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Wed, 23 Jul 2014
[ 09:11 marino ] Original commit 
fet 5.23.0 deskutils files touched by this commit Free timetabling software
deskutils/fet: Upgrade version 5.21.3 => 5.23.0

Pass maintainership to submitter.  The port was reset earlier today.

PR:		191894
Submitted by:	Zsolt Udvari
[ 06:13 marino ] Original commit 
fet 5.21.3 deskutils files touched by this commit Free timetabling software
deskutils/fet: Reset maintainer

The former maintainer timed out at least PRs that I know about, including
the last three that were committed.
Tue, 22 Jul 2014
[ 16:39 marino ] Original commit 
openerp-server 7.0_1,1 finance  Broken Ignore files touched by this commit Open source application ERP & CRM in Python using Postgresql
Mark finance/openerp-server BROKEN

According to the PR opened 30 Jan 2014, openerp-server has been broken
out of the box ever since it was updated to version 7.0.  The maintainer
has not responded despite being pinged in June.

PR:		186262
Submitted by:	Marc (sherpa consulting)
Action due to:	maintainer timeout (~6 months)
Mon, 21 Jul 2014
[ 21:31 marino ] Original commit 
calibre 1.45.0 deskutils files touched by this commit Ebook management application
deskutils/calibre: Update version 1.44.0 => 1.45.0 plus clean-up

The PR as provided did not pass stage checks.  Not only were there new
installed files not represented in the pkg-plist, but patching the html
files caused the .orig versions to be installed too.  That required
a post-patch target to remove as well as the updated pkg-plist.

A long standing issue that was non-fatal on FreeBSD but fatal on DragonFly
involved the use of the calibre RC script.  The template is
filled in at ${WRKDIR}/calibre, the same exact location for the default
configure directory.  FreeBSD handled that problem like this:

  "No write acces [sic] to /work/a/ports/deskutils/calibre/work/calibre
   using a temporary dir instead"
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Sun, 20 Jul 2014
[ 21:29 marino ] Original commit 
getlive 3.0.3_1 mail  Deprecated Expiration Date files touched by this commit Get mail from Hotmail (Live) mailboxes
Remove mail/getlive as project owner declares GetLive is dead

Micrsoft is converting all hotmail accounts to "Outlook" platform and
once converted, getlive can not longer function on the account.  The
project owner has declared GetLive dead as of 2 May 2014.  Remove the
port in a couple of weeks (1 Aug 2014)

PR:		191367
Submitted by:	Lawrence Chen
Approved by:	maintainer timeout (~4 weeks)
[ 21:15 marino ] Original commit 
ifxetex 20090124_4 print  Deprecated Expiration Date files touched by this commit The file ifxetex.sty tests whether XeTeX is being used
Remove print/ifxetex in two weeks per maintainer recommendation

This outdated ports is redundant to textlive-texmf.  It also features
a fetch size mismatch everywhere except FreeBSD cache.  The maintainer
recommend removal 5 weeks ago, so expire it on 1 Aug 2014.

PR:		190832
Submitted by:	maintainer (Martin Dieringer)
Approved by:	portmgr (implicit, NOT_STAGED)
[ 21:00 marino ] Original commit 
megaglest games files touched by this commit Open source 3D real-time strategy game
games/megaglest: Fix on FreeBSD 10+ (from dports)

I had fixed megaglest in dports a few days ago, not realizing that the
build was also broken on FreeBSD until I saw the PR.  Due to the size
of megaglest-data (~265M), I haven't actually tested the fix on FreeBSD
but it should work.  The dports fix is more extensive than the PR.

PR:		191225
Submitted by:	maintainer (Rusty Nejdl)
[ 20:42 marino ] Original commit 
galera 25.3.5_1 databases files touched by this commit Synchronous multi-master replication engine
databases/galera: change USE_PYTHON to USE_PYTHON_BUILD


PR:		190364
Submitted by:	maintainer (Horia Racoviceanu)
[ 20:18 marino ] Original commit 
indic-ttf 0.5.14_1 x11-fonts files touched by this commit Collection of truetype Indic fonts
x11-fonts/indic-ttf: Restore missing MALAYALAM option, then clean up

The MALAYALAM option was in place but not actually defined, so it
apparently got lost somewhere along the way.  Restore it, then simplify
the port using OPTIONS_SUB=yes.  The definitions of FONTSDIR and
CONFAVAILDIR weren't liked on DragonFly poudriere so those were reworked
to something more robust.  While here pet portlint and do some cosmetic

