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non port: head/ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo

Number of commits found: 76

Fri, 2 Jan 2015
[ 15:19 bapt ] Original commit 
376052 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
376052 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to
  - Remove lots of dead code
  - Fix pkg stat reporting the size of remote repositories
  - Remove execinfo dependency
  - Fix pkg check with no active remote db
  - Remove outdated example from manpages
  - More accurate error messages in pkg check
  - Use the new procctl(2) features when possible to prevent script from
spawning daemons
  - More fixes in integrity check
  - Improvements in zsh completion
  - Initial support for OSX (passes all regression tests)
  - Initial support for Linux (early)
  - Update libucl to 0.7.1
  - Bundle libfetch (to simplify porting as well as providing latest
improvements to all FreeBSD version)
  - Support blake2b digests
Mon, 29 Dec 2014
[ 20:14 bapt ] Original commit 
375800 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
375800 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
375800 ports-mgmt/pkg/Makefile
375800 ports-mgmt/pkg/distinfo
Update to 1.4.3 and
- Fix integrity check in multi repository
- Document repository priority
- Do not duplicate replacement request
Sat, 27 Dec 2014
[ 11:22 bapt ] Original commit 
375678 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
375678 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
375678 ports-mgmt/pkg/Makefile
375678 ports-mgmt/pkg/distinfo
Update pkg to 1.4.2 and pkg-devel to
- Fix applying proper modes on directories on some corner cases (fixes pkg
install mailman)
- Do not display pkg-message is pkg register fails
- During removal, if a directory was already removed by a bogus script, continue
removing parents.

Changes specific to -devel:
- pkg -d now set DEBUG_LEVEL -d == DEBUG_LEVEL=1 -dd == 2 etc
Mon, 22 Dec 2014
[ 19:57 bapt ] Original commit 
375263 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
375263 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
375263 ports-mgmt/pkg/Makefile
375263 ports-mgmt/pkg/distinfo
Release pkg 1.4.1 and
- Manpages updates
- Fix directory removal guard
- Fix loading of files from packages
- Add new CONSERVATIVE_UPGRADE option to enforce keeping package from the
  repository they were installed from
- Add priority support for multi repository

While this version improves a lot multi repo support please note that there is a
known bug resulting in failures during integrity checking, resulting in some
operations may have to be run twice we are investigating a fix
Tue, 9 Dec 2014
[ 14:22 bapt ] Original commit 
374397 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
374397 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
374397 ports-mgmt/pkg/Makefile
374397 ports-mgmt/pkg/distinfo
374397 ports-mgmt/pkg/files/patch-libpkg__pkg_config.c
374397 ports-mgmt/pkg/files/patch-libpkg__pkg_ports.c
374397 ports-mgmt/pkg/files/patch-plist-non-fatal
Update pkg to 1.4.0
Update pkg-devel to (aka 1.5 pre-alpha0)
Changes since pkg 1.3.0:
Changes you can expect in pkg 1.4 are the following:
- Loads of bug fixes
- Stricter checking of the path passed via the plist
- Removal of the bundled libyaml
- new --raw-format to chose the output format for info -R and search -R
- ABI (for freebsd, unchanged for dragonfly) is now follwing MACHINE_ARCH
  (freebsd:10:x86:64 become FreeBSD:10:amd64) the old ABI is available as a
  fallback in ALTABI
- pkg check now support a quiet mode
- new 3 way merge code ("stolen" from the fossil-scm) to allow automerging
configuration files
- new @config keyword to mark a file as a config file (during
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Mon, 8 Dec 2014
[ 14:48 bapt ] Original commit 
374270 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
374270 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.4.0 rc3
- More fixes to pkg fetch -o
- Fix pkg delete removing too many directories
- new pkg set -n (to change names) equivalent of pkg set -o
- Run pkg set -n and -o understand transaction to speed up
- Allow @dir to be a symlink
Sat, 6 Dec 2014
[ 11:45 bapt ] Original commit 
374099 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
374099 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.4.0 rc2
- Important bug fix in the solver in case an explicit conflict has been
  discovered in that case the solve should delete the old version then
  install the new version when it was deleting the old version then upgrading \
  to the new version
- Small cosmetic fix
Fri, 5 Dec 2014
[ 17:48 bapt ] Original commit 
374065 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
374065 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.4.0 rc1
- Print orphaned packages in pkg version when comparing with the INDEX file
- Fix pkg upgrade leaving directories behind
- Plug memory leaks when parsing plists
- Remove some dead code
- Improve documentation
- file:// repository files are now fetched again into the cache to avoid
  problems in integrity check
- The repository configuration files are now load in alpha order
- When upgrading from a database with duplicated package names arbitrary rename
- Fix pkg fetch -o
- Fix return code when pkg fetch fails
Wed, 19 Nov 2014
[ 07:34 bapt ] Original commit 
372765 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Reroll the tarball I was mising some dfly only commits:
- fix build with bundle libelf
- keep ABI on dragonfly
[ 07:28 bapt ] Original commit 
372763 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
372763 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.4.0.b2
- more fixes to multi repo
- fix pkg autoremove recursivity
Tue, 18 Nov 2014
[ 14:00 bapt ] Original commit 
372720 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
372720 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.4.0.b1
- Lots of documentation fixes
- Lots of typos fixes in messages
- Fix UI when a package is going to be downgraded
- Cleanup is internal functions (removing useless accessors)
- Do not allow to create packages in old format anymore (it was broken anyway)
- allow ? and ! in pkg version limchar
- New configuration option VERSION_SOURCE (to the version used to read INDEX)
- Really fix multirepo (hopefully)
Thu, 30 Oct 2014
[ 14:41 bapt ] Original commit 
371752 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
371752 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.4.0.a4
- Reinstall packages if one of its dependency have change
  While hackish this allows seamless upgrade of perl5 and ruby2
- Fix pkg audit as used from ports
- Reject chroot for unknown ABIs
- Fix generating repos from 1.3 created packages
- Allow to build out of the source tree
- Fix ABI detection on armeb
- Fix some left overs from Unique id migration
- Fix pkg delete regression (it is again recursive by default)
- Locked packages prevent deleting anything that depends on them
- Fix pkg upgrade on multi repo
- Fix pkg upgrade ignoring the lock flag

