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Sun, 28 Aug 2016
[ 20:44 marino ] Original commit 
glpi 0.90.5,1 www files touched by this commit Free IT and asset management software
www/glpi: Update version 0.90.3 => 0.90.5 and change option defaults

Per request [1], the IMAP and LDAP options have been set to ON by default.
The maintainer took the opportunity to upgrade the version [2].
I converted the options to their modern equivalents and made the
MASTER_SITES definition more generic to help future upgrades.

PR:		211862 [1]
Submitted by:	David Stievenard

PR:		212222 [2]
Submitted by:	maintainer
[ 07:32 marino ] Original commit 
soothsayer 0.6.3_3 textproc files touched by this commit Intelligent predictive text entry platform
textproc/soothsayer: sed correct for curses => ncurses
[ 06:49 marino ] Original commit 
abduco 0.6 sysutils files touched by this commit Session management in a clean and simple way
sysutils/abduco is not jobs another

Abduco is another brilliant example featuring an "all" target that
depends on a "clean" target that runs concurrently with a build target
under -jX causing built object files to be deleted before they are
used.  Presumably the fix would be to remove the useless dependency
on the "clean" target.
[ 06:02 marino ] Original commit 
ocaml-annexlib 0.13.2_2 devel files touched by this commit OCaml subroutines collection
devel/ocaml-annexlib is not jobs safe (typical for ocaml)
[ 05:56 marino ] Original commit 
epte 2.0.8_1 science files touched by this commit Electronic Periodic Table of the Elements
science/epte: Add forgetten patch hunk from previous commit

This chunk enables the build to honor LDFLAGS.
Sat, 27 Aug 2016
[ 23:11 marino ] Original commit 
libspark2012 2012_2 devel files touched by this commit SPARK 2012 Spark.Ada library
ironsides 20150415_1 dns files touched by this commit Authoritative DNS server formally verified by SPARK/Ada
dns/ironsides finally builds on gcc6-aux, switch over to it

It appears the previous STORAGE ERROR was a compiler bug that got fixed
between the GCC 6.1 and 6.2 versions of gcc6-aux.  Switch it and the
helper port devel/libspark2012 over to it, which are the last two ports
that depend on lang/gcc6-aux.
[ 22:56 marino ] Original commit 
zip-ada 51 archivers files touched by this commit Zip compressed archive file format library written in Ada
archivers/zip-ada: Upgrade version 50_f1 => 51
[ 21:34 marino ] Original commit 
lessc 2.5.1 www files touched by this commit Javascript CSS pre-processor
www/lessc: Moving building out of stage phase, fix stage-QA

This port would build and install in the stage phase, but building is
supposed to be complete by then.  Moreover, stage QA checks complain
about thousands of "orphaned" files and symbolic links with absolute
paths.  Fix all the problems by installing in a temporary build directory
and moving just the lessc files over the stage directory, and fix the
symbolic link by defining a relative path instead.

Functionally, the new package is the same as the old one, so no revbump
is required.

PR:		210567
Approved by:	maintainer timeout (2 months)
[ 18:30 marino ] Original commit 
gnatdroid-armv7 20160822 lang files touched by this commit C/Ada cross-compiler, target: Android ARMv7
lang/gnatdroid(-x86): Mark broken on FreeBSD 9

For some reason, the new binutils 2.27 breaks the compiler build on
FreeBSD 9.  Given the short time to FreeBSD 9 EOL, just mark it broken.
People that remain on FreeBSD 9 and need gnatdroid can always use the
2016Q3 branch where gnatdroid still builds fine.

Reported by:	pkg-fallout
[ 16:58 marino ] Original commit 
zathura 0.3.6_2 graphics files touched by this commit Customizable lightweight pdf viewer
graphics/zathura: use libmagic from base instead

The libmagic specification was ambiguous and was falling back to the
base version.  After notifying of this on the PR, the original submitter
indicated that the base libmagic is sufficient, so the dependency on
sysutils/file has been removed with a revbump.

PR:		174130
Submitted by:	Walter Schwarzenfeld
[ 06:10 marino ] Original commit 
distorm 20121220.r230_2 devel files touched by this commit Fast x86 and x86-64 disassembler library
devel/distorm: fix concurrent building

For a reason I can't figure out, the "clean" target was being called
simultaneously with the build target resulting in a possibility of
deleting object files after they are built but before they are linked
to make a library.

The solution is to remove the "clean" target since it really serves no
purpose in the ports framework (the work area starts clean).

