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non port: Templates/BSD.local.dist

Number of commits found: 12

Sat, 10 Nov 2018
[ 18:12 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:484628
484628 CHANGES
484628 Mk/
484628 Templates/BSD.local.dist
484628 accessibility/speech-dispatcher/Makefile
484628 archivers/fastjar/Makefile
484628 archivers/gcpio/Makefile
484628 archivers/gtar/Makefile
484628 archivers/gzip/Makefile
484628 archivers/lzip/Makefile
484628 archivers/lzlib/Makefile

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Install texinfo files (GNU info) into ${PREFIX}/share/info

After a discussion on the mailing list on moving manpages to
${PREFIX}/share/man for consistency with base where it is
installed in usr/share/man, it appeared the same should happen
to GNU info files which were installed under share in base and
not in ports.

Now texinfo is not in base on any of the supported version of FreeBSD
it is possible to proceed to this move and it is easier to do than
the manpage change.

Other benefit than consistency are less patching: all build tools but
cmake are expecting info files to be under share/info and cmake (patched here)
was having an exception for BSD so the patch makes FreeBSD case less
specific for them

Bump revision of all impacted ports

PR:		232907
exp-run by:	antoine
Differential Revision:
Tue, 20 Oct 2015
[ 16:05 bdrewery ] Original commit   Revision:399867
399867 Templates/BSD.local.dist
Add /usr/local/lib/debug for WIP debug symbol splitting started in r399701.

With hat:	portmgr
Sat, 21 Mar 2015
[ 23:11 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:381877
381877 Templates/BSD.local.dist
Remove lib/X11/fonts/* from the default mtree
Tue, 26 Aug 2014
[ 22:53 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:366283
366283 Templates/BSD.local.dist
Remove an addition to BSD.local.dist which wasn't intended

Reported by:	bdrewery
[ 22:42 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:366280
366280 Templates/BSD.local.dist
Add etc/libmap.d to the local mtree
[ 22:41 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:366279
366279 Templates/BSD.local.dist
Add etc/rc.conf.d to the local mtree
Thu, 5 Jun 2014
[ 15:20 bdrewery ] Original commit   Revision:356642
356642 Templates/BSD.local.dist
- Add LOCALBASE/etc/newsyslog.conf.d from base r266463

With hat:	portmgr
Sun, 9 Feb 2014
[ 04:02 jmmv ] Original commit   Revision:343428
343428 Templates/BSD.local.dist
Register a 'tests' directory under /usr/local.

This mimics the layout of the base system (see hier(7)) and will be used by
ports to install tests into.  This directory will later be hooked into the
/usr/tests test suite so that all tests can be run transparently in one go.

Approved by:	portmgr (bdrewery)
Tue, 22 Oct 2013
[ 13:49 amdmi3 ] Original commit   Revision:331266
331266 Templates/BSD.local.dist
- Add share/applications to mtree, so it no longer needs to be created/removed
by individual ports

Approved by:	portmgr (bdrewery)
Fri, 12 Nov 2010
[ 20:57 pav ] Original commit 
1.3 Templates/BSD.local.dist
- Include etc/devd in mtree, as referenced in devd.conf(5)

PR:             ports/145598
Submitted by:   Dominic Fandrey <>
Tue, 5 Oct 2010
[ 02:44 gordon ] Original commit 
1.2 Templates/BSD.local.dist
Add the new etc/man.d directory.

Approved by:    portmgr (pav)
Sat, 19 May 2007
[ 21:55 flz ] Original commit 
1.1 Templates/BSD.local.dist
Add missing mtree file.

Approved by:    portmgr (pav)

Number of commits found: 12

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