Thank you very much for all the testers and reports! Please keep testing!
Wed, 29 Oct 2014
[ 07:00 bapt ] Original commit 
371662 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
371662 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.4.0 alpha3:
- Fix pkg check -r to make it also compute checksums for symlinks
- Fix pkg register in case the ancient arch as not already been defined
Tue, 28 Oct 2014
[ 22:53 bapt ] Original commit 
371654 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Sorry I didn't checksum the right file
[ 19:04 bapt ] Original commit 
371641 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
371641 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.4.0.alpha2
- Change the default fetch site for vuxml
- simplify some code
- fix too small buffers
- only add in provided shlibs the files starting with lib*
Sun, 26 Oct 2014
[ 22:40 bapt ] Original commit 
371527 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
371527 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to pkg 1.4.0.alpha1
- Lots of cleanup in the API
- Huge refactoring to avoid using hashes where not needed
- add a new @config keyword for all files with such flags pkg will try
  automatically to merge the difference with newer version on upgrades
  a vanilla version of the file is kept in the db to allow 3 way merge
  this was the last blocker to be able to package base
- new options AUTOMERGE to prevent pkg to automatically merge @config files
- speed up upgrades by only extracting files that are different from 2 packages
- convert unique package identifier to the package name (at last !)
- drop incremental update support this was preventing allowing multiple packages
  with the same name in a remote repo
- lots of improvements in the pkg update process
- update sqlite to 3.8.7
- Change pkg audit so that it points to the
  location by default
- Lots of fixes in the solver
Mon, 13 Oct 2014
[ 14:30 bapt ] Original commit 
370787 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
370787 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.4.0.pre-alpha16
- Rework the job request processing
- Fix pkg install/upgrade
- Fix forced reinstall
- Rework of integrity checking
- The ABI is now defined using MACHINE_ARCH meaning freebsd:10:x86:64 is now
  this is encoded in the package as "abi" the old "arch" key remains for
compatibility and is translated to the old ABI
- New option ALTABI represent the ancient ABI format
- Repository configuration files can now talle ${ALTABI} as well as ${ABI}
- The audit periodic script is able to audit pkgs in jails or chroots from the
host system
- The backup periodic script is able to backup database from jails or chroots to
the host system
- The status periodic script is able to report on chroots and jails from the
host system.
- The checksum periodic script is able to report on checksum mismatches in
chroots and jails.
- pkg check now support -q (--quiet)
- 3 way merge code has been imported from the fossil scm project (not yet in
- Code cleanup
- Lots of minor bug fixes
- Update libucl
- Rationalise path before packaging ( /something//bla is not the same a
- pkg info/search -R can now specify ucl as a format for the raw output
Sun, 14 Sep 2014
[ 23:00 bapt ] Original commit 
368234 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
368234 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.4.0-alpha15
- pkg register checks conflicts before installing the files
- do not provide any shlibs if the "no_provide_shlib" annotation is set
- fix invalid free() in keywords arguments parsing
- Add ability to select usage of IPv4/IPv6 via config, repository config or
command line
- some documentation fixes and improvements
- If one of -P, -I or -R is not explicitly given on the command line, do
  not emit error messages while searching for a mechanism to find data
  about the latest available ports.
- Rework automatic directory deletion
Wed, 10 Sep 2014
[ 14:07 bapt ] Original commit 
367848 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
367848 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.4.0-pre-alpha14
- New @dir keyword
- @dirrm/@dirrmtry will now expose a warning in DEVELOPER_MODE
- directories outside of PREFIX are now automatically handled
- Determine the running OS version from /bin/sh not uname so that
pkg doesn't think a jail running on a newer host is an OS upgrade
- Remove libyaml
- The plist now entirely default on owner root, group wheel
- Add more regressions tests
Wed, 3 Sep 2014
[ 16:29 bapt ] Original commit 
367217 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
367217 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.4.0-pre-alpha13:
- @owner/@group without var reset to root/wheel
- Do not accept @mode with '+-' like u+s or g-w
- Integrate kyua with autools (make check now calls kyua)
- Fix pkg annotate -y
- Fix a regression in pkg_is_valid
- Allow keywords define in ucl files '(Keywords/*.ucl)' to consider its
  argument as a command line argument (aka split it)
- Completly ignore mtree
- Automatically remove any directory under PREFIX if needed
Tue, 26 Aug 2014
[ 23:04 bdrewery ] Original commit 
366284 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
366284 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
- Update to 1.4.0.pre-alpha12