PR:		190822
Submitted by:	Christopher Hall
[ 09:02 marino ] Original commit 
CJKUnifonts 0.2.20080216.1_1 chinese files touched by this commit CJKUnifonts TrueType Font is a combine of Arphic Ming and Kai fonts
CNS11643-font 98.1_3 chinese files touched by this commit Combine of Kai and Sung with CNS11643 TrueType Fonts
arphicttf 2.11_3 chinese files touched by this commit Four Chinese Big5/GB TrueType fonts made by Arphic Technology
cwtexttf 1.2_2 chinese files touched by this commit Five Chinese Big5 TrueType fonts made by cwTeX
fireflyttf 1.3.0_5 chinese files touched by this commit Firefly TrueType Font is combine of two arphic sung fonts
opendesktop-fonts 1.4.2_3 chinese files touched by this commit Ming and Kai face of OpenDesktop fonts
Convert 6 chinese font ponts to include with .CURDIR

These ports were including chinese/ttfm/Makefile.ttf using an absolute
path using PORTSDIR instead of a relative one using .CURDIR.  In
specific use cases, PORTSDIR will fail but .CURDIR always works.  As
a bonus, this allows <pre> & <post> inclusions to be removed as well.
Covered by an old blanket permission (bapt) but only two of these ports
have maintainers anyway.
[ 08:15 marino ] Original commit 
pango 1.34.1_6 x11-toolkits files touched by this commit Open-source framework for the layout and rendering of i18n text
x11-toolkits/pango: require explicit linking

This new configure argument will list all required libraries in the
generated pkgconf files.  Before any library indirectly pulled in, such
as libm, was not listed.

This fixes numerous regression in dports and it's more correct anyway.

phabric:	D411
Approved by:	gnome (kwm)
[ 08:06 marino ] Original commit 
gobby 0.4.13 editors files touched by this commit Free collaborative editor
editors/gobby: Unbreak by fixing net6 library dependency
[ 08:05 marino ] Original commit 
sobby 0.4.8 net files touched by this commit Standalone obby server
net/sobby: Unbreak by fixing net6 library dependency
[ 07:50 marino ] Original commit 
fbopenssl 0.0.4 security files touched by this commit GSS-API and SPNEGO extensions for OpenSSL
security/fbopenssl: Respect NO_PROFILE setting
Sat, 19 Jul 2014
[ 23:55 marino ] Original commit 
gnatsweb4 4.00_3 databases files touched by this commit Gnatsweb, a GNATS web interface
databases/gnatsweb4: Unbreak after stage attempt (plist)

The main problem was that was getting installed twice,
but there may have been other issues (e.g. missing %B in @exec).

In the process, merge mkdir commands into one, and used the .sample
scheme although @sample keyword can't be used here.

This passes redports now.
[ 22:00 marino ] Original commit 
mummer 3.23_1 biology files touched by this commit Modular system for rapid whole genome alignment
biology/mummer: Use OPSYS with OSVERSION

I don't think selecting clang as a function of OSVERSION is generally
desired, but if it's going to happen, make sure FreeBSD-specific
conditions are limited to FreeBSD by comparing OPSYS first.
[ 15:25 marino ] Original commit 
quake3 1.32c_3 games  Ignore files touched by this commit Quake III Arena -- first person shooter (native build)
games/quake3: Fix corrupted patch

The svn diff utility didn't apply the patch correctly -- 2 lines ended up
as one.  Fix to resolve malformed patch error.  Follows:

PR:		188095
[ 12:02 marino ] Original commit 
moon-buggy 1.0.51_3 games files touched by this commit Drive a buggy across the moons surface
games/moonbuggy: Fix touching $HOME during build

It's not permissible for a port to touch $HOME during the build.  The
moon-buggy game does this during install to pre-create the high scores
file $HOME/.mbscores.

Moon-buggy creates two versions of high scores: One in $HOME and the
other in /var/games/moon-buggy.  This makes compliance tricky because
the high scores at /var/games needs to persist after the package is
uninstalled if the scores have changed.

To handle this, I moved scores creation to pkg-install script and also
created a "baseline" scores files so during pkg-deinstall it can be
determined if new high scores exist.  The complimentary pkg-deinstall
script will compare the current high-score file with the baseline. If
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
[ 09:31 marino ] Original commit 
wqy 20100803_3,1 x11-fonts files touched by this commit GNU GPL-licensed font set covering CJK and other Unicode characters
x11-fonts/wqy: clean up pkg-plist after stage attempt
[ 08:59 marino ] Original commit 
moettf 2.0_4 chinese files touched by this commit Three Chinese BIG5 TrueType fonts: Kai LiShu Sung SungExt
chinese/moetff: MASTER_SITES is LOCAL/marino not LOCAL/MARINO
[ 08:47 marino ] Original commit 
moettf 2.0_4 chinese files touched by this commit Three Chinese BIG5 TrueType fonts: Kai LiShu Sung SungExt
chinese/moettf: Unbreak, stage, restore public distfiles

This port was in bad shape!

