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non port: audio/ocp/files/patch-playym_lzh_lzh.h

Number of commits found: 2

Fri, 19 Mar 2021
[ 20:48 ehaupt search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit   Revision:568814
audio/ocp: Update to 0.2.90

Remove USE_LDCONFIG, this port does not install shared objects in the
format lib*.so.[0-9] which ldconfig(8) needs to register them in the
hints file.
Thu, 18 Jun 2020
[ 15:41 pkubaj search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit   Revision:539550
audio/ocp: fix build on powerpc64 with gcc

GCC is still used on stable/11 and stable/12. It needs sys/types.h in lzh.h,
because some types are not recognized.

Force newer compiler due to:
pfilesel.c:3312: error: #pragma GCC diagnostic not allowed inside functions

Because of libstdc++ ABI changes due to forcing new compiler, audio/libadplug
and devel/libbinio in order for audio/ocp to build.

PR:		247377
Approved by:	ehaupt (maintainer)

Number of commits found: 2