  * Documentation updates
  * Fix always refetching of file:// and ftp:// repositories
  * pkg query -g: Fix handling of ranges such as 'name-[0-9]*' which
    is used by ports CONFLICTS checking
  * Fix crash when SIGNATURE_TYPE=PUBKEY but PUBKEY is not defined
  * New output for UX testing/feedback:
    * pkg add - Use a nested tree view due to how the job is handled
    * pkg upgrade/install/delete - Show 'Installing' message separate
      from Extracting or Deleting of files. This is so that any messages
      from the package are shown after noting what is being done. Messages
      were shown before "Installing" before.
Tue, 19 Aug 2014
[ 22:27 bdrewery ] Original commit 
365429 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
365429 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
- Update to 1.4.0.pre-alpha11

  Users will see a "changed shlibs" reinstall for 'pkg upgrade' until:
    1. _All_ packages on remote repositories are rebuilt with this version
       of pkg.
    2. 'pkg check -Ba' should be run after upgrading pkg but before upgrading
       other packages. This requires #1 though, which is not happening until
       1.3.7 is released. Running 'pkg check -Ba' before the remote repository
       is fixed will just continue to propose reinstalling packages for 'changed

  * pkg fetch -d: Fix crash (#955)
  * Progress bar improvements/fixes
  * Fix ETA for fetching (#943)
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Sat, 16 Aug 2014
[ 03:47 bdrewery ] Original commit 
365065 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
365065 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
- Update to 1.4.0.pre-alpha10

  * Test suite fixes
  * Fix pkg-devel self upgrade when remote repo defaults to non-devel
  * pkg-rquery(8): Add a pointer to EXAMPLES in pkg-query(8)
  * If opening the db in READ_ONLY give a warning if it is missing
  * Give advice on how to recreate the database if auto-updating was skipped
  * Remove pkg --check-activation. It is too tempting to use.
  * Make it more clear that the 'Major version' change is non-fatal
  * Jobs display: Avoid excessive newline before prompt and after unprompted
  * Support uppercase ENABLED in repo config.
  * Avoid POLA, make PACKAGESITE/MIRROR_TYPE/PUBKEY in pkg.conf fatal
  * Fix self upgrade loop with pkg upgrade -Fy
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Tue, 12 Aug 2014
[ 12:13 vsevolod ] Original commit 
364696 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
364696 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.4.0.pre-alpha9

- Fix pkg-delete -q [1]
- pkg-add: Respect locked packages on forced invocation [2]
- Rework fields in manifests digests (based on [3]):
 * depends
 * shlib provides/requires
 * users
 * groups
 * maintainer
 * www
 * message
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Mon, 11 Aug 2014
[ 08:57 vsevolod ] Original commit 
364592 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
364592 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.4.0.pre-alpha8

- When filtering out shlib archs, compare wordsize first and then ABI arch
- Fix rquery -e
- Fix install progress output for meta packages
- Fix writing annotations to manifests
- pkg-clean: Show files to delete first
- Add a pkg_symlink_cksumat to fix pkg-delete
- Add packages checksums to digest file to fix broken repo update
- Unbreak pkg-ssh

With hat:	pkg@
Fri, 8 Aug 2014
[ 12:23 vsevolod ] Original commit 
364354 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
364354 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.4.0.pre-alpha7

- Fix crash on i386 (thanks to antoine@)
- Ignore duplicates in require/provide
- Add missed call to pkg_list_free for PKG_PROVIDES (thanks to Maxim Ignatenko)
- Print error if we cannot parse manifest
- Select the newest possible package to satisfy dependency
- Check shared libraries architecture and ignore incompatible ones

With hat:	pkg@
Thu, 7 Aug 2014
[ 15:20 vsevolod ] Original commit 
364287 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
364287 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.4.0.pre-alpha6

- Print number of upgrade candidates
- Fix request addition
- Suggest manual resolution for UNSAT problems
- Check repository and force update if it is not valid
- Fix issue with seen packages not added to the request
- Use plain .so for all shared libraries requires/provides

With hat:	pkg@
Wed, 6 Aug 2014
[ 15:05 vsevolod ] Original commit 
364190 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
364190 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.4.0.pre-alpha5

- Use picosat SAT solver instead of the internal one:
 * production grade solver that is extensively tested
 * faster than internal one
 * has more flexible features
- Fix issues with adding items to the universe
- Fix forced operations

With hat:	pkg@
Tue, 5 Aug 2014
[ 13:11 vsevolod ] Original commit 
364095 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
364095 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.4.0.pre-alpha4

- The solver and jobs interface were completely reworked:
 * multirepos have now better support
 * fix a number of issue with missed shared library dependencies
 * upgrade and install are now more clever about chosing repositories
 * implement package pinning to a repository
 * add heuristic to resolve conflicts between remote packages
 * removed tonns of old hacks
 * arrays are now used in many places instead of lists for performance
 * some hash tables are improved by using direct pointers hash
- Minor fixes
Sun, 3 Aug 2014
[ 22:42 vsevolod ] Original commit 
363955 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
363955 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.4.0.pre-alpha3.

