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non port: head/www/eliom/Makefile

Number of commits found: 3

Sun, 29 Nov 2015
[ 09:51 antoine ] Original commit   Revision:402586
402586 audio/py-fastaudio/Makefile
402586 devel/jgoodies-common/Makefile
402586 devel/monodevelop-database/Makefile
402586 editors/bless/Makefile
402586 editors/e3/Makefile
402586 emulators/gem5/Makefile
402586 games/kanatest/Makefile
402586 graphics/pinta/Makefile
402586 irc/quirc/Makefile
402586 lang/cduce/Makefile

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Deprecate ports broken for more than 6 months
Sat, 16 May 2015
[ 07:37 marino ] Original commit   Revision:386500
386500 archivers/ocaml-bz2/Makefile
386500 databases/ocaml-dbm/Makefile
386500 databases/ocaml-sqlite3/Makefile
386500 devel/ocaml-calendar/Makefile
386500 devel/ocaml-lwt/Makefile
386500 devel/ocaml-react/Makefile
386500 lang/js_of_ocaml/Makefile
386500 security/ocaml-cryptokit/Makefile
386500 security/ocaml-ssl/Makefile
386500 textproc/ocaml-text/Makefile

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Reset 14 ocaml ports maintained by Jaap Boender per his request

"I don't use FreeBSD very much anymore, so I'm not really the best person
 to fix this. (As a corollary, if anyone wants to take over maintainership
 of any or all of the ports, I'm still listed as maintainer of, they are
 most welcome to.)"

Given that Jaap hasn't submitted or handled any PRs since before staging,
I think it will be more effective to just reset all the ports and let
people pick up the ones they like.  Thanks for your past support, Jaap!

PR:	199845
Thu, 27 Mar 2014
[ 17:39 marino ] Original commit   Revision:349348
349348 www/Makefile
349348 www/eliom
349348 www/eliom/Makefile
349348 www/eliom/distinfo
349348 www/eliom/files
349348 www/eliom/files/patch-src_Makefile
349348 www/eliom/files/patch-src_client
349348 www/eliom/files/patch-src_client_Makefile.filelist
349348 www/eliom/pkg-descr
349348 www/eliom/pkg-plist
Add new Ocaml port: www/eliom

The initial version submitted in the PR was augmented by later changes
seen in pkgsrc where the counterpart is maintained by the submitter.

Note that due to a problem with, the USE_OCAML_LDCONFIG
option had to be disabled.  This could be changed when the problem is

Eliom is a framework for programming web sites and client/server web
applications. It uses very new concepts making programming very different
from all other web programming tools, and allowing to write a complex web
site in very few lines of code.


PR:		ports/176165
Submitted by:	Jaap Boender
Maintainer:	Jaap Boender
Stage support:	Taken from pkgsrc

Number of commits found: 3

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