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Tue, 3 Mar 2015
[ 14:55 marino ] Original commit 
apq 3.2.0 databases files touched by this commit APQ Ada95 database base library
apq-mysql 3.2.0_1 databases files touched by this commit APQ Ada95 MySQL database driver
databases/apq-mysql: Support default MySQL (5.6)

This port generates some headers based on MySQL headers, and a couple
of the variables must have been deprecated because the resulting
variable name ended in "__UNUSED".  Double underscores are not allowed
in Ada, so the build broke.

Since the Ada header is generated during the configure phase, I'm adding
a post-configure target to replace "__" with "_" to restore the build.

Since the dependencies change from MySQL 5.5 to MySQL 5.6, revbump.
[ 12:52 marino ] Original commit 
gnatdroid-binutils 2.24_4 lang files touched by this commit Infrastructure for C/Ada Android cross-compiler
lang/gnatdroid-binutils: Fix undefined behavior in arm gas

This patch fixes build on clang 3.6 -- all binutils ports need it.

PR:		198204
Submitted by:	dim@
Sun, 1 Mar 2015
[ 22:44 marino ] Original commit 
p5-openxpki security files touched by this commit Perl based trustcenter for PKI: universal server building block
security/p5-openxpki: Upgrade version =>

PR:		197470
Submitted by:	maintainer (Sergei Vyshenski)
[ 22:31 marino ] Original commit 
p5-openxpki-i18n security files touched by this commit Perl based trustcenter software for PKI: i18n tools
security/p5-openxpki-i18n: Upgrade version =>

PR:		197471
Submitted by:	maintainer (Sergei Vyshenski)
[ 22:21 marino ] Original commit 
minecraft-server 1.8.1_1 games files touched by this commit Dedicated server for the game Minecraft
games/minecraft-server: Add support for running as a service

PR:		197387
Submitted by:	maintainer (Jonathan Price)
[ 22:15 marino ] Original commit 
omnitty 0.3.0_3 net files touched by this commit Curses-based SSH multiplexer
net/omnitty: Allow greater than 32-character hostnames

PR:		197601
Submitted by:	David (
[ 22:06 marino ] Original commit 
slim 1.3.6_8 x11 files touched by this commit Graphical login manager for X11, derived from
x11/slim: make consolekit support optional

PR:		197585
Submitted by:	Stefan (
Approved by:	maintainer (Henry Hu)
[ 21:14 marino ] Original commit 
why3 0.83_1 math files touched by this commit Deductive program verification platform
math/why: remove hidden references to math/isabelle

There was a placeholder to support isabelle, but the port is being
removed so let's just remove the placeholder.
[ 18:56 marino ] Original commit 
seafile-gui 4.1.0 net-mgmt files touched by this commit Seafile desktop client
net-mgmt/seafile-gui: Upgrade version 3.1.5 => 4.1.0

PR:		197984
Submitted by:	maintainer (Jingfeng Yan)
[ 18:09 marino ] Original commit 
seahub 4.0.5 www files touched by this commit Web frontend for Seafile
www/seahub: Upgrade version 3.1.3 => 4.0.5

PR:		197983
Submitted by:	maintainer (Jingfeng Yan)
[ 17:59 marino ] Original commit 
seafile 4.0.6 net-mgmt files touched by this commit Framework for writing networked applications
net-mgmt/seafile: Upgrade version 3.1.4 => 4.0.6

PR:		197980
Submitted by:	maintainer (JingFeng Yan)
[ 17:50 marino ] Original commit 
py-seafdav 4.0.6 www files touched by this commit Python library for accessing seafile data model
www/py-seafdav: Upgrade version 3.0.4 => 4.0.6

PR:		197981
Submitted by:	maintainer (Jingfeng Yan)
[ 17:41 marino ] Original commit 
libgpg-error 1.17 security files touched by this commit Common error values for all GnuPG components
security/libgpg-error: Revert use of tradcpp (F11 regression)

With the previous change, libgpg-error does not pass configure target
on FreeBSD 11 due tradcpp failing "sanity checks".  This is a regression
since this port builds fine on FreeBSD 10.  However, 2037 ports get
skipped (this port is *way* too important) as a result, so revert the
gcc-5 fix until a solution can be found.

PR:		197562
[ 17:31 marino ] Original commit 
py-seafobj 4.0.5 www files touched by this commit Python library for accessing seafile data model
www/py-seafobj: Upgrade version 3.0.4 => 4.0.5

PR:		197982
Submitted by:	maintainer (Jingfeng Yan)
[ 17:19 marino ] Original commit 
ccnet 4.0.6_5 net-mgmt files touched by this commit Framework for writing networked applications
net-mgmt/ccnet: Upgrade version 3.1.4 => 4.0.6

PR:		197979
Submitted by:	maintainer (JingFeng Yan)
[ 16:52 marino ] Original commit 
libgpg-error 1.17 security files touched by this commit Common error values for all GnuPG components
security/libgpg-error: Switch cpp to support gcc-5

This port relies on CPP behavior that changes on GCC 5.  To ensure
libgpg-error keeps building on the newest GCC, add a build dependency
on tradcpp and use it instead.

