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non port: audio/calf/pkg-plist

Number of commits found XX: 12

Sun, 2 Aug 2015
[ 15:03 tijl ] Original commit   Revision:393429
393429 Mk/Uses/
393429 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
393429 audio/audacity/Makefile
393429 audio/calf/Makefile
393429 audio/calf/files/
393429 audio/calf/files/
393429 audio/calf/files/patch-src-giface.cpp
393429 audio/calf/files/patch-src-monosynth.cpp
393429 audio/calf/pkg-plist
393429 audio/deadbeef/Makefile

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By default libtool replaces -export-symbols <file> with -retain-symbols-file
<file> on ELF systems, but this doesn't really do what -export-symbols is
meant to do.  On GNU ELF systems it converts <file> to a simple version
script first and then uses -version-script instead of -retain-symbols-file.
Let USES=libtool patch libtool scripts to do this on all systems with GNU

Bump PORTREVISION on all ports where the build log contains -export-symbols.

audio/calf: This port builds a module that now exports only one function,
but it also builds a number of executables that link to this module and
expect to see other functions.  Because it's already a bit dodgy to link to
a module (libtool warns about this) let the module continue to export only
one function and instead build an ordinary library from the same source that
the executables can link to.  Fix a number of other issues in the same
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Sat, 20 Jun 2015
[ 09:24 wen ] Original commit   Revision:390155
390155 audio/calf/Makefile
390155 audio/calf/distinfo
390155 audio/calf/files
390155 audio/calf/files/patch-src__calf__audio_fx.h
390155 audio/calf/files/patch-src__calf__osctl.h
390155 audio/calf/pkg-plist
- Update to 0.0.60

PR:		199207
Submitted by:
Mon, 20 Oct 2014
[ 06:36 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:371234
371234 audio/Maaate/pkg-plist
371234 audio/abcmidi/pkg-plist
371234 audio/abraca/pkg-plist
371234 audio/acoustid-fingerprinter/pkg-plist
371234 audio/afsp/pkg-plist
371234 audio/aften/pkg-plist
371234 audio/alsa-lib/pkg-plist
371234 audio/alsa-plugins/pkg-plist
371234 audio/alsa-utils/pkg-plist
371234 audio/alure/pkg-plist

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Cleanup plist
Mon, 16 Jun 2014
[ 14:02 amdmi3 ] Original commit   Revision:357993
357993 audio/calf/Makefile
357993 audio/calf/pkg-plist
- Switch to USES=libtool, drop .la files
Sun, 19 Jan 2014
[ 09:26 miwi ] Original commit   Revision:340242
340242 audio/calf/Makefile
340242 audio/calf/pkg-plist
- Fix build with clang

PR:		185500
Submitted by:	Ports Fury
Fri, 13 Dec 2013
[ 10:05 marino ] Original commit   Revision:336330
336330 audio/calf/pkg-plist
audio/calf: Unbreak on most platforms by fixing plist

It is still broken on FreeBSD 10+:
fixed_point.h: error: 'data' declared as an array with a negative size (4x)
Sun, 24 Nov 2013
[ 19:10 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:334768
334768 audio/calf/Makefile
334768 audio/calf/pkg-plist
Support stage
Use options helpers
Tue, 22 Oct 2013
[ 13:50 amdmi3 ] Original commit   Revision:331267
331267 accessibility/accerciser/pkg-plist
331267 accessibility/dasher/pkg-plist
331267 accessibility/gnopernicus/pkg-plist
331267 accessibility/gok/pkg-plist
331267 accessibility/orca/pkg-plist
331267 archivers/file-roller/pkg-plist
331267 archivers/xarchive/pkg-plist
331267 astro/foxtrotgps/pkg-plist
331267 astro/gmapcatcher/pkg-plist
331267 astro/gpsdrive/pkg-plist

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- Remove manual creation and removal of share/applications, as it's now in the
mtree (categories starting with a)

Approved by:	portmgr (bdrewery)
Fri, 1 Feb 2013
[ 15:04 ak ] Original commit   Revision:311381
311381 astro/gpstk/files/patch-scale
311381 audio/akode-plugins-xiph/files/patch-configure
311381 audio/calf/pkg-plist
311381 audio/cam/files/patch-cam.c
311381 audio/cdparanoia/files/patch-interface-scsi_interface.c
311381 audio/cynthiune/files/patch-SongInspectorController.m
311381 audio/linuxsampler/files/patch-src__common__Pool.h
311381 audio/sdl_mixer/files/patch-timidity-config.h
311381 audio/squeezeboxserver/files/
311381 audio/taglib/files/extrapatch-rcc

(Only the first 10 of 137 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- Fix all cases of 'No newline at end of file' in ports tree

Approved by: portmgr (bapt)
Thu, 13 Dec 2012
[ 18:28 beech ] Original commit   Revision:308863
308863 audio/calf/Makefile
308863 audio/calf/distinfo
308863 audio/calf/pkg-descr
308863 audio/calf/pkg-plist
- Update to version 0.0.19

PR:		ports/174165
Submitted by:	KATO Tsuguru <>
Tue, 28 Dec 2010
[ 13:23 arved ] Original commit 
1.7 audio/calf/Makefile
1.2 audio/calf/distinfo
1.2 audio/calf/pkg-plist
Update to

PR:             153483
Submitted by:   Armin Pirkovitsch
Thu, 27 Aug 2009
[ 06:07 trasz ] Original commit 
1.1056 audio/Makefile
1.1 audio/calf/Makefile
1.1 audio/calf/distinfo
1.1 audio/calf/pkg-descr
1.1 audio/calf/pkg-plist
The Calf project aims at providing a set of high quality open source
audio plugins for musicians. All the included plugins are designed
to be used with multitrack software, as software replacement for
instruments and guitar stomp boxes.

The plugins are available in following formats:

 - DSSI (both synthesizers and effects, GTK+ GUI is included)

 - Standalone JACK client application with GTK+-based GUI

 - LADSPA (only effect plugins, GUI not available unless host supports
   DSSI-style GUI for LADSPA), with LRDF. Note that use of LADSPA
   is strongly discouraged, as the limitations of the standard may cause
   serious inconvenience.


Number of commits found XX: 12

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