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Two new features were added on 2020-05-30:
  1. Repology links - each port now has a link to See issue 148 for details.
  2. Ports I maintain report - port maintainers can now subscribe to a daily report of commits to the ports they maintain. See Watch ports I maintain at Report Subscriptions. Details at issue 138
non port: databases/cego/Makefile

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Fri, 5 Jun 2020
[ 18:05 pi ] Original commit   Revision:538042
538042 databases/cego/Makefile
538042 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.45.9 -> 2.45.16

- Fix in CegoBtreeManager for duplicate null handling. The corresponding
  btree value has to be checked to be null. For this, the method
  CegoBTreeValue::isNull has been introduced
- Fix in CegoFieldValue::negate, for FIXED_TYPE values, trailing
  zeros have to be treated. Otherwise, select null - a from t1 where
  a = 0.10 will result in 0.1
- Patch in 'update with return' clause. It seems to be useful, that
  in combination with return, update should return after first matching
  tuple providing the updated tuple in the return clause. So the
  values for the tuple can be stored in procedure variables.
  create table t1 ( a int, b string(30));
  insert into t1 values ( 1, 'DONE');
  insert into t1 values ( 2, 'DONE');
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Sun, 1 Dec 2019
[ 20:16 pi ] Original commit   Revision:518811
518811 databases/cego/Makefile
518811 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: upgrade 2.45.8 -> 2.45.9

- Fix in CegoBTreeManager, the allowDuplicateNull flag was not
  treated any more. The duplicate handling has been moved from
  CegoBtreeNode to CegoBtreeManager

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sun, 24 Nov 2019
[ 17:29 pi ] Original commit   Revision:518340
518340 databases/cego/Makefile
518340 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: upgrade 2.45.6 -> 2.45.8

- Fix in CegoSelect::setVIewCond, a view condition id has to be
  calculated which is later used for getQueryId(). Otherwise, wrong
  query cache entries are used in case of views with outer conditions
- Added method CegoBTreeNode::verifyLeafFull for full btree
  verification in a sense, that each btree value is compared with the
  corresponding table data entry via datapointer reference
- Improvement in CegoAdmAction for input handling. Used the same
  methods for nextChar and friends as in CegoAction
- In CegoXMLSpace, changed access methods for mediator, primary and
  secondary in a way, that the default value ist the current hostname.
  In this case, no attribute values are set up. This reduces complexity
  and avoids to change the entries manually, if the hostname changes
  (do not edit the database xml without any deeper knowledge).

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sun, 18 Aug 2019
[ 17:22 pi ] Original commit   Revision:509231
509231 databases/cego/Makefile
509231 databases/cego/distinfo
509231 devel/lfcbase/Makefile
509231 devel/lfcbase/distinfo
devel/lfcbase: upgrade 1.14.0 -> 1.14.2
databases/cego: upgrade 2.45.5 -> 2.45.6

- In added check for darwin. This is required, since
  for File::flush implemention, darwin rather requires a fcntl call
  with option F_FULLFSYNC instead of fsync ( see OSX man page for
  fsync )

- Added command line option --fsync to enable physical disk synchronisation
  for logging and checkpointing. This options slows down database
  significantly but ensures consistent data in case of an operating
  system crash

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sun, 14 Jul 2019
[ 07:48 pi ] Original commit   Revision:506611
506611 databases/cego/Makefile
506611 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: upgrade 2.45.1 -> 2.45.5

- Fix in CegoQuery::execute for INSERTBYSELECT_QUERY case.
  Since the selected tuples are clustered ( MAX_CLUSTERED_INSERT) we have
  to create a local copy for the corresponding field values.
  Otherwise, tuple information could be invalidated by relocated
  buffer pool pages
- Fix in CegoFieldValue::fastComp, the castTo method calls for t1
  and t2 have to be switched, since first ist has to be checked to
  cast to native btree datatype ( used in CegoBTreeCursor::traceLog,
  inRange and fullMatch )
  create table t1 ( a int, d datetime);
  create btree b1 on t1(b);
  select a from t1 where b = '12.07.2019'; -- should be casted
					   -- from string to datetime
- Code cleanup to avoid warnings with -Wswitch-enum
- In CegoClient, added input data check via File::hasData ( available
  with lfcbase 1.14.0 ). Now, pipe input is autodetected, so the
  command line argument "--pipe" has been removed

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sun, 7 Jul 2019
[ 08:53 pi ] Original commit   Revision:506111
506111 databases/cego/Makefile
506111 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: upgrade 2.45.0 -> 2.45.1

- Treated alias insert queries with empty schema, e.g.
  insert into a1 values ( 1, 'XXX');
- Some patches added for alias management to allow alias defintions
  as a subset of the original table, e.g.
  create table t1 ( a int, b string(10), c string(30))
  create alias a1 on t1 ( a as ax, b as bx);
  This has required some fixes in CegoAliasObject::mapSchema and

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Thu, 4 Jul 2019
[ 19:13 pi ] Original commit   Revision:505863
505863 databases/cego/Makefile
505863 databases/cego/distinfo
505863 databases/cego/pkg-plist
databases/cego: upgrade 2.44.14 -> 2.45.0

- Added table alias feature to grammar definition. Table aliases
  allow alternate table name and attribute name definitions for a
  table ( create alias ... )
- Added classes CegoAliasObject and CegoAttrAlias for table alias handling
- Implemented base semantic actions for creating, listing and
  describe alias objects ( still no usage )
- In CegoDistManager::registerObjects, added registration for fkey,
  check, trigger and alias
- Added alias mapping for insert, update and delete queries (
  CegoQueryHelper::mapAliasPredicate still to implement )
- Basic alias mapping for select works, here's a sample SQL script
  drop if exists table t1;
  list alias;
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Wed, 19 Jun 2019
[ 11:57 pi ] Original commit   Revision:504537
504537 databases/cego/Makefile
504537 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: upgrade 2.44.13 -> 2.44.14

- Some improved exception handling in CegoTableManager::checkIntegrity
  ( more detail information about violated object )
- Code cleanup CegoTableManager, drop/create/alter operations inside
  a transaction no more allowed

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Tue, 14 May 2019
[ 05:23 pi ] Original commit   Revision:501620
501620 databases/cego/Makefile
501620 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: upgrade 2.44.12 -> 2.44.13

- Further recovery fix in CegoTableManager::insertDataTable In case
  of an insert exception ( e.g. duplicate pkey ), a checkpoint is
  forced now after deleteData to ensure file consistency
  In CegoObjectManager::insertPageData a second checkpoint is forced
  after data copy, if a previous checkpoint has occured. Otherwise
  this insert might be ignored during recovery because of lower LSN
- Fix in CegoBTreeManager::checkDuplicate, the check for uflag (
  returned CegoBTreeNode::valueExists ) to check for high value is
  not enough if, entries have been deleted from node.
  Instead, all subsequent pages have to be checked until a value higher is found
- Introduced CegoBufferPool::getCPCount() to return to current
  checkpoint count. This method is used by CegoTableManager,
  CegoObjectManager and CegoTransactionManager to decide, if a
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Sat, 11 May 2019
[ 07:44 pi ] Original commit   Revision:501228
501228 databases/cego/Makefile
501228 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: upgrade 2.44.11 -> 2.44.12

- Fix added in CegoTransactionManager::commitUpdate, btree must be
  inserted with insertBTreeWithCommit
- Fix added in CegoTransactionManager::getCrashAffectedTables,
  schema entry must be searched with Find(CegoField(Chain(),

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Fri, 10 May 2019
[ 09:19 pi ] Original commit   Revision:501163
501163 databases/cego/Makefile
501163 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: upgrade 2.44.10 -> 2.44.11

- Fix in CegoRecovery:::recoverCurrentTransactionLog, for LOGREC_INSERT
  and LOGREC_DELETE, the corresponding index have to be invalidated
  with CegoTableManager::invalidateIndexForTable. This logic was
  already implemented but removed in context of more sophisticated
  transaction handling ( patch 2.39.11 and around )
- Small fix in CegoObjectCursor constructor, changed _isEOC = false
  to _isEOC = ( pageId == 0 ). This causes getFirst to return false
  in case of truncated objects ( can occur for RBSEG objects )

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sat, 4 May 2019
[ 15:34 pi ] Original commit   Revision:500814
500814 databases/cego/Makefile
500814 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: upgrade 2.44.9 -> 2.44.10