- Explicitly pass when passmode should be used with libarchive
- Properly trim end spaces in plist for files and directories
- Fix pkg ssh client
- Fix pkg_env
- Follow symlinks in fstatat otherwise it breaks repos created by poudriere
- Fix sqlite on FS without proper locking mechanism
- Fix pkg install -A
- Do not distinguish anymore between dirrm and drirmtry
- Fix options parsing by libucl
- Rework repo update to avoid early repo destruction
- Fix forced update
- Update errors are now not fatal
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Mon, 28 Jul 2014
[ 12:56 vsevolod ] Original commit 
363145 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
363145 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
363145 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/pkg-plist
Update to pre-alpha2.

This build includes all fixes from pkg 1.3.2 plus the following changes:
- Fix an issue with pkg-repo that prevents from getting all packages in the
- Fix an issue with manifests parsing on big-endian platforms
- Add help messages for aliases (by admi3)
- Fix linkage with sbuf (always use bundled sbuf)

With hat:	pkg@
Wed, 23 Jul 2014
[ 14:11 vsevolod ] Original commit 
362697 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
362697 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Prior to release 1.3 update pkg-devel to 1.4.0.pre-alpha1.

This version is equal to pkg 1.3.0 tag.

Changes from 1.3.0.rc4:
- Use rename(2) to install symlink [1]
- Link directly pkg frontend to libsbuf
- Rework installation logic:
 If a file is found on the way do the following:
 1) Append 12 chars random suffix to the filename;
 2) Extract new file to that modified filename;
 3) Rename new file to old file.
 - or -
 3) Remove temporary file in case of error.
- Fix reporting of locked packages [2]
- Fix link with binutils 2.24

Reported by:	bdrewery[1], az[2]
With hat:	pkg@
Tue, 22 Jul 2014
[ 16:02 vsevolod ] Original commit 
362552 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
362552 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.3.0.rc4

- Fix output format when a dependency is missing
- Fix typo (dbpath -> dbdir)
- Create repo compatible with pkg 1.2 (path -> repopath)
- Event pipe related fixes
- Fetching now does not use mkstemp(2) to create files
- Change permissions of files fetched to default ones
- Fix fetching for reinstalled packages
- Fix build on mips by proper checking of atomic builtins

With hat:	pkg@
Fri, 18 Jul 2014
[ 13:53 vsevolod ] Original commit 
362206 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
362206 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.3.0.rc3.
- Fix bug in upgrade repos schemas from 1.2 [1]
- Fix repos downgrade sql
- Add -r (--recursive) flag to pkg-audit that makes pkg-audit to print all
 reverse dependencies of vulnerable packages. This allows users to
 upgrade or reinstall potentially vulnerable packages.
- Rework pkg-audit to support pkg names without versions
- pkg-audit now supports multiple patterns in the command line
- Do not throw failed assertion if pattern is empty in [r]query
- Fix symlinks checksum verification in pkg-delete
- Fix bug in libucl variables parsing code
- Add --raw-format to info/search
- Ignore not top level packages with missing fields (for example, missing
- Make dependency missing message more informative [1]
- Introduce mirror mode for pkg-fetch
- Add -o flag to pkg-fetch to specify mirroring output directory

Found by:	az [1]
With hat:	pkg@
Wed, 9 Jul 2014
[ 12:11 vsevolod ] Original commit 
361358 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
361358 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to rc2.

- Fix critical bug in the solver caused not required packages being installed
- Rework DPLL algorithm to solve tasks quicker by propagating units on each step
- Fix bug with loading of package files and directories
- If all files are downloaded then perform integrity check immediately without
extra queries to a user
- Removed incorrect error messages

With hat:	pkg@
Mon, 7 Jul 2014
[ 13:27 vsevolod ] Original commit 
361081 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
361081 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to release candidate 1.

- Fix repo ident for local packages [1]
- Fix pkg-stat
- Improve safety of 1.2 -> 1.3 database migration
- Fix minor bugs in progress bar
- Restart system calls on SIGALARM

Submitted by:	des[1]
With hat:	pkg@
Mon, 30 Jun 2014
[ 13:52 vsevolod ] Original commit 
359845 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
359845 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.3.0.b9

- Quit pkg ssh if an error occurs while reading
- Fix critical issue with manifest fields (path->repopath) [1]
- Set reponame for local packages [1]
- Fix forced upgrade [1]
- Fix packages count in pkg-delete
- Allow override `enabled` state for repos
- Fix message if a pattern has not been found
- Move the pkg_keys[] array from private/pkg.h to pkg.c to reduce duplication
- Add package validation function
- Fix local packages installation
- Validate pkg when changing its uid
- Rework solver initial guessing
- Fix multirepos documentation
- Fix issue with repository metafile updating
- Fix issue with unnecessary fingerprints check
- Fix meta loading

Submitted by:	des [1]
With hat:	pkg@
Thu, 26 Jun 2014
[ 13:30 vsevolod ] Original commit 
359350 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
359350 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.3.0.b8.

- Fix pkg-backup display issues
- Fix UID changing when looking for upgrade candidates
- Rework integritycheck procedure to use uids
- Improve searching of local and remote packages
- Lazy load of files and dirs for remote packages
- Fix upgrades with UID changed
- Fix actions count in jobs progress display
- Fix serious bug in pkg-repo by moving to socketpairs from pipes
- Detect SOCK_SEQPACKET support and fallback to SOCK_DGRAM (for 8.x)

With hat:	pkg@
Mon, 23 Jun 2014
[ 13:56 vsevolod ] Original commit 
358955 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
358955 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.3.0.b7

- Save repo type in the annotation.
- Fix packages fetching for reinstallation
- Convert pkg repo from threads to processes (no more pthread dependency)
- Add progress indicators to repo create
- Implement new repo style:
	* Add metafile
	* Use data from that metafile
	* Use advanced manifest digests format
	* Implement legacy repos creation
- Fix symlinks checksums (reported by misha @ #pkgng)
- Fix pkg backup -r messages
- Now pkg is able to delete multiple versions of the same package (e.g. when
some packages are
 merged into one another)
- Fix repo schema upgrade
- Do not try to re-fetch broken packages infinitely
- Fix couple minor bugs and crashes

With hat:	pkg@
Fri, 20 Jun 2014
[ 08:47 vsevolod ] Original commit 
358531 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
358531 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.3.0 beta6.

