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Current status

The server has been repaired, with a new power supply, for $23. I am waiting for lower COVID rates before visiting the datacenter to return it.
non port: databases/mysql57-server/distinfo

Number of commits found XX: 22

Wed, 3 Feb 2021
[ 06:20 joneum ] Original commit   Revision:563868
563868 databases/mysql57-server/distinfo
fix distinfo

Sponsored by:	Netzkommune GmbH
Tue, 20 Oct 2020
[ 08:53 joneum ] Original commit   Revision:552808
552808 databases/mysql57-client/Makefile
552808 databases/mysql57-server/Makefile
552808 databases/mysql57-server/distinfo
databases/mysq57-{client, server}: Update to latest release 5.7.32

Full Changelog:

Sponsored by:	Netzkommune GmbH
Mon, 13 Jul 2020
[ 19:09 joneum ] Original commit   Revision:542151
542151 databases/mysql57-client/Makefile
542151 databases/mysql57-server/Makefile
542151 databases/mysql57-server/distinfo
databases/mysq57-{client, server}: Update to latest release 5.7.31

Full Changelog:

Submitted by:	fluffy
MFH:		2020Q3
Security:	0ed71663-c369-11ea-b53c-d4c9ef517024
Sponsored by:	Netzkommune GmbH
Thu, 30 Apr 2020
[ 08:15 joneum ] Original commit   Revision:533416
533416 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-cmake_ssl.cmake
533416 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-cmd-line-utils_libedit_chartype.h
533416 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-cmd-line-utils_libedit_vi.c
533416 databases/mysql57-server/Makefile
533416 databases/mysql57-server/distinfo
533416 databases/mysql57-server/files/patch-cmake_ssl.cmake
533416 databases/mysql57-server/files/patch-cmd-line-utils_libedit_chartype.h
533416 databases/mysql57-server/files/patch-cmd-line-utils_libedit_vi.c
databases/mysq56-{client, server}: Update to latest release 5.7.30

Bugs Fixed:
- InnoDB: The row_upd_clust_rec_by_insert function, which marks a clustered
index record as deleted and inserts an updated version of the record into the
clustered index, passed an incorrect n_ext value (the total number of external
fields) to lower level functions, causing an assertion failure.
- InnoDB: An operation performed with the innodb_buffer_pool_evict debug
variable set to uncompressed caused an assertion failure.
- InnoDB: An add column operation caused an assertion failure. The failure was
due to a dangling pointer.
- nnoDB: Updating certain InnoDB system variables that take string values raised
invalid read errors during Valgrind testing.
- InnoDB: An insert statement on a table with a spatial index raised a record
type mismatch assertion due to a tuple corruption.
- InnoDB: A function that calculates undo log record size could calculate an
incorrect length value in the case of a corrupted undo log record, resulting in
a malloc failure. Assertion code was added to detect incorrect calculations.
- Replication: While an SQL statement was in the process of being rewritten for
the binary log so that sensitive information did not appear in plain text, if a
SHOW PROCESSLIST statement was used to inspect the query, the query could become
corrupted when it was written to the binary log, causing replication to stop.
The process of rewriting the query is now kept private, and the query thread is
updated only when rewriting is complete.
- Replication: When a GRANT or REVOKE statement is only partially executed, an
incident event is logged in the binary log, which makes the replication slave's
applier thread stop so that the slave can be reconciled manually with the
master. Previously, if a failed GRANT or REVOKE statement was the first
statement executed in the session, no GTID was applied to the incident event
(because the cache manager did not yet exist for the session), causing an error
on the replication slave. Also, no incident event was logged in the situation
where a GRANT statement created a user but then failed because the privileges
had been specified incorrectly, again causing an error on the replication slave.
Both these issues have now been fixed.
- Replication: When a replication slave has a generated column that the master
does not have in that table, with a secondary index on the generated column, the
generated expression should be evaluated and the value stored by the storage
engine in the secondary index. When row-based binary logging is in use, the
replication slave assigns default values to any fields that are not in the
master's definition of the table. In the case of a generated column, which does
not have a default value, the slave was previously assigning a null or a zero
value to the column. This value was then stored by the storage engine in the
secondary index, causing both the table and the index to become corrupted. To
fix this issue, generated columns in a table on a replication slave are now
re-evaluated before the values are sent to the storage engine.
- Replication: In the event of an unplanned disconnection of a replication slave
from the master, the reference to the master's dump thread might not be removed
from the list of registered slaves, in which case statements that accessed the
list of slaves would fail. The issue has now been fixed.
- Replication: With the settings binlog_format=MIXED,
tx_isolation=READ-COMMITTED, and binlog_row_image=FULL, an INSERT ... SELECT
query involving a transactional storage engine omitted any columns with a null
value from the row image written to the binary log. This happened because when
processing INSERT ... SELECT statements, the columns were marked for inserts
before the binary logging format was selected. The issue has now been fixed.

