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Thu, 15 Sep 2022
[ 14:34 Jochen Neumeister (joneum) search for other commits by this committer ]    commit hash:b5daf80a266a031ac1299ec2107f53dac3f2c722  commit hash:b5daf80a266a031ac1299ec2107f53dac3f2c722  commit hash:b5daf80a266a031ac1299ec2107f53dac3f2c722  b5daf80  (Only the first 10 of 17 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
databases/mysql80-*: Update to latest release 8.0.30

PR:	265468

Bugs Fixed:
- InnoDB: A TRUNCATE TABLE operation failed to remove data dictionary entries
for columns that were dropped using ALGORITHM=INSTANT.
- InnoDB: An incorrect nullable column calculation on tables with instantly
added columns caused data to be interpreted incorrectly
- InnoDB: The read_2_bytes() function in the InnoDB sources, which reads bytes
from the log buffer, returned a null pointer.
Performance Schema table replication_group_member_stats could persistently show
transactions related to view change events (View_change_log_event) that had
already been applied. These events are queued in the Group Replication applier
channel but applied in the Group Replication recovery channel, causing a race
condition that could result in the counter decrement being lost. The increment
of the count now takes place at a more suitable point, and the counter for
COUNT_TRANSACTIONS_REMOTE_IN_APPLIER_QUEUE is also now set to zero when the
applier is not busy.
- Debug MySQL binaries can now be built using -0g and -fno-inline.

See full Changelog here:

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Wed, 8 Jan 2020
[ 16:47 joneum search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit   Revision:522436 (Only the first 10 of 51 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
databases/mysql80-{client, server}: Update to latest release 8.0.18

switch patch-files to mysql80-server to