- Fix in CegoAction::readChain() to support "\r" escape character
  Fix in CegoBTreeCursor::getFirst, in case of pAttrCond = 0, getNext
  has to be called if current leaf page is empty, otherwise cursor
  trace is incomplete ( just used for CegoDistManager::verifyTable )
- Fix in CegoBTreeNode::getChildPage, parameter traceMin has been
  introduced, which is needed to trace btree with
  Otherwise, it might happen that non-unique btree objects are not found

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Thu, 2 May 2019
[ 12:50 pi ] Original commit   Revision:500656
500656 databases/cego/Makefile
500656 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: upgrade 2.44.8 -> 2.44.9

- Removed legacy method CegoAggregation::setInit/isInit
- Fix in CegoQueryHelper::aggregateTuple, since the field value
  reference for aggregation field value might be no more valid during
  the aggregation run, a local copy is created via

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sun, 28 Apr 2019
[ 08:35 pi ] Original commit   Revision:500295
500295 databases/cego/Makefile
500295 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: upgrade 2.44.7 -> 2.44.8

- Added method CegoClient::treateEscape to handle escacpe charaters
  in command strings for interactive and batch mode ( newline, carriage
  return und tab )
- Further optimization in CegoFunction::getReturnTypeLen, if the
  length argument in left, right substr function is a constant, this
  value is used for schema definition, otherwise the length of the
  source is used. Example:
    select left(a,3) from t1 => length 3 is used for schema
    select left(a,b) from t1 => definition of a is used for schema
  Further optimization done in CegoSelect and CegoAction for schema

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Fri, 26 Apr 2019
[ 07:35 pi ] Original commit   Revision:500086
500086 databases/cego/Makefile
500086 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.44.6 -> 2.44.7

- In CegoSelect::evalSelection, optimization provided in a way,
  that schema is not evaluated explizit anymore. Rather the previous
  analysed schema ( prepare method, _evalSchema ) is used. Since for
  dynamic field length, the resulting schema must be estiamated, this
  approach is ok.
- Fix added in CegoFunction::getReturnTypeLen, evalFieldValue for
  expression values could fail, since FLA ist still not set up. For
  this case, now the cont value RETVAL_LEN is returned as an estimation.

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Tue, 23 Apr 2019
[ 11:56 pi ] Original commit   Revision:499747
499747 databases/cego/Makefile
499747 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.44.5 -> 2.44.6

- Added some code cleanup and additional checks ( check082 and check083 )

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Mon, 22 Apr 2019
[ 14:11 pi ] Original commit   Revision:499646
499646 databases/cego/Makefile
499646 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.44.4 -> 2.44.5

- Added fix in CegoAttrComp::setup, _posSetup variable was not setup
  correctly for case BTWN / VALUE2VALUE which might lead to invalid
  join array access.

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
[ 12:16 pi ] Original commit   Revision:499629
499629 databases/cego/Makefile
499629 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.44.3 -> 2.44.4

- Added fix in CegoExpr::evalField and CegoTerm::evalField to provide
  correct result type. This is required for fastserial protocol usage.
- Also added fix in CegoFieldValue::operators +-*/ to cast to the
  largest value

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
[ 06:57 pi ] Original commit   Revision:499609
499609 databases/cego/Makefile
499609 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.44.1 -> 2.44.3

- Fix in CegoTableManager::deleteDataTable, before resolving external
  table references via evalExtTableReferences, the subquery must be
  prepared, to resolve local attributes first
- Optimization added in CegoBufferPool::bufferFix. If there is no
  available slot in the bufferpool, a checkpoint is forced for the
  corresponding tableset ( already implemented ). Now if still no
  available slot, we force checkpoint for all other online tableset
  of the database. This might be useful, if the bufferpool is heavily
  occupied by other tablesets with dirty pages.

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sun, 21 Apr 2019
[ 13:31 pi ] Original commit   Revision:499537
499537 databases/cego/Makefile
499537 databases/cego/distinfo
499537 databases/cego/pkg-plist
499537 databases/cegobridge/Makefile
499537 databases/cegobridge/distinfo
499537 databases/p5-DBD-cego/Makefile
499537 databases/p5-DBD-cego/distinfo
499537 devel/lfcbase/Makefile
499537 devel/lfcbase/distinfo

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devel/lfcbase: update 1.11.9 -> 1.13.0
devel/lfcxml: update 1.2.6 -> 1.2.10
databases/cego: update 2.39.16 -> 2.44.1
databases/cegobridge: update 1.4.0 -> 1.5.0
databases/p5-DBD-cego: update 14.0 -> 1.5.0

- Warning: storage format has changed
  Export to xml format before upgrade and re-import after the upgrade
- recompile all applications linked to libcego
- Lots of changes, among them:
  o improved crash recovery
  o fixes to SQL expected behaviour
  o better CDATA handling
  o fixes primary key handling design issue
  o changes to serialisation for export/import, XML export/import is still

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Tue, 9 Apr 2019
[ 14:04 sunpoet ] Original commit   Revision:498476
498476 Mk/Uses/
498476 Mk/
498476 audio/ardour5/Makefile
498476 audio/cutmp3/Makefile
498476 audio/ecasound/Makefile
498476 audio/fluidsynth/Makefile
498476 audio/guitarix-lv2/Makefile
498476 audio/jack/Makefile
498476 audio/kid3-qt5/Makefile
498476 audio/lash/Makefile

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Update devel/readline to 8.0

- Bump PORTREVISION of dependent ports for shlib change

PR:		236156
Exp-run by:	antoine
Tue, 24 Apr 2018
[ 05:22 pi ] Original commit   Revision:468176
468176 databases/cego/Makefile
468176 databases/cego/distinfo
468176 devel/lfcbase/Makefile
468176 devel/lfcbase/distinfo
devel/lfcbase: update 1.11.8 -> 1.11.9
databases/cego: update 2.39.15 -> 2.39.16

- Introduced new method File::flush to force synchronization of data to disk

- Fix in CegoObjectManager::insertPageData, new data entry is checked
  now for maximum available space in page. This is done if a new
  data page has to be allocated and the data entry still fits not
  into page
- Added File::flush method to CegoLogManager and CegoFileHandler
  to synchronize log data and datafile data to disk

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Wed, 11 Apr 2018
[ 11:24 pi ] Original commit   Revision:467043
467043 databases/cego/Makefile
467043 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.39.14 -> 2.39.15

- Fix in dbcheck/expimpcheck, test plan was not set up correctly
  In CegoXPorter and CegoExpImpStream, row export information was
  added again to indicate overall row export for each table
- Fix added in CegoDbThread::serveRequest ( GETBLOB and GETCLOB case ) and
  CegoTableManager::getBlobData / getClobData chunkSize calculation. The
  existing calculation did not treat every boundary case.

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Mon, 9 Apr 2018
[ 17:56 pi ] Original commit   Revision:466871
466871 databases/cego/Makefile
466871 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.39.13 -> 2.39.14

- Fix in CegoXPorter::writeRow and CegoXPorter::readRow for binary
  export and import of tables containing lob null values. lob null
  values must be identified by colLen unsigned long long = 0 instead
  of integer = 0

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sat, 7 Apr 2018
[ 17:22 pi ] Original commit   Revision:466757
466757 databases/cego/Makefile
466757 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.39.12 -> 2.39.13

- Introduced CegoTransactionManager::getCrashAffectedTables method.
  In case of a crash recovery, all transaction affected tables have
  to be analysed for index objects. Before finishing transactions,
  the index objects have to be invalidated ( since they might be
  corrupted ) and after completion of transactions they have to be
  recreated. This is done now in CegoTableManager::finishOpenTransaction
- Fixes in CegoLogManager, CegoRecoveryManager, CegoDistManager and
  CegoTableManager for LSN handling. Instead of saving the next LSN,
  now the current written LSN is recorded in CegoLogManager. This
  seems to be more natural, since a lot of methods set up the LSN to
  a value + 1. Also this fixes a mismatch between commited lsn and
  current lsn, which leads to a tableset recovery during startup in
  any case ( occured with version 2.39.9 )

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Thu, 5 Apr 2018
[ 17:10 pi ] Original commit   Revision:466571
466571 databases/cego/Makefile
466571 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.39.11 -> 2.39.12

- Patch in CegoClient to catch format exceptions like
  "Invalid datetime string <0> for format <%d.%m.%Y %H:%M:%S>"
  This may happen, if on server side bad union selects are defined like
  create view v1 as
    select a as a, b as b from t1
    union all
    select a as a, 0 as b from t2;
  where b is a datetime data type. In this case, invalid formatted
  strings occur on the client side, which are catched now.
- Patch in CegoDatabaseManager::useObject to support lock
  delay values > 1 sec. The DBM_LOCKDELAY value in CegoDefs has now
  increased to 2500 msec. In some cases for heavy updates
  ( e.g. clob updates ) this might be useful to avoid ugly exclusive
  lock delay messages in database log file
- Fix in CegoTableManager::updateTuple. If the update fails ( this
  might happen, if another transaction actually updates the corresponding
  tuple ), any allocated lob values are freed now. Otherwise the
  data pages for the lob values were allocated with no more references.