While here, join compound commands with "&&" rather than ";"
Thu, 25 Aug 2016
[ 20:16 marino ] Original commit 
alog 0.5.2 devel files touched by this commit Stackable logging framework for Ada
devel/alog; Upgrade version 0.5.1 => 0.5.2
[ 19:49 marino ] Original commit 
gnatdroid-binutils 2.27 lang files touched by this commit Infrastructure for C/Ada Android cross-compiler (ARMv7)
lang/gnatdroid-binutils(-x86): Upgrade version 2.26.1 => 2.27
[ 19:14 marino ] Original commit 
gcc6-aux 20160822 lang files touched by this commit Version of GCC 6 with full Ada support
lang/gcc6-aux: Upgrade version 20160427 => 20160822 (gcc 6.1 => 6.2)
[ 17:23 marino ] Original commit 
synth 1.43 ports-mgmt files touched by this commit Custom package repository builder for FreeBSD and DragonFly
ports-mgmt/synth: Upgrade version 1.42 => 1.43

This is a minor bug fix version.  Changes include:
 * Set close-on-exec operation mode on popen.  This is required to stop
   leaking file descriptors in highly concurrent modes (e.g. 32 builders).
   It's not supported on FreeBSD 9 or DragonFly 4.4 (and earlier) so this
   modification is removed for those platforms.
 * Remove procfs mount for lang/rust and lang/rust-nightly.  This was
   necessary for DragonFly, but rust has been fixed for DF 4.6 and later
 * Add a stage-QA exception for entries left /var/spool/*.  The presence
   of these are not an identication of a port issue
 * Sanitize synthexec to verify file descriptors 0 .. 2 are in use and
   automatically close any file descriptor > 2 before execv fork.
Tue, 23 Aug 2016
[ 21:21 marino ] Original commit 
zinf 2.2.5_20 audio files touched by this commit GTK-based MP3 player
audio/zinf: document ncurses requirement

While here, import several dports patches to add missing headers
for c++.
[ 20:33 marino ] Original commit 
wml 2.0.12_6,1 www  Broken Ignore files touched by this commit Website META Language, webdesign toolkit for HTML generation
www/wml: mark broken due to missing upstream (unfetchable)

The WWW string points to berlios which is long gone.  Now the souceforge
project thewml seems to be gone.  Fetching fails so mark wml broken.

Note: this port needs to document ncurses requirement too.
[ 20:18 marino ] Original commit 
mg 20160421_1 editors files touched by this commit Small, fast Emacs-like editor
editors/mg: document and fix ncurses requirement

Approved by:	ncurses blanket
[ 19:54 marino ] Original commit 
xawtv 3.103_2 multimedia files touched by this commit TV viewing application and a few TV utilities
multimedia/xawtv: document ncurses requirement

Approved by:	ncurses blanket
[ 19:23 marino ] Original commit 
tmate 2.2.1 sysutils files touched by this commit Instant terminal sharing
tmate-slave sysutils files touched by this commit Instant terminal sharing server
sysutils/tmate(-slave): document ncurses requirement

Approved by:	ncurses blanket
[ 19:17 marino ] Original commit 
gaul 0.1849.0_5 devel files touched by this commit Genetic Algorithm Utility Library
devel/gaul: document and fix ncurse requirement

While here, replace "extern errno" with errno.h inclusion.
[ 19:09 marino ] Original commit 
cmake 3.6.1 devel files touched by this commit Cross-platform Makefile generator
devel/cmake: document ncurses requirement

Approved by:	ncurses blanket
[ 18:45 marino ] Original commit 
umix 1.0.2_3 audio files touched by this commit Advanced tool for adjusting soundcard mixers, replacement for aumix
audio/umix: document ncurses requirement

While here, add USES=alias for DF support
[ 18:42 marino ] Original commit 
ufmcontrol-i18n 0.3.5_1 audio  Broken Ignore files touched by this commit USB radio control utility
audio/ufmcontrol-i18n: mark broken (unfetchable)

The actual SF projects seems to have been removed although the project
page is still up.
[ 18:16 marino ] Original commit 
mp3info 0.8.5 audio files touched by this commit MP3 technical info viewer and ID3 1.x tag editor
audio/mp3info: document and fix ncurses requirement

Approved by:	ncurses blanket
[ 18:09 marino ] Original commit 
herrie 2.2_12 audio files touched by this commit Small command line interface music player
audio/herrie: document ncurses requirement

Approved by:	ncurses blanket
[ 18:05 marino ] Original commit 
alsa-utils 1.1.2 audio files touched by this commit ALSA compatibility utils
audio/alsa-utils: document ncurses requirement

Approved by:	ncurses blanket
[ 18:01 marino ] Original commit 
motor 3.4.0_3 devel files touched by this commit Powerful text mode based programming IDE
devel/motor: document ncurses requirement

While here, add USES=alias to help dragonfly

Approved by:	ncurses blanket
[ 17:53 marino ] Original commit 
kterm 6.2.0_13 japanese  Broken Ignore files touched by this commit Xterm variant with Japanese support
japanese/kterm: wpi patch site no longer resolves (patch unfetchable)

