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Sun, 23 Oct 2016
[ 14:52 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Mojolicious 7.09 www files touched by this commit High-level MVC web framework written in Perl
Update to 7.09.

  - Added every_header method to Mojo::Headers.
  - Fixed redirect bug in Mojo::UserAgent::Transactor.
  - Fixed a few proxy bugs in Mojo::UserAgent.
Sat, 22 Oct 2016
[ 17:03 adamw ] Original commit 
vim 8.0.0046 editors files touched by this commit Improved version of the vi editor
Update to patchlevel 46.
Wed, 19 Oct 2016
[ 15:47 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Modern-Perl 1.20161005 lang files touched by this commit Enable all of the features of Modern Perl with one import
Update to 1.20161005, and remove an unused dependency on


PR:		213230
Approved by:	maintainer timeout
Mon, 17 Oct 2016
[ 14:51 adamw ] Original commit 
mutt 1.7.1 mail files touched by this commit Small but powerful text based program for read/writing e-mail
Remove now-unused greeting patch.

Submitted by:	George L. Yermulnik
[ 02:40 adamw ] Original commit 
mutt 1.7.1 mail files touched by this commit Small but powerful text based program for read/writing e-mail
- Update to 1.7.1
- Move some vars around to make portlint happy
- Use MUTT_LITE instead of LITE
- Fetch deepif and date-contitional from remote locations
- Reword COMMENT
- Bring back remote patch versions incase mutt version and patch
  versions arn't in sync
- Remove date_conditional patch pulled in remotely
- Add two new sidebar samples
- convert patch-* patches to makepatch patches
- Greeting patch 1.7.1 now PATCHFILE
- make makesum will pull all optional dist/patchfiles

PR:		213431
Submitted by:	maintainer (dereks lifeofadishwasher com)
Sat, 15 Oct 2016
[ 15:47 adamw ] Original commit 
vim 8.0.0035 editors files touched by this commit Improved version of the vi editor
Update to patchlevel 35.

Also, change the terminal library from libtermlib to libncurses. This
change is for DragonflyBSD, and should have no effect on FreeBSD.
Submitted by marino.
Fri, 14 Oct 2016
[ 15:42 adamw ] Original commit 
node 6.8.0 www files touched by this commit V8 JavaScript for client and server (6.x)
Update to 6.8.0.

PR:		213432
Submitted by:	maintainer (Bradley T. Hughes)
Wed, 12 Oct 2016
[ 16:20 adamw ] Original commit 
PDL 2.017 math files touched by this commit Perl Data Language
Update to 2.017, and strip XS modules and the pdl binary.

[ 15:49 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Text-QRCode 0.05 textproc files touched by this commit Generate text based QR Code
Update to 0.05, and strip the XS module.

[ 15:47 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Dancer2 0.204000 www files touched by this commit Lightweight yet powerful web application framework
Update to 0.204000.

[ 15:44 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-MCE 1.806 devel files touched by this commit Many-Core Engine for Perl providing parallel processing capabilities
Update to 1.806.

Tue, 11 Oct 2016
[ 21:59 adamw ] Original commit 
dovecot2 2.2.25_6 mail files touched by this commit Secure, fast and powerful IMAP and POP3 server
- When DOCS is enabled but EXAMPLES is not, two files that are supposed to
  be examples are bundled into DOCSDIR. Fix this by installing them into
  EXAMPLESDIR regardless of the EXAMPLES knob and trust pkg to DTRT
- Make vpopmail depend on vpopmail-the-package, instead of
- Turn the curl dependency in the SOLR knob to a LIB_DEPENDS instead of a
  BUILD_DEPENDS, so that curl is available at runtime as well
- Categorize the OPTIONS helpers under the same categories they're listed
  under in the OPTIONS dialogue, to aid with organization

PORTREVISION bump for the potential plist and dependency changes.
[ 14:15 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Prima 1.49 x11-toolkits files touched by this commit Extensible Perl toolkit for multi-platform GUI development
Update to 1.49.

[ 14:01 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-PDF-API2 2.029 textproc files touched by this commit Facilitates the creation and modification of PDF files
Update to 2.029.

[ 13:59 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-DateTime-Set 0.39 devel files touched by this commit Datetime sets and set math
Update to 0.39.