Full Changelog:

MFH:		2020Q2
Security:	21d59ea3-8559-11ea-a5e2-d4c9ef517024 (MySQL - Server)
Security:	622b5c47-855b-11ea-a5e2-d4c9ef517024 (MySQL - Client)
Sponsored by:	Netzkommune GmbH
Thu, 16 Jan 2020
[ 15:14 joneum ] Original commit   Revision:523239
523239 databases/mysql57-client/Makefile
523239 databases/mysql57-server/Makefile
523239 databases/mysql57-server/distinfo
523239 databases/mysql57-server/files/patch-libmysql_authentication__ldap_CMakeLists.txt
databases/mysq56-{client, server}: Update to latest release 5.7.29

Bugs Fixed:
- InnoDB: os_file_get_parent_dir warnings were encountered when compiling MySQL
with GCC 9.2.0.
- InnoDB: An internal function (btr_push_update_extern_fields()) used to fetch
newly added externally stored fields and update them during a pessimistic update
or when going back to a previous version of a record was no longer required.
Newly added externally stored fields are updated by a different function. Also,
the method used to determine the number of externally stored fields was
- InnoDB: A comparison function found two records to be equal when attempting to
merge non-leaf pages of a spatial index. The function was unable to handle this
unexpected condition, which resulted in a long semaphore wait and an eventual
assertion failure.
- Replication: A memory leak could occur when a failed replication group member
tried to rejoin a minority group and was disallowed from doing so.
- Docker packages were missing the LDAP authentication plugins.

More Infos:

Approved by:	mmokhi (maintainer, implicit)
MFH:		2020Q1
Security:	a6cf65ad-37d2-11ea-a1c7-b499baebfeaf
Sponsored by:	Netzkommune GmbH
Thu, 5 Dec 2019
[ 18:12 joneum ] Original commit   Revision:519098
519098 databases/mysql57-server/Makefile
519098 databases/mysql57-server/distinfo
519098 databases/mysql57-server/files/patch-client_CMakeLists.txt
519098 databases/mysql57-server/files/patch-libmysql_CMakeLists.txt
519098 databases/mysql57-server/files/
Update to 5.7.28


PR:		241920
Approved by:	mmokhi (maintainer, implicit)
Sponsored by:	Netzkommune GmbH
Mon, 5 Aug 2019
[ 23:37 mmokhi ] Original commit   Revision:508220
508220 databases/mysql57-client/Makefile
508220 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-scripts_CMakeLists.txt
508220 databases/mysql57-server/Makefile
508220 databases/mysql57-server/distinfo
508220 databases/mysql57-server/files/patch-scripts_CMakeLists.txt
databases/mysq56-{client, server}: Update to latest release 5.7.27

This update includes security fixes on issues that are
mentioned on upstream critical patch report.
Further info:

PR:		239271
Submitted by:	Greg Veldman <>
Reported by:	Markus Kohlmeyer <>
Sponsored by:
Sun, 28 Apr 2019
[ 21:34 mmokhi ] Original commit   Revision:500373
500373 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-cmake_plugin.cmake
500373 databases/mysql57-server/Makefile
500373 databases/mysql57-server/distinfo
500373 databases/mysql57-server/files/patch-cmake_plugin.cmake
500373 databases/mysql57-server/files/patch-rapid_plugin_x_CMakeLists.txt
500373 databases/mysql57-server/pkg-plist
databases/mysql57-{client, server}: Update to latest release 5.7.26
This update includes:
- InnoDB: Optimized internal temporary tables did not support
    in-place UPDATE operations
- InnoDB: A function called by a CREATE TABLE thread attempted access after
    was not updated when adding an index
- The authentication_ldap_simple plugin could enforce authentication incorrectly
More info:

Security Fix:
CVE-2019-2632, CVE-2019-1559, CVE-2018-3123, and other fixes.
More info:

PR:		237399
Reported by:	Brent Busby <>
Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation
Mon, 21 Jan 2019
[ 20:40 mmokhi ] Original commit   Revision:490897
490897 databases/mysql57-client/Makefile
490897 databases/mysql57-server/Makefile
490897 databases/mysql57-server/distinfo
databases/mysql57-{client, server}: Update to latest release 5.7.25
This update (released on Jan 21st) includes:
  -Tools resolveip and resolve_stack_dump utilities are now deprecated.
    (Will be removed on MySQL8.0).
  -Fix a memory leak caused by a dangling pointer. (Bug #28693568)
  -Fix mishandling of SIGHUP by server could result in a server exit.
    (Bug #27966483, Bug #90742).
  -Correct potential incorrect out-of-memory checks performed by parser.
    (Bug #25633994).