- fixed pkg-delete bug
- fixed issues with progress displaying

With hat:	pkg@
Thu, 19 Jun 2014
[ 13:18 vsevolod ] Original commit 
358412 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
358412 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.3.0 beta5

- repositories system has been reworked to support opaque repository operations
- progress bar has been reworked and simplified
- pkg backups generated by the distributed script are now plain sql files
- fixed some visual issues while installing packages

With hat:	pkg@
Sun, 15 Jun 2014
[ 15:10 vsevolod ] Original commit 
357891 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
357891 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
357891 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/files/patch-fix-rdeps
357891 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/files/patch-fix-regex
Update to 1.3.0.b4.

With hat:	pkg@
Wed, 11 Jun 2014
[ 16:01 bapt ] Original commit 
357497 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
357497 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.3.0 beta3
- Now unicity is made on the typle (origin, name) to allow sub packages but
cannot be made to only name to break installation from prior sanitization of the
- Fix pkg stat
- Fix speed regression
- 411.pkg-backup does not hide errors anymore
- Improve documentation
- debug now print stacktrace on freebsd 10+
- globalize common variables
- new option to allow profiling sql queries
- fix flatsize calculation
- improve ui (better output)
- add a new shiny progress bar and start using it everywhere
- create a pkg_checksum api
- fix pkg rquery -I
- rework package digest
- allow to use ldns instead of the FreeBSD dns api if needed
- change the upgrade package path: first rename a file then extract the new file
then unlink the renamed one
- add a version script to avoid exposing external third party library symbols
- fix pkg upgrade (it was changing the automatic flags when it shouldn't)
Thu, 22 May 2014
[ 10:11 bapt ] Original commit 
354819 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
354819 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
354819 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/pkg-plist
Update to pkg 1.3.0 beta2
- more fixes in pkg audit
- move audit functions into the library
- pkg lock -l now list the locked packages
- database lock behaviour is now configurable
- symlinks now has a checksum to ensure they are valid
- more fixes on the solver
- add long version of the options
Wed, 7 May 2014
[ 13:29 bapt ] Original commit 
353155 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
353155 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.3.0 beta1
- pkg audit now accepts vuln.xml with multiple package names
- Prefer SONAME instead of filename for library provides
- Do not require dependencies that are self provided
- pkg upgrade can now have a name in argument to only upgrade a given package
and its dependencies
- Lots of bug fixes
Wed, 30 Apr 2014
[ 13:21 bapt ] Original commit 
352680 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
352680 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.3.0 alpha10
- Document pkg search -U
- Reduce memory usage when loading a package
- Validate package loading against a ucl schema
- Sandbox signature checking with capsicum
- Update man pages
- Be pedantically correct about units and scale factors
- Now uses sqlite full text search extension
- Allow case insensitive search
- Fix pkg add -f
- Lots of fixes in the solver
Wed, 16 Apr 2014
[ 15:23 bapt ] Original commit 
351396 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
351396 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
351396 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/files/patch-fix-waitpid
351396 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/files/patch-signal
Update to 1.3.0 alpha9
- Fix important regression due to bad usage of libucl
- Validate keywords against a schema
- repos can now present metadata
Tue, 15 Apr 2014
[ 14:48 bapt ] Original commit 
351336 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
351336 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
351336 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/files/patch-libpkg__pkg_elf.c
Update to 1.3.0 alpha8
- Detect invalid packages that list directories in plist
- new pkg_emit_query_(yesno|select) to allow the library to ask question to the
- Reinstall packages on upgrade if remote abi changed (this catches up
automatically major upgrade of freebsd)
- Ability the specify the file to read the ABI from
- add --relocate to pkg add and register (this is totally unsafe to use a a
normal user, it is intended to be used in the ports tree)
- clean/improvements in the repo handling functions
- validate the directory is actually a port directory when running pkg version
against the ports tree
- new pkg audit -f <file> to run pkg audit against a local file
- pkg -j and pkg -c are now able to restart themself
- pkg version against the ports tree now works even if current working directory
has been deleted out from underneath us.
- Improved pkg upgrade/install/delete output
- Improve cache handling
- Make pkg update more verbose
- new RUN_SCRIPTS options (default on) to be able to switch of the running
pre/post operation scripts
Mon, 31 Mar 2014
[ 16:56 bapt ] Original commit 
349777 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
349777 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.3.0.a7:
- pkg create uses a readonly lock
- pkg create returns non 0 is package creation failed
- rework the cache so that is avoid collision with multirepo and avoid warning
the users harmless checksum retry
- do not cache anymore files when using file:// scheme
- Preserve automatic flags of local packages.
- Use installed provides if possible.
- Fix local and remote logic for provides and conflicts.
- Optimize SAT solving slightly.
- Make duplicate-related warning fatal in developer mode
- Continue turning the public api into pkg_objects
[ 10:23 bapt ] Original commit 
349719 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
349719 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.3.0.a6:
- pkg delete is not recursive by default
- pkg delete ui now explain why a package will be removed
- pkg which now handle PATH when looking for a file
- shared libraries are now directly resolved in the solver (no need anymore for
explicit package dependency)
Tue, 25 Mar 2014
[ 17:17 bapt ] Original commit 
349161 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
349161 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Release 1.3.0.a5
- Added ability to install packages with missing dependencies
- Do not enter in a sandbox if the database is open
- Do not count the lock owner as lock blocker.
- Lots of rework and fixes to improve the solver when trying to upgrade very old
package database.
Fri, 21 Mar 2014
[ 13:26 bapt ] Original commit 
348736 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
348736 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.3.0 alpha4
- Reimport old pkg add (aliasing it to install was too optimistic at the moment)
- Fix pkg install ./file with package lacking the manifestdigest information)
- Fix a bug resulting in "pkg-static: sqlite: no such savepoint: upgrade"
Wed, 19 Mar 2014
[ 18:05 bapt ] Original commit 
348642 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
348642 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.3.0.a3
- Fix a typo in pkg.conf(5)
- pkg add is an alias on pkg install -l
[ 15:45 bapt ] Original commit 
348627 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
348627 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.3.0.a2