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sun, 1 Apr 2018
[ 14:00 pi ] Original commit   Revision:466159
466159 databases/cego/Makefile
466159 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.39.9 -> 2.39.11

- Improvements for log handling, the logIt method was moved from
  CegoTableManager to CegoBufferPool. This allows a more adequate
  locking of the logging actions. For this the tsLock array has been
  removed from CegoTableManager and lmLock array has been set up in
  CegoBufferPool. Since checkpoint writing occurs in CegoBufferPool
  ( which is also relevant for loging operations ), the logging method
  is now part of CegoBufferPool.
- The logAction method in CegoLogManager has also been improved in
  a way, that a log buffer is not allocated for each logging operation
  anymore. Instead, a logBuf array has been defined for all tablesets
  and the logBuf is reallocated, if the current logging record exceeds
  the log buffer.

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Thu, 29 Mar 2018
[ 11:55 pi ] Original commit   Revision:465886
465886 databases/cego/Makefile
465886 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.39.8 -> 2.39.9

- Added fixes for recovery procedure in CegoTableManager. Now the
  LSN is allocated at the beginning of critical operation to avoid
  double operations in case of a forced checkpoint. For this the
  CegoLogManager::nextLSN method has been introduced. Now it is no
  more ensured that the log is written with increasing LSN, so some
  logical parts of the recovery procedure in CegoRecoveryManager has
  been changed.
- In CegoBufferPool, the writeCheckPoint method still returned int
  value. This has been changed to unsigned long long

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sun, 18 Mar 2018
[ 10:57 pi ] Original commit   Revision:464892
464892 databases/cego/Makefile
464892 databases/cego/distinfo
464892 devel/lfcbase/Makefile
464892 devel/lfcbase/distinfo
devel/lfcbase: 1.11.6 -> 1.11.7
databases/cego: 2.39.7 -> 2.39.8

- Fix for memory leak in TreeT and AVLTreeT.
  The = operator implementation did not empty the tree before copy.
- Additional fix to this release : Added regfree call to Matcher
  destructor. Missing this call seems to cause a small memory leak

- Fix for memory leak in CegoPredDesc, pMatcher has not been cleaned up

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sat, 10 Mar 2018
[ 11:45 pi ] Original commit   Revision:464070
464070 databases/cego/Makefile
464070 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.39.5 -> 2.39.7

- Fix in CegoTableManager::deleteDataTable, pBlock has to be checked
  for null value, otherwise crash recovery might crash. ( bug came
  with 2.39.0 to check for pBlock->getTriggerValueList )
- Some clob related fixes in CegoQueryHelper::decodeNativeFVL /
  decodeFVL relevant for recovery handling
- Fix in CegoRecoveryManager::recoverCurrentTransactionLog for the
  INSERT case. For the blob/clob handling, the lobREf values have not
  been set up correctly. This might lead to problems for table recovery
  with more than one lob row ( e.g. table t1 ( a blob , b clob )

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Tue, 6 Mar 2018
[ 18:26 pi ] Original commit   Revision:463738
463738 databases/cego/Makefile
463738 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.39.4 -> 2.39.5

- Bug fix in CegoAction::reallocateStringBuf, in the memcpy call,
  just the previous stringBufLen has to be copied ( _stringBufLen -
  MAXSTRINGLEN ). This bug might lead to seg fault in case of large
  parser input ( e.g. clob strings )
- In CegoQuery for insert and insert-by-select case, allocated blob
  and clob data ( by CegoQueryHelper::prepareFieldValue ) is cleaned
  now if any exception occurs

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Mon, 5 Mar 2018
[ 20:34 pi ] Original commit   Revision:463667
463667 databases/cego/Makefile
463667 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.39.3 -> 2.39.4

- Small bug fix in CegoDistManager, which came up with version
  2.39.0. In method deleteLocalDataTable, the variable delCount was
  declared two times, which lead to a result of 0 tuples deleted in
  any case

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sat, 3 Mar 2018
[ 09:10 pi ] Original commit   Revision:463472
463472 databases/cego/Makefile
463472 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.39.2 -> 2.39.3

- Small improvement in CegoDbThreadPool. For a better db thread
  load value calculation, the request queue is no longer locked while
  waiting for incoming requests. Instead the QUEUEDELAY parameter has been
  increased to a default value of 200 msec to reduce db thread cpu
  load while idle. Now the db thread has a good chance to report
  idle time to the db thread pool.

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Thu, 1 Mar 2018
[ 12:29 pi ] Original commit   Revision:463300
463300 databases/cego/Makefile
463300 databases/cego/distinfo
463300 databases/cegobridge/Makefile
463300 databases/cegobridge/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.39.1 -> 2.39.2
databases/cegobridge: update 1.3.0 -> 1.4.0

- Fix in CegoTableManager::updateTuple, while setting up expression
  list, field list array must be setup BEFORE block ist set, since
  field list is needed by block setup ( in case of subqueries for
  prepare )

- Adaptions for cego-2.39

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Wed, 28 Feb 2018
[ 18:53 pi ] Original commit   Revision:463258
463258 databases/cego/Makefile
463258 databases/cego/distinfo
463258 databases/cego/pkg-plist
databases/cego: update 2.38.20 -> 2.39.1

- Introduced table locking statements to set an explicit lock on a
  table ( e.g. for update synchronisation ). This feature replaces
  the "set update sync on/off" command
- Trigger implementation basically completed
- Fix in CegoQueryHelper::encodeFVL, for blob/clob values lists,
  the corresponding index variables ( blobidx/clobidx ) have not been
  increaed while encoding lob data. This might lead to invalid results
  and seg faults in case of multiple lobs values in one insert/update

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sun, 25 Feb 2018
[ 04:49 pi ] Original commit   Revision:462898
462898 databases/cego/Makefile
462898 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: fix distinfo

Reported by:	pkg-fallout
Sat, 24 Feb 2018
[ 19:09 pi ] Original commit   Revision:462859
462859 databases/cego/Makefile
462859 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: 2.38.19 -> 2.38.20

- For heavy update operations on tables with btrees using embedding
  transactions, duplicate btree errors may occur. This is caused
  by not checking corresponding tuple states. To solve this problem,
  the following fixes have been done :
  o Fix in CegoTableManager::checkBTreeIntegrity : The tuple state for
    found entries has to be checked if state = COMMITTED
  o Fix in CegoBTreeNode:checkForAffected ( was checkForDeleted before ) :
    The tuple state has already checked for state
    INSERTED if tid != dataTid

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Tue, 13 Feb 2018
[ 20:25 pi ] Original commit   Revision:461745
461745 databases/cego/Makefile
461745 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.38.18 -> 2.38.19

- Fix in dbcheck/check065.sql for union sql in view.There must be
  set up aliases for attributes in selection now

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Fri, 2 Feb 2018
[ 18:04 pi ] Original commit   Revision:460719
460719 databases/cego/Makefile
460719 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.38.16 -> 2.38.18

- Fix in CegoTableManager::createForeignKey, for empty tables,
  referenced attributes names have not been checked. This might lead
  to invalid key objects.
- Fix in CegoSelect::prepare, expression alias in select list are
  checked now for union selects. Alias definition in select expression
  list should be identical for all select statements in union

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sun, 31 Dec 2017
[ 19:28 pi ] Original commit   Revision:457717
457717 databases/cego/Makefile
457717 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.38.14 -> 2.38.16

- Increased NETMNG_QUEUE_DELAY to 1000000 ( 1 ms ) to minimize CPU load
- Introduced QUEUEDELAY ( in usec ) config parameter to adjust queue
  delay in database xml file. This allows to throttle down database
  response time for incoming connection requests and minimize CPU
- Added dbcheck/check072.sql. This implements the calculation of
  fibonacci numbers using stored procedures as a demonstration for
  massive recursive procedure calls
- Optimization for procedure load in CegoFunction::evalFieldValue
  ( case USERDEFINED ), procedure is just loaded as a dedicated
  instance ( via loadProcedure method ), if pMasterBlock is set. This
  avoids ( expensive ) dedicated load, if the procedure is still not
  in use by the corresponding thread. So just for recursive procedure
  calls, the dedicated load happens.