This port also needs USES+=ncurses with an associated patch to Imakefile,
but that will wait until after the port is unbroken again.
[ 17:43 marino ] Original commit 
bpft 4.20040506_1 net-mgmt files touched by this commit BPF Traffic collector
net-mgmt/bpft: document and fix ncurses requirement
[ 17:38 marino ] Original commit 
ap-utils 1.4.1_4 net-mgmt files touched by this commit Set of utilities to configure and monitor wireless access points
net-mgmt/ap-utils: document ncurses requirement

Approved by:	ncurses blanket
[ 17:10 marino ] Original commit 
heirloom 070715_4 sysutils files touched by this commit Collection of standard Unix utilities
sysutils/heirloom: Document and fix ncurses requirement

Approved by:	ncurses blanket
[ 17:03 marino ] Original commit 
ah-tty 0.3.12_1 sysutils files touched by this commit Ah-tty is an automatic helper for command prompts and shells
sysutils/ah-tty: document ncurses requirement

Approved by:	ncurses blanket
[ 16:56 marino ] Original commit 
dfuife-curses devel files touched by this commit DFUI curses frontend
devel/dfuife-curses: document ncurses requirement
[ 16:49 marino ] Original commit 
elfsh 0.51b3_3 devel files touched by this commit Attractive toolkit for the analysis of ELF object files
devel/elfsh: document ncurses requirement

while here, bring over patches from dports to support DF.
[ 16:34 marino ] Original commit 
the 3.3.r4_1 editors files touched by this commit THE, The Hessling Editor, is like the vm/cms xedit editor
editors/the: document ncurses requirement

Approved by:	ncurses blanket

While here, use BROKEN_powerpc as it is cleaner
[ 16:25 marino ] Original commit 
oleo 1.99.16_9 math files touched by this commit GNU spreadsheet for X11 and terminals
math/oleo: document ncurses and remove extern errno

While here, regenerate all patches with makepatch
[ 16:12 marino ] Original commit 
tcpkali 0.8 net files touched by this commit High performance load generator for TCP and WebSocket servers
net/tcpkali: document ncurses requirement

Approved by:	ncurses blanket
[ 16:07 marino ] Original commit 
epte 2.0.8_1 science files touched by this commit Electronic Periodic Table of the Elements
science/epte: document ncurses, fix DF

While here, unsuppress installation commands per ports convention.

Approved by:	ncurses blanket + non-invasive DF support
[ 15:58 marino ] Original commit 
soothsayer 0.6.3_2 textproc files touched by this commit Intelligent predictive text entry platform
textproc/soothsayer: fix ncurses, missing c++ headers, not jobs safe
[ 15:29 marino ] Original commit 
eif 1.3.4_2 games files touched by this commit Empire text client
games/eif: Document and fix ncurses requirement, use errno.h

The ncurses work is covered by the ncurses infrastructure blanket and the
use of errno.h header over extern errno is "just fix it".
[ 15:17 marino ] Original commit 
gnake 0.94b games files touched by this commit Nibbles clone for GNU/Linux and *BSD
games/gnake: document ncurses requirement
[ 15:13 marino ] Original commit 
dosdetector 20060621_2 net  Broken Deprecated Expiration Date Ignore files touched by this commit Detect suspicious network traffic
net/dosdetector: Mark broken since upstream disappeared, unfetchable

The master site disappeared completely.  The
WWW site forwards to twitter/_msciciel_ but to a bad page.  It seems the
original maintainer is active on twitter.

Since the port hasn't been touched in 10 years, and the maintainer didn't
even stage this port, let's go ahead and deprecate it for removal in 2
months since we haven't had a submission from Krzysztof in over a decade.

while here, document ncurses requirement and remove obsolete comment in
case the deprecation is rescinded later.
[ 14:58 marino ] Original commit 
mixmaster 3.0.2d_1 mail  Broken Ignore files touched by this commit Cryptographically secure anonymous remailer
mail/mixmaster: mark broken, upstream resolves to parked domain

The distfile is unfetchable from
[ 14:49 marino ] Original commit 
metamail 2.7_14 mail files touched by this commit Implementation of MIME, the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
mail/metamail: document and fix ncurses support
[ 14:42 marino ] Original commit 
gubby 0.5.5 mail files touched by this commit Program showing where new mail has been placed
mail/gubby: document ncurses required, add missing c++ header

Approved by:	ncurses blanket
[ 14:32 marino ] Original commit 
nms 0.2.1_1,1 misc files touched by this commit Recreate decrypting text effect from the Sneakers movie
misc/nms: document ncurses, honor CFLAGS and LDFLAGS

Approved by:	just-fix-it + ncurses blanket
[ 14:21 marino ] Original commit 
tempcontrol 1.2_1 misc files touched by this commit Temperature control for fermenting beer and other applications
misc/tempcontrol: document and fix ncurses requirement
[ 14:04 marino ] Original commit 
gmp 5.1.3_3 math files touched by this commit Free library for arbitrary precision arithmetic
math/gmp: use CONFIGURE_TARGET rather than recreating it

The --build configure argument is a re-invention of CONFIGURE_TARGET
except that platform is hardcoded to freebsd rather than the value
of OPSYS:tl.  Use CONFIGURE_TARGET instead.  It's a no-op for FreeBSD
but is a fix for DragonFly.

