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non port: comms/gnokii/files/smsd-Makefile-WITH_GLIB.diff

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Wed, 27 Jul 2022
[ 20:30 Guido Falsi (madpilot) search for other commits by this committer ]    commit hash:ca17004b6d80a6dc5b2e4352bfd0f5a957ba4616  commit hash:ca17004b6d80a6dc5b2e4352bfd0f5a957ba4616  commit hash:ca17004b6d80a6dc5b2e4352bfd0f5a957ba4616  ca17004 
comms/gnokii: Cleanup and modernize port

- Remove pkg-install, all it was doing is now done from pkg-plist [1]
- Fix sendsms script to work with sh
- Use shebangfix in place of REINPLACE_CMD
- Remove unneeded REINPLACE_CMDs
- Remove bogus SMSDDB option, and use OPTIONS_GROUP in place of OPTIONS_MULTI
- Remove duplicate "gnome" from X11_USES (already in global USES)
- Add missing dependency on harfbuzz when X11 is enabled
- Remove unneeded "-p" from ${MKDIR}
- Delete an old, unused, patch file

Reported by:	bapt [1]
Sun, 13 Nov 2005
[ 18:28 mnag search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit 
Update to 0.6.10
Add SHA256

PR:             88921
Submitted by:   Guido Falsi <> (maintainer)
Tue, 26 Oct 2004
[ 01:35 edwin search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit 
[maintainer update] comms/gnokii update to 0.6.4

        upgrade to 0.6.4 just released. Added a knob tolink smsd to glib2.
        minor changes to the messages regarding smsd in pre-fetch.

PR:             ports/72929
Submitted by:   Guido Falsi <>

Number of commits found: 3