1) It had a MASTER_SITES definition pointing to a FreeBSD mirror.  This
   was a circular dependency that broke when the "real" master site
   domain disappeared.  Fix this by hosting at LOCAL/MARINO

2) The kai-pc ttf font was never installed (always broken)

3) It broke (more) with recent chinese font work

4) It included makefile.tty by absolute ${PORTDIR} instead of
   correct ${.CURDIR}, which also unnecessarily required <pre>, <post>

5) It wasn't staged

So fix all that. Also improve efficiency of staging by copying directly
from distfiles to stage directory instead of first copying to WRKSRC then
STAGEDIR.  The post-install target is no longer needed, nor is the
pkg-plist file.
Fri, 18 Jul 2014
[ 09:26 marino ] Original commit 
vips 7.40.3 graphics files touched by this commit Free image processing system
graphics/vips: Unbreak by removing BROKEN

mi@ fixed the port by upgrading the version but forgot to remove
the BROKEN definition.
[ 08:30 marino ] Original commit 
scala-ide 3.0.4 devel files touched by this commit Scala plugin for the Eclipse IDE
devel/scala-ide: Update distinfo

The last update never fetched properly as the tarball was likely rerolled.
I visited the master site and drilled down to the official download
directory where a sha1 hash was provided for the version 3.0.4 download.
I verified the downloaded file had the same sha1 digest listed in the
directory (which actually doesn't mean much because anyone capable of
compromising a tarball on the official download site can also compromise
the digest, but it's the best I can do without the first version.)

No revbump because fetch never passed for anyone.
[ 08:09 marino ] Original commit 
freehdl 0.0.7 cad files touched by this commit Free VHDL simulator
cad/freehdl: Unbreak on F10+ and stage

I could not fix this port on clang.  It finds the double argument to the
"to_string" function ambiguious and nothing I tried resolved the
ambiguity.  In the end, I cheated by setting USE_GCC=any and I'll leave
the clang fix to a C++ expert.
Thu, 17 Jul 2014
[ 14:40 marino ] Original commit 
osslsigncode 1.7.1 security files touched by this commit OpenSSL-based signcode utility
security/osslsigncode: Unbreak port by adding several build dependencies

This is why testing with poudriere is a good idea...  Approved by
"Just fix it" blanket.
[ 13:37 marino ] Original commit 
nvi-m17n 1.79.20040608_3,1 editors files touched by this commit Clone of vi/ex, with multilingual patch, no default settings
editors/nvi-m17n: Fix shebang issues

Jenkins squawked about invalid shebangs after the previous update so a
fix has been provided which involves a dependency on perl.

PR:		190482
Submitted by:	Yashuhito FUTATSUKI
Reported by:	swills (Jenkins)
[ 10:13 marino ] Original commit 
garlic 1.6_1 biology files touched by this commit Molecular viewer, editor, and visualization program
biology/garlic: Stage properly to unbreak

The main problem was the WRKDIR is not within STAGEDIR.  Fix this while
moving all the directory creation steps into one.  While here
set TAR to use switches as outlined in its man page.

Also, the permission setting in stagedir is not necessary, so it's simply
been removed.
[ 08:46 marino ] Original commit 
openssl_tpm_engine 0.4.2_1 security files touched by this commit OpenSSL TPM engine
security/openssl_tpm-engine: explicitly link libcrypto
Wed, 16 Jul 2014
[ 22:21 marino ] Original commit 
liborange 0.4_3 archivers files touched by this commit Library to extract CAB files from self-extracting installers
archivers/liborange: Unbreak port by working around configure flaw

The configure error "Not configured with libgsf or libole2 but that's
needed for MSI support" is caused by using the wrong configure option
of MSI that was introduced in last commit.

should have solved the problem, but unfortunately there is a logic
flaw in the configure script.  If --without-libgsf is passed to it,
it mistakenly tries to find it anyway with pkgconfig and then fails.

The way to fix this properly is to patch the configure script, but I am
going to cheat by making libgsf an unconditional requirement as it was
before adamw fixed the options reversal.
Sun, 13 Jul 2014
[ 23:20 marino ] Original commit 
psptoolchain-binutils 2.22_1 devel files touched by this commit PlayStation Portable development toolchain binutils
devel/psptoolchain-binutils: Fix stage support for DragonFly

The configure target was hardcoded for FreeBSD.  This change fixes the
build on DragonFly while being a No-Op for FreeBSD.
[ 22:08 marino ] Original commit 
cracklib 2.9.0 security files touched by this commit Password-checking library
security/cracklib: USES+= gettext

This unbreaks cracklib in a clean environment.  The locale stuff was
added when the port was staged.
[ 14:53 marino ] Original commit 
nxml 20041004_13 editors  Deleted Ignore files touched by this commit Major mode for editing XML documents for emacs24
Remove editors/nxml because it needs recently removed emacs 21 or 22

The nxml editor sets IGNORE for emacs23 and emacs24 since its
functionality is incorporated into those versions of emacs.  It was
meant to be used with emacs21 or emacs22, but since those ports were
recently removed, IGNORE is set in all cases.

