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non port: audio/squeezecenter/Makefile

Number of commits found: 24

Mon, 30 Nov 2009
[ 14:14 miwi ] Original commit 
1.2036 MOVED
1.1078 audio/Makefile
1.7 audio/squeezecenter-dynamicplaylist/Makefile
1.6 audio/squeezecenter-dynamicplaylist/distinfo
1.2 audio/squeezecenter-dynamicplaylist/pkg-descr
1.5 audio/squeezecenter-dynamicplaylist/pkg-plist
1.6 audio/squeezecenter-lazysearch/Makefile
1.5 audio/squeezecenter-lazysearch/distinfo
1.2 audio/squeezecenter-lazysearch/pkg-descr
1.2 audio/squeezecenter-lazysearch/pkg-plist

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2009-11-30 audio/squeezecenter-trackstat: Replaced by
2009-11-30 audio/squeezecenter-superdatetime: Replaced by
2009-11-30 audio/squeezecenter-sqlplaylist: Replaced by
2009-11-30 audio/squeezecenter-lazysearch: Replaced by
2009-11-30 audio/squeezecenter-dynamicplaylist: Replaced by
2009-11-30 audio/squeezecenter: Replaced by audio/squeezeboxcenter
2009-10-17 www/mod_auth_mysql41_ap2: distfile no longer fetchable
2009-10-13 x11-toolkits/gtkscintilla: no longer under development, last release
in 2002
2009-10-13 x11-toolkits/py-gtkscintilla: no longer under development, last
release in 2002
Wed, 14 Oct 2009
[ 23:59 brooks ] Original commit 
1.62 audio/squeezecenter/Makefile
Deprecate audio/squeezecenter in favor of audio/squeezeboxserver.
Mon, 6 Jul 2009
[ 03:48 brooks ] Original commit 
1.61 audio/squeezecenter/Makefile
1.30 audio/squeezecenter/distinfo
1.6 audio/squeezecenter/files/patch-convert.conf
1.17 audio/squeezecenter/pkg-plist
Upgrade to squeezecenter 7.3.3.

PR:             ports/136326
Submitted by:   Mark Knight <markk at knigma dot org>
Wed, 3 Jun 2009
[ 21:29 brooks ] Original commit 
1.60 audio/squeezecenter/Makefile
The recently updated p5-Digest-SHA1 port conflicts with the version
includes with squeezecenter.  Remove the squeezecenter verison.

Reported by:    many :)  Sorry for the delay
Sat, 21 Feb 2009
[ 15:51 miwi ] Original commit 
1.23 audio/bmp-faad/Makefile
1.27 audio/cmus/Makefile
1.7 audio/dir2ogg/Makefile
1.8 audio/gnormalize/Makefile
1.12 audio/ices0/Makefile
1.48 audio/muine/Makefile
1.41 audio/musicpd/Makefile
1.17 audio/pacpl/Makefile
1.12 audio/raop_play/Makefile
1.43 audio/slimserver/Makefile

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- Chase audio/faad shlib bump
Fri, 23 Jan 2009
[ 21:59 brooks ] Original commit 
1.58 audio/squeezecenter/Makefile
1.29 audio/squeezecenter/distinfo
1.5 audio/squeezecenter/files/patch-convert.conf
1.15 audio/squeezecenter/pkg-plist
Upgrade to 7.3.2.

Fix support for AAC files.

Switch back to using sox to handle ogg-vorbis files.  The upstream made
this change because non-default sample rate files end up sounding funny
when oggdec is used.

Submitted by:   Hans Soonieus <>  (except sox change)
Sat, 10 Jan 2009
[ 21:49 brooks ] Original commit 
1.57 audio/squeezecenter/Makefile
1.1 audio/squeezecenter/files/
1.3 audio/squeezecenter/files/
1.2 audio/squeezecenter/files/
1.2 audio/squeezecenter/files/
1.14 audio/squeezecenter/pkg-plist
Add %%SLIMDBDIR%%/cache/InstalledPlugins/Plugins to the list of plugin
directories.  This should fix the installation of plugins via the
Extension Downloader. [1]

Rename Slim/Utils/OS/ as Slim/Utils/OS/ and store it
directly rather than as a patch to make it easier to edit.  This reduces
the number of patches required.

