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 vuxml errors
Author: Dan 
Date:   09-05-07 21:39

I think FreshPorts has handled this vuln incorrectly:


If you visit the vuxml page for FreshPorts:

And sort by package:

And click on PHP5:|7fcf1727-be71-11db-b2ec-000c6ec775d9|ad74a1bd-16d2-11d9-bc4a-000c41e2cdad|d47e9d19-5016-11d9-9b5f-0050569f0001|dd7aa4f1-102f-11d9-8a8a-000c41e2cdad|e329550b-54f7-11db-a5ae-00508d6a62df|ea09c5df-4362-11db-81e1-000e0c2e438a|edabe438-542f-11db-a5ae-00508d6a62df|edf61c61-0f07-11d9-8393-000103ccf9d6|f5e52bf5-fc77-11db-8163-000e0c2e438a

You can see that f5e52bf5-fc77-11db-8163-000e0c2e438a is listed. And that it affects php5 > 0. However, version 5.2.1_2 is not marked vulnerable. In fact, none of the versions have that vuln ID assigned to them.


I suspect FreshPorts is not handling the > 0 correctly. I'll look into this, after BSDCan/PGCon.

The Man Behind The Curtain

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 Re: vuxml errors
Author: mazadillon 
Date:   19-05-07 10:03

Portaudit is also telling me of vulnerabilities in libpng that aren't showing up on the site. The php one is the main one though and it appears that no-one has upgraded the port to fix this, I don't know how to update ports myself so how can I persuade someone who does to do it? PHP is a pretty major port and I don't like having my system vulnerable!

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