More info from upstream:

PR:		234983
Reported by:	 Markus Kohlmeyer < >
Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation
Sun, 28 Oct 2018
[ 22:31 mmokhi ] Original commit   Revision:483359
483359 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-libmysql_authentication__ldap_CMakeLists.txt
483359 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-mysys_mf__iocache2.c
483359 databases/mysql57-server/Makefile
483359 databases/mysql57-server/distinfo
483359 databases/mysql57-server/files/patch-libmysql_authentication__ldap_CMakeLists.txt
483359 databases/mysql57-server/files/patch-rapid_plugin_x_CMakeLists.txt
databases/mysql57-{client, server}: Update to 5.7.24
Delete merged-to-upstream FreeBSD patches, edit half-merged ones.

Upstream bugfixes:
    Regression of Bug #27753193 (segfault on ALTER TABLE adding primary key,
    Query interruption during a lock wait caused an error: Bug #28068293
    Raised assertion during an OPTIMIZE TABLE operation for InnoDB: Bug
More info on update:

PR:		232685
Reported by:	Markus Kohlmeyer <>
Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation
Fri, 10 Aug 2018
[ 21:45 mmokhi ] Original commit   Revision:476852
476852 databases/mysql57-client/Makefile
476852 databases/mysql57-server/Makefile
476852 databases/mysql57-server/distinfo
mysql57-{client, server}: Update ports to 5.7.23
This update includes Oracle Critical Patch Advisory published on July 2018
More info:

PR:		229860
Submitted by:	Dani <<
Reported by:	Markus Kohlmeyer <>
Reviewed by:	brnrd , koobs
Sponsored by:	The FreeBSD Foundation
Fri, 20 Apr 2018
[ 10:47 mmokhi ] Original commit   Revision:467819
467819 databases/mysql57-client/Makefile
467819 databases/mysql57-server/Makefile
467819 databases/mysql57-server/distinfo
467819 databases/mysql57-server/pkg-plist
mysql57-{client, server}: Update port to 5.7.22
This update includes fixes for multiple CVEs including:
    CVE-2018-2755 in replication component, MySQL protocol
    CVE-2018-2805 in GIS extention
    CVE-2018-2782 in InnoDB
    and more info on

PR:		227621
Reported by:	Markus Kohlmeyer <>
Sponsored by:	Netzkommune GmbH
Wed, 17 Jan 2018
[ 22:43 mmokhi ] Original commit   Revision:459295
459295 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-client_CMakeLists.txt
459295 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-cmake_plugin.cmake
459295 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-configure.cmake
459295 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-libmysql_authentication__ldap_CMakeLists.txt
459295 databases/mysql57-client/pkg-plist
459295 databases/mysql57-server/Makefile
459295 databases/mysql57-server/distinfo
459295 databases/mysql57-server/files/patch-cmake_plugin.cmake
459295 databases/mysql57-server/files/patch-libmysql_CMakeLists.txt
databases/mysql56-{client, server}: Update to 5.7.21
This update fixes bugs like CVE-2018-2696, CVE-2018-2562, CVE-2018-2640,
CVE-2018-2668, CVE-2017-3737 (and more) in MySQL protocol by upstream.

Delete local patches (CMake plugin macros) that are merged by upstream.

PR:		225195
Sponsored by:	Netzkommune GmbH
Thu, 19 Oct 2017
[ 17:50 feld ] Original commit   Revision:452458
452458 databases/mysql57-server/Makefile
452458 databases/mysql57-server/distinfo
databases/mysql57: Update to 5.7.20

Approved by:	ports-secteam (with hat)
MFH:		2017Q4
Security:	c41bedfd-b3f9-11e7-ac58-b499baebfeaf
Wed, 19 Jul 2017
[ 15:15 mmokhi ] Original commit   Revision:446203
446203 databases/mysql57-client/Makefile
446203 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-CMakeLists.txt
446203 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-mysys_my__symlink.c
446203 databases/mysql57-server/Makefile
446203 databases/mysql57-server/distinfo
databases/mysql57-{client/server}: Update to 5.7.19
ChangeLog for this update:

PR:		220849
Reviewed by:	mat (mentor)
Approved by:	mat (mentor)
Sponsored by:	Netzkommune GmbH
Differential Revision:
Mon, 17 Apr 2017
[ 14:58 mmokhi ] Original commit   Revision:438699
438699 databases/mysql57-client/Makefile
438699 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-support-files_CMakeLists.txt
438699 databases/mysql57-server/Makefile
438699 databases/mysql57-server/distinfo
438699 databases/mysql57-server/files/patch-rapid_plugin_x_CMakeLists.txt
438699 databases/mysql57-server/files/
438699 databases/mysql57-server/pkg-plist
databases/mysql57-{server client}: Update to latest 5.7.18 release
Fix some no-longer-valid (but needed) patches.