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Wed, 20 Dec 2017
[ 19:59 pi ] Original commit   Revision:456848
456848 databases/cego/Makefile
456848 databases/cego/distinfo
456848 devel/lfcbase/Makefile
456848 devel/lfcbase/distinfo
devel/lfcbase: update 1.11.4 -> 1.11.5
databases/cego: update 2.38.12 -> 2.38.14

- Stability patch for strptime implementation ( MinGW only )

- Fixed memory lead in CegoDistManager destructor ( _pPA was not deleted )
- Further optimization done in CegoBTreeCursor, introduced methods
  traceLow and inRange to treat btree comparison in a more efficient way
- Fix in CegoAttrCond::getIndexCond, like and no like comparisons
  must be filtered out for new btree cursor tracing logic

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Thu, 14 Dec 2017
[ 16:56 pi ] Original commit   Revision:456311
456311 databases/cego/Makefile
456311 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.38.10 -> 2.38.12

- Small optimization in CegoAttrCond::checkIndex, removed primary
  flag, since this is done now by attribute ordering. This leads
  to full index trace match instead of trace with index support and
  so, additional unnecessary predicate evaluation is avoided.
- More rework for btree evaluation in CegoBTreeCursor
- Optimization in CegoBTreeCursor::getNext. Instead of calling
  getNext in a recursive way, this is now done in a iterative way.
  This might avoid heavy stacking in case of special query constraints
  ( e..g multi dimensional btrees and range conditions like a > 400
  and b betweeen 'AAA' and 'DDD' )

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sun, 10 Dec 2017
[ 20:36 pi ] Original commit   Revision:455910
455910 databases/cego/Makefile
455910 databases/cego/distinfo
455910 devel/lfcbase/Makefile
455910 devel/lfcbase/distinfo
devel/lfcbase: update 1.11.3 -> 1.11.4
databases/cego: update 2.38.9 -> 2.38.10

- Fixes in TreeT class, changed methods First, Next, isEmpty and
  compare operators to const

- Fix in CegoDistManager, we have to use a dedicated parser for
  loadView and loadProc methods. Otherwise compilation may fail in
  case of nested objects ( e.g. a view which references another view
- Fix in CegoBTreeCursor, CegoAttrCond and CegoAttrComp, for
  conflicting cursor conditions ( e.g. a = 4 and a < 1 ), the cursor
  evaluation failed, since just the primary condition was treated.
- For CegoBTreeCursor, the method fullMatch has been introduced,
  to make an final evalution in case of multi conditions.
- Also introduced: a ordering for CegoAttrComp set in
  CegoAttrCond to treat more constraint conditions at the beginning
  ( EQUAL before LESS_THAN before NOT_EQUAL and so on )
- Changed CegoAttrCond compSet from SetT to TreeT.
  This is required, since we need the ordering in the set.

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sat, 9 Dec 2017
[ 10:52 pi ] Original commit   Revision:455840
455840 databases/cego/Makefile
455840 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.38.7 -> 2.38.9

- Introduction of new functions ascii ( get ascii character for
  numeric value ) , ldiv and lmod ( div and mod operation for long
  values )
- Modification in CegoFunction::evalFieldValue. To allow recursive
  calls of user defined functions and procedures, dedicated procedure
  instances are created for each call. This is done by parsing the
  procedure text via CegoAction

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sat, 2 Dec 2017
[ 10:43 pi ] Original commit   Revision:455343
455343 databases/cego/Makefile
455343 databases/cego/distinfo
455343 devel/lfcbase/Makefile
455343 devel/lfcbase/distinfo
devel/lfcbase: update 1.11.2 -> 1.11.3
databases/cego: update 2.38.6 -> 2.38.7

- Improvements made for dedicated strptime implementation. The
  function did not return null in case of unparsable date values.
  This code is just used for MinGW compiles since there is no
  implementation in the Standard C library available.

- Fix in CegoXPorter::readTableObject, the defintion for MAXROW BUF
  still was defined locally and rowLen was noch checked.
- Optimization in CegoFieldValue::decode, memory was allocated via
  malloc, rather _staticBuf should be used for performance reasons.
  _isLocalCopy was not set to true

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Thu, 30 Nov 2017
[ 20:09 pi ] Original commit   Revision:455223
455223 databases/cego/Makefile
455223 databases/cego/distinfo
455223 devel/lfcbase/Makefile
455223 devel/lfcbase/distinfo
devel/lfcbase: update 1.11.1 -> 1.11.2
databases/cego: update 2.38.5 -> 2.38.6

- More detailed exception messages for BigDecimal and BigInteger

- Fix in CegoFunction::getId and CegoSelect::getQueryId : with
  enabled query cache, the following select is cached
    select nextcount(mycount);
- Since nextcount is a modifying operation, this is not a good idea.
  To avoid caching, CegoFunction now throws an Exception if
  nextcount / setcount function calls are detected during getQueryId.
  For these cases, the query id ignored for caching

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sat, 25 Nov 2017
[ 12:54 pi ] Original commit   Revision:454880
454880 databases/cego/Makefile
454880 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.38.3 -> 2.38.5

- Fix in CegoBTreeValue::valueFromSchema, introduced method
  getReservedLength to return fixed value length for type fixed and
  decimal. Since for decimal and fixed type just the dimension is
  stored in CegoField::getLength, we must define a reserved area
  for those types. This is done now with constant definition
- Improved ordersize calculation in CegoOrderSpace:insertTuple. Now
  the following formula is used :
    int s = sizeof(fv);
    if ( fv.getLength() > STATICFIELDBUF )
      s += fv.getLength();
    orderEntryLen += s;
  The catches the base memory usage for the instance but also the
  dynamic allocated part

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Wed, 22 Nov 2017
[ 18:46 pi ] Original commit   Revision:454698
454698 databases/cego/Makefile
454698 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.38.1 -> 2.38.3

- Fix in CegoXMLSpace::setTSSortAreaSize, changed type from int to
  unsigned long long, otherwise overflow may occur for large sort
  area size configurations
- Performance optimization done in CegoOrderSpace. Instead of storing
  the CegoField list for the result tuple in CegoOrderNode, just the
  values are stored there. The order cursor now gets the schema with
  the constructor and build the CegoField List in the getFirst /
  getNext methods. This seems a huge amount of heap space, which is
  dynamically allocated during the sorting procedure ( sortareasize
  parameter ).
  Especially for large ordering result sets this saves significantly
  memory and improves performance.

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sun, 19 Nov 2017
[ 09:33 pi ] Original commit   Revision:454483
454483 databases/cego/Makefile
454483 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.38.0 -> 2.38.1

- Fix in CegoPredDesc::decode, loop variable i for IN/NOTIN case
  was not initialized
- Fix in CegoAction::execCheckCreate, check contraints are checked
  for contained subselects. subselects are ( still ) not supported
  since the CegoCheckOject::decode method can not provide a valid
  tablemanager instance ( it is called from CegoObjectManager )

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sat, 18 Nov 2017
[ 08:34 pi ] Original commit   Revision:454415
454415 databases/cego/Makefile
454415 databases/cego/distinfo
454415 databases/cegobridge/Makefile
454415 databases/cegobridge/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.37.3 -> 2.38.0
databases/cegobridge: update 1.2.1 -> 1.3.0

- Fix in CegoSelect::clone, pUnionSelect was not cloned, which might
  lead to seg faults
- Introduced predicate clause for select .. in ( expr, expr, ... ),
  e.g. select * from t1 where a in ( 1, 2, 3 ); This was still not
  implemented but is part of standard SQL.

