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non port: archivers/linux-f8-ucl/pkg-plist

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Wednesday, 1 Apr 2009
15:25 bsam search for other commits by this committer
Here are new Linux Fedora 8 infrastructure ports.

The recommended version of FreeBSD to use them is 8-CURRENT.
FreeBSD-7.x is not fully compatible with compat.linux.osrelease
2.6.16. Some syscalls cannot be MFCed due to native FreeBSD
ABI breakage.

Usage (and package building):
1. define compat.linux.osrelease=2.6.16;
2. add following variables to /etc/make.conf:

Approved by:    bsam (me) ;-)
Original commit
Sunday, 29 Mar 2009
15:56 bsam search for other commits by this committer
A forced commit to indicate repocopies from linux-* to linux-f8-*
infrastructure ports:
accessibility/linux-atk -> accessibility/linux-f8-atk
archivers/linux-ucl -> archivers/linux-f8-ucl
archivers/linux-upx -> archivers/linux-f8-upx
audio/linux-alsa-lib -> audio/linux-f8-alsa-lib
audio/linux-arts -> audio/linux-f8-arts
audio/linux-esound -> audio/linux-f8-esound
audio/linux-freealut -> audio/linux-f8-freealut
audio/linux-libaudiofile -> audio/linux-f8-libaudiofile
audio/linux-libogg -> audio/linux-f8-libogg
audio/linux-libvorbis -> audio/linux-f8-libvorbis
audio/linux-mikmod -> audio/linux-f8-mikmod
audio/linux-openal -> audio/linux-f8-openal
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Original commit

Number of commits found: 2