PR:		197562
Submitted by:	marino
Approved by:	maintainer (novel)
Sat, 28 Feb 2015
[ 17:49 marino ] Original commit 
gnustep-base 1.24.6_6 lang files touched by this commit GNUstep Foundation library
lang/gnustep-base: Remove empty directories from stagedir

Two empty directories weren't listed in pkg-plist, causing this port
not to pass poudriere QA checks.  My interpretation is that these
directories were never packaged, and they should not be packaged, so
let's simply remove them from stagedir.  This alse means we don't have
to bump the port.

Approved by:	just fix it
[ 12:54 marino ] Original commit 
squid33 3.3.13_3 www  Deprecated Expiration Date files touched by this commit HTTP Caching Proxy
www/squid33: Fast track removal to 14 March 2015

This port was supposed to be removed 31 Jan 2015, but it was extended
four months.  A few days later the bug that it was extended for was
fixed and is already in www/squid (3.4.12)

Therefore, cancel the rest of the extension and remove this port in
two weeks.
Fri, 27 Feb 2015
[ 19:03 marino ] Original commit 
opendbx 1.4.6_3 databases files touched by this commit C library for accessing databases with a single API
databases/opendbx: add USES+= readline

This started failing without a recent change to opendbx, so a dependency
most have stopped pulling in readline.  The configure error was:

   error: readline library (libreadline) not found

approved by:	blanket
Wed, 25 Feb 2015
[ 20:01 marino ] Original commit 
evas_generic_loaders-pdf 1.13.0 graphics files touched by this commit Additional loader for Evas (pdf)
graphics/evas_generic_loaders-pdf: Set env on build/install targets

Approved by:	blanket
[ 19:52 marino ] Original commit 
code-eli 0.3.6 graphics  Broken Ignore files touched by this commit Library with functionalities for geometries
graphics/code-eli: Respect CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS (PHB 12.9)

Tested on gcc-5 (DragonFly) and clang-3.3 (FreeBSD 10)

Approved by:	blanket
[ 18:42 marino ] Original commit 
gexiv2 0.6.1_4 graphics files touched by this commit GObject-based wrapper around Exiv2 library
graphics/gexiv2: Use CXXFLAGS instead of CFLAGS

This program uses c++ to build, so it needs to use CXXFLAGS.  While
switching those in order to pick up external c++ flags, relocate the
WRKSRC definition to please portlint.
[ 14:07 marino ] Original commit 
mongodb 2.6.7 databases files touched by this commit NOSQL distributed document-oriented database
databases/mongodb: Pass CXXFLAGS instead of CFLAGS

Mongo is a c++ program, and the REINPLACE command was affecting the
CCFLAGS variable, not the CFLAGS variable.  In most cases, but not all,
CXXFLAGS and CFLAGS have the same value though.

Approved by:	just fix it.
[ 12:51 marino ] Original commit 
avr-gdb 7.3.1_4 devel files touched by this commit GNU GDB for the AVR target
devel/avr-gdb: Fix build on gcc5 by disabling -Werror

Approved by:	blanket
[ 12:01 marino ] Original commit 
bddsolve 1.03_1 science files touched by this commit BDD-based satisfiability and reachability solver
science/bddsolve: Set environment, use CXXFLAGS, cleanup

This port had two main problems:
  1) failure to set the enviroment in the build target
  2) failure to use CXXFLAGS with CXX

While fixing those, clean up a bit:
  3) remove <pre>,<post> by using BROKEN_powerpc instead
  4) use CFLAGS+= to augment CFLAGS
  5) use LDFLAGS+= to augment LDFLAGS
  6) simplify do-build target accordingly

Approved by:	just fix it
[ 11:46 marino ] Original commit 
opencinematools 1.1.2_1 multimedia files touched by this commit Tools for creating multi-reel DCPs from MXF source material
multimedia/opencinematools: Use CXXFLAGS with CXX

CFLAGS are a subset of CXXFLAGS.  Since the compiler has been overridden
to c++, the flags also need overriding to use c++ flags.

Approved by:	just fix it
[ 11:36 marino ] Original commit 
mkvtoolnix 7.5.0 multimedia files touched by this commit Tools to extract from/get info about/create Matroska media streams
multimedia/mkvtoolnix: set environment during build/install and unsuppress

This port was strange in that it not only failed to set the environment,
it was unsetting PREFIX to whatever environment it had.  This change sets
the environment in both build and install targets with the exception of
PREFIX.  I don't know why that is done, but I maintained that part.

While here, unsuppress the commands so that the build can be logged and
change ";" to "&&" conjunctions which is preferred.