Approved by:	non-invasive DF support blanket
[ 02:29 marino ] Original commit 
NASTRAN-95 20151227_1 cad files touched by this commit NASA Structural Analysis System
cad/NASTRAN-95: Report version as FREEBSD rather than LINUX

The maximum string length is 7 characters, so setting it to OPSYS:tu
wouldn't work in all cases (e.g. DragonFly) but having NASTRAN advertise
itself as a native FreeBSD program is still better in any case.

PR:		211781
Submitted by:	maintainer (pfg)
[ 01:51 marino ] Original commit 
cdpd net-mgmt files touched by this commit Daemon to send CDP/LLDP announces over ethernet
net-mgmt/cdpd: Fix runtime on armv6

While here, pet portlint and define the 2-clause BSD license

PR:		208216
Submitted by:	Mikael Urankar (gmail)
Mon, 22 Aug 2016
[ 17:16 marino ] Original commit 
libargon2 20160530 security files touched by this commit Memory hard password hashing program and library
security/libargon2 is not jobs safe

This concurrent flaw is pretty awful but easily fixed.
The "all" target depends on "clean $(RUN) libs".
In a multijob invocation, these targets all start building at the
same time beccause there's no requirement to clean before building.
As a result, it's possible that some object files get built before the
clean target runs, which deletes the built files.

Probably this can be solved by simply removing the "clean" target which
should be unnecessary in a ports build area.  I'll leave that to the
maintainer to either patch or notify upstream of this obvious makefile
[ 14:31 marino ] Original commit 
dcc-dccd 1.3.158_2 mail files touched by this commit Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse bulk email detector
mail/dcc-dccd: fix stage-qa issues

1) implements stripping of executable binaries
2) disables libedit detection and linking

dcc-dccd keeps trying to link to the base libedit instead of the
required ports version (when USES+=libedit is added).  For now, just
build without until somebody finds a way get libedit linkage correct.
This solves both issues seen with stage-qa

PR:		205191
Reported by:	Yuri (
Utimate fix:	marino@
Approved by:	maintainer (conceptually)
[ 04:32 marino ] Original commit 
bedtools 2.25.0 biology files touched by this commit Toolset for genome arithmetic
biology/bedtools is not jobs safe

The version.o target tries to use version_git.h before that header is
Sat, 20 Aug 2016
[ 23:28 marino ] Original commit 
rust 1.11.0 lang files touched by this commit Language with a focus on memory safety and concurrency
lang/rust: Update distinfo.x86_64 for DragonFly support for v1.11
[ 17:39 marino ] Original commit 
notmuch 0.22.1 mail files touched by this commit Thread-based email index, search, and tagging application
mail/notmuch: unbreak everywhere

The configure argument for docs+doxygen is "--with-docs" and
"--without-docs", not "--with-api-docs".  I check configure to be sure.
The build was failing everywhere with "Unrecognized option" error message
during configure phase.

Approved by:	just-fix-it
Fri, 19 Aug 2016
[ 22:19 marino ] Original commit 
sendmail 8.15.2_3 mail files touched by this commit Reliable, highly configurable mail transfer agent with utilities
mail/sendmail: fix stage-qa error

The strip command for sbin/sendmail fails due to the permissions of
the program installed in the stage directory.  Change the staged sendmail
mode to 755 so that the strip command succeeds.  The pkg-list specifies
the final mode to be 2555.

PR:		211353
Reported by:	dave (
Final fix:	marino@
Appproved by:	maintainer timeout
[ 15:39 marino ] Original commit 
gosa 2.6.10_1 sysutils  Broken Deprecated Expiration Date Ignore files touched by this commit Web Based LDAP Administration Program
sysutils/gosa: set 3-month timer to upgrade this port

This version of gosa can't be fixed, but it can possibly be upgraded.
Give concerned users 3 month to come up with a solution, otherwise the
port will be purged from the tree

suggested by:	mat@
[ 05:07 marino ] Original commit 
paq 20140131 archivers files touched by this commit Family of archivers with extremely high compression ratios
archivers/paq: Fix when DOCS option is OFF

No revbump necessary as the port would always fail to build if DOCS
option was disabled.