- libpkg: Simplify code but turning annotations into a pkg_object
- libpkg: Simplify dumping the configuration of plugins in pkg -vv
- libpkg: Update libucl to latest version
- libpkg: Fix options emission in the Manifest
- libpkg: fix some multirepository bugs
- pkg: fix pkg delete -f
- pkg: fix pkg register
- pkg: fix pkg upgrade
- pkg: fix pkg shell
- pkg: 'update' now warns user if no repos are enabled
Mon, 17 Mar 2014
[ 17:12 bapt ] Original commit 
348493 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
348493 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
348493 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/files/extra-patch-pkg_pkg.8
348493 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/pkg-plist
Update to 1.3.0.a1:
- New solver that can support external solvers using the CUDF format and the
internal SAT solver
- pkg-ssh(8) is now sandboxed with capsicum if it is available
- pkg-ssh(8) now uses poll(2)
- Remove StringList usage to improve portability
- Rework the build system to use autotools to help portability
- Now fetching is done to a temporary location and cleaned up if it fails
- pkg-audit: remove support for portaudit compact database (only VulnXML will be
- Improved UI experience based on jmmv write up
- Hide the average speed from the progress bar (confusing for users)
- Reworking the database locking mechanism into a finer grain and more clever
- Dynamic conflict handling if a conflict on files is detected at the sanity
check level, try to solve the problem again with the new conflict information
- Fix %t (timestamp) modifier in pkg_printf(3)
- Full output now has a new field "date installed"
- New pkg -o A=B to overwrite configuration from command line without the need
of defining environment variables
- pkg-install now can handle local files
- pkg-add is now an alias on pkg-install
- Simplify API by using more and more libucl objects (hidden behind an opaque

Special thanks to Vsevolod Stakhov (vsevolod@)
Sat, 15 Mar 2014
[ 23:41 bdrewery ] Original commit 
348386 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
348386 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
348386 ports-mgmt/pkg/Makefile
348386 ports-mgmt/pkg/distinfo
- Update to 1.2.7

  - Only fallback to YAML if UCL parsing fails
  - pkg2ng: Hide warnings about @mtree, @stopdaemon, @comment
    @display and @conflicts
  - Fix escaping issues with COMMENT
  - pkg add: Fix -A to properly mark package as automatic
  - pkg2ng: Fix over NFS
  - pkg2ng: Show message while analyzing shared libraries
Sat, 1 Feb 2014
[ 21:12 bdrewery ] Original commit 
342212 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
342212 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
342212 ports-mgmt/pkg/Makefile
342212 ports-mgmt/pkg/distinfo
- Update pkg and pkg-devel to 1.2.6

  This update includes a security update for possible arbitrary code
  execution from package manifest parsing. All users are advised to
  upgrade ASAP. The base pkg(7) was never affected by this. [1]

  * Fix libyaml head-based buffer overflow [1]
  * Fix pkg info -E support for ports, which namely affected
    net/openldap* usage. [2]
  * Fix packages registering themselves as dependencies [3]
  * Bash autocompletion fixes [4]
  * autoremove: Don't try to remove locked packages
  * Support 'pkg bootstrap -f', which will force a reinstall of pkg
    on FreeBSD 10.0+
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Mon, 13 Jan 2014
[ 14:19 bapt ] Original commit 
339595 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
339595 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
339595 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/files/patch-libpkg_pkg_config
339595 ports-mgmt/pkg/Makefile
339595 ports-mgmt/pkg/distinfo
339595 ports-mgmt/pkg/files/patch-libpkg_pkg_config
Update to 1.2.5:
- Manpage improvements
- fix $auditfile in pkg audit periodic script
- Fix repo-*.sqlite being corrupted when pkg update is interrupted by the user
- pkg add now tells the version of the package missing
- Strop decoding/encoding all fields, only scripts and description are now
Mon, 16 Dec 2013
[ 08:00 bapt ] Original commit 
336614 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
336614 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
336614 ports-mgmt/pkg/Makefile
336614 ports-mgmt/pkg/distinfo
Update to 1.2.4
- Fix segfault in pkg audit -F [1]
- Fix multiple segfault when using eventpipe [2]
- Fix REPOS_DIR being appended instead of overwritten when modified from