Approved by:	blanket
[ 11:02 marino ] Original commit 
patchage 0.5.0_4 audio files touched by this commit Modular patch bay for Jack
audio/patchage: Set environment during make and install phases

While here, unsuppress the commands so the build gets logged.
[ 10:57 marino ] Original commit 
esperanza audio files touched by this commit Advanced Qt4 XMMS2 client
audio/esperanza: Respect CXXFLAGS (PHB 12.9) and friends

The QMAKE_* definitions from USES/ didn't get used because this
port has its own configure script.
[ 08:28 marino ] Original commit 
psptoolchain-binutils 2.22_1 devel files touched by this commit PlayStation Portable development toolchain binutils
devel/psptoolchain-binutils: Revert revision 379064

This binutils port builds just fine with newer GCC, as long as -Werror
is not used.  Revert the false restriction of 379064, the issue had
already been handled two days earlier with 378957.

PR:	196854
Tue, 24 Feb 2015
[ 09:46 marino ] Original commit 
vmd 1.9.1_3 science  Ignore files touched by this commit Molecular visualization program
science/vmd: Unbreak on F10+

This patch removes the hardcoded "gcc" so that it works with USE_GCC
variable.  There is a slightly newer version of vmd available, so a
version upgrade may soon follow.

PR:		197103
Submitted by:	Sakaue Mamoru
Mon, 23 Feb 2015
[ 10:33 marino ] Original commit 
pecl-runkit 0.9 devel  Ignore files touched by this commit PECL extension to modify constants, user-defined functions, and classes
devel/pecl-runkit: Limit to PHP 5.3 better

There was an attempt to limit this port to PHP 5.3 using DEFAULT_PHP_VER
but this port doesn't work with PHP 5.4 or later so explicitly ignore
those versions.

PR:		195823
Submitted by:	Allen Landsidel
[ 09:49 marino ] Original commit 
seahub 3.1.3_1 www files touched by this commit Web frontend for Seafile
www/seahub: Relocate python files

Also use Djblets Pillow instead of Djblets PIL.

PR:		196920
Submitted by:	maintainer (Jingfeng Yan)
[ 09:32 marino ] Original commit 
py-seafdav 3.0.4_1 www files touched by this commit Python library for accessing seafile data model
www/py-seafdav: Fix webdav functionality

PR:		196869
Submitted by:	maintainer (Jingfeng Yan)
[ 09:27 marino ] Original commit 
py-seafobj 3.0.4_1 www files touched by this commit Python library for accessing seafile data model
www/py-seafobj: Relocate python files

PR:		196919
Submitted by:	maintainer (Jingfeng Yan)
[ 09:21 marino ] Original commit 
seafile 3.1.4_3 net-mgmt files touched by this commit Framework for writing networked applications
net-mgmt/seafile: relocate python files

PR:		196922
Submitted by:	maintainer (JingFeng Yan)
[ 09:14 marino ] Original commit 
ccnet 3.1.4_4 net-mgmt files touched by this commit Framework for writing networked applications
net-mgmt/ccnet: Add support for LDAP

PR:		196866
Submitted by:	maintainer (JingFeng Yan)
Sun, 22 Feb 2015
[ 15:16 marino ] Original commit 
squid33 3.3.13_3 www  Deprecated Expiration Date files touched by this commit HTTP Caching Proxy
www/squid33: Fix [-Werror=logical-not-parentheses] (gcc5)

Fix logical evaluation of condition (caught by gcc5)
[ 14:09 marino ] Original commit 
p5-Crypt-OpenSSL-X509 1.8.04_3 security files touched by this commit Perl extension for OpenSSL X509 API
security/p5-Crypt-OpenSSL-X509: Fix [-Werror=logical-not-parentheses]

This bug was first discovered by Fedora 22 team building with gcc5 and
they reported it upstream:

I believe this patch is equivalent but a bit nicer than the fix suggested
there.  The problem is "not (c < 0)" is desired but "(not c) < 0)" is
what the condition evaluates to.  The joy of C.

Approved by:	Just fix it
[ 13:54 marino ] Original commit 
honggfuzz 0.3_1 security files touched by this commit General-purpose fuzzer with simple, command-line interface
security/honggfuzz: Remove -Werror because it fails -pedantic check

Honggfuzz fails -pedantic checks on gcc-5.  This wouldn't be a problem
except for the fact -Werror was also set, so Werror is getting removed.

Approved by:	blanket
[ 09:27 marino ] Original commit 
sessreg 1.0.8 x11 files touched by this commit Manage utmp/wtmp entries for non-init X clients
x11/sessreg: Use tradcpp to fix build on gcc-5

The building of the man page relies on cpp behavior that has changed
in the latest version of cpp, so used tradcpp unconditionally.