PR:		208994
Submitted by:	Anton Sayetsky
[ 04:23 marino ] Original commit 
lshell 0.9.16_2 shells files touched by this commit Shell environment to limited sets of commands to users
shells/lshell: Fix immediate exit after first command

Without this fix, using lshell is impractical as the shell exits after
the first command is executed.

PR:		208003
Submitted by:	Ignace Mouzannar
[ 03:52 marino ] Original commit 
poco-devel 1.6.0 devel  Deprecated Expiration Date files touched by this commit C++ Portable Components library
devel/poco-devel: Older than stable port, deprecate for removal

The devel version of poco is signficantly behind the stable devel/poco
which is regularly updated.  There's no apparent benefit to having two
ports in this case.  I'll mention to the maintainer that devel/poco is
currently unmaintained in case he wishes to take that over even though
ports fury has been handling that for a while.

PR:	204824
[ 03:23 marino ] Original commit 
gosa 2.6.10_1 sysutils  Broken Deprecated Expiration Date Ignore files touched by this commit Web Based LDAP Administration Program
sysutils/gosa: Mark BROKEN due to unsatisfied magic quotes option

This version of gosa requires magic quotes to be turned on, but this
contraversial option was last available with PHP 5.3, which has long
since been removed from the tree.  A newer version of gosa, 2.7.4,
was released on 9 May 2012 which may or may not have the same magic
quotes requirement.

PR:	204846
[ 03:06 marino ] Original commit 
nomacs 2.2.0_5 graphics files touched by this commit Small, fast, and free image viewer
graphics/nomacs: Fix build when RAW option turned off

The opencv-core dependency is not limited to the RAW option.  The build
fails in a clean jail if the RAW option is turned off due to the missing
opencv dependency.  Change it to an unconditional LIB_DEPENDS to fix
the build in the RAW-off configuration.

PR:		202497
Reported by:	serpent7776 (gmail)
Approved by:	maintainer timeout / just-fix-it
[ 02:29 marino ] Original commit 
gnunet 0.10.1_2 net-p2p  Broken Ignore files touched by this commit Anonymous, distributed, reputation-based network
net-p2p/gnunet: Mark broken due to runtime malfunction

gnunet needs gnunet-daemon-hostlist to allow the connection to other
nodes on the network, but it's not built because it apparently requires
libgnurl for that.

PR:	205042
[ 02:01 marino ] Original commit 
winefish 1.3.3_15 editors  Deprecated Expiration Date Ignore files touched by this commit LaTeX editor based on BlueFish
editors/winefish: deprecate for removal in 2 months

Winefish was one of the Berlios projects that disappeared a few years
ago.  It hasn't been updated since 2006 while the editor it forked from,
Bluefish (www/bluefish), has been regularly updated.  It also segfaults
on AMD64 and ARMv6 platforms at startup, so mark it broken for those
platforms.  Give interested parties 2 months to fix the issues with this
editor before it's removed from the tree.

PR:	204851
Thu, 18 Aug 2016
[ 23:22 marino ] Original commit 
webkit-gtk2 2.4.11_3 www files touched by this commit Opensource browser engine using the GTK+ 2 toolkit
webkit-gtk3 2.4.11_3 www files touched by this commit Opensource browser engine using the GTK+ 3 toolkit
www/webkit-gtk(2,3): Mark broken for sparc64

PR:	186396
PR:	203382
[ 22:54 marino ] Original commit 
drpython 3.11.4_7 devel files touched by this commit Highly customizable cross-platform ide to aid programming in Python
devel/drpython: Remove wx.HIDE_READONLY attribute from wx.FileDialog

This attribute has been removed for wxPython 3.0.  Remove the flag
to fix runtime error during saving and loading.  See similar report on
DrPython bug report 137.

PR:		201699
Submitted by:	Jordan Irwin
[ 20:40 marino ] Original commit 
hylafax 6.0.6_6 comms files touched by this commit Fax software
comms/hylafax: Mark broken (runtime failure to receive faxes)

PR:	200922
[ 20:20 marino ] Original commit 
zstd 0.8.1 archivers files touched by this commit Zstandard - Fast real-time compression algorithm
archivers/zstd: Upgrade version 0.8.0 => 0.8.1
[ 14:44 marino ] Original commit 
gaphor 0.17.2_1 devel  Broken Deprecated Expiration Date Ignore files touched by this commit UML modeling environment written in Python
devel/gaphor: Mark broken, deprecate

Runtime failure was reported 13 months ago (unknown how long the problem
actually existed), it's never been fixed so apparently no one is using
this port or is interested in fixing it.  Remove in 2 months.

PR:	201280
[ 06:02 marino ] Original commit 
slim-themes 1.0.1_1 x11-themes files touched by this commit Theme pack for SLiM login app
x11-themes/slim-themes: fix invalid option definitions

Defining PORT_OPTIONS directly, especially after makefile fragment
inclusions, is not valid and results in missing options values (yet masked
when they are evaluated later after they are needed).

