd-hit/Makefile
403506 biology/cdbfasta/Makefile
403506 biology/fastool/Makefile
403506 biology/fasttree/Makefile
403506 biology/fastx-toolkit/Makefile
403506 biology/gmap/Makefile
403506 biology/hmmer/Makefile
403506 biology/libgtextutils/Makefile

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- Update maintainer mail address
- Update/Remove MASTER_SITE

PR:		204755
Submitted by: (maintainer)
Approved by:	mat (mentor)
Differential Revision:	D4493
Tue, 2 Dec 2014
[ 21:02 xmj ] Original commit 
373783 devel/linux-c6-devtools/Makefile
373783 devel/linux-c6-devtools/distinfo.i686
373783 devel/linux-c6-devtools/pkg-plist
373783 devel/linux-f10-devtools/Makefile
373783 devel/linux-f10-devtools/distinfo.i386
373783 devel/linux-f10-devtools/pkg-plist
devel/linux-*-devtools: remove GMP

With GMP in linux_base-* remove its occurrence in the devtools port.

Spotted by:	antoine
Differential Revision:
Approved by:	swills (mentor)
Mon, 22 Sep 2014
[ 10:40 xmj ] Original commit 
368845 Mk/
368845 Mk/
368845 Mk/
368845 Mk/
368845 accessibility/Makefile
368845 accessibility/linux-c6-atk
368845 accessibility/linux-c6-atk/Makefile
368845 accessibility/linux-c6-atk/distinfo.i686
368845 accessibility/linux-c6-atk/pkg-descr

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Update CentOS base to 6.5, add userland ports

The Fedora 10 infrastructure ports have been in use since June 2009 and, while
having served a great deed, have become unsupported upstream and hence affected
by unfixed security vulnerabilities. In addition to that, many recent Linux
binaries need newer libc / stdlibc++ versions.

This commit adds the linux-c6- userland as drop-in replacement for the -f10
infrastructure, as well as upgrading the linux_base-c6 port to CentOS 6.5.

If you want to switch to linux-c6 ports, please define at /etc/make.conf:

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Wed, 19 Mar 2014
[ 18:52 thierry ] Original commit 
348644 devel/linux-f10-devtools/Makefile
Use grouping rules to speed-up download.

PR:		ports/187715
Submitted by:	/me
Approved by:	maintainer
Sat, 15 Mar 2014
[ 20:57 nox ] Original commit 
348379 devel/linux-f10-devtools/Makefile
- Fix absolute symlink that made Linux linker pick up native lib.
  (and fail)

PR:		ports/187609
Submitted by:	nox (self, PR),
Submitted by:	Jason Bacon <> (maintainer, fix)
Wed, 12 Feb 2014
[ 20:14 thierry ] Original commit 
344012 devel/Makefile
344012 devel/linux-f10-devtools
344012 devel/linux-f10-devtools/Makefile
344012 devel/linux-f10-devtools/distinfo.i386
344012 devel/linux-f10-devtools/pkg-descr
344012 devel/linux-f10-devtools/pkg-plist
Development tools and base libraries for linux_base-f10. Required by
some Linux applications such as Matlab, which allows the user to integrate
custom C, C++, and Fortran code via the MEX compiler.

PR:             ports/184549
Submitted by:   Jason Bacon <jwbacon (at)>

Number of commits found: 6

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