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The last vuln.xml file processed by FreshPorts is:

Revision:  414236
Date:      2016-04-28
Time:      20:17:30Z
Committer: matthew

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VuXML IDDescription
608ed765-c700-11e3-848c-20cf30e32f6dbugzilla -- Cross-Site Request Forgery

A Bugzilla Security Advisory reports:

The login form had no CSRF protection, meaning that an attacker could force the victim to log in using the attacker's credentials. If the victim then reports a new security sensitive bug, the attacker would get immediate access to this bug.

Due to changes involved in the Bugzilla API, this fix is not backported to the 4.0 and 4.2 branches, meaning that Bugzilla 4.0.12 and older, and 4.2.8 and older, will remain vulnerable to this issue.

Discovery 2014-04-17
Entry 2014-04-18
Modified 2014-04-18
ge 2.0.0 lt 4.4.3

ge 2.0.0 lt 4.4.3

ge 2.0.0 lt 4.4.3