Rework the automagic to function as intended with the exception of removing
the redundant and potentially misleading "ALL_THEMES" option.  All the
themes are already set on by default and to change that required the extra
step of unchecking ALL_THEMES (without doing so still resulted in all
being selected even when options are unchecked which is confusing).

Finally, use the option framework to enforce one choice with MULTI option
rather than roll-your-own logic.

PR:		211569
Approved by:	maintainer timeout
Discovered by:	Synth sanity check failure
[ 05:41 marino ] Original commit 
py-cffi 1.7.0 devel files touched by this commit Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C code
devel/py-cffi: Use OPSYS with OSVERSION, USES+= localbase

r419747 introduced OSVERSION with a ">" comparison without using coupling
with OPSYS, fix.

It also removed CFLAGS and LDFLAGS as "unnecessary", but the fact is they
are still required for non-standard localbases and compilers that don't
search /usr/local/include by default.  Restore these flags with the
equivalent USES+=localbase

Approved by:	OPVERSION/OPSYS blanket, just-fix-it
Tue, 16 Aug 2016
[ 22:16 marino ] Original commit 
zstd 0.8.0 archivers files touched by this commit Zstandard - Fast real-time compression algorithm
archivers/zstd: Mark broken on FreeBSD 9

The base compiler on FreeBSD 9 doesn't have __builtin_bswap32 and
__builtin_bswap64 defined which causes a build failure.

Reported by:	pkg-fallout
Fri, 12 Aug 2016
[ 12:37 marino ] Original commit 
ndpi 1.8_1 net files touched by this commit NTOP-maintained superset of the popular OpenDPI library
net/ndpi: USES-= alias

Now properly fixed (DF patches stored in dports)
Tue, 9 Aug 2016
[ 14:06 marino ] Original commit 
adaid 0.0.1 devel files touched by this commit Simple Ada library for generating UUIDs
devel/adaid: Upgrade version v0.0.0 => v0.0.1
Mon, 8 Aug 2016
[ 04:24 marino ] Original commit 
pcsc-ada 0.7.3 devel files touched by this commit Ada binding to PC/SC middleware (Smart card interface)
devel/pcsc-ada: Fix build on DragonFly

The Linker_Options pragma was removed upstream and the linker options
moved to the common GPR file.  Extend the sed command to add the
-L/usr/local/lib LDFLAG for examples rather than have to patch several
individual files.  Needed by DF where /usr/local/lib is not a default
library path for the base compiler.
Sun, 7 Aug 2016
[ 17:21 marino ] Original commit 
cdecl 2.5_1 devel files touched by this commit Explains complicated C/C++ declarations in plain English
devel/cdecl: document ncurses, fix for DragonFly

While here, incorporate getline fix into the regenerated patches.
[ 17:08 marino ] Original commit 
funnelweb 3.2 devel files touched by this commit Powerful literate-programming macro pre-processor
devel/funnelweb: Rework to fix patching

Required to add DragonFly support patch.
Sat, 6 Aug 2016
[ 03:48 marino ] Original commit 
py-crits 3.1.0_4 security files touched by this commit Collaborative Research Into Threats
security/py-crits: Really fix pillow depends

The previous commit message indicated PYTHON_PKGNAMEPREFIX was added
to the pillow dependency specification, but the commit didn't actually
contain that change, so add it now.

PR:	211578
[ 01:02 marino ] Original commit 
daq 2.0.6_1 net files touched by this commit Data Acquisition abstraction library for snort 2.9+
net/daq: Fix dependency on libpcap (use ports version)

Back in r342092 (Jan 2014), the LIB_DEPENDS specification was updated
from pcap to, which effectively moved the dependency from
the ports version of libpcap to the base version.  The maintainer
also indicated the ports listed in the PR should specify the net/libpcap.

PR:	211578
[ 00:41 marino ] Original commit 
xorp 1.8.5_1 net files touched by this commit EXtensible Open Router Platform
net/xorp: Fix dependency on libpcap (use ports version)

The specification on libpcap came on the v1.6 => v.1.8.5 transition
while the port was unmaintained.  Assume the change originator intended
for the ports libpcap to be used, but didn't realize it needed an
explicit version number to avoid the base library from satisfying the
requirement.  While here, remove an obsolete CONFLICTS definition.

PR:	211578
[ 00:09 marino ] Original commit 
yaf 2.8.4_1 net-mgmt files touched by this commit YAF is Yet Another Flowmeter
net-mgmt/yaf: Fix dependency on libpcap

The WITH_DAG knob implies that the ports version of libpcap is desired
for yaf, not the base version as it is currently configured.  Fix the
dependency specification accordingly.