This port is unstaged, so it would have been reset and deprecated in any
case soon.
[ 12:15 marino ] Original commit 
alpine 2.11_1 mail files touched by this commit Mail and news client descended from Pine
mail/alpine: Regenerate extra patch for options cons25 support

PR:		191350
Submitted by:	Dan Lukes
Approved by:	maintainer timeout
[ 11:27 marino ] Original commit 
platon 2014.07.13 biology files touched by this commit Tool for viewing molecular/crystallographic structures
biology/platon: Unbreak by hosting known distfiles elsewhere

The distfiles are regenerated often, too frequently to be suitable for
ports.  Fonz has decided to host the tarball of a known version to
restore this unmaintained port.

PR:		191685
Submitted by:	Fonz
[ 10:12 marino ] Original commit 
yabause emulators files touched by this commit Sega Saturn system emulator
emulators/yabause: Update version => and stage

PR:		191820
Submitted by:	Ports Fury
[ 09:50 marino ] Original commit 
tgif 4.2.5_1 graphics files touched by this commit Xlib-based two-dimensional drawing tool and hyper-object browser
graphics/tgif: generate Japanese characters in EPS file properly

This is a regenerated version of the official patch so that it appears
in the preferred unified format and naming scheme.

PR:		190193
Submitted by:	ttmtko (gmail)
Approved by:	maintainer (Brian Clapper)
[ 09:43 marino ] Original commit 
bmeps 3.8.2 graphics files touched by this commit Convert PNG/JPEG/TIFF to PDF/EPS
graphics/bmeps: Update version 2.2.26 => 3.8.2

PR:		187025
Submitted by:	takefu (
Verified by:	Redports 8x
[ 08:49 marino ] Original commit 
ftjava 1.3_3 games files touched by this commit Full Thrust PBEM Client
games/ftjava: Unbreak by providing digests for all files

While here specify a licence.  Both actions require a revbump.

PR:		191694
Submitted by:	Fonz
[ 07:46 marino ] Original commit 
quake3 1.32c_3 games  Ignore files touched by this commit Quake III Arena -- first person shooter (native build)
games/quake3: Fix build on FreeBSD 11

While here, removed redundant <pre>,<post> and revbump just in case the
these flag changes cause executable to change for F10-.

PR:		188095
Submitted by:	maintainer (Linas Valiukas)
Sat, 12 Jul 2014
[ 14:47 marino ] Original commit 
dbvis 9.1.6 java files touched by this commit DbVisualizer database tool
java/dbvis: Swap order-sensitive categories to unbreak PKGORIGIN

From Jim Ohlstein in response to an auto-nag.
[ 13:58 marino ] Original commit 
anet 0.3.0_1 net files touched by this commit Networking library for Ada
net/anet: Install missing files and relocate static library

Natacha noticed that some of the source files were not being installed.
I tested the fix using PREFIX/lib/gnat/anet.gpr and then discovered it
was expecting libanet.a to be installed at PREFIX/lib rather than
PREFIX/lib/anet, so I modified the pkg-plist for that as well.

PR:		191406
Submitted by:	Natacha Porte
Patch by:	maintainer (marino)
[ 10:54 marino ] Original commit 
aprsc 2.0.14_1 net files touched by this commit Plain APRS-IS server
net/aprsc: Come to think of it, the last changed needs a revbump
[ 10:53 marino ] Original commit 
aprsc 2.0.14 net files touched by this commit Plain APRS-IS server
net/aprsc: Compile with openssl

The port is intended to be compiled with the base openssl library.
Set the configure arguments to make that happen.

PR:		189165
Submitted by:	maintainer (toyo)
[ 10:46 marino ] Original commit 
dbvis 9.1.6 java files touched by this commit DbVisualizer database tool
java/dbvis: Update version 7.1 => 9.1.6 and stage

  * Annotate dbVisualizer license
  * Switch categories from "java devel" to "java databases"
  * Switch absolute dbvis symlink to relative one (marino)
  * passing maintainership to submitter

PR:		186947
Submitted by:	jim (
[ 10:16 marino ] Original commit 
moosefs-chunkserver sysutils files touched by this commit Storing file data and synchronizing it among themselves
moosefs-client sysutils files touched by this commit Moosefs client tools
moosefs-master sysutils files touched by this commit Managing the whole filesystem and storing metadata
sysutils/moosefs-*: Upgrade version 1.6.27 => 1.6.27-5 and Stage support

This was a master and two slave ports.  Now each port stands alone, each
with it's own defined distinfo which allows for the separate mk to be

  * Ownership of slave ports restored to chifeng.  They were reset in
    error because their staging was combined with master staging
  * Configure locations uniformly fixed to /etc/mfs
  * cgiserv now runs as unpriviledged user
  * Fixes ability to reload config without restarting
  * Uses @sample keyword for config files now
  * fixes -master, -chunkserver, and -client ports

PR:		191046
Submitted by:	takeda (
Approved by:	maintainer (chifeng)
Minor fixes:	marino
[ 08:05 marino ] Original commit 
moosefs-master 1.6.27_1 sysutils files touched by this commit Managing the whole filesystem and storing metadata
sysutils/moosefs-master: Fix default conf path for master port

The default path was PREFIX/etc but should be PREFIX/etc/mfs .
This PR is getting submitted before the stage support PR.