[ 13:56 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-DateTime-Locale 1.09 devel files touched by this commit Localization support for DateTime
Update to 1.09.

Mon, 10 Oct 2016
[ 22:11 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-MongoDB 1.4.5 databases files touched by this commit Mongo Driver for Perl
Update to 1.4.5.

[ 21:59 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-GraphViz 2.22 graphics files touched by this commit GraphViz - Perl interface to the GraphViz graphing tool
Update to 2.22.

[ 21:13 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Font-TTF 1.06 x11-fonts files touched by this commit Perl module for TrueType font hacking
Update to 1.06 and add NO_ARCH.

[ 21:11 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-WWW-Mechanize 1.82 www files touched by this commit This module is to help you automate interaction with a website
Update to 1.82.

[ 21:05 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Toadfarm 0.75 www files touched by this commit One Mojolicious app to rule them all
Update to 0.75.

[ 21:04 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-LWPx-ParanoidAgent 1.12 www files touched by this commit Subclass of LWP::UserAgent that protects you from harm
Update to 1.12, sort plist, and add NO_ARCH.

[ 21:02 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-HTTP-Async 0.31 www files touched by this commit Process multiple HTTP requests in parallel without blocking
Update to 0.31.

[ 20:59 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-HTML-FormHandler 0.40066,1 www files touched by this commit Form handler written in Moose
Update to 0.40066.

[ 20:56 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-HTML-FormFu 2.05 www files touched by this commit HTML Form Creation, Rendering and Validation Framework
Update to 2.05.

[ 20:51 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Dancer2 0.203001 www files touched by this commit Lightweight yet powerful web application framework
Update to 2.03001.

[ 20:45 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Catalyst-Runtime 5.90112 www files touched by this commit Elegant MVC Web Application Framework (Runtime)
Update to 5.90112.

[ 20:41 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-PageCache 0.32 www files touched by this commit Cache the output of entire pages
Update to 0.32, set NO_ARCH, and sort plist.

Changes: who knows?
[ 20:34 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-CGI 4.33 www files touched by this commit Handle Common Gateway Interface requests and responses
Update to 4.33.

[ 20:29 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-App-Nopaste 1.007 www files touched by this commit Easy access to any pastebin
Update to 1.007.

[ 20:20 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-podlators 4.08 textproc files touched by this commit Modules to convert and parse POD (Plain Old Documentation)
Update to 4.08.

[ 20:18 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-XML-MyXML 0.9402,1 textproc files touched by this commit Simple-to-use XML module parsing and creating XML documents
Update to 0.9402.

[ 20:16 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-XML-LibXSLT 1.95 textproc files touched by this commit Perl interface to the GNOME XSLT library
Update to 1.95, and add missing LIB_DEPENDS.

[ 20:10 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-XML-LibXML 2.0128,1 textproc files touched by this commit Interface to Gnome libxml2 library
Update to 2.0128.

[ 20:08 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-XML-Compile-Cache 1.05 textproc files touched by this commit Cache Compiled XML Translators
Update to 1.05, and add NO_ARCH.

[ 20:06 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-XML-Compile 1.54 textproc files touched by this commit Compilation based XML processing
Update to 1.54.

[ 20:01 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Exporter-Lite 0.08 devel files touched by this commit Lightweight exporting of functions and variables
p5-Import-Base 1.002 devel files touched by this commit Import a set of modules into the calling module
p5-Mojolicious-Plugin-NYTProf 0.20 devel files touched by this commit Auto handling of Devel::NYTProf in your Mojolicious app
p5-Time-ParseDate 2015.103 devel files touched by this commit Date parsing, both relative and absolute
p5-namespace-clean-xs 0.07 devel files touched by this commit Keep imports and functions out of your namespace, in XS
Donate some stable Perl modules that are unlikely to see new releases
back to the collective.
[ 19:59 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Crypt-XTEA 0.0108 security files touched by this commit Implementation of the eXtended Tiny Encryption Algorithm
Update to 0.0108, and donate to the Perl collective.

No Changes file, but they're at least available at
Sun, 9 Oct 2016
[ 16:22 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Text-Glob 0.10 textproc files touched by this commit Match globbing patterns against text
Update to 0.10, add NO_ARCH, and sort plist.

[ 16:20 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Text-BibTeX 0.77 textproc files touched by this commit Manipulate BibTeX files from perl
Update to 0.77 (primarily Darwin-related changes).