Approved by:	blanket
Sat, 21 Feb 2015
[ 23:01 marino ] Original commit 
antlr 2.7.7 devel files touched by this commit ANother Tool for Language Recognition
devel/antlr: Remove faulty gcc 2.95 patches

According to the commit log, these patches were supposed to use
<istream.h> for gcc version less than 3.2 (namely GCC 2.95).  The
logic is flawed.  It doesn't work for gcc 3.2 or greater.  There must
have been a compatibility header in gcc 4 that masked the error.  GCC5
doesn't have one so it broke.

The logic is __GNU__ < 3 || __GNUC_MINOR__ < 2

it was intended to be __GNU__ < 3 || (__GNU__ == 3 && __GNU_MINOR__ < 2)

However, there is no point in fixing these patches.  These ancient
GCCs aren't available on currently supported FreeBSD releases.

Approved by:	Just fix it
[ 22:06 marino ] Original commit 
libssh 0.6.3_1 security files touched by this commit Library implementing the SSH1 and SSH2 protocol
devel/libssh: Remove -pedantic-error flags and reset port

This port breaks if it violates standards according to the -pedantic flag.
Accord to gcc-5, it indeed does with dozens of warnings like this:

  error: ISO C does not support '__FUNCTION__' predefined identifier
  [-Wpedantic] _ssh_set_error(error, code, __FUNCTION__, __VA_ARGS__)

The maintainer has been MIA for over a year with PRs on 8 ports.  I'm not
waiting for this one to time out too.  While here, reset MAINTAINER.

PR:		197785
Submitted by:	marino
Approved by:	maintainer reset
[ 13:03 marino ] Original commit 
rocksdb 3.9.1 databases files touched by this commit Persistent key-value store for fast storage environments
databases/rocksdb: Remove -Werror from flags

RocksDB defines a number of variables it doesn't use, so it fails Werror
on modern compilers that check for this.  Remove the -Werror flag from
the Makefile with sed since we are using it anyway.

Approved by:	blanket
[ 12:08 marino ] Original commit 
p5-LaTeXML 0.8.1 converters files touched by this commit LaTeX to XML/HTML/MathML converter in Perl
converters/p5-LaTeXML: Upgrade version 0.8.0 => 0.8.1

PR:		197801
Submitted by:	maintainer (CJPM)
[ 11:05 marino ] Original commit 
litmus 0.13_1 www files touched by this commit WebDAV server protocol compliance test suite
www/litmus: The "DONTSTRIP" hack didn't work, let's use BSD_INSTALL_* !

Modern binutils squawks if an attempt to strip an non-executable is made,
as seen below DONTSTRIP doesn't work, at least not in all cases:

DONTSTRIP=1 install  -s -o root -g wheel -m 555 ./litmus
  File format not recognized

I closer look at the patch revealed that BSD_INSTALL_SCRIPT
should have been used instead.  While here, convert all the install
variables to BSD_INSTALL_*

Approved by:	just fix it
Fri, 20 Feb 2015
[ 18:01 marino ] Original commit 
paraview 4.1.0_8 science files touched by this commit Powerful scientific data visualization application
science/paraview: No, it's still broken

A while back, the happily building paraview stopped building because
libGL was updated.  The other ports that suffered breakage for the same
reasons were updated to the latest API.  Paraviews libGL callouts were
never fixed, so this port never should not have had it's BROKEN definition
removed as it was not fixed despite the claim.  It's still breaking on all
platforms including DragonFly on clang, gcc47 and gcc50.  Errors from
FreeBSD look like:

In file included from /wrkdirs/usr/ports/science/paraview/work/ParaView-
In file included from /usr/local/include/GL/glx.h:333:
/usr/local/include/GL/glxext.h:480:143: error: unknown type name 'GLintptr'
  typedef void ( *PFNGLXCOPYBUFFERSUBDATANVPROC) (Display *dpy, GLXContext
readCtx, GLXContext writeCtx, GLenum readTarget, GLenum writeTarget,
  GLintptr readOffset, GLintptr writeOffset, GLsizeiptr size);
typedef void ( *PFNGLXCOPYBUFFERSUBDATANVPROC) (Display *dpy, GLXContext
  readCtx, GLXContext writeCtx, GLenum readTarget, GLenum writeTarget,
  GLintptr readOffset, GLintptr writeOffset, GLsizeiptr size);
/usr/local/include/GL/glxext.h:480:186: error: unknown type name
  'GLsizeiptr'; did you mean 'GLsizei'?
typedef void ( *PFNGLXCOPYBUFFERSUBDATANVPROC) (Display *dpy, GLXContext
  readCtx, GLXContext writeCtx, GLenum readTarget, GLenum writeTarget,
  GLintptr readOffset, GLintptr writeOffset, GLsizeiptr size);
[ 14:58 marino ] Original commit 
eaglemode 0.87.0_1 x11 files touched by this commit Futuristic zoomable user environment
x11/eaglemode: set make enviroment for do-build target