PR:		186404
Submitted by:	loic (
Approved by:	maintainer (chifeng)
Approved by:	portmgr (implicit, NOT_STAGED)
[ 02:42 marino ] Original commit 
nvi-m17n 1.79.20040608_2,1 editors files touched by this commit Clone of vi/ex, with multilingual patch, no default settings
editors/nvi-m17n: Add options to set default encoding and canna support

nva-m17n has a configure option to set default multibyte encoding.  It has
also the option to support Canna japanese Kana-Kanji conversion system.
Those options were supported on ports in chinese, japanese and korean
categories, before 2011-05-02, expired when patch distribution site
disappeared, but these localized port didn't revive the option when the
port was revived.  This patch makes the options selectable.

PR:		190482
Submitted by:	Yasuhito FUTATSUKI
[ 02:38 marino ] Original commit 
minbif 1.0.5_4 irc files touched by this commit IRC to instant messaging gateway
irc/minbif: Depend on imlib2 with CACA option only

PR:		186962
Submitted by:	Chris Nehren
[ 01:11 marino ] Original commit 
mariadb55-server 5.5.38_1 databases files touched by this commit Multithreaded SQL database (server)
databases/mariadb55-server: Allow multiple instances to launch

PR:		178726
Submitted by:	dgeo (
Approved by:	maintainer (Alexandr Kovalenko)
Fri, 11 Jul 2014
[ 22:14 marino ] Original commit 
scala-ide 3.0.4 devel files touched by this commit Scala plugin for the Eclipse IDE
subversive 2.0.0 devel files touched by this commit Eclipse plug-in that provides Subversion support
eclipse-datatools 1.12 java files touched by this commit Data Tools Platform for the Eclipse IDE
eclipse-emf 2.9.2 java files touched by this commit Eclipse Modeling Framework
eclipse-gef 3.9.100 java files touched by this commit Graphical Editing Framework for the Eclipse IDE
eclipse-pydev 3.5.0 java files touched by this commit Eclipse plugin for Python and Jython development
eclipse-webtools 3.5.2 java files touched by this commit Webtools for eclipse
eclipse-windowbuilder 1.6.1 java files touched by this commit Powerful and easy to use Java GUI designer for Eclipse
Update 8 plugins following upgrade to Eclipse 4.3.2

The following plugins must be updated after upgrading Eclipse to
version 4.3.2 because they don't currently work:

  * java/eclipse-datatools  (assign maintainership too)
  * java/eclipse-emf
  * java/eclipse-gef
  * java/eclipse-pydev
  * java/eclipse-webtools
  * java/eclipse-windowbuilder
  * devel/scala-ide
  * devel/subversive

PR:		191798
Submitted by:	Eclipse maintainer (Jimmy Kelly)
[ 21:56 marino ] Original commit 
eclipse 4.3.2_1 java files touched by this commit Eclipse Kepler SR-2
java/eclipse: Fix dropins location

The new 4.3.2 Eclipse port doesn't look for dropins in the "standard"
FreeBSD location (/usr/local/share/eclipse/dropins) as expected.  The
eclipse.ini file has been modified to make that happen.

PR:		191766
Submitted by:	maintainer (Jimmy Kelly)
[ 21:47 marino ] Original commit 
autopsy 2.24_1 sysutils files touched by this commit Web-based (graphical) interface to The Sleuth Kit
sysutils/autopsy: Convert from INTERACTIVE port and assign new maintainer

This port was deprecated because it was unmaintained and interactive,
but Dylan Leigh has brought it back into good standing:

 * Convert to a regular port by fixing configure script
   - Skip useless prompts to user
   - Abort instead of prompting when paths are not found, which will never
     happen in ports anyway
   - Convert evidence locker and NSRL prompts to pkg-message
 * Updated description to warn about project inactivity
 * Updated WWW link
 * Add pkg-message
 * Assign maintainership to Dylan

PR:		191778
Submitted by:	Dylan Leigh
Verified by:	Redports 8x
[ 21:33 marino ] Original commit 
mapnik 2.2.0_9 graphics files touched by this commit Free Toolkit For Developing Mapping Applications
graphics/mapnik: fix build with graphics/agg is installed

PR: 		189943
Submitted by:	brfr (
Patch by:	maintainer (Aleksey Illarionov)
[ 21:11 marino ] Original commit 
luxrays 1.2.1_2 graphics  Deprecated Expiration Date files touched by this commit Accelerate the ray intersection process by using GPUs
graphics/luxrays: Deprecate; luxrender now bundles it

The only known purpose for luxrays is as a dependency for luxrender, but
now luxrender comes with its own bundled version of luxrays.  In the
opinion of the maintainer, luxrays is not useful for anything else and
recommends that the port be retired (scheduled for 15 Aug 2014)

PR:		191658
Submitted by:	maintainer (Natacha Porte)
Approved by:	portmgr (implicit, NOT_STAGED)
Thu, 10 Jul 2014
[ 20:30 marino ] Original commit 
xmbmon 205_13 sysutils files touched by this commit MB monitor for LM78/79, W8378x, AS99127F, VT82C686 and ADM9240
sysutils/xmbmon: Install programs with mode 4555 instead of 555

Mode 4555 is how the programs were installed before staging, and allows
normal users to access the system information.  For now, xmbmon is still
installed in the X resource directory.