- Adaptions made for modified cego-2.38.0 API with extended
  CegoDatabaseFormatter::formatPred method ( exprList was added for
  new introduced select in ( expr list ) predicate )

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Wed, 15 Nov 2017
[ 12:32 pi ] Original commit   Revision:454234
454234 databases/cego/Makefile
454234 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.37.1 -> 2.37.3

- Fix in CegoClient, the new comment logic by using Tokenizer does
  not work ( '-' characters are detected as comment tokens ). Code
  replaced by using posStr chain function
- Adaption in CegoMain to also parse comment lines in a more
  sophisticated way ( same as in CegoMain ), just relevant for server
  batch mode
- Optimization in CegoDistCuror::joinSetup, the join predicate is
  now analysed in a way, that a condition list is created ( via makeCNF
  and createCondition methods in CegoQueryHelper ). The condition
  list then is analysed to achieve a better cursor condition which
  results in improved index usage

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Fri, 10 Nov 2017
[ 19:09 pi ] Original commit   Revision:453921
453921 databases/cego/Makefile
453921 databases/cego/distinfo
453921 databases/cegobridge/Makefile
453921 databases/cegobridge/distinfo
453921 devel/lfcbase/Makefile
453921 devel/lfcbase/distinfo
453921 devel/lfcxml/Makefile
453921 devel/lfcxml/distinfo
devel/lfcbase: update 1.11.0 -> 1.11.1
devel/lfcxml: update 1.2.5 -> 1.2.6
databases/cego: update 2.37.0 -> 2.37.1
databases/cegobridge: update 1.2.0 -> 1.2.1

- New generated configure script with libtool-2.4.6

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Wed, 8 Nov 2017
[ 10:23 pi ] Original commit   Revision:453728
453728 databases/cego/Makefile
453728 databases/cego/distinfo
453728 databases/cegobridge/Makefile
453728 databases/cegobridge/distinfo
453728 databases/p5-DBD-cego/Makefile
453728 databases/p5-DBD-cego/distinfo
453728 devel/lfcbase/Makefile
453728 devel/lfcbase/distinfo
devel/lfcbase: update 1.10.3 -> 1.11.0
databases/cego: update 2.36.4 -> 2.37.0
databases/p5-DBD-cego: update 1.3.0 -> 1.4.0
databases/cegobridge: update 1.1.6 -> 1.2.0

- Layout improvements in Pager class
- Changed constructor for Net and NetHandler class to setup maxSendLen.
  Since this changes the API, minor release level has been increased

- Improvements for cgblow simulation mode added
- Improvements for cgclt, added pipe mode to read input from stdin
  Now comments are allowed also after delimiter token, e.g.
  create table t1(a int); -- a sample table
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Wed, 1 Nov 2017
[ 17:42 pi ] Original commit   Revision:453310
453310 databases/cego/Makefile
453310 databases/cego/distinfo
453310 databases/cegobridge/Makefile
453310 databases/cegobridge/distinfo
453310 devel/lfcbase/Makefile
453310 devel/lfcbase/distinfo
devel/lfcbase: update 1.10.1 -> 1.10.2
databases/cego: update 2.36.3 -> 2.36.4
databases/cegobridge: update 1.1.5 -> 1.1.6

- Fix in CegoSelect::nextTuple, before adding an entry to the query
  cache, it has to be checked, if any tables from foreign tableset
  are referenced in the query. If so, no cache entry is made, since
  table changes for foreign tables are not detected.
- Improved error messages for invalid database objects
- Decreased shutdown delay time by reducing net delays for all
  thread pools and optimized mediator thread wait procedure
- Completely removed the nologging option for import actions.
  Logging is disabled in any case now.
- Optimization added for log handling. During ( xml ) import,
  logging is completely deactivated, after import is completed,
  log is started again and a checkpoint is written.
  Since import can be repeated in case of a system during import,
  nothing gets lost. Deactivating logging increases import speed and
  avoids side effects

- Speed up imports by changing the way the parser reads the input

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
[ 06:44 pi ] Original commit   Revision:453262
453262 databases/cego/Makefile
453262 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.36.2 -> 2.36.3

- Changed recovery strategy for existing btree / avl index objects.
  Before creating an index object, it is checked if exists. If exists,
  it is dropped and recreated. This seems to be a more stable strategy,
  since it may occur, that index objects still exist for several

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Mon, 30 Oct 2017
[ 19:36 pi ] Original commit   Revision:453209
453209 databases/cego/Makefile
453209 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.36.1 -> 2.36.2

- Fix in CegoFactor::setFieldListArray, the _flaCached variable has
  to be set to false, if _pFLA is set to a different value. Otherwise,
  we might refer to invalid memory, which results in core dump

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sun, 29 Oct 2017
[ 10:42 pi ] Original commit   Revision:453106
453106 databases/cego/Makefile
453106 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.36.0 -> 2.36.1

- Added signal handler to CegoAdmAction. Now, ( long ) running
  tableset export and import requests can be aborted in a controlled
  way via Ctrl-C command.
- Fix in CegoXPorter, export file will be removed, if any exception
  occurs. So it is ensured, that the written export file is consistent
  and complete
- fixes in CegoXPorter for CLOB handling ( was not checked for plain exports )

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sat, 30 Sep 2017
[ 06:17 pi ] Original commit   Revision:450945
450945 databases/cego/Makefile
450945 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: 2.35.10 -> 2.36.0

- Completed pointer cleanup in CegoQueryHelper::evalPredicate, added
  check061 to check pointer cleanup
- Fix in CegoTableManager::createBTree, pC object cursor has to be
  set to 0, otherwise in case of abortion a seg fault occurs
- Changed default value for btree cache enabling to false
- Improvement in CegoBufferPool::calcSegment for segid calculation.
  It has been recognized, that with the current calculation
  ( pageid % numsegment ) not all slots can be reached for
  special buffer pool configurations.
  The formula has been changed ( to ( pageid / numpages ) % numsegment )
- Adding missing export / import messages to CegoXPorter
- Changed btree cache enabling syntax. Instead of a dedicated switch
  command ( set btree cache on / off ), the cache option now is
  directly given with the create btree command ( e.g. create btree
  b1 on t1(a) cached )

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sun, 17 Sep 2017
[ 18:23 pi ] Original commit   Revision:450018
450018 databases/cego/Makefile
450018 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.35.8 -> 2.35.10

- Fix in CegoBufferpool::writeCheckpoint, in case of an locking
  exception ( lockBufferPool ), the pool must be released in any case.
  For this the CegoLockManager::lockBufferPool and
  CegoLockManager::unlockBufferPool have been modified in a way,
  that lockBufferPool saves the current sema index ( _poolRangeLock )
  which is later used for the unlocking call.
- Timeout parameter for bufferpool lock reduced to 60 seconds.
- Optimization in CegoBufferPool:bufferfix for minHashId calculation
  in step 2, there was an unneeded locking operation for the
  minhashId, which was already locked by the main loop
- Small format fix in CegoProcCreateStmt ( missing indent )
- Add header row out put for client raw mode ( attribute names )
- Fix in CegoQueryHelper::evalPredicate, for all predicate types,
  the field array value has to be reset to 0, otherwise seg fault my
  occur since invalid references might be used

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sat, 9 Sep 2017
[ 20:38 pi ] Original commit   Revision:449509
449509 databases/cego/Makefile
449509 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.35.4 -> 2.35.8

- Fix in CegoQueryHelper::aggregateTuple, in case of min-Aggregation,
  wrong results may occur, if null values have to be treated. Since
  null value handling is now treated inside CegoFieldValue, some code
  here was obsolete.
- Fix in CegoPredDesc for INSUB and NOTINSUB constructor + clone
  method. There was a confusing with the isNegated flag which has
  been corrected ( also in using class CegoAction ) The wrong negation
  might lead to wrong query result for views using subselect with in
  or not in subselects
- Bug fix in CegoDistCursor::getTuple, for the LEFTOUTER case and
  moreRight conditions, the right table cursor was called double time
  ( native and with nextRight ). The native call has to be removed
  since this may lead to strange effects actually just observed for
  mingw compiles

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sun, 3 Sep 2017
[ 09:44 pi ] Original commit   Revision:449192
449192 databases/cego/Makefile
449192 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.35.3 -> 2.35.4

- Added tuple information command tupleinfo to indicate
  tuple state information for a given table
- Fix in CegoTransactionManager::commitTransaction and
  CegoTransactionManager::rollbackTransaction, in case of a crash recovery
  the taList does not contain any transaction entries, but the rollback
  segments have to be checked in any case for entries to process. Otherwise,
  the transaction will not be completed

