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non port: comms/unixcw/distinfo

Number of commits found: 8

Sat, 10 Oct 2015
[ 19:15 db ] Original commit   Revision:399012
399012 comms/unixcw/Makefile
399012 comms/unixcw/distinfo
399012 comms/unixcw/files/
399012 comms/unixcw/pkg-plist
399012 comms/xcwcp/Makefile
Update to 3.5.0

2015-09-29 Kamil Ignacak
        * bugfix: fixing code that resets tone queue on flushing.  A bug
        was found on FreeBSD: after pressing Ctrl+C, application that
        wanted to stop and delete generator as part of SIGINT handling
        procedure, got stuck in cw_tq_flush_internal() function, waiting
        for tone queue to go idle. This never happened. Resetting all tone
        queue state variables in flush function ensures that the function
        completes and returns, and that client application can exit.

2015-09-12 Kamil Ignacak
        * xcwcp: the application souce code files are now ported to
        Qt5. Build system files have been modified to use Qt5 to build
        Discovery and adding -fPIC to compiler flags for xcwcp is right
        now very naive, perhaps that will have to be improved in the
Sat, 15 Aug 2015
[ 04:29 shurd ] Original commit   Revision:394269
394269 comms/unixcw/Makefile
394269 comms/unixcw/distinfo
394269 comms/unixcw/files/
394269 comms/unixcw/pkg-plist
Update to 3.4.2 (also updates comms/xcwcp).

Use makepatch for files/*
Mon, 5 Jan 2015
[ 13:39 shurd ] Original commit   Revision:376299
376299 comms/unixcw/Makefile
376299 comms/unixcw/distinfo
376299 comms/unixcw/pkg-descr
376299 comms/unixcw/pkg-plist
Update to 3.4.1, fix pkg-descr URL

Minor libcw changes
Fri, 12 Dec 2014
[ 12:26 shurd ] Original commit   Revision:374590
374590 comms/unixcw/Makefile
374590 comms/unixcw/distinfo
374590 comms/unixcw/files/
374590 comms/unixcw/files/
374590 comms/unixcw/files/patch-src_libcw_libcw_oss.c
374590 comms/unixcw/files/
374590 comms/unixcw/files/
374590 comms/unixcw/pkg-plist
Update to 3.4.0 (build system fixes)
Remove XCWCP option and prepare this to be a master port instead.
Otherwise there's no way to support xcwcp using pkg without making
QT a dependency of comms/cwdaemon.
Mon, 30 Dec 2013
[ 19:41 db ] Original commit   Revision:338163
338163 comms/unixcw/Makefile
338163 comms/unixcw/distinfo
338163 comms/unixcw/files/
338163 comms/unixcw/files/
338163 comms/unixcw/files/patch-src_cwutils_dictionary.h
338163 comms/unixcw/files/
338163 comms/unixcw/files/
338163 comms/unixcw/files/patch-src_libcw_libcw.c
338163 comms/unixcw/files/patch-src_libcw_libcw_console.c
338163 comms/unixcw/files/patch-src_libcw_libcw_oss.c

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- Update to latest 3.3.0
- Upstream have fixed some of the FreeBSD problems but not all, hence
  some of our patches are no longer required

Submitted by:	portscout@
Sat, 28 Dec 2013
[ 22:18 db ] Original commit   Revision:337926
337926 comms/unixcw/Makefile
337926 comms/unixcw/distinfo
337926 comms/unixcw/files/
337926 comms/unixcw/files/
337926 comms/unixcw/files/
337926 comms/unixcw/files/patch-src_cw_Makefile
337926 comms/unixcw/files/patch-src_cwcp_Makefile
337926 comms/unixcw/files/patch-src_cwgen_Makefile
337926 comms/unixcw/files/patch-src_cwlib_Makefile
337926 comms/unixcw/files/patch-src_cwlib_cwlib.c

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- Use distribution from sourceforge which updates us to 3.2.0
- This unbreaks unixcw on QT4
- Use stage
Sun, 20 Mar 2011
[ 12:54 miwi ] Original commit 
1.4 cad/admesh/distinfo
1.6 cad/adms/distinfo
1.4 cad/atlc/distinfo
1.3 cad/basicdsp/distinfo
1.20 cad/calculix/distinfo
1.10 cad/chipmunk/distinfo
1.5 cad/chipvault/distinfo
1.5 cad/cider/distinfo
1.7 cad/dinotrace/distinfo
1.6 cad/dxf2fig/distinfo

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- Get Rid MD5 support
Tue, 1 Jan 2008
[ 18:13 db ] Original commit 
1.187 comms/Makefile
1.1 comms/unixcw/Makefile
1.1 comms/unixcw/distinfo
1.1 comms/unixcw/files/
1.1 comms/unixcw/files/
1.1 comms/unixcw/files/patch-src_cw_Makefile
1.1 comms/unixcw/files/patch-src_cwcp_Makefile
1.1 comms/unixcw/files/patch-src_cwgen_Makefile
1.1 comms/unixcw/files/patch-src_cwlib_Makefile
1.1 comms/unixcw/files/patch-src_cwlib_cwlib.c

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The heart of the package is 'libcw'.  This is a library which, when built,
offers the following basic CW services to a caller program:

  o Morse code character translation tables, and lookup functions
  o Morse code low-level timing calculations
  o A 'sidetone' generation and queueing system, using either the system sound
    card, the console speaker, or both
  o Optional keying control for an external device, say a transmitter, or an
  o CW character and string send routines, tied in with the character lookup
  o CW receive routines, also tied in to the character lookup
  o Adaptive speed tracking of received CW
  o An iambic keyer, with both Curtis 8044 types A and B timing
  o Straight key emulation

Submitted by:   self

Number of commits found: 8

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