PR:		186332
Reported by:	turutani (
Approved by:	maintainer (Muhammad Rahman)
Wed, 9 Jul 2014
[ 06:48 marino ] Original commit 
atomix 2.14.0_13 games files touched by this commit Yet another little mind game
games/atomix: never-ending stage, take 3

Newer poudriere (read: current FreeBSD version) has an additional plist
check that atomix failed.  It turns out that the original port moved the
atomix.scores creation to the pkg-install script, but it never surpressed
the original Makefile code that created it.  In effect, the original
Makefile was creating the file and the pkg-install script wasn't doing
much of anything.  This caused the signature to be confusing.

The solution is simple: Surpress the vendor makefile target that creates
atomix.scores and let pkg-install create it as intended.

Diagnosis by:	bdrewery
Tue, 8 Jul 2014
[ 17:26 marino ] Original commit 
atomix 2.14.0_12 games files touched by this commit Yet another little mind game
games/atomix: Fix deinstallation issue involving scores file

The scheme used to leave a non-zero length scores file alone during
deinstallation no longer works under stage.  The scheme used a
post-install script to add the scores directory and initial file, but
then tried to remove it using the pkg-plist.

Apparently these need to be matched, which means either the post-install
script is matched with a post-deinstall script, or the creation of the
scores file be done in the pkg-list with @exec.  As the logic is slightly
complex, it was easier to solve with a pkg-deinstall script.

There were two unnecessary @dirrmtry lines as well which have been
removed.  Bump portrevision for multiple reasons.

Reported by:	swills (jenkins)
[ 15:04 marino ] Original commit 
enma 1.2.0_1 mail files touched by this commit Sender authentication milter supporting SPF and Sender ID
mail/enma: stage, explicit linking to libssl (dports)

While here:
 * convert from PLIST to pkg-plist
 * convert to new LIB_DEPENDS format
 * change <pre> & <post> includes to <options>
[ 13:11 marino ] Original commit 
ocaml 4.01.0_3 lang files touched by this commit The Objective Caml compiler and programming environment
lang/ocaml: Add ARMv6 support

Redports confirms that changes do not break i386 and amd64 builds (8x).

PR:		189063
Submitted by:	maintainer (Michael Gruenewald)
Patch by:	Andy Ray
[ 06:21 marino ] Original commit 
kplayer-kde4 0.7_5 multimedia files touched by this commit Movie player based on mplayer
multimedia/kplayer-kde4: Stage, fix on F10+, use explicit linking

Apparently the clang parser was having trouble with the nested ternary
operator on C++ which was the cause of the FreeBSD 10+ failures. Expanding
it to a condition ladder pleased clang.

A couple of libraries were used but not explicitly specified to the
linker before: libsolid and libX11, so let's correct that too.
Mon, 7 Jul 2014
[ 17:14 marino ] Original commit 
atomix 2.14.0_11 games files touched by this commit Yet another little mind game
games/atomix: stage, explicitly link with libm (dports)
[ 17:12 marino ] Original commit 
dvdrip 0.98.11_6 multimedia files touched by this commit Perl Gtk+ based dvd-ripper
multimedia/dvdrip: stage, split out RAR as an option

The archivers/rar port is a FreeBSD BLOB which DragonFly can't use.  In
fact, only i386 and 32-bit enabled amd64 platforms on FreeBSD can use it.
Rather than have dvdrip break by default on all the platforms that don't
support RAR, change to an non-default option.

While here:
 * use shebangfix to adjust perl
 * Don't define RUN_DEPENDS based on BUILD_DEPENDS (bad practice)
 * Use modern OPTIONS configuration
[ 15:16 marino ] Original commit 
arpCounterattack 1.2.0_1 security files touched by this commit Detects and remedies ARP attacks
security/arpCounterattack: stage, fix on F10+, fix on DragonFly

 * convert to c++11 for clang builds
 * convert to new LIB_DEPENDS format
 * use @sample keyword
 * pet portlint
 * USE=tar
[ 12:51 marino ] Original commit 
timemon 4.1 sysutils files touched by this commit CPU time usage monitor for GNUstep
sysutils/timemon: Bring in DragonFly support patch from dports
[ 12:46 marino ] Original commit 
libtranslate 0.99_7 textproc files touched by this commit Natural language translation library
textproc/libtranslate: Bring in DragonFly support patch from dports
[ 12:37 marino ] Original commit 
soqt 1.5.0_3 x11-toolkits files touched by this commit Qt4 toolkit library for Coin
x11-toolkits/soqt: Force no-debug build (from dports)