[ 16:19 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Regexp-Debugger 0.001022 textproc files touched by this commit Visually debug regexes in-place
Update to 0.001022, and add NO_ARCH.

[ 16:16 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Pod-Autopod 1.207 textproc files touched by this commit Generates pod documentation by analysing perl modules
Update to 1.207, and add NO_ARCH.

Changes: Who knows?
[ 16:14 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Perl-Lint 0.25 textproc files touched by this commit Yet another Perl source code linter
Update to 0.25, and silence mkdir.

[ 16:10 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Perl-Critic 1.12.5_1 textproc files touched by this commit Critique Perl source for style and standards
p5-Perl-Critic-Moose 1.05 textproc files touched by this commit Policies for Perl::Critic concerned with using Moose
Update p5-Perl-Critic-Moose to 1.05.


In p5-Perl-Critic, add a missing dependency on Module::Pluggable and
[ 16:03 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Lingua-EN-NameParse 1.36 textproc files touched by this commit Routines for manipulating a person's name
Update to 1.36, and add NO_ARCH.

[ 16:01 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Lingua-EN-AddressParse 1.26 textproc files touched by this commit Perl module to manipulate geographical addresses
Update to 1.26.

[ 15:58 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Unix-Passwd-File 0.23 security files touched by this commit Manipulate passwd and group entries
Update to 0.23.

[ 15:52 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Crypt-OpenSSL-ECDSA 0.08 security files touched by this commit Perl extension for OpenSSL ECDSA
Update to 0.08 (which just improves the Makefile.PL), and strip
the XS module.

[ 15:47 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Net-Interface 1.016 net files touched by this commit Perl extension to access network interfaces
Update to 1.016, and strip XS module.

[ 15:43 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Image-Info 1.39 graphics files touched by this commit Perl module for getting image information
Update to 1.39.

[ 15:42 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-File-Fetch 0.52 ftp files touched by this commit Generic file fetching mechanism
Update to 0.52, and add NO_ARCH.

[ 15:38 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-XSLoader 0.24 devel files touched by this commit Dynamically load C libraries into Perl code
Update to 0.24, and sort plist.

[ 15:37 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Variable-Magic 0.60 devel files touched by this commit Associate user-defined magic to variables from Perl
Update to 0.60.

[ 01:19 adamw ] Original commit 
git-extras 4.2.0 devel files touched by this commit Sub-commands for repo summary, repl, changelog population, and more
Update to 4.2.0, and add NO_ARCH.


PR:		213313
Submitted by:	maintainer (Igor Ostapenko)
Sat, 8 Oct 2016
[ 23:10 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Net-GitHub 0.85 net files touched by this commit Perl interface to
Update to 0.85.

[ 23:07 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Net 3.10,1 net files touched by this commit Perl5 modules to access and use network protocols
Update to 3.10.

[ 23:04 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Math-Polygon 1.04 math files touched by this commit Class for Maintaining Polygon Data
Update to 1.04, sort plist, add NO_ARCH, and remove unnecessary

[ 23:03 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Math-MatrixReal 2.13 math files touched by this commit Perl module implementing a Matrix of Reals
Update to 2.13, and add NO_ARCH.

[ 22:57 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Graph-ReadWrite 2.09 graphics files touched by this commit Reading and Writing a variety of graph file formats
Update to 2.09.

[ 22:55 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-GD-Thumbnail 1.42 graphics files touched by this commit Thumbnail maker for GD
Update to 1.42. Add NO_ARCH and sort plist.

[ 22:53 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-GD-Graph 1.53 graphics files touched by this commit Graph plotting module for perl5
Update to 1.53.

[ 22:48 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Test-Simple 1.302059 devel files touched by this commit Basic utilities for writing tests in perl
Update to 1.302059.

[ 22:45 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Test-File 1.44.2 devel files touched by this commit Test file attributes
Update to 1.44.2.

[ 22:42 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Test-Dependencies 0.23 devel files touched by this commit Ensure that your Makefile.PL specifies all module dependencies
Update to 0.23.

[ 17:15 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Reply 0.42 devel files touched by this commit Lightweight, extensible REPL for Perl
Update to 0.42.