Reported by:	many [1]
Reported by:	kmoore [2]
Tue, 10 Dec 2013
[ 15:44 bapt ] Original commit 
336063 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
336063 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
336063 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/files/patch-libpkg__Makefile
336063 ports-mgmt/pkg/Makefile
336063 ports-mgmt/pkg/distinfo
336063 ports-mgmt/pkg/files/patch-libpkg__Makefile
Update to pkg 1.2.3
- Workaround a bug in bsd.*.mk on FreeBSD 8.x
- Fix a pkg repo segfault
- Document aliases in pkg.conf(5)
- Be more verbose when refusing a repository configuration file
- Sync libucl with upstream (bug fixes)
- Fix a fd leak in pkg repo
- Fix memory leaks due bad usage of libarchive
Fri, 6 Dec 2013
[ 15:35 bapt ] Original commit 
335764 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
335764 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
335764 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/pkg-plist
335764 ports-mgmt/pkg/Makefile
335764 ports-mgmt/pkg/distinfo
335764 ports-mgmt/pkg/pkg-plist
Update to 1.2.2
- Fix pkg which returns bogus non-zero exit status on success
- Better check libucl returns
- Fix bad build system resulting in broken binaries on arm and ia64
- Update pkg.conf documentation
- Add manpage for pkg config
- OOTB support for dragonfly
- Lots of fixes in libucl
- Fix pkg register complaining about shared libraries not found
- Do not resume a jailed or chrooted pkg(8) upgrade
- Document the plist format (in pkg-create(8))
- Pet mandoc -Tlint
- Add manpage for pkg_repos(3)
- Fix dependencies losing portepoch information
- pkg-[r]query: Add %q to display architecture
- Fix pkg add allowing to install package with missing dependencies
- Fix description being stored escaped

Special thanks to mat@ (for bug busting) and cognet@ (tracking down 2 issues
on arm and as a side effect fixing on ia64
Wed, 27 Nov 2013
[ 18:26 bapt ] Original commit 
335041 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
335041 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
335041 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/files
335041 ports-mgmt/pkg/Makefile
335041 ports-mgmt/pkg/distinfo
335041 ports-mgmt/pkg/files
Release pkg 1.2.1
- Fix pkg rquery always printing index like lines
- Fix pkg -vv suggestion so it print something actually usable
- Fix shlib's -P and -R options were swapped round.
- Replace broken pkg_repos_count() by pkg_repos_total_count() and
- Fix parsing of options (in manifest)
- pkg add http:// now fetch to a temporary location and cleanup after itself
- Fix generation of the manifest digest
- Properly calculate how many packages where removed
- Fix support for dependencies with the same name (grrrr Fix you port if they
have package name collision !!!!)
- Fix pkg info -R in case multiple dependencies has the same name
Tue, 26 Nov 2013
[ 14:33 bapt ] Original commit 
334936 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
334936 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Release final pkg 1.2 version:
- changes since 1.2.0 rc1:
  * Couple of style fixes
  * Fix loading yaml keywords
  * Fix building on Dragonfly
  * Autodetect if libelf should be used bundled
  * Fix a bug if pkg audit -F got interrupted
  * Allow 'enabled' entry from repo configuration to be a string and raise a
warning about it
Tue, 19 Nov 2013
[ 18:04 bapt ] Original commit 
334338 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
334338 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
- Update to 1.2.0.rc1
- Changes:
 * Fix loading of fingerprints
 * Fix ssh transport by refactoring
 * Skip self upgrade with -F is passed
 * Fix pkg info -[q]O
 * Fix pkg info -q (with no other options)
 * Make fingerprints signature checking actually working
Thu, 7 Nov 2013
[ 15:45 bapt ] Original commit 
333124 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
333124 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to pkg 1.2.0 beta2
- Update bundled libucl code (which fixes bugs)
- Fix double escaped \n for script and messages
- Fix rquery with -e not properly working [1]
- rquery can now take a -I argument to output index like lines (needed for
- Fix local database creation (initial)
- With build with older
- Improved documentation for pkg query

Reported by:	mat [1]
Wed, 6 Nov 2013
[ 16:24 bapt ] Original commit 
333010 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
333010 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
333010 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/files
333010 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/pkg-plist
Update to pkg 1.2.0 b1

- Bug fixes in zsh completion
- Lots of bug fixes discovered by Coverity Scan
- New debug level traces
- Auto upgrade of pkg(8) now restart the upgrade process automatically
- Dependencies on library is now automatic via pkg register and pkg
- YAML is replaced by UCL format:

  Both formats are really simular. pkg(8) will falls back on parsing YAML
  when the UCL parser fail. And will emit a warning to the
  user showing a syntax that is compatible with both YAML and UCL.
  More informations on UCL:
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Sat, 6 Jul 2013
[ 11:29 bdrewery ] Original commit 
322385 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
322385 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
322385 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/files
322385 ports-mgmt/pkg/Makefile
322385 ports-mgmt/pkg/distinfo
322385 ports-mgmt/pkg/files
- Update to 1.1.4