When built with debug flag, this port changes the name of the installed
files thus failing at stage phase.  For now, disable the detection and
force configuration without debug
[ 12:31 marino ] Original commit 
gdmap 0.8.1 sysutils files touched by this commit Graphical disk map Utility
sysutils/gdmap: explicitly link libm (from dports)
[ 12:17 marino ] Original commit 
makejvf 1.0_2 japanese  Deprecated Expiration Date files touched by this commit Japanese Virtual Font file maker
vm 8.1.2_4 mail  Deprecated Expiration Date files touched by this commit Mail reader running inside Emacs or XEmacs
boxbackup-devel 0.11.r2979 sysutils  Deprecated Expiration Date files touched by this commit Open source, completely automatic on-line backup system for Unix
ats-contrib-parcomb 0.2.9 textproc  Deprecated Expiration Date files touched by this commit Parser combinators for ATS language
exmpp 0.9.7_1 textproc files touched by this commit Fast and scalable library for XMPP written in Erlang/OTP
Mark 5 unstaged and unmaintained ports as jobs unsafe (taken from dports)

Approved by:	portmgr (implicit, NOT_STAGED)
[ 10:47 marino ] Original commit 
unalz 0.65_1 archivers files touched by this commit Extracts AlZip archives
archivers/unalz: Adjust patch for DragonFly support (dports)
Sun, 6 Jul 2014
[ 10:52 marino ] Original commit 
medusa 2.1.1 security files touched by this commit Speedy, massively parallel, modular, login brute-forcer
security/medusa: upgrade 2.1 => 2.1.1, stage, unbreak F10+

This port was upgraded with the belief that medusa.c was fixed for
clang, but actually it still needs a patch.  However, the upgrade did
remove the bogus -module switch that modern gcc dislikes.

While staging:
 * sort pkg-plist
 * convert to new LIB_DEPENDS format
 * libpcre no longer required, so remove it
 * dump <pre>, <post> in favor of <options>
 * leverage OPTIONS for PLIST
 * clean up, pet portlint
[ 09:41 marino ] Original commit 
paje 1.97_2 science files touched by this commit Generic visualization tool for GNUstep (Gantt chart and more)
science/paje: Stage, bring in DragonFly support from dports
[ 09:09 marino ] Original commit 
gromacs 4.6.5_2 science files touched by this commit Compute molecular dynamics
science/gromacs: Add DragonFly support (dports)
[ 08:45 marino ] Original commit 
nefarious 1.2.0_1 irc files touched by this commit IRC server used by evilnet based off of Undernet's ircu
irc/nefarious: stage, take 2.  Add DOCS options

The vendor makefile creates html documents unconditionally with two
flavors: operators and users.  There is a lot of duplication between the
two so it symlinked the duplicates.  Unfortunately the symlinks point
back the stage directory.  Also, at least one symlink was invalid in all
cases as it was not pointing to any file.

To fix:
 1. override install target
 2. Add DOCS option to make non-man page documentation optional
 3. Copy files instead of using symlinks (they are very small)
 4. Fix vendor SYMLINK list, there were two errors in it
 5. Remove subversion tree during post-extract target

Note that the permissions of the installed configuration files are
different.  The vendor files tried to install them with modes 600 and 700
but now they are the default for INSTALL_DATA macro.

Reported by:	swills (jenkins)
[ 00:17 marino ] Original commit 
linphone-base 3.2.1_3,1 net  Deleted files touched by this commit Web phone that supports SIP protocol
net/linphone-base: stage, convert to use ports readline
Sat, 5 Jul 2014
[ 23:35 marino ] Original commit 
libnet 1.1.6_1,1 net files touched by this commit C library for creating IP packets
net/libnet: Fix build on DragonFly (dports)
[ 23:31 marino ] Original commit 
rtorrent 0.9.2_5 net-p2p files touched by this commit BitTorrent Client written in C++
net-p2p/rtorrent: Bring in DragonFly support from dports
[ 23:28 marino ] Original commit 
gtk-gnutella 1.0.1_1 net-p2p files touched by this commit GTK based Gnutella client
net-p2p/gtk-gnutella: Support dragonFly (dports)
[ 23:20 marino ] Original commit 
gxine 0.5.908 multimedia files touched by this commit Alternative GUI for the Xine media player
multimedia/gxine: explicitly link libm (dports)
[ 23:19 marino ] Original commit 
wmweather+ 2.15_2 misc files touched by this commit Displays current conditions and forecasts with icons and text
misc/wmweather+: explicitly link libm (dports)
[ 23:11 marino ] Original commit 
tpop3d 1.5.5_2 mail files touched by this commit Virtual-domain capable POP3 server supporting MySQL, PgSQL etc auth
mail/tpop3d: stage and explicitly link libcrypto (dports)

