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non port: head/sysutils/portsnap/distinfo

Number of commits found: 14

Mon, 5 Feb 2007
[ 01:08 pav ] Original commit 
1.1276 MOVED
1.549 Mk/
1.2622 devel/Makefile
1.12 devel/portcheckout/Makefile
1.5 devel/portcheckout/distinfo
1.2 devel/portcheckout/files/patch-aa
1.2 devel/portcheckout/files/patch-ab
1.3 devel/portcheckout/pkg-descr
1.114 devel/portlint/Makefile

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Populate a new ports-mgmt category. List of moved ports:

  devel/portcheckout -> ports-mgmt/portcheckout
  devel/portlint -> ports-mgmt/portlint
  devel/portmk -> ports-mgmt/portmk
  devel/porttools -> ports-mgmt/porttools
  misc/instant-tinderbox -> ports-mgmt/instant-tinderbox
  misc/porteasy -> ports-mgmt/porteasy
  misc/portell -> ports-mgmt/portell
  misc/portless -> ports-mgmt/portless
  misc/tinderbox -> ports-mgmt/tinderbox
  security/jailaudit -> ports-mgmt/jailaudit
  security/portaudit -> ports-mgmt/portaudit
  security/portaudit-db -> ports-mgmt/portaudit-db
  security/vulnerability-test-port -> ports-mgmt/vulnerability-test-port
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Fri, 26 May 2006
[ 23:36 cperciva ] Original commit 
1.15 sysutils/portsnap/Makefile
1.13 sysutils/portsnap/distinfo
Update portsnap to version 1.1, to reflect three months of development in
the src tree.

PR:             ports/93901, bin/96288
Sponsored by:   FreeBSD security development fundraiser
Mon, 30 Jan 2006
[ 20:12 cperciva ] Original commit 
1.14 sysutils/portsnap/Makefile
1.12 sysutils/portsnap/distinfo
Update sysutils/portsnap to version 1.0, to match the version in the
src tree.
This only affects users of FreeBSD 5.4 and earlier, since the port is
IGNOREd for recent versions of the FreeBSD base system.

PR:             ports/92563
Approved by:    linimon
Tue, 24 Jan 2006
[ 05:43 edwin ] Original commit 
1.3 sysutils/afbinit/distinfo
1.7 sysutils/am-utils/distinfo
1.6 sysutils/est/distinfo
1.4 sysutils/estctrl/distinfo
1.2 sysutils/freebsd-sha1/distinfo
1.2 sysutils/freebsd-sha256/distinfo
1.6 sysutils/gdesklets-multitail/distinfo
1.2 sysutils/ledit/distinfo
1.4 sysutils/pear-File_Gettext/distinfo
1.4 sysutils/pmap/distinfo

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SHA256ify (manually checked)
> Approved by: krion@
Sat, 17 Sep 2005
[ 16:09 cperciva ] Original commit 
1.12 sysutils/portsnap/Makefile
1.10 sysutils/portsnap/distinfo
Update to version 0.9.5.  This is identical to 0.9.4 except for a fix
which makes make_index not coredump when it encounters a circular
dependency in the ports tree.

Approved by:    erwin
Sun, 31 Jul 2005
[ 10:56 cperciva ] Original commit 
1.11 sysutils/portsnap/Makefile
1.9 sysutils/portsnap/distinfo
Upgrade to version 0.9.4 to fix a deadlock bug in the experimental
pipelined http code.  This has no effect for anyone not using the
-x option to portsnap.

Approved by:    pav
Sat, 30 Jul 2005
[ 22:35 cperciva ] Original commit 
1.10 sysutils/portsnap/Makefile
1.8 sysutils/portsnap/distinfo
Upgrade to version 0.9.3.

This adds some new _experimental_ pipelined HTTP code which typically
makes portsnap 3-10 times faster at downloading updates.  This
experimental code is disabled by default; to enable it, run portsnap
with the (undocumented) -x option.  (e.g., "portsnap -x fetch")

I am not currently aware of any problems with this new code, but it has
had less than 24 hours of testing; I would definitely like to know if
it breaks anything.

If portsnap is run without the -x option, this version should behave
exactly the same way as the previous version.

Approved by:    simon
Tue, 28 Jun 2005
[ 18:12 cperciva ] Original commit 
1.9 sysutils/portsnap/Makefile
1.7 sysutils/portsnap/distinfo
Upgrade to version 0.9.2.  This adds a -I option to "portsnap update"
which only updates the INDEX files, and sets PATH to avoid problems
when running from per-user crontabs.

Approved by:    pav
Sun, 20 Mar 2005
[ 20:40 cperciva ] Original commit 
1.7 sysutils/portsnap/Makefile
1.6 sysutils/portsnap/distinfo
Upgrade to version 0.9.1 to fix some bugs which broke portsnap on

Approved by:    pav
[ 09:39 krion ] Original commit 
1.5 sysutils/portsnap/distinfo
Fix md5 sum.
[ 09:38 krion ] Original commit 
1.6 sysutils/portsnap/Makefile
1.4 sysutils/portsnap/distinfo
1.3 sysutils/portsnap/pkg-message
Update portsnap to version 0.9.  This brings the following changes:

 * SHA-256 has replaced SHA-1 as a hash function used for verifying
   integrity of the ports tree.
 * The RSA signature verification is now performed using OpenSSL
   rather than "borrowing" code from FreeBSD Update.
 * In addition to distributing the ports tree, portsnap now also
   produces up-to-date INDEX, INDEX-4, and INDEX-5 files.
 * When fetching a series of patches, portsnap now prints a simple
   progress indicator.

PR:             ports/79044
Submitted by:   maintainer
Thu, 9 Dec 2004
[ 02:45 cperciva ] Original commit 
1.5 sysutils/portsnap/Makefile
1.3 sysutils/portsnap/distinfo
Update to version 0.3.1 in order to fix a bug which breaks `portsnap

Bug noticed by: Dru Lavigne
With hats:      pointy, maintainer
Wed, 8 Dec 2004
[ 07:50 erwin ] Original commit 
1.4 sysutils/portsnap/Makefile
1.2 sysutils/portsnap/distinfo
Update to version 0.3.  This has the following changes:
1. The working directory and ports directory can be specified
in the portsnap.conf configuration file.
2. Parts of the ports tree (down to the level of individual ports)
can be extracted (e.g., "portsnap extract security/freebsd-update").

This also adds an empty file, $PREFIX/portsnap/,
which (as the name suggests) ensures that $PREFIX/portsnap/ will be
generated when a package is installed using pkg_add.

PR:             74835
Submitted by:   maintainer
Sun, 31 Oct 2004
[ 18:12 lofi ] Original commit 
1.585 sysutils/Makefile
1.1 sysutils/portsnap/Makefile
1.1 sysutils/portsnap/distinfo
1.1 sysutils/portsnap/pkg-descr
1.1 sysutils/portsnap/pkg-message
Add portsnap: Provides secure snapshots of the ports directory.

PR: ports/73323
Submitted by: Colin Percival <>

Number of commits found: 14

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