 * Fix crash when opening repository in some cases
 * Fix build with -Werror
 * Fix 'pkg install [-f] pkg' not finding results
 * Fix 'pkg upgrade -f' always wanting to upgrade pkg first
 * Fix 'pkg install -R' always wanting to install pkg first
 * Fix backwards compatibility for 1.0-built packages for
   tracking shlibs. This may cause some packages to be
   reinstalled after the repository is updated.
 * Fix pkg (upgrade|fetch|install) -r <repo> crash
 * Fix crash when specifying invalid repo with -r
Fri, 28 Jun 2013
[ 22:26 bdrewery ] Original commit 
322002 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
322002 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
322002 ports-mgmt/pkg/Makefile
322002 ports-mgmt/pkg/distinfo
322002 ports-mgmt/pkg/files
- Update to 1.1.3


 - Fix repository signing verification with new format during update
 - Disable terminal title setting
 - Fix %a/%k returning true/false instead of 0/1
 - Various memory/fd leaks have been fixed
 - Fixed pkg self-upgrade detection
 - ZSH completion fixes
 - Several crashes fixed

With hat:	portmgr
Tue, 25 Jun 2013
[ 10:08 bapt ] Original commit 
321728 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
321728 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
321728 ports-mgmt/pkg/Makefile
321728 ports-mgmt/pkg/distinfo
Update to 1.1.2
- Fix install|upgrade -f not executing post-install scripts [1]
- Fix bad size calculation on i386 for pkg delete (always say 4G will be freed)
- Fix pkg query '%sh' now properly converting to human number on i386
- Fix zsh completion missing ']' [2]
- Fix pkg stats in case no remote repositories are configured [3]

Reported by:	ohauer [1], Kimmo Paasiala via github issue #520 [2], rene [3]
Mon, 24 Jun 2013
[ 13:02 bapt ] Original commit 
321679 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
321679 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
321679 ports-mgmt/pkg/Makefile
321679 ports-mgmt/pkg/distinfo
Update to 1.1.1:
- Fix an pkg crashing on i386
- Fix a regression on the output of pkg version
[ 05:55 bapt ] Original commit 
321663 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
321663 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.1 final
- Fix packing of +UPGRADE scripts
- Fix pkg update always thinking the repo is up to date if the remote server
sends no mtime header
- Various updates on the manpage
- New pkg-repository(5) man page
Mon, 17 Jun 2013
[ 09:31 bapt ] Original commit 
321091 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
321091 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.1.0 rc1
 - Fix pkg install -R [1]
 - pkg install -R does not downgrade anymore except if -f is passed.
 - Fix package validation [2]
 - Do not try to search on repositories if no repositories are configured
 - Fix pkg query '%M' printing '(null)' [3]

Reported by:	Nikolai Lifanov <> [1],
		Waitman Gobble (github issue #514), and many others [2],
		flo [3]
Wed, 12 Jun 2013
[ 07:18 bapt ] Original commit 
320667 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
320667 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
320667 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/files
Update to 1.1.0.b4
  - A package can now be marked to only be upgraded from a given repository via
  - install and upgrade will now show from which repository packages are taken
(if at least 2 repositories are setup)
  - old/unused 'informations' field has been removed in favor of using
  - important cleanup using pkg_printf(3)
  - add seat belt so pkg-devel can only be removed with -f
  - signing key is only asked once now in pkg repo
  - only look withing the note version of elf files
  - fix pkg delete -a
  - pkg repo has been changed to produce repo.txz in 1.0 only format
  - catalog is now only take from digest in 1.1
  - fix pkg update to that is is really incremental.
  - fix pkg convert (thus fix pkg2ng)
  - Add a DISABLE_MTREE option, which just disables processing +MTREE data
  - Rename ENV to PKG_ENV to not conflict with sh(1)'s ENV
  - Refactor 'pkg [-v|-vv|-vvv]' handling
Fri, 31 May 2013
[ 14:42 bapt ] Original commit 
319496 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
319496 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
Update to 1.1.0.b3:
- Fix the solver endlessly proposing to reinstall some packages [1]
- Fix a typo in repository configuration parser
- Explain why a package is being reinstalled

Reported and tested by:	Nikolai Lifanov <> [1]
[ 12:02 bapt ] Original commit 
319488 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
319488 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
319488 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/files
Update to 1.1.0.b2
- Fix pkg audit -F [1]
- Fix the new solver trying to downgrade some packages when it shouldn't
- Properly show how much space is going to be free/required when deinstalling

Reported by:	Nikolai Lifanov <> [1], gerald [2]
Thu, 30 May 2013
[ 15:17 bapt ] Original commit 
319432 Mk/
319432 Mk/
319432 ports-mgmt/Makefile
319432 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel
319432 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/Makefile
319432 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/distinfo
319432 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/files
319432 ports-mgmt/pkg-devel/pkg-plist
319432 ports-mgmt/pkg/Makefile
The pkg developement team is proud to announce the new 1.1.0 beta1 release of

Here is the list of new features that happened in pkg 1.1:
- new simpler and more reliable solver
- shared libraries are now always tracked
- ssh:// is supported as a protocol to distribute packages (needs pkg 1.1+ on
  the server hosting the packages)
- multirepository is no longer considered experimental and works by default.
- incremental update of the catalog (only if the repository was created by pkg
- simplification of the public API
- stabilisation of the public API (we will now try to keep it stable and if
  change are needed there will be deprecation time before removal of some old
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)

Number of commits found: 76

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