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non port: audio/supercollider/files

Number of commits found: 3

Saturday, 6 Jul 2019
16:54 kai search for other commits by this committer
audio/supercollider: Update to 3.10.2

The previous version, 3.9.3, built fine on all FreeBSD releases but the port
itself was less of use in its state because SuperCollider's own interpreter
("sclang") always crashed when indexing various help files. So users were
able to start the graphical IDE ("scide") but were then on their own to get
any use out of it.

The update to 3.10.2 fixes that problem but it comes with some drawbacks:
SuperCollider has shipped Boost libraries of the 1.66 release and those
don't compile with Clang 8. Using the Boost libraries from the ports tree
instead won't work either, as the 3.10.2 release of SuperCollider isn't
compatible with that version, yet.

Switching to GCC also won't work - it builds fine on all releases but
produces broken binaries that segfaults upon invocation. Thus exclude the
build for FreeBSD releases that comes with Clang 8 for a while and revise
the situation when a new release of SuperCollider is available.

Also pass the maintainership to the submitter because the previous
maintainer seems missing in action and there were already more than three
consecutive maintainer timeouts.

PR:		238186
Submitted by:	Neal Nelson <>
Reviewed by:	tcberner
Approved by:	maintainer timeout (1+ month)
MFH:		2019Q3
Differential Revision:
Original commitRevision:506005 
Tuesday, 17 Jul 2018
17:49 yuri search for other commits by this committer
audio/supercollider: Update 3.8.0 -> 3.9.3

Port changes:
* USE_XORG is needed in general, not just for the option

Bump audio/sc3-plugins.

PR:		229253
Approved by: (maintainer's timeout; 25 days)
Original commitRevision:474819 
Monday, 20 Mar 2017
16:25 tobik search for other commits by this committer
New port: audio/supercollider

SuperCollider is a programming language for real time audio synthesis
and algorithmic composition.

The language interpreter runs in a cross platform IDE and communicates
via Open Sound Control with one or more synthesis servers.  The
SuperCollider synthesis server runs in a separate process or even on a
separate machine so it is ideal for realtime networked music.

SuperCollider was developed by James McCartney and originally released
in 1996.  He released it under the terms of the GNU General Public
License in 2002 when he joined the Apple Core Audio team.  It is now
maintained and developed by an active and enthusiastic community.  It
is used by musicians, scientists, and artists working with sound.


PR:		208443
Submitted by:	Tobias Brodel <>
Approved by:	mat (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Original commitRevision:436552 

Number of commits found: 3