[ 17:12 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Params-Validate 1.26 devel files touched by this commit Validate method/function parameters
Update to 1.26 which, at the end of the day, doesn't change
anything. 1.25 switched to MakeMaker, and 1.26 switched back
to Module::Build.
[ 17:10 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-POE-Component-DirWatch 0.300004 devel files touched by this commit POE directory watcher
Update to 0.300004, which just fixes an upstream packaging problem.
While here, remove redundant regression-test target, sort plist,
and add NO_ARCH.
[ 17:06 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-NEXT 0.67 devel files touched by this commit Provide a pseudo-class NEXT (et al) that allows method redispatch
Update to 0.67.

[ 17:05 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Module-CoreList 5.20160920 devel files touched by this commit See what modules shipped with versions of Perl
Update to 5.20160920, with support through 5.25.5.
[ 17:04 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Minion 5.09 devel files touched by this commit Asynchronous job queue for Mojolicious
Update to 5.09.

[ 17:02 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-MCE 1.805 devel files touched by this commit Many-Core Engine for Perl providing parallel processing capabilities
Update to 1.805.

[ 17:02 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Log-Dispatch-Scribe 0.06 devel files touched by this commit Logging via Facebook's Scribe server software
Update to 0.06, add NO_ARCH, and sort plist.

[ 16:59 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Inline-Filters 0.18 devel files touched by this commit Common source code filters for Inline Modules
Update to 0.18.

[ 16:58 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-IO-Interactive 1.022,1 devel files touched by this commit Utilities for interactive I/O
Update to 1.022.

[ 16:56 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Git-Wrapper 0.047 devel files touched by this commit Wrap git(7) command-line interface
Update to 0.047.

[ 16:53 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Git-PurePerl 0.53 devel files touched by this commit Pure Perl interface to Git repositories
Update to 0.53.

[ 16:49 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-DBD-ODBC 1.56 databases files touched by this commit DBD module interfacing the ODBC databases
Update to 1.56.

[ 16:48 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Text-Bidi 2.12 converters files touched by this commit Perl interface to the libfribidi
Update to 2.12.

[ 16:35 adamw ] Original commit 
vim 8.0.0022 editors files touched by this commit Improved version of the vi editor
Update to patchlevel 22.
Wed, 5 Oct 2016
[ 22:55 adamw ] Original commit 
mutt 1.7.0 mail files touched by this commit Small but powerful text based program for read/writing e-mail
Update to 1.7.0. The sidebar patch is now an official part of mutt,
and is now controlled by a SIDEBAR option. The trash patch is now
a non-optional part of mutt so its knob has disappeared completely.

Also, pass maintainership to submitter. Udo has looked after this
port for a long time; many thanks to him for all his work!

Changes for 1.7.0:

  ! Improved alignment when using multi-column characters with
    soft-fill (%*X) and right-justified (%>X) format strings.
  + The COLUMNS environment variable will be set to the width of the
    pager when invoking display filters.  This can be used in
    copiousoutput mailcap entries to allow their output to match the
    pager width.
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Mon, 3 Oct 2016
[ 16:22 adamw ] Original commit 
vim 8.0.0021 editors files touched by this commit Improved version of the vi editor
Update to patchlevel 21.

Only leave COMMENT as directly overrideable from the -lite port.
Sat, 1 Oct 2016
[ 20:47 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-ExtUtils-MakeMaker 7.24 devel files touched by this commit Designed to write a Makefile for an extension module
Updte to 7.24.

[ 20:43 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-ExtUtils-AutoInstall 0.64 devel files touched by this commit Automatic install of dependencies via CPAN
Update to 0.64. Set LICENSE and NO_ARCH, and use sed instead of
requiring perl for extraction.

[ 20:35 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Data-Dump-Streamer 2.40 devel files touched by this commit Stream a highly accurate breadth first data dump in Perl code
Update to 2.40.

[ 20:34 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Config-Model 2.092 devel files touched by this commit Model to create configuration validation tool
Update to 2.092.

[ 20:28 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Canary-Stability 2012 devel files touched by this commit Checks what version of perl you're running and then complains about it
Update to version 2012. Update the COMMENT and pkg-descr to more
accurately describe this module.
[ 20:21 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-CPAN-Perl-Releases 2.94 devel files touched by this commit Map Perl releases to the location of the tarballs
Update to 2.94.