PR:		197848
Submitted by:	marino
Approved by:	maintainer (amdmi3)
[ 14:06 marino ] Original commit 
thewidgetfactory 0.2.1_6 x11-themes files touched by this commit Tool for previewing GTK+ widgets and testing new themes
x11-themes/thewidgetfactory: #include <string.h>
[ 13:51 marino ] Original commit 
slv2 0.6.6 audio files touched by this commit LV2 Application Support Library
audio/slv2: Set the make environment on the do-build target

While here, unmask all the build and install commands.
[ 13:41 marino ] Original commit 
treesheets 0.0.20141225 deskutils files touched by this commit Free form data organizer
deskutils/treesheets: make environment was not set in build target

This port's makefile fails to set the make environment when it overrode
the build target.  Given that the 2-line script has to be
patched in the post-configure target, the whole script should move to
the port makefile.  However, for now just set the make environment which
fixes the build on DragonFly with gcc-5.

Approved by:	just-fix-it blanket
[ 13:04 marino ] Original commit 
ptlib 2.10.10_3 devel files touched by this commit Cross platform C++ library, used by OPAL
devel/ptlib: Fix support for gcc-5

The ptlib port has a bug in a macro condition.  The condition wants
to include a different c++ header if GCC 4.1 or below is used.  Since
this compiler doesn't exist in ports and is ancient, I'm just going
to remove the check rather than fix it.  This change fixes the build
for the upcoming gcc-5 release.

Approved by:	just-fix-it blanket
[ 12:46 marino ] Original commit 
ocp 0.1.20_9,1 audio files touched by this commit Legendary Open Cubic Player
audio/ocp: Fix configure script to support gcc-5 (from upstream)

PR:		197813
Submitted by:	marino
Approved by:	maintainer (ehaupt)
Thu, 19 Feb 2015
[ 15:09 marino ] Original commit 
xmlrpc-c 1.25.30 net files touched by this commit XML-RPC library for C and C++
xmlrpc-c-devel 1.36.0_1 net files touched by this commit XML-RPC library for C and C++
net/xmlrpc-c*: Respect CXXFLAGS (PHB 12.9)

The main program did respect cflags, but the cpp example program did not.
Approved by:	blanket
[ 09:29 marino ] Original commit 
p5-CGI-Deurl-XS 0.08 www files touched by this commit Fast decoder for URL parameter strings
www/p5-CGI-Deurl-XS: make jobs unsafe with prejudice

This port has failed under multi-job conditions for me around 10 times.
As earlier promised, I'm started setting jobs-unsafe on perl ports.

This one tries to create the libparser.a static library prematurely and
files with "Archive has no index" during linking.
[ 09:04 marino ] Original commit 
taglookup 0.2_3 audio files touched by this commit Utility for tagging groups of audio files using CDDB
audio/taglookup: Respect CXXFLAGS (PHB 12.9)

While here, fix LDFLAGS and use the BSD_INSTALL_* macros instead of
hardcoding modes.

Approved by:	blanket
Wed, 18 Feb 2015
[ 08:56 marino ] Original commit 
dcraw-m 9.22_1 graphics files touched by this commit Modified Decoder for RAW files from digital cameras
graphics/dcraw-m: Remove -Werror to restore build on DF

With gcc47+, variable 'type' is set but not used, which generates warning.
The -Werror flag should never be set in ports.

PR:		197329
Submitted by:	marino@
Approved by:	maintainer timeout
[ 08:51 marino ] Original commit 
libcli 1.9.6_1 devel files touched by this commit Emulates a Cisco style command-line interface
devel/libcli: Disable -Werror to restore build on DragonFly

This port includes <malloc.h> which generates a warning on DF.

PR:		197330
Submitted by:	marino@
Approved by:	maintainer timeout (tj@)
Mon, 16 Feb 2015
[ 09:10 marino ] Original commit 
libevhtp 1.2.9_3 www files touched by this commit Flexible replacement for libevent httpd API
www/libevhtp: Adjust plist based on pre-existence of header

The presence of onigurama*, owncloud, and php-mdstring preinstall
onigposix.h so this makes the port aware and lets it adjust the plist

PR:		196865
Submitted by:	maintainer (Jingfeng Yan)
[ 08:48 marino ] Original commit 
libsearpc 3.0.0_1 devel files touched by this commit Simple RPC framework based on GObject System in C
devel/libsearpc: relocate python files

PR:		196921
Submitted by:	maintainer (Jingfeng Yan)
Sat, 14 Feb 2015
[ 11:12 marino ] Original commit 
psptoolchain-binutils 2.22_1 devel files touched by this commit PlayStation Portable development toolchain binutils
devel/psptoolchain-binutils: Remove -Werror like devel/binutils

The binutils packages sets the -Werror by default, but it an unused
variable make the build fail with newer GCCs.  Set --disable-werror
flag just like is done for devel/binutils to fix the build with current
GCC compilers.
Fri, 6 Feb 2015
[ 22:59 marino ] Original commit 
pine-pgp-filters 1.8_1 mail files touched by this commit Simple /bin/sh-based filters to use GnuPG with Alpine
mail/pine-pgp-filters: use gnupg only, fix MASTER_SITES

When dougb released the port, he also reset the MASTER_SITES.  It has
been pulling off the cache ever since.  If the cache gets cleared, this
port would break.  I've moved the distfiles to my LOCAL site so this
never happens.