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sat, 2 Sep 2017
[ 10:08 pi ] Original commit   Revision:449117
449117 databases/cego/Makefile
449117 databases/cego/distinfo
449117 devel/lfcxml/Makefile
449117 devel/lfcxml/distinfo
devel/lfcxml: update 1.2.4 -> 1.2.5
databases/cego: update 2.35.2 -> 2.35.3

- Small improvement in XMLSuite::nextChar to check for non-ASCII characters

- Fix in CegoTableManager::finishOpenTransaction, the transaction id for
  the corresponding tableset must be set to zero, otherwise in case of crash
  recovery procedures a transaction id might be active and the open
  transactions are not completed correctly

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Fri, 25 Aug 2017
[ 19:50 pi ] Original commit   Revision:448737
448737 databases/cego/Makefile
448737 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.35.1 -> 2.35.2

- Fix for a bad patch
  In CegoSelect::clone also the pCache variable has to be copied
  ( was previously done by calling setTabSetId )

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Thu, 24 Aug 2017
[ 17:20 pi ] Original commit   Revision:448698
448698 databases/cego/Makefile
448698 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.35.0 -> 2.35.1

- Fix in CegoSelect::setProcBlock, pBlock was not setup for _pPred
  This might result in wrong query results within stored procedures
  with select statements which refer to procedure variables
- Changed index recovery handling in a way, that index and btree
  objects are rebuild immediately instead of invalidating them. This
  leads to a much better recovery performance in case of expensive
  queries where index use is needed for fast evaluation

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Wed, 23 Aug 2017
[ 14:32 pi ] Original commit   Revision:448624
448624 databases/cego/Makefile
448624 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.34.0 -> 2.35.0

- Fix in CegoDistManager::checkKey ( used for verify tableset admin
  commend ). Check for foreign key has been redesigned
- Fix in CegoBTreeCursor::getFirst, _pAttrCond has to be checked
  for 0, otherwise a core dump may occur ( detected with verify
  tableset admin command )
- In CegoViewObject::toChain() the view object reference string has
  to return complete information including the tableset. Otherwise,
  references to foreign tableset objects with the view will not work
- Fix in CegoDistCursor to support multiple view references in a
  query ( e.g. select a from v1 where exists select * from v1 ... )
  In the past, this might lead to infinite loops, since just the view
  select reference was used. Now the reference is cloned.
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Sat, 12 Aug 2017
[ 12:21 pi ] Original commit   Revision:447824
447824 databases/cego/Makefile
447824 databases/cego/distinfo
447824 devel/lfcbase/Makefile
447824 devel/lfcbase/distinfo
devel/lfcbase: update 1.9.7 -> 1.10.0
databases/cego: update 2.33.22 -> 2.34.0

- Adoptions made in CommandExecuter and Outstream for MINGW builds
- Added Datetime advanced constructor for more efficient datetime construction

- Small fix in CegoAttrCond::operator = , compare Find result
  with 0 instead of false. A compile error occured for MINGW compiles
- Use of new introduced lfcbase datetime constructor to create
  datetime values with numeric input ( year, month, day, hour, minute
  and second ) for more efficient value handling
- Fix in CegoTypeConverter::getTypeLen for LONG_TYPE values, it
  should be size of(long long) instead of sizeof(long). This impacts
  MINGW compiles, since sizeof(long) ist just 4 bytes
- Changed CegoTypeConverter methods to static
- Introduced new date function newdate with optional numeric input.
  If used with year and month input, this can double the speed for
  date construction ( no string parsing required )

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sat, 5 Aug 2017
[ 12:12 pi ] Original commit   Revision:447401
447401 databases/cego/Makefile
447401 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.33.21 -> 2.33.22

- More fixes in CegoTableManager::keyReferenceExists and
  CegoTableManager::createForeignKey, there still were missing some
  adpotions for TableCursor::setup return code and other case handling

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sat, 29 Jul 2017
[ 07:01 pi ] Original commit   Revision:446869
446869 databases/cego/Makefile
446869 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.33.20 -> 2.33.21

- Added further constraint check in CegoTableManager::dropObjectSynced.
  Primary objects just allowed to be removed, if no foreign key
  reference exists
- More fixes on foreign key contraint handling in
  CegoTableManager::checkKeyIntegrity and CegoTableManager::insertDataTable
- Fix in CegoTableManager::checkKeyIntegrity. The implementation
  of the mehod has been completly reworked, since not all violation
  cases have been treated.

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sat, 22 Jul 2017
[ 08:34 pi ] Original commit   Revision:446373
446373 databases/cego/Makefile
446373 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.33.19 -> 2.33.20

Fix in CegoDistCursor to support advanced left and right outer
join queries of the form

SELECT tx.a AS xa, ty.a AS ya FROM t1 tx
LEFT OUTER JOIN t2 ty ON tx.a = ty.a + 1;

For this, the evaluation of the predicate has to be done in a
different way to get complete row set

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sun, 16 Jul 2017
[ 13:47 pi ] Original commit   Revision:446004
446004 databases/cego/Makefile
446004 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.33.18 -> 2.33.19

- Fix in CegoOrderSpace::insertTuple, for the localTuple variable,
  also a dedicated copy has to be allocated, otherwise it may happen
  that invalid tuple references ( caused be page relocation ) lead
  to invalid order results
- Added performance optimization to CegoTableManager::updateTuple.
  The already evaluated index, key and checklist are also provided
  to checkIntegrity method now ( instead of retrieving the lists again).
  The improves performance for updates with many tuples significantly

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Fri, 14 Jul 2017
[ 06:22 pi ] Original commit   Revision:445730
445730 databases/cego/Makefile
445730 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.33.16 -> 2.33.18

- Method cleanup in, also some irrelevant case is
  treated for grouping clauses in combination with distinct operator
- Added tablemanager parameter to CegoProcWhileStmt to catch query
  abort. In case of infinite while loops, this enables the db admin
  to abort procedure execution
- Optimization for CegoFunction::SETCOUNT procedure implementation
  added. Now this is an atomic operation, instead of calling
- For this, also the CegoXMLSpace::setCounterValue method has been
  changed to return the current counter value return the current
  counter value

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Thu, 29 Jun 2017
[ 05:38 pi ] Original commit   Revision:444621
444621 databases/cego/Makefile
444621 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.33.14 -> 2.33.16

- Completion for admin help backup section, some commands were still missing
  Improvements for procedure indent formatting. All sugar, nothing functional
- Fix in CegoAction::execute, missing break added after calling execListView
- Fix in CegoQueryHelper::evalPredicate. In case of subselects, the
  parent join buf also has to reset after performing the subselect,
  otherwise invalid pointer references are still active for the next
- Seg faults have been experienced for delete with double nested
  subselect conditions ( see check055 )

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Tue, 27 Jun 2017
[ 13:46 sunpoet ] Original commit   Revision:444463
444463 Mk/Uses/
444463 Mk/
444463 audio/ardour5/Makefile
444463 audio/cutmp3/Makefile
444463 audio/ecasound/Makefile
444463 audio/fluidsynth/Makefile
444463 audio/jack/Makefile
444463 audio/kid3-kde4/Makefile
444463 audio/lash/Makefile
444463 audio/libsmf/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 252 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Update devel/readline to 7.0 patch 3

- Bump PORTREVISION for shlib change

Differential Revision:
PR:		219947
Exp-run by:	antoine
Sat, 3 Jun 2017
[ 18:48 pi ] Original commit   Revision:442514
442514 databases/cego/Makefile
442514 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: 2.33.12 -> 2.33.14

- Design modification in CegoAction for semantic action ( execXXX methods )
  An analysed statement is now just executed after complete succesful
  parsing of the given input. This avoid protocol effects for queries
  like "select * from t1;;" where the query is executed but the
  second semicolon is detected as an parse error which also is sent
  to the client.
  For this the new method CegoAction::execute has introduced which
  is ( explicitly ) called after successful CegoAction::parse
- Fix for distinct handling in CegoAggreation
  Fix for alias handling regarding view creates. Alias definitions
  are mandatory now for aggregated attribute definitions, e.g.
  create view v1 as select count(*) from t1;
  => returns now
  ERROR: Missing alias reference for view create
  and must be written as
  create view v1 as select count(*) as c from t1;

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sat, 27 May 2017
[ 07:39 pi ] Original commit   Revision:441829
441829 databases/cego/Makefile
441829 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.33.11 -> 2.33.12