[ 20:19 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-AnyEvent 7.13,1 devel files touched by this commit Provide framework for multiple event loops
Update to 7.13.

[ 20:17 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-DBIWrapper 0.28 databases files touched by this commit Perl extension for generic DBI database access
Update to 0.28, and add LICENSE and NO_ARCH.

Changes: Who knows? Upstream hasn't updated Changes in 5 years.
[ 20:02 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Astro-SIMBAD-Client 0.036 astro files touched by this commit OO interface to SIMBAD4
Update to 0.036.

[ 19:56 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Compress-LZO 1.09 archivers files touched by this commit Interface to the LZO compression library
Update to 1.09.

[ 16:18 adamw ] Original commit 
vim 8.0.0019_1 editors files touched by this commit Improved version of the vi editor
- Don't set nocompatible in the gvimrc [1], bump PORTREVISION
  See also!topic/vim_use/66crU745cFc
- Mark as MAKE_JOBS_UNSAFE (thanks to Mat for the log):
make[2]: "/wrkdirs/usr/ports/editors/vim/work/vim-8.0.0019/src/po/Makefile" line
4: Could not find ../auto/
make[2]: Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue

PR:		197214 [1]
Submitted by:	jjuanino gmail
[ 05:36 adamw ] Original commit 
vim 8.0.0019 editors files touched by this commit Improved version of the vi editor
vim-lite 8.0.0019 editors files touched by this commit Improved version of the vi editor (lite package)
Update vim to 8.0.0019, add GTK3 support, and take maintainership.
Many, many thanks to Sunpoet for all the time he has spent working
on and improving this port!

Many smaller changes in this update as well:
- Languange support was moved into its own OPTIONS group for clarity
  (a visual change only; it does not affect the knobs themselves)
- Reorganize and format the Makefile for clarity
- Remove a few pieces of cruft
- Add many missing dependencies for most of the GUI options
- Use better (more robust) build constructs where possible

PR:		212771
Approved by:	maintainer timeout
Mon, 26 Sep 2016
[ 15:38 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-List-MoreUtils 0.416 lang files touched by this commit Provide the stuff missing in List::Util
Only depend on XSLoader if perl < 5.24.1.
While here, simplify the XS strippage.
Fri, 23 Sep 2016
[ 18:55 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Mojolicious 7.08 www files touched by this commit High-level MVC web framework written in Perl
Update to 7.08.

  - Added -i and -o options to get command.
  - Updated jQuery to version 3.1.1.
  - Improved accuracy of finished_ok test in Test::Mojo.
  - Fixed state transition bug in Mojo::Transaction::HTTP that caused message
    bodies to be included in responses to HEAD requests.
Thu, 22 Sep 2016
[ 21:51 adamw ] Original commit 
lsof 4.90.g,8 sysutils  Ignore files touched by this commit Lists information about open files (similar to fstat(1))
Update to 4.90G.

  - Change from using i_dev to using i_ump->um_dev

PR:		212901
Submitted by:	Trond Endrestol
Approved by:	maintainer (Larry Rosenman)
Tue, 20 Sep 2016
[ 14:11 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Mojolicious 7.07 www files touched by this commit High-level MVC web framework written in Perl
Update to 7.07.

  - Fixed bug in Mojo::UserAgent::Transactor where 303 redirects would not be
    followed correctly with GET requests.
Sat, 17 Sep 2016
[ 21:16 adamw ] Original commit 
p5-Mojolicious 7.06 www files touched by this commit High-level MVC web framework written in Perl
Update to 7.06.

  - Fixed bug where Mojolicious::Renderer would wrap text in layouts.
  - Fixed a few test description encoding bugs in Test::Mojo.
[ 16:04 adamw ] Original commit 
vim 7.4.2367 editors files touched by this commit Improved version of the vi editor
Update to patchlevel 2367, the last in the 7.x series.

I'll submit a separate PR for update to 8.0.x.

PR:		212350
Approved by:	maintainer timeout
[ 15:58 adamw ] Original commit 
gnupg1 1.4.21 security files touched by this commit The GNU Privacy Guard
Complete the adoption of options helpers, remove old cruft,
and take maintainership.

PR:		212352
Approved by:	maintainer timeout
Number of commits: 2685 (showing only 100 on this page) 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11  »  [27]
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