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non port: archivers/liblz4/distinfo

Number of commits found XX: 16

Tue, 24 Nov 2020
[ 09:26 fernape ] Original commit   Revision:556153
556153 archivers/liblz4/Makefile
556153 archivers/liblz4/distinfo
556153 archivers/liblz4/pkg-plist
archivers/liblz4: Update to 1.9.3


 * Switch from gmake to meson.
 * Enable tests

PR:	251183
Submitted by:
Approved by: (maintainer)
Mon, 2 Sep 2019
[ 19:47 swills ] Original commit   Revision:510837
510837 archivers/liblz4/Makefile
510837 archivers/liblz4/distinfo
archivers/liblz4: Update to 1.9.2

PR:		240007
Submitted by:	Martin Waschbusch <> (maintainer)
Fri, 26 Apr 2019
[ 19:38 swills ] Original commit   Revision:500130
500130 archivers/liblz4/Makefile
500130 archivers/liblz4/distinfo
archivers/liblz4: Update to 1.9.1

PR:		237520
Submitted by:	Martin Waschbusch <> (maintainer)
Tue, 18 Sep 2018
[ 15:09 swills ] Original commit   Revision:480030
480030 archivers/liblz4/Makefile
480030 archivers/liblz4/distinfo
480030 archivers/liblz4/pkg-plist
archivers/liblz4: Update to v1.8.3

PR:		231324
Submitted by:	Martin Waschbusch <> (maintainer)
Tue, 8 May 2018
[ 09:10 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:469368
469368 archivers/liblz4/Makefile
469368 archivers/liblz4/distinfo
469368 archivers/liblz4/pkg-plist
Update to 1.8.2

Remove the now unneeded post-patch section
Enforce usage of our INSTALL_PROGRAM instead of manually strip
Pass variables via MAKE_ARGS to avoid patching
Remove now useless USES=pathfix

PR:		228060
Submitted by:	bapt
Reported by:	Yann Collet (Upstream)
Reviewed by:	Martin Waschbusch (maintainer)
Approved by:	Martin Waschbusch (maintainer)
Thu, 18 Jan 2018
[ 14:44 sunpoet ] Original commit   Revision:459351
459351 archivers/liblz4/Makefile
459351 archivers/liblz4/distinfo
459351 archivers/liblz4/files
Update to

PR:		225277
Submitted by:	Martin Waschbusch <> (maintainer)
Sun, 14 Jan 2018
[ 07:07 sunpoet ] Original commit   Revision:458961
458961 archivers/liblz4/Makefile
458961 archivers/liblz4/distinfo
458961 archivers/liblz4/files
458961 archivers/liblz4/files/patch-lib-lz4.h
Update to 1.8.1

PR:		225145
Submitted by:	Martin Waschbusch <> (maintainer)
Sun, 20 Aug 2017
[ 12:30 sunpoet ] Original commit   Revision:448415
448415 archivers/liblz4/Makefile
448415 archivers/liblz4/distinfo
448415 archivers/liblz4/pkg-plist
Update to 1.8.0

PR:		221630
Submitted by:	Martin Waschbusch <>
Thu, 2 Feb 2017
[ 22:25 matthew ] Original commit   Revision:433181
433181 archivers/liblz4/Makefile
433181 archivers/liblz4/distinfo
Update to 1.7.5

Notable changes:
- Upstream switched versioning from e.g. r131 to v1.7.5, forcing me to
  make use of PORTEPOCH.
- (Submitter) pushed a change upstream to add FreeBSD to the OSs
  recognized in Makefile, requiring one less search & replace action
  in post-patch section.

PR:		216599
Submitted by: (maintainer)
Tue, 7 Jul 2015
[ 19:17 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:391523
391523 archivers/liblz4/Makefile
391523 archivers/liblz4/distinfo
Update to r131.
Mon, 29 Jun 2015
[ 00:36 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:390875
390875 archivers/liblz4/Makefile
390875 archivers/liblz4/distinfo
390875 archivers/liblz4/files
Update to r130, which incorporates the patches that riggs committed in
Tue, 19 May 2015
[ 16:37 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:386791
386791 archivers/liblz4/Makefile
386791 archivers/liblz4/distinfo
Update to r129. Changes at
Remove the CONFLICTS on archivers/lz4 which was removed from the ports tree.
Tue, 28 Apr 2015
[ 18:44 bdrewery ] Original commit   Revision:384932
384932 Mk/
384932 archivers/liblz4/distinfo
384932 astro/gpxloggerd/distinfo
384932 audio/gogglesmm/distinfo
384932 benchmarks/smhasher/distinfo
384932 comms/dump1090_mr/distinfo
384932 databases/php5-redis/distinfo
384932 devel/editline/distinfo
384932 devel/fstrm/distinfo
384932 devel/hub/distinfo

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USE_GITHUB: For the new support, fix DISTNAME to be more consistent.

When using GH_TAGNAME the DISTNAME would have GH_PROJECT and GH_ACCOUNT in
it. When not using GH_TAGNAME it would not have this. Now both cases
will add in the GH_PROJECT and GH_ACCOUNT.

Add special care to ensure that the DISTVERSION is not added in twice. If
a port does GH_TAGNAME=v${PORTVERSION} it will be added in twice though. For
that case DISTVERSIONPREFIX=v should be set and no GH_TAGNAME should be used.

empty() is used rather than (!defined || !${}) to support fmake.

The purpose of setting DISTNAME at all in these cases is to make it more clear
that the distfile is from *GITHUB* and to avoid collisions if a project were
to be renamed or moved. Without adding in GH_PROJECT and GH_ACCOUNT then there
are real risks that collisions on filenames would happen on renamed or moved
projects, which is fairly common. A GITHUB-generated file may not match
a custom-rolled or git-archive-rolled distfile.

PR:		199069
With hat:	portmgr
Testing done:	All USE_GITHUB ports without GH_COMMIT were
checksum/fetch/extract/WRKSRC tested.
Sun, 19 Apr 2015
[ 19:34 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:384319
384319 archivers/liblz4/Makefile
384319 archivers/liblz4/distinfo
384319 archivers/liblz4/pkg-descr
384319 archivers/liblz4/pkg-plist
Update to r128.

Changes are listed on

Also, use the new USE_GITHUB syntax, and update WWW.
Tue, 24 Mar 2015
[ 18:25 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:382152
382152 archivers/liblz4/Makefile
382152 archivers/liblz4/distinfo
382152 archivers/liblz4/pkg-plist
Update to r127. Fix tons of hardcoded paths in the Makefile to enable
'make install' to work properly.
Sun, 26 Oct 2014
[ 00:14 adamw ] Original commit   Revision:371493
371493 archivers/Makefile
371493 archivers/liblz4
371493 archivers/liblz4/Makefile
371493 archivers/liblz4/distinfo
371493 archivers/liblz4/pkg-descr
371493 archivers/liblz4/pkg-plist
371493 archivers/lz4/Makefile
Add archivers/liblz4. There is already archivers/lz4, which it looks
like might be an old version of this, but it only installs a binary.
This installs binaries and libraries/headers.

LZ4 is a very fast lossless compression algorithm, providing compression speed
at 400 MB/s per core, scalable with multi-cores CPU. It also features an
extremely fast decoder, with speed in multiple GB/s per core, typically
reaching RAM speed limits on multi-core systems.

A high compression derivative, called LZ4_HC, is also provided. It trades CPU
time for compression ratio.

The libraries are BSD licensed, and the binaries are GPLv2.


Number of commits found XX: 16

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