- Fix in CegoAttrComp::reset, case VALUE2VALUE still was not treated,
  which lead to wrong index handling for between clauses with native values

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Thu, 25 May 2017
[ 20:03 pi ] Original commit   Revision:441713
441713 databases/cego/Makefile
441713 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.33.9 -> 2.33.11

- Fix in CegoObjectManager::createBTreeObject to avoid some duplicate btree
- Added space character in CegoSelect::toChain after distinct keyword
  to avoid certain errors
- Fix in CegoAttrComp::operator== The values should NOT be compared,
  since they are set up by the calling CegoAttrCond::update method
  Otherwise, the error "Cannot set up diff for attribute condition"
  basecheck54 added to test for the this problem
- Fix in CegoQueryHelper::evalAttrCond, comparison modulation was
  missing for one case whihc leads to wrong query results for comparisons
  like 3 < a ( constant left )
- Optimization added for between clause, indexes were just used for
  constant values in between clause ( eg. a between 10 and 20 )
  This has been expanded, that also indexes are used, if attribute
  references are contained ( eg. a between t2.x and t3.y )

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sun, 7 May 2017
[ 11:50 pi ] Original commit   Revision:440333
440333 databases/cego/Makefile
440333 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.33.8 -> 2.33.9

- in CegoTableManager::getClobData added termination character to
  ensure clob values are terminated with 0 character
- Small fixes for fixed value handling
- Small fixes for quote escape handling in cgclt batch mode
- In CegoAction::selectionList1 added alias check for non unique
  alias definitions
- Stored Procedure formatting improvements regarding indent handling

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sat, 22 Apr 2017
[ 15:29 pi ] Original commit   Revision:439178
439178 databases/cego/Makefile
439178 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.33.6 -> 2.33.8

- Fix in CegoSelect::buildJoinConditions, the _attrPred array has
  to be set up. Otherwise it may occur, that the predicate is not
  evaluated, if it could not been evaluated by the table curser
- Furthermore, a setup method has been introduced for CegoAttrCond
  to evalute joinBuf and parentJoinBuf ( if both references occur in
  a condition this is needed )
- Optimization in CegoCheckpoint::checkpointReached, if interval
  was reduced, we set up the new interval
- Fix in CegoTableManager::removeAllComp, first we have to remove
  from the list, the we can free the memory. On Linux system with
  g++, the previous sequence might lead to memory faults
- Fix in CegoRecoveryManager::recoverTableSet, after regDataFiles,
  als registerObjects method must be called, otherwise recovery could
  fail in case of table view recoveries
- Optimization in CegoDistManager::stopDistTableSet, the new
  introduced method CegoDatabaseManager::removeAllObjects is called,
  the ensure object cache cleaning
- Added prompt command line option to cgadm to set up specific prompt value
- Adding formating improvements to CegoAdminHandler for show logmng
  and show backupmng commands

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
[ 12:45 miwi ] Original commit   Revision:439170
439170 biology/p5-BioPerl/Makefile
439170 comms/mgetty+sendfax/Makefile
439170 converters/gbsdconv/Makefile
439170 databases/cego/Makefile
439170 databases/pgloader/Makefile
439170 databases/rubygem-bdb1/Makefile
439170 devel/py-castellan/Makefile
439170 devel/rubygem-health_check/Makefile
439170 security/rubygem-origami/Makefile
439170 textproc/rubygem-docdiff/Makefile
- Fix shebangs
Fri, 14 Apr 2017
[ 14:30 pi ] Original commit   Revision:438516
438516 databases/cego/Makefile
438516 databases/cego/distinfo
438516 devel/lfcbase/Makefile
438516 devel/lfcbase/distinfo
devel/lfcbase: update 1.9.3 -> 1.9.6
databases/cego: update 2.33.5 -> 2.33.6

- Small correction in OutStream, include required by FreeBSD
  ( for definition of WEXISTATUS )
- Added method getErrorCode to OutStream class
- Cleanup of OutStream implementation ( removed some includes,
  removed ifdef for MINGW)

- Small improvements for utility scripts cgmkdb, logManager and backupManager

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Fri, 7 Apr 2017
[ 19:56 pi ] Original commit   Revision:437955
437955 databases/cego/Makefile
437955 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.33.4 -> 2.33.5

- Fix in CegoSelect and friends for query cleanup. The cleanUp
  method did not cleanup all field value references which might lead
  to invalid memory access in case of repeated view calls ( Variable
  pParentJoinBuf ).
  Corresponding cleanUp method have been introduced or CegoExpr,
  CegoTerm, CegoFactor and friends.
- Check052 has been introduced to verify the previous described behaviour

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sun, 2 Apr 2017
[ 08:01 pi ] Original commit   Revision:437530
437530 databases/cego/Makefile
437530 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.33.3 -> 2.33.4

- Fix in CegoTableManager::insertDataTable, the newRBEntry method
  call for the transactions manager also must be catched by the
  exception. Otherwise, the index might be corrupted if any exception
  occur ( e.g. out of temp space )

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sat, 1 Apr 2017
[ 08:18 pi ] Original commit   Revision:437396
437396 databases/cego/Makefile
437396 databases/cego/distinfo
437396 devel/lfcbase/Makefile
437396 devel/lfcbase/distinfo
devel/lfcbase: update 1.9.2 -> 1.9.3
databases/cego: update 2.33.1 -> 2.33.3

- Small fixes for Monitor and Pager class, adding missing ifdef for
  curses option in Pager class, replaced CGNOCURSES with LFCNOCURSES

- Fix in CegoRecoveryManager::recoverTableSet, before calling
  transactionRecovery, we have to set flag setIgnoreInvalid to true.
  During transaction recovery phase, we must ignore invalid btrees/index
  objects since these objects could be invalidated but Log data
  integrity and consistency is ensured
- Added implizit tableset btree and index correction to recovery procedure
  ( CegoRecoveryManager::recoverTableSet )
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Sun, 26 Mar 2017
[ 09:02 pi ] Original commit   Revision:436943
436943 databases/cego/Makefile
436943 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.33.0 -> 2.33.1

- Some cosmetic changes for backup manager handlng
  ( change nameing from archmng to backupmng )

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sat, 25 Mar 2017
[ 18:06 pi ] Original commit   Revision:436911
436911 databases/cego/Makefile
436911 databases/cego/distinfo
436911 databases/cego/pkg-plist
436911 devel/lfcbase/Makefile
436911 devel/lfcbase/distinfo
436911 devel/lfcbase/pkg-plist
devel/lfcbase: update 1.9.1 -> 1.9.2
databases/cego: update 2.32.14 -> 2.33.0

- Added CommandExecuter::executeStream method to catch stdout for
  any forked process
- Added class OutStream to catch stdout from forked programs via popen

- Added database verify006 to check multidimensional btrees also in
  combination of null value handling.
- Fix in CegoObjectCursor::getNext, double method call for unlockData removed
- Small grammar correction to treat distinct flag for select-star statement
- Fix in CegoBTreeCursor::compValue, null values have not been handled
  correctly. For string values, string termination was not clean, which
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Sat, 11 Mar 2017
[ 19:33 pi ] Original commit   Revision:435953
435953 databases/cego/Makefile
435953 databases/cego/distinfo
435953 devel/lfcbase/Makefile
435953 devel/lfcbase/distinfo
devel/lfcbase: update 1.9.0 -> 1.9.1
databases/cego: update 2.32.11 -> 2.32.14

- Small fix for Monitor::showFormBox, in case of menu elements,
  delete key is disabled

- Correstion for distinct clause. With the current grammar implemention,
  queries with nested selects and using the distinct operator might
  fail. Cego.def grammar and CegoAction implementation has been changed
  in way, that distinct option is just allowed at the beginning ( e.g.
  select distinct count(a) from t1 and NOT select count(distinct a) from t1 )
  This should simplify usage, since by using the distinct clause,
  distinct tuples are retrieved either for plain queries or for
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Sun, 5 Mar 2017
[ 11:08 pi ] Original commit   Revision:435469
435469 databases/cego/Makefile
435469 databases/cego/distinfo
435469 databases/cegobridge/Makefile
435469 databases/cegobridge/distinfo
435469 devel/lfcbase/Makefile
435469 devel/lfcbase/distinfo
435469 devel/lfcbase/pkg-plist
devel/lfcbase: update 1.8.12 -> 1.9.0
databases/cego: update 2.32.8 -> 2.32.11
databases/cegobridge: update 1.1.2 -> 1.1.3, fix build with clang 4.0

- Added Monitor class for ncurses based GUI utility implementation.
  This class provides GUI layout and event handling to simply ncurses
  based GUI tool implementaton.
- Added class Pager for curses based pager implementation

- Include stdlib.h added in CegoNet ( still missing forLinux compiles )
- Added CegoFieldValue::getDim method required for arithmetic operations
  on fixed values
- Fix in CegoTableManager::getPoolInfo, readdelay and writedelay was
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Sun, 29 Jan 2017
[ 09:36 pi ] Original commit   Revision:432707
432707 databases/cego/Makefile
432707 databases/cego/distinfo
432707 devel/lfcbase/Makefile
432707 devel/lfcbase/distinfo
devel/lfcebase: update 1.8.11 -> 1.8.12
databases/cego: update 2.32.7 -> 2.32.8

- Changed methods for class Sleeper to static. Added Sleeper class
  test to test suite
- Added include file limits.h in For Linux compiles, this
  include is required ( definition of INT_MAX and INT_MIN )

- Small improvements for CegoAdmMon curses based admin console

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sat, 21 Jan 2017
[ 15:10 pi ] Original commit   Revision:432049
432049 databases/cego/Makefile
432049 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.32.6 -> 2.32.7

- Fix in CegoFileHandler::releaseFiles.
  _tabSetId and _isReg vars have to be set to zero/false in any case.
  Otherwise, it might happen that old entries are still visible and in case
  of a tableset recreation obsolete file handle information is provided
- Method CegoTransactionManager::hasOpenTransaction added to check for open
  transaction for a spedific table. This method is called now before a table
  can be dropped to ensure there are no open transaction for this table.

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Mon, 16 Jan 2017
[ 12:54 amdmi3 ] Original commit   Revision:431635
431635 databases/cego/Makefile
- Fix missed shebang
- Add dependency on bash, the port installs bash scripts
- Switch to USES=localbase
- Switch to new test framework

Approved by:	portmgr blanket
Wed, 4 Jan 2017
[ 19:37 pi ] Original commit   Revision:430589
430589 databases/cego/Makefile
430589 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.32.5 -> 2.32.6

- Small performance improvement in CegoBufferPool::bufferFix
  Instead of copying the buffer head data to a local variable via
  memcpy, a pointer variable is used to access the data directly
  Performance improvement: just a few percent ...

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sun, 1 Jan 2017
[ 15:43 pi ] Original commit   Revision:430257
430257 databases/cego/Makefile
430257 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.32.4 -> 2.32.5

- Added another performance patch to CegoBTreeCursor.
  The method compValue has been redesigned in a way, that comparison
  is prepared at cursor creation time and so could be executed in
  a optimized and faster way
  This speeds up queries with joined tables, where the joined table
  is traced many times ( e.g. select count(*) from t1, t2 where
  t1.a = t2.a )

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sat, 31 Dec 2016
[ 18:14 pi ] Original commit   Revision:430149
430149 databases/cego/Makefile
430149 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.32.3 -> 2.32.4

- Fixes and improvements for table export added
  In CegoXPorter::xmlExportable, the pOutStream pointer was deleted,
  which lead to a core dump ( pointer is already deleted by Element )
  Row counter handling and messages have been improved
- Change back to memove call in CegoBTreeNode:shiftEntries. Copying manually
  and bytewise decreased performance about two times for building
  up btree objects. This has been observed on native POSIX ( FreeBSD 11 )
  but also on MSYS64 compiles
- Improvements for CegoBTreeCursor. With the new introduced methods
  CegoBTreeNode::getMedPage and CegoBTreeNode::rightValue, the search
  for the appropriate subnode can be made with logarithmic efforts
  instead of linear search. To validate this improvement, the following
  query has been setup for a random filled table t1
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Sat, 24 Dec 2016
[ 10:03 pi ] Original commit   Revision:429319
429319 databases/cego/Makefile
429319 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.32.2 -> 2.32.3

- Fix in CegoAction::insertStore and CegoAction::insertValueSpecStore;
  for value array inserts via network, the ack for the protocol was
  no satisfied ( e.g. insert into t1 values ( 1, 'XXX'),(2,'YYY'),...)
  which leads to a hanging database client. Since class CegoQuey
  was already prepared for bulk inserts, this was a simple fix,
  just calling execQuery via insertStore parser method just one time.
- Code cleanup in CegoBTReeManager and CegoBTreeNode, use of static
  method CegoDataPointer::getEncodingLength, (define of DPENCODINGLENGTH)
- Fix in CegoFileHandler::CleanDataFile,pageId was not calculated
  correctly ( missing offset )

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Thu, 22 Dec 2016
[ 06:24 pi ] Original commit   Revision:429143
429143 databases/cego/Makefile
429143 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.32.1 -> 2.32.2

- Fix in CegoTranactionManager, replaced LONG_TYPE with PAGEID_TYPE,
  since this is the correct type for page entries. This was detected
  on MinGW64 compiles (seg fault occured), since the type size differs
  on this platform.

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sun, 18 Dec 2016
[ 16:57 pi ] Original commit   Revision:428881
428881 databases/cego/Makefile
428881 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.32.0 -> 2.32.1

- Fixes for CegoBTreeManager::deleteBTree ( changed int type to
  PageIdType for page vars )
  and CegoBTreeManager::insertBTree ( propValue was not setup correctly
  for root node propagation in some cases, which might lead to corrupt
  btree structure )

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Fri, 16 Dec 2016
[ 18:24 pi ] Original commit   Revision:428690
428690 databases/cego/Makefile
428690 databases/cego/distinfo
428690 devel/lfcbase/Makefile
428690 devel/lfcbase/distinfo
devel/lfcbase: update 1.8.10 -> 1.8.11

- Added range check to Chain::toInteger method to catch overflow exception

- This version brings a complete redesign of low level page handling.
  Instead of page references identified by fileId and pageid, a
  database unique pageid is used now
  This results in a complete reimplemtation of several low level
  classes like CegoFileHandler, CegoBufferPool, Blob handling, etc.
  Since pages are references by a single ( 64 bit ) id now, I expect
  an increased performance behaviour over all database operations.
  Most code modifications are done, code complies and basic
  functionally works ( create tableset, create table, insert table )
- First performance analysis indicates a speedup of about 10% for
  btree creation, so significant speedup for full table scans.
- All base checks passed, but there is still a page allocation leak
  for table drops
- Functional tests with SysMT successful completed

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Sun, 4 Dec 2016
[ 10:54 pi ] Original commit   Revision:427773
427773 databases/cego/Makefile
427773 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: update 2.31.6 -> 2.31.7

- Fix in CegoFieldValue for fixed value handling.
  In case of fixed value aggregations, the specified fixed dimension
  should be kept. This has been done be analysing the value dimension
  in the CegoFieldValue:add/sub/mu/div methods.
  In CegoQueryHelper::prepareFieldValue, fixed values are checked now
  for right dimension

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>
Fri, 2 Dec 2016
[ 11:58 mat ] Original commit   Revision:427552
427552 archivers/p5-Compress-LZ4/Makefile
427552 astro/p5-Starlink-AST/Makefile
427552 audio/libogg/Makefile
427552 audio/libvorbis/Makefile
427552 audio/p5-Net-FreeDB/Makefile
427552 biology/cd-hit/Makefile
427552 cad/tkgate/Makefile
427552 comms/qsstv/Makefile
427552 comms/svxlink/Makefile
427552 comms/trustedqsl/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 119 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Do not use post-stage.  Use post-install instead.

The only reason to use post-stage is because the port needs to do
"things" at a later time, like some plist manipulation.
While there, fold post-install in do-install targets when they are

PR:		214780
Submitted by:	mat
Exp-run by:	antoine
Sponsored by:	Absolight
Sat, 26 Nov 2016
[ 10:24 pi ] Original commit   Revision:427137
427137 databases/cego/Makefile
427137 databases/cego/distinfo
databases/cego: 2.31.5 -> 2.31.6

- Fix in CegoSelect::getQueyId added, for the ordering clause asc
  and desc ordering attributes were missing. This might lead to wrong
  ordering results if query caching is used

Submitted by:	Bjoern Lemke <>

Number of commits found XX: 264 (showing only 100 on this page)

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