Reviewed by:	feld, mat (mentors)
Approved by:	feld (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Tue, 3 Jan 2017
[ 14:40 lifanov ] Original commit   Revision:430476
430476 databases/mysql57-server/Makefile
430476 databases/mysql57-server/distinfo
430476 databases/mysql57-server/files/patch-sql_json__dom.h
430476 databases/mysql57-server/files/
430476 databases/mysql57-server/files/
430476 databases/mysql57-server/files/
430476 databases/mysql57-server/pkg-plist
update mysql57 ports to 5.7.17


PR:		215711
Submitted by:	Mahdi Mokhtari <> (maintainer)
Reviewed by:	matthew
Approved by:	matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Fri, 16 Sep 2016
[ 15:55 riggs ] Original commit   Revision:422257
422257 databases/mysql57-client/Makefile
422257 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-cmake_build__configurations_compiler__options.cmake
422257 databases/mysql57-client/files/
422257 databases/mysql57-server/Makefile
422257 databases/mysql57-server/distinfo
422257 databases/mysql57-server/files/
422257 databases/mysql57-server/files/patch-rapid_plugin_x_mysqlx__configure.cmake
422257 databases/mysql57-server/files/patch-rapid_plugin_x_mysqlx__error.cmake
422257 databases/mysql57-server/files/patch-sql_CMakeLists.txt
Update to upstream version 5.7.15; fixes zero-day remote vuln CVE-2016-6662

PR:		212690
Submitted by: (maintainer)
MFH:		2016Q3
Security:	CVE 2016-6662
Wed, 15 Jun 2016
[ 05:40 pi ] Original commit   Revision:416915
416915 databases/mysql57-client/Makefile
416915 databases/mysql57-server/Makefile
416915 databases/mysql57-server/distinfo
databases/mysql57-{server|client}: 5.7.12 -> 5.7.13


PR:		210042
Approved by:	Mahdi Mokhtari <> (maintainer)
Fri, 6 May 2016
[ 14:40 riggs ] Original commit   Revision:414707
414707 databases/mysql57-client/Makefile
414707 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-CMakeLists.txt
414707 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-client_CMakeLists.txt
414707 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-cmake_build__configurations_compiler__options.cmake
414707 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-cmake_os_DragonFly.cmake
414707 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-cmd-line-utils_libedit_chartype.h
414707 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-cmd-line-utils_libedit_vi.c
414707 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-extra_CMakeLists.txt
414707 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-include_CMakeLists.txt
414707 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-include_my__compare.h

(Only the first 10 of 52 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Update to 5.7.12, fixing 31 partially critical vulnerabilities

List of vulnerabilities is documented on:
CVE IDs see below.

PR:		206998
Submitted by: (maintainer)
Reviewed by:
Approved by: (maintainer)
MFH:		2016Q2
Security:	CVE-2016-0705
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Sun, 10 Jan 2016
[ 20:07 pi ] Original commit   Revision:405742
405742 databases/mysql57-client/Makefile
405742 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-CMakeLists.txt
405742 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-client_CMakeLists.txt
405742 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-extra_CMakeLists.txt
405742 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-include_myisam.h
405742 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-man_CMakeLists.txt
405742 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-scripts_CMakeLists.txt
405742 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-support-files_CMakeLists.txt
405742 databases/mysql57-client/pkg-message
405742 databases/mysql57-client/pkg-plist

(Only the first 10 of 25 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
databases/mysql57-client, databases/mysql57-server:
	change all files that were missed in the last commit

PR:		204607
Tue, 15 Dec 2015
[ 19:40 pi ] Original commit   Revision:403800
403800 Mk/
403800 databases/Makefile
403800 databases/mysql57-client
403800 databases/mysql57-client/Makefile
403800 databases/mysql57-client/files
403800 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-CMakeLists.txt
403800 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-client_CMakeLists.txt
403800 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-cmake_build__configurations_compiler__options.cmake
403800 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-extra_CMakeLists.txt
403800 databases/mysql57-client/files/patch-include_CMakeLists.txt

(Only the first 10 of 47 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
New ports: databases/mysql57-client, databases/mysql57-server

The next major release of mysql.

MySQL is a very fast, multi-threaded, multi-user and robust SQL
(Structured Query Language) database server.


PR:		204607
Submitted by:
Reviewed by:	koobs, brnrd
Approved by:	mat

Number of commits found XX: 22

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