PR:	211578
Fri, 5 Aug 2016
[ 15:04 marino ] Original commit 
clpeak 1.0_1 benchmarks files touched by this commit Benchmarking tool to measure peak capabilities of opencl devices
benchmarks/clpeak: set USE_GL rather than hardcoding LIB_DEPENDS

The proper way to handle libGL is to set USE_GL=gl, and doing so allows
dependency registration to match the port

Approved by:	infrastructure blanket (redundant deps work)
[ 13:01 marino ] Original commit 
pinot 1.06_12 deskutils files touched by this commit Personal search and metasearch for the Free Desktop
deskutils/pinot: USES+= execinfo rather than hardcoded LIB_DEPENDS

No revbump necessary, execinfo wouldn't be registered on most platforms.

Approved by:	infrastructure blanket (removal of redundant deps)
[ 02:30 marino ] Original commit 
R 3.3.1_3 math files touched by this commit Language for statistical computing and graphics
math/R: maintainer rework

See PR for signficant changes to math/R port including options,
build defaults, and patch updates.

PR:		211393
Submitted by:	Joseph Mingrone (maintainer)
[ 00:28 marino ] Original commit 
thunderbird-dictionaries 20060220_12 mail files touched by this commit Dictionaries for Mozilla Thunderbird
mail/thunderbird-dictionaries: Rework (options invalid)

It is not valid to define PORT_OPTIONS variable directly (this is done
through OPTIONS_DEFINE and related variables) and definitely they can't
be modified after inclusions of or

Since the port needed to be reworked anyway, I simplified it a lot.  I
removed a shell command (with 3 pipes!) completely.  I saw several ways
to create ${ALLDICTS} with basic makefile techniques, but in the end
it wasn't even necessary.

I eliminated the "ALL" option.  It didn't make sense.  If "ALL" was set,
it would override the individual language options (leading to possible
confusion) and the "ALL" option was set by default, and then it even
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Thu, 4 Aug 2016
[ 19:25 marino ] Original commit 
fwbuilder 5.1.0_3 security files touched by this commit Firewall Builder GUI and policy compilers
security/fwbuilder: Fix bad RUN_DEPENDS specification for rcs

The fwbuilder makefile specifies devel/rcs as a run dependency for
FreeBSD 10 and later, but the specification is ignored on a stock
FreeBSD 10.3 installed from an ISO.  At some point rcs was removed
before FreeBSD-10 release, but it seems to have been put back and
controlled with a build knob, so it may or may not be present on
FreeBSD 10 or later.

Change the test from checking OSVERSION to checking for the existence
of /usr/bin/rcs.  It's a better chek and it fixes a potential dependency
mismatch issue between the port and the built package.

While here, change RUN_DEPENDS= to RUN_DEPENDS+= to avoid a potential
overwrite of existing values.

Approved by:	infrastructure blanket (redundant deps work)
[ 16:52 marino ] Original commit 
libtrace 3.0.19_2 net files touched by this commit C library for network packet capture and processing
net/libtrace: Fix LIB_DEPENDS on pcap (ports version desired)

The configure argument makes it clear the ports version of libpcap is
desired, but due to the ambiguous specification, the dependency was
never registered, but this commit rectifies that issue.

PR:		211578
approved by:	just-fix-it
[ 16:41 marino ] Original commit 
icinga2 2.4.10 net-mgmt files touched by this commit Monitoring and management system for hosts, services and networks
net-mgmt/icinga2: Fix LIB_DEPENDS with USES=execinfo

The unconditional specification of is redundant on most
plaforms that have in base.  The helper USES=execinfo
was created just to avoid this issue, so convert port to that.

Approved by:	just-fix-it
[ 16:05 marino ] Original commit 
nepenthes 0.2.2_9 net files touched by this commit Determine the malware activity on a network
net/nepenthes: Fix LIB_DEPENDS broken by r361812 (July 2014)

That commit removed library version numbers from LIB_DEPENDS, but it
should not have been removed from libmagic.  Restore the dependency
on sysutils/file by specifying so version once again.
[ 15:54 marino ] Original commit 
rodent x11-fm files touched by this commit Fast, small, and powerful file manager
x11-fm/rodent: Fix LIB_DEPENDS broken by r300560 (July 2012)

That commit removed library version numbers from LIB_DEPENDS, but it
should not have been removed from libmagic.  Rodent was correctly set to
use sysutils/file, but after that point it linked with base libmagic.
Restore the original intent more than 4 years later by specifying the
so version once again.

Approved by:	just-fix-it
[ 14:49 marino ] Original commit 
p5-Catalyst-Controller-SOAP 1.25 www files touched by this commit Catalyst SOAP Controller
www/p5-Catalyst-Controller-SOAP: Remove extra specification on p5-MRO-Compat

The p5-MRO-Compat package was specified twice: once for (unnecessary)
MRO compatibility and once for p5-Moose.  That makes 7 unique dependency
specifications, but only 6 depenencies are registered.  Remove one of the
redundant p5-MRO-Compat dependencies.