Remove the Slim/Utils/OS/ patch since it's now replaced by code in

Submitted by:   Hans Soonieus <hans at soonieus dot nl> and
                Mark Knight <markk at knigma dot org> [1]
Tue, 6 Jan 2009
[ 17:09 brooks ] Original commit 
1.56 audio/squeezecenter/Makefile
1.28 audio/squeezecenter/distinfo
1.1 audio/squeezecenter/files/
1.2 audio/squeezecenter/files/
1.1 audio/squeezecenter/files/
1.2 audio/squeezecenter/files/
1.1 audio/squeezecenter/files/
1.1 audio/squeezecenter/files/
1.9 audio/squeezecenter/files/
1.2 audio/squeezecenter/files/

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Upgrade to the Squeezecenter 7.3.1. [1]

Remove the ability to set the default skin using the port.  The current
implemenation breaks the install wizard and I don't want to hold this
commit up further. [2]

Submitted by:   Alex Varju <freebsd dash ports at varju dot ca> [1]
Reported by:    Nicolai Petri <nicolai at catpipe dot net> [2]
Mon, 10 Nov 2008
[ 20:36 brooks ] Original commit 
1.55 audio/squeezecenter/Makefile
1.27 audio/squeezecenter/distinfo
1.12 audio/squeezecenter/pkg-plist
Upgrade to squeezecenter 7.2.1.  Fixes scanner crashes, etc:

Prodded by:     Andy Rossmeissl
Tue, 7 Oct 2008
[ 14:51 brooks ] Original commit 
1.54 audio/squeezecenter/Makefile
1.1 audio/squeezecenter/files/
Fix the LastFM plugin.  It was broken due to the FreeBSD version of JSON::XS
being newer than expected and the general workaround not being implemented in
this plugin.

Submitted by:   tdb
Tue, 2 Sep 2008
[ 20:55 brooks ] Original commit 
1.53 audio/squeezecenter/Makefile
1.11 audio/squeezecenter/pkg-plist
Fix the plist.

While here, tidy up a bit and reduce portlint warnings.

Reported by:    QA-Tindy
[ 19:51 brooks ] Original commit 
1.52 audio/squeezecenter/Makefile
1.26 audio/squeezecenter/distinfo
1.3 audio/squeezecenter/files/patch-convert.conf
1.8 audio/squeezecenter/files/
1.13 audio/squeezecenter/files/
Upgrade to squeezecenter 7.2 which has:
 - Added support for Squeezebox Boom
 - Squeezebox and Transporter firmware updates to fix a number of issues
 - Improved performance in web interface
 - New and improved alarm clock
 - Improved Rhapsody behavior

Fix the startup script when /var/*/squeezecenter are symlinks.
Mon, 11 Aug 2008
[ 16:57 brooks ] Original commit 
1.51 audio/squeezecenter/Makefile
1.25 audio/squeezecenter/distinfo
1.12 audio/squeezecenter/files/
1.10 audio/squeezecenter/pkg-plist
Upgrade to 7.1, mostly a bugfix release.

Fix an error in the rc.d script where a typo caused a couple variable
names not to expand.  Some configuration settings may need to be restored or
/var/db/squeezecenter/%{name}.conf (literally) my be renamed to
Tue, 24 Jun 2008
[ 16:10 brooks ] Original commit 
1.50 audio/squeezecenter/Makefile
1.7 audio/squeezecenter/files/
1.11 audio/squeezecenter/files/
Remove most bare references to "squeezecenter" in files subject to
substitution.  Now I'm ready for what ever they decide to call 8.0. :)
This also fixes the newsyslog.conf entry created by pkg-install.

Reported by:    Tim Bishop <tim at bishnet dot net> (newsyslog.conf)
Sat, 21 Jun 2008
[ 17:38 brooks ] Original commit 
1.49 audio/squeezecenter/Makefile
1.3 audio/squeezecenter/files/
Fix the softsqueeze wrapper script.  The path was wrong in general and more
wrong when PREFIX was set to something other than /usr/local.

Also, invoke the Java VM wrapper as java instead of javavm.

Reported by:    Tim Bishop <tim at bishnet dot net> (path issue)
Wed, 18 Jun 2008
[ 05:09 brooks ] Original commit 
1.48 audio/squeezecenter/Makefile
1.9 audio/squeezecenter/pkg-plist
Add CPAN/Encode to the list of directories we exclude since the version of
Encode::Detect found there is now incompatable with the on provided by ports.