The other big change is to remove this hacky dependency logic.  Someone
tried to select between gnupg and gnupg1 depending on what was already
installed.  For the standard packages builders, this meant the port always
used the old gnupg1 because gnupg was never installed in the clean jail.

As both gnupg packages are range between 1.0M and 1.5M in size and can
coexist, the savings of resources in miniscule assuming they weren't both
installed anyway.  Let's just pick the new gnupg as the unconditional
dependency and remove the hack.  Inspired by discussion on PR which
was trying to fix a bug in the hack.

PR:		195426
Submitted by:	Trond Endrestol
[ 19:48 marino ] Original commit 
pixie 2.2.6_12 graphics files touched by this commit Photorealistic renderer with Pixar's RenderMan-like interface
graphics/pixie: Fix build on F9

PR:		194167
Submitted by:	Ports Fury
[ 18:25 marino ] Original commit 
ump 0.8.6_10 math files touched by this commit Graphical, easy to use math program
math/ump: Finish original "fix on current"

Back on 10 OCT 2014 when the PR was opened, this unmaintained port
didn't build on current.  The PR stagnanted due to an unanswered
question and the port was eventually fixed by amdmi3 on 21 NOV.  Let's
go ahead and make the remaining changes which include adding a license
(GPLv2), defining desktop entries, tweaking pkg-descr, and make real_frac
function match its changed header (for clang).

PR:		194497
Submitted by:	Ports Fury
[ 16:58 marino ] Original commit 
apache-solr 4.10.1 textproc files touched by this commit High performance search server built using Lucene Java
textproc/apache-solr: Reset maintainer

There's been 3 consecutive PR timeouts on this port (two still pending
from early December).  The last sighting of former maintainer was
November 2013 and he didn't stage the port (strike 4).  That's the
justification for the reset.
[ 15:36 marino ] Original commit 
phpsysinfo 3.2.0 www files touched by this commit PHP script for displaying system information
www/phpsysinfo: Upgrade version from 3.0.10 => 3.2.0

PR:		195329
Submitted by:	Ralf van der Enden
Approved by:	maintainer (Walt -
[ 15:03 marino ] Original commit 
deforaos-editor 0.3.0 editors files touched by this commit DeforaOS desktop text editor
editors/deforaos-editor: Upgrade version 0.2.1 => 0.3.0

PR:		152590
Submitted by:	maintainer (Olivier Cochard)
[ 14:10 marino ] Original commit 
glpi 0.85.1,1 www files touched by this commit Free IT and asset management software
www/glpi: Upgrade version 0.84.4 => 0.85.1

PR:		196843
Submitted by:	maintainer (Mathias Monnerville)
[ 14:00 marino ] Original commit 
deforaos-surfer 0.2.7 www files touched by this commit DeforaOS desktop web browser
www/deforaos-surfer: Upgrade version 0.2.6 => 0.2.7 (UNBREAK)

PR:		152601
Submitted by:	maintainer (Olivier Cochard)
[ 13:44 marino ] Original commit 
wesnoth 1.12.0 games files touched by this commit Fantasy turn-based strategy game
games/wesnoth: Upgrade version 1.10.7 => 1.12.0, change maintainers

With the blessing of the former maintainer, the submitter of the PR
takes over the maintainership of Wesnoth.

PR:		196721
Submitted by:	Torsten Zuehlsdorff
[ 13:05 marino ] Original commit 
radare2 0.9.8 devel files touched by this commit Tools to disasm, debug, analyze, and manipulate binary files
devel/radare2: Upgrade version 0.9.6 => 0.9.8, reset maintainership

The maintainer has never been active since the port was imported in 2011,
and has two consecutive timeouts and didn't stage the port.  These are
the reasons behind the reset.

PR:		196347
Submitted by:	oleksii.tsai (gmail)
Approved by:	former maintainer timeout
[ 12:52 marino ] Original commit 
pimd 2.2.0 net files touched by this commit Lightweight stand-alone PIM-SM v2 multicast routing daemon
Add new port: net/pimd

PR:		196346
Submitted by:	Olivier Cochard

pimd is a lightweight, stand-alone implementation of Protocol Independent
Multicast-Sparse Mode
[ 12:37 marino ] Original commit 
typo3 7.0.2 www files touched by this commit Typo3 content management system
www/typo3: Upgrade version 6.1.9 => 7.0.2

While here, convert large static pkg-plist (> 9000 lines) to be
dynamically generated.