Approved by:	infrastructure blanket (removal of redundant deps)
[ 14:18 marino ] Original commit 
netams 3.4.5_4 net-mgmt  Deleted Deprecated Expired Ignore files touched by this commit Network Traffic Accounting and Monitoring Software
net-mgmt/netams: reset maintainer, expire, make less broken

First, the port already has 3 maintainer timeouts going back years, so
go ahead and reset maintainership.

Second, it's broken on FreeBSD 10 and newer.

Third, the options were broken (e.g. USES defined after <options>,
<pre> and <post> also used with options.  I tweaked this some (untested)

Fourth: The pcap specification is ambiguous.  (I removed it). [1]

The entire port is in really bad shape so set it for removal in
two weeks.

PR:	211578 [1]
[ 13:38 marino ] Original commit 
ipdecap 0.7.1_1 net files touched by this commit Decapsulate traffic encapsulated within GRE, IPIP, 6in4, ESP protocols
net/ipdecap: Fix LIB_DEPENDS on ports libpcap

It is clear from the build dependency on the ports libpcap header that
ipdecap intends to have a dependency on ports libpcap.  However, it is
ambiguously specified and the base libpcap satisfies the requirement, thus
the dependency is never registered.  Use the full library name (so.1 which
does not conflict with either FreeBSD or DF base) to remove the ambiguity.

Approved by:	just-fix-it
[ 12:53 marino ] Original commit 
fpc-pcap 3.0.0_2 net files touched by this commit Free Pascal unit for libpcap library
net/fpc-pcap: Remove redundant pcap option

The default LIBPCAP option didn't do anything.  It set a LIB_DEPENDS
that is always satisfied by the base libpcap so no dependencies were

While here, set PORTREVISION.  The slave ports of fpc should have have
PORTREVISION?= line, even if the value is zero.  This one didn't, so
we have to bump to 2 because the master port already had set it to 1.
[ 05:51 marino ] Original commit 
libtomoe-gtk 0.6.0_10 japanese files touched by this commit TOMOE GTK+ library
japanese/libtomoe-gtk: fix illegal placement of USES

USES must be defined before any inclusions like <options> or <pre>,
otherwise they can't get registered as run dependencies.  The presence
of USES=python after <pre> was trying to build+run dependency on
python conditionally based on the presence of an installed file.

Since the condition can't be moved up due to the LOCALBASE variable,
I've moved python up but changed it to USES+=python:build so that
python will never be registered as a run dependency, but it will be
available if required for building.  The alternative is register
python as a run dependency in every case because the port can't stay
how it is.  I picked the more conservative option I think.

Approved by:	just-fix-it
[ 04:57 marino ] Original commit 
thunderbird 45.2.0 mail files touched by this commit Mozilla Thunderbird is standalone mail and news that stands above
firefox 47.0.1_2,1 www files touched by this commit Web browser based on the browser portion of Mozilla
firefox-esr 45.3.0,1 www files touched by this commit Web browser based on the browser portion of Mozilla
libxul 45.3.0 www files touched by this commit Mozilla runtime package that can be used to bootstrap XUL+XPCOM apps
seamonkey 2.39_10 www files touched by this commit The open source, standards compliant web browser
gecko ports: Remove redundant dependency on unzip

A dependency on unzip will never be registered since unzip is available
on all supported platforms (since FreeBSD 8.0).

Approved by:	infrastructure blanket (removal of redundant deps)
[ 04:52 marino ] Original commit 
b2evolution 4.0.5_1 www files touched by this commit Multilingual, multiuser, multi-blog engine
pebble 2.3.2_2 www files touched by this commit Lightweight, open source, Java EE blogging tool
www/(b2evolution/pebble): Remove redundant dependency on unzip

A dependency on unzip will never be registered since unzip is available
on all supported platforms (since FreeBSD 8.0).
[ 04:36 marino ] Original commit 
kodi 16.0_1 multimedia files touched by this commit Award winning media center application
plexhometheater 1.4.1_3 multimedia files touched by this commit Media center frontend to multimedia/plexmediaserver
rabbitmq 3.6.4 net files touched by this commit RabbitMQ is an implementation of AMQP
apsfilter 7.2.8_16 print files touched by this commit Magic print filter with print preview, duplex printing, and more
pcbsd-utils 1440778617 sysutils files touched by this commit PC-BSD Command-Line Utilities
s5 1.1_2 textproc files touched by this commit Simple HTML-based presentation system
multimedia ... sysutils: Remove redundant dependency on unzip

A dependency on unzip will never be registered since unzip is available
on all supported platforms (since FreeBSD 8.0).
Note that it's pulled in by a non-default option.

Approved by:	infrastructure blanket (removal of redundant deps)
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