* Use modern options for configuration and dependencies
* Use @sample keyword
* Use PORTDOCS unconditionally
[ 22:20 marino ] Original commit 
dsbl-testers 0.9.5_1 mail files touched by this commit Testing software for DSBL/DSBL-compliant services
mail/dsbl-testers: stage, mark jobs unsafe, pet portlint
[ 22:17 marino ] Original commit 
dspam-devel 3.10.1_2,1 mail files touched by this commit Bayesian spam filter - development version
mail/dspam-devel: Mark jobs unsafe (dports)
[ 22:10 marino ] Original commit 
rexx-regina 3.8 lang files touched by this commit Rexx interpreter
lang/rexx-regina: Add DragonFly support (dports)
[ 21:54 marino ] Original commit 
gimageview 0.2.27_14 graphics files touched by this commit Yet another GTK+ based image viewer
graphics/gimageview: remove redundant configure patch

This port features USES=libtool which will automatically make the
corrections dictated by the configure patch, so the recently added
patch is not actually necessary for DragonFly support.

Reported by:	tijl
[ 21:49 marino ] Original commit 
mdk 1.2.6 lang files touched by this commit Set of utilities for developing programs using MIX and MIXAL
lang/mdk: Fix support for ports readline (dports)
[ 21:45 marino ] Original commit 
slrn japanese files touched by this commit Newsreader based on the S-Lang library
japanese/slrn: stage support
[ 21:29 marino ] Original commit 
scim-tables 0.5.10_1 japanese files touched by this commit SCIM table based Japanese input methods
japanese/scim-tables: stage and define scim as BUILD_DEPENDS (dports)
[ 21:23 marino ] Original commit 
nefarious 1.2.0 irc files touched by this commit IRC server used by evilnet based off of Undernet's ircu
irc/nefarious: stage, unbreak on F10+ and more

 * Add stage support
 * Fix build for clang
 * convert USE_BZIP2
 * Bring in DragonFly support patch
 * convert USE_OPENSSL and USE_CHROOT knobs to options
 * rename DOMAIN knob to NEFARIOUS_DOMAIN knob
 * Make bash dependency work in non-standard location
 * Tweak pre-configure message accordingly, remove sleep command
[ 19:18 marino ] Original commit 
ircproxy 1.3.6_1 irc files touched by this commit IRC proxy/bouncer daemon
irc/ircproxy: modernize and explicit linking with libcrypto (dports)

* new LIB_DEPENDS format
* use option configure
* convert USE_BZIP2
[ 19:15 marino ] Original commit 
timeless 1.0_5 graphics files touched by this commit FreeBSD/SDL port of Tran's Timeless Demo with Sound
graphics/timeless: stage and explicit linking with -lm (dports)
[ 18:58 marino ] Original commit 
gimageview 0.2.27_14 graphics files touched by this commit Yet another GTK+ based image viewer
graphics/gimageview: Bring in dports patch to support DragonFly
[ 18:55 marino ] Original commit 
gdchart 0.11.5_8 graphics files touched by this commit Easy to use fast C API for creating charts and graphs
graphics/gdchart: Replace wrong PROFILE option

The profile library gets built if NO_PROFILE is not set.  All the
PROFILE option was doing was manually changing the pkg-plist which
would only work if the PROFILE option was manually synchronized with
the make.conf option (they are by default, so it worked accidently).

Change PLIST_SUB to switch based on NO_PROFILE as is done with other
[ 18:36 marino ] Original commit 
diacanvas2 0.15.4_5 graphics files touched by this commit General drawing canvas from dia dialog editor
graphics/diacanvas2: explicit linking with -lm
[ 18:33 marino ] Original commit 
comical 0.8_6 graphics files touched by this commit Sequential image viewer
graphics/comical: explicit linking with -lz
[ 18:31 marino ] Original commit 
Coin 3.1.3_6 graphics files touched by this commit C++ 3D graphics library based on the Open Inventor 2.1 API
graphics/Coin: hardcode debug off

When WITH_DEBUG is set, this port will fail staging as the result won't
match the pkg-plist due to file name changes during a debug regime. To
fix, configure Coin with debug off always.
[ 18:25 marino ] Original commit 
pongix 0.4_10 games files touched by this commit Free pong-like game
games/pongix: Stage, Unbreak on F10+, LDFLAGS+= -lm (explicit linking)
[ 17:44 marino ] Original commit 
vile 9.8m editors files touched by this commit VI Like Emacs -- console version
editors/vile: Bring in DragonFly support from dports
[ 17:37 marino ] Original commit 
p5-Goo-Canvas 0.06_4 devel files touched by this commit Perl interface to the GooCanvas
devel/p5-Goo-Canvas: Add dependencies needed for explicit linking (dports)
[ 17:30 marino ] Original commit 
pure-readline 0.2 devel  Deprecated Expiration Date files touched by this commit Readline interface for the Pure language
devel/pure-readline: Prepare to use ports readline (dports)

Approved by:	portmgr (implicit, for NOT_STAGED)
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