PR:		196028
Submitted by:	maintainer (freebsd-ports -
[ 11:58 marino ] Original commit 
dzen2 0.9.5 x11 files touched by this commit General purpose messaging, notification and menuing program for X11
x11/dzen2: Upgrade version 0.8.5 => 0.9.5

PR:		195756
Submitted by:	maintainer (martin -
Assisted by:	Zsolt Udvari
[ 11:15 marino ] Original commit 
diaspora 1.1.1 games files touched by this commit Single and multiplayer space fighter combat game
Add new port: games/diaspora

PR:		195014
Submitted by:	lightside (

Diaspora: Shattered Armistice is a single and multiplayer space fighter
combat game set in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica universe.  It is
based on FreeSpace 2 Open Source Code Project engine.
[ 10:41 marino ] Original commit 
MT 5.2.11,1 www files touched by this commit Web-based personal publishing system for weblogs
www/MT: Fix configure file typo, fix pkg-plist

PR:		196583
Submitted by:	maintainer (takefu -
[ 10:36 marino ] Original commit 
baekmukfonts-ttf 2.2_1 korean files touched by this commit Baekmuk family Korean TrueType Fonts
korean/baekmukfonts-ttfs: correct LICENSE (BSD => MIT)

PR:		197085
Submitted by:	Jordan Irwin
Approved by:	n/a (unmaintained)
[ 10:20 marino ] Original commit 
flowviewer 4.5_1 net-mgmt files touched by this commit Web-based user interface for the flow-tools NetFlow data
net-mgmt/flowviewer: Add 3 sample config files (not with @sample though)

PR:		196013
Submitted by:	timp87 (gmail)
Approved by:	maintainer timeout (2 months)
[ 10:15 marino ] Original commit 
dictionary 1.8.7_16 textproc files touched by this commit Dictionary client for Emacs
textproc/dictionary: stop calling make-local-hook unconditionally

This hook was removed from emacs 24.1 so it's obsolete now.

PR:		196527
Submitted by:	Yoshiaki Kasahara
Approved by:	n/a (unmaintained)
[ 10:07 marino ] Original commit 
lshell 0.9.16_1 shells files touched by this commit Shell environment to limited sets of commands to users
shells/lshell: fix syslog file location (/dev/log => /var/run/log)

PR:		195245
Submitted by:	dam (
Approved by:	n/a (unmaintained)
[ 09:44 marino ] Original commit 
backuppc-devel 4.0.0.a3_2 sysutils files touched by this commit Multi-platform backup to disk-based storage
sysutils/backuppc-devel: Fix shebang, sample files, pkg-plist

PR:		196923
Submitted by:	maintainer (Alexander Moisseev)
Wed, 4 Feb 2015
[ 12:25 marino ] Original commit 
vpnc 0.5.3_10 security files touched by this commit Client for Cisco 3000 VPN Concentrator
security/vpnc: Update sysdep.h patch to support dragonfly

While here, remove the __FreeBSD_version check as this will always
pass on supported releases of FreeBSD.

Approved by:	blanket (non-invasive DragonFly support)
Tue, 3 Feb 2015
[ 09:35 marino ] Original commit 
p5-DBIx-Class-Helpers 2.024001_2 databases files touched by this commit Simplify the common case stuff for DBIx::Class
databases/p5-DBIx-Class-Helpers: UNBREAK

I'm not sure what happened here.  There was a good PR [1] to update
this port that properly changed the Makefile, distinfo, and the pkg-plist,
but tj@ updated the port independently but only changed the Makefile
(and moved PORTREVISION to 2 instead of resetting it to 0).  Use the
changes outlined in the PR properly updates the version to 2.024001.

PR:		195195
Submitted by:	Geoffroy Desvernay
Approved by:	blanket (unbreak port)
Mon, 2 Feb 2015
[ 19:13 marino ] Original commit 
hamsterdb 2.1.9 databases files touched by this commit Lightweight Embedded Database Engine
databases/hamsterdb: USES+=alias to unbreak DragonFly cheaply
[ 19:05 marino ] Original commit 
pmt 0.2 sysutils files touched by this commit Small collection of filters which can be added to UNIX pipes
sysutils/pmt: Rework patch handle POSIX issues on both fbsd and dfly

A few years ago, _XSI_VISIBLE was defined to re-expose gettimeofday on
FreeBSD.  Recent changes to DragonFly's signal.h headers resulted in the
failure of the building of pmt.  By defining _XOPEN_SOURCE=500 instead,
pmt on both platforms.
[ 18:50 marino ] Original commit 
libmediainfo 0.7.72 multimedia files touched by this commit MediaInfo library
multimedia/libmediainfo: USES+=alias to unbreak DragonFly cheaply
[ 18:41 marino ] Original commit 
libhtp 0.5.16 devel files touched by this commit Security-aware parser for the HTTP protocol
devel/libhtp: tweak recent iconv:translit change to fix on some compilers

When USES=iconv is changed to USES=iconv:translit, it can add libiconv
dependency from ports along with the addition of -liconv to LDFLAGS.
Most compilers (with FreeBSD's base compilers being notable exceptions)
will not look in /usr/local/lib by default, so this adds a -L argument
to LDFLAGS to help the linker find and unbreak the port on
affected platforms.
[ 16:42 marino ] Original commit 
p5-HTTP-MHTTP 0.15_1 www files touched by this commit Low level access to the HTTP protocol
www/p5-HTTP-MHTTP: This is not jobs safe

I've run into a handful of perl ports that are not jobs safe.  I've been
hesitating to mark them as such, but this port has shown up multiple
times on the fail-to-build list.  There are other perl ports that also fail
quite often with high "j" numbers, so I'll start marking them.

This one fails to build the libmhttp.a archive which is a typical error
seen when at least one of the object files is missing.
[ 16:32 marino ] Original commit 
swm 1.3.4c x11-wm files touched by this commit Window manager for low-memory systems, with title bars and shading
x11-wm/swm: This is not jobs-safe

The port tries to build the swm executable before the swm.o object file
is finished building.

While marking this jobs-unsafe, pet portlint so it doesn't complain.  It
doesn't like "file" being used as a variable name.
Wed, 21 Jan 2015
[ 18:39 marino ] Original commit 
ariadne 1.3 biology files touched by this commit Programs to compare protein sequences and profiles
otter 3.3f_1 misc files touched by this commit Theorem prover and finite model searcher
misc/otter & biology/ariadne: Not jobs safe

The otter port tries to build libotter.a before an object is completely
built (share.o in my case) and ariadne tries to start building in a
directory before it is created (under multiple jobs).
[ 18:34 marino ] Original commit 
par 0.03.01 archivers files touched by this commit Archiver for Quake I and II packed data files
archivers/par: Mark jobs unsafe

Under multiple jobs, This port showed par.c trying to use header.h before
it's target completely built the header, and thus failed.
[ 00:23 marino ] Original commit 
iwidgets 4.0.1_1 x11-toolkits files touched by this commit Iwidgets - [incr Widgets] companion to [incr Tk]
x11-toolkits/iwidgets: Update descriptions

PR:		195354
Submitted by:	maintainer (Chris Hutchinson)
Tue, 20 Jan 2015
[ 23:23 marino ] Original commit 
tcl-sqlite3 3.8.8 databases files touched by this commit SQLite extension for Tcl using the Tcl Extension Architecture (TEA)
databases/tcl-sqlite3: Upgrade version => 3.8.8

PR:		196873
Submitted by:	maintainer (Pavel Volkov)
[ 23:17 marino ] Original commit 
sqlite3 3.8.8 databases files touched by this commit SQL database engine in a C library
databases/sqlite3: Upgrade version => 3.8.8

PR:		196872
Submitted by:	maintainer (Pavel Volkov)
[ 22:52 marino ] Original commit 
seq2gif 0.10.4 graphics files touched by this commit Convert a ttyrec record into a gif animation directly
graphics/seq2gif: upgrade version => 0.10.4

PR:		196757
Submitted by:	maintainer (IWAMOTO Kouichi)
[ 22:46 marino ] Original commit 
ruby-build 20150116 devel files touched by this commit Compile and install different ruby versions
devel/ruby-build: Update version 20141225 => 20150116

PR:		196665
Submitted by:	maintainer (Koichiro IWAO)
[ 22:25 marino ] Original commit 
calendarserver 5.1_3 www files touched by this commit Calendar and Contacts Server from Apple (RFC 4791, RFC 6352)
www/calendarserver: Fix issues with rc script

The primary need for the patch is to fix errors with the RC script,
but it also installs the examples and document by default as originally

PR:		196768
Submitted by:	maintainer (Axel Rau)
[ 21:47 marino ] Original commit 
ebview-gtk2 0.3.6_19 japanese files touched by this commit Electronic Book Viewer
japanese/ebview-gtk2: Fix size mismatch between int and ssize_t (amd64)

This fetchs the source of segfaults on amd64.

PR:		196184
Submitted by:	moga (
[ 21:24 marino ] Original commit 
fet 5.25.0 deskutils files touched by this commit Free timetabling software
deskutils/fet: Upgrade version 5.24.0 => 5.25.0

PR:		196686
Submitted by:	maintainer (Zsolt Udvari)
[ 21:13 marino ] Original commit 
libamrnb,2 audio files touched by this commit 3GPP floating-point Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) Speech Codec
libamrwb audio files touched by this commit 3GPP Adaptive Multi-Rate - Wideband (AMR-WB) Speech Codec
audio/libamr*: change INSTALL_TARGET to install-strip

PR:		196418
Submitted by:	maintainer (Tatsuki Makino)
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