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/commits.php is going away

I'm proposing to take /commits.php away - it mainly duplicates the home page. Details in this GitHub issue.
non port: converters/chmview/files/patch-bb

Number of commits found: 2

Sun, 19 Feb 2012
[ 21:29 eadler ] Original commit 
- use chmlib-0.40 instead of embedded chmlib-0.19, remove patch-bb
- improve Makefile, remove unnecessary do-install target
- remove ONLY_FOR_ARCH, new chmlib does not have such a limitation
- give maintainership to submitter

PR:             ports/165287
Submitted by:   Alex Kozlov <>
Mon, 1 Sep 2008
[ 19:45 jadawin ] Original commit 
- Fix build on amd64

PR:             ports/126653
Submitted by:   Valerio Daelli <valerio.daelli _at_ gmail _dot_ com>

Number of commits found: 2