Fix the plist.

Reported by:    Nick Evans <nevans at talkpoint dot com>
Tue, 17 Jun 2008
[ 05:14 brooks ] Original commit 
1.47 audio/squeezecenter/Makefile
1.24 audio/squeezecenter/distinfo
Actually update to 7.0.1 including referencing the right distfile.

In 7.0.1, squeezecenter supports new and old versions of JSON::XS.  Keep
the custom module that handles this so things work correctly.

Pointy hat to:  brooks
Thu, 12 Jun 2008
[ 00:56 brooks ] Original commit 
1.46 audio/squeezecenter/Makefile
1.23 audio/squeezecenter/distinfo
1.8 audio/squeezecenter/pkg-plist
Upgrade to squeezecenter 7.0.1.

Fix plist in the NOPORTDOCS case. [0]

Reported by:    itetcu [0]
Fri, 6 Jun 2008
[ 13:07 edwin ] Original commit 
1.32 audio/abcde/Makefile
1.3 audio/abraca/Makefile
1.3 audio/akode-plugins-pulseaudio/Makefile
1.7 audio/amarok-fs/Makefile
1.83 audio/amarok/Makefile
1.2 audio/amb-plugins/Makefile
1.5 audio/ampache/Makefile
1.13 audio/aqualung/Makefile
1.24 audio/ardour/Makefile
1.62 audio/arts/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 345 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Bump portrevision due to upgrade of devel/gettext.

The affected ports are the ones with gettext as a run-dependency
according to ports/INDEX-7 (5007 of them) and the ones with USE_GETTEXT
in Makefile (29 of them).

PR:             ports/124340
Submitted by:   edwin@
Approved by:    portmgr (pav)
Tue, 13 May 2008
[ 15:55 brooks ] Original commit 
1.44 audio/squeezecenter/Makefile
1.7 audio/squeezecenter/pkg-plist
Don't install copies of GD files they get picked up before the port
version and the port version has now been updates.

Reported by:    Christopher Key <cjk32 at cam dot ac dot uk>
Wed, 30 Apr 2008
[ 23:18 brooks ] Original commit 
1.43 audio/squeezecenter/Makefile
1.6 audio/squeezecenter/files/
The pkg-install script incorrectly listed the pid file path as
/var/run/${name}.pid.  It's actually /var/run/${name}/${name}.pid.

Note, users who have previously installed this port will need to manually fix
their netsyslog.conf files.

Reported by:    Hans Brand <hans at marcans dot nl>
Fri, 4 Apr 2008
[ 15:48 brooks ] Original commit 
1.42 audio/squeezecenter/Makefile
1.5 audio/squeezecenter/files/
1.10 audio/squeezecenter/files/
Install squeezecenter with more normal permissions using the COPYTREE_SHARE

Use rc.subr's user and group startup functionality instead of the poorly
supported code in squeezecenter.

Switch to the default log layout where mutiple log files end up in
/var/log/slimserver.  Changing location is required due to the startup
change and the split layout is easier to handle.
Wed, 2 Apr 2008
[ 18:29 brooks ] Original commit 
1.41 audio/squeezecenter/Makefile
1.6 audio/squeezecenter/pkg-plist
Don't install fragments of Compress/Zlib and JSON.  They conflict with
the CPAN versions.
[ 17:30 brooks ] Original commit 
1.949 audio/Makefile
1.40 audio/squeezecenter/Makefile
1.22 audio/squeezecenter/distinfo
1.7 audio/squeezecenter/files/
1.2 audio/squeezecenter/files/
1.3 audio/squeezecenter/files/
1.1 audio/squeezecenter/files/
1.8 audio/squeezecenter/files/
1.1 audio/squeezecenter/files/
1.1 audio/squeezecenter/files/

(Only the first 10 of 15 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Introduce a port of SqueezeCenter 7.0.0, the latest release of the software
formerly know as SlimServer (audio/slimserver).

The most visiable change is a new AJAX heavy default skin.  A
configuration option is available to install with the Classic skin
instead (the new Default is broken with Konqueror).  Other changes
can be found in the release notes:

The SqueezeCenter port does not overlap with SlimServer so both
will remain for the time being.

Repocopy by:    marcus (ports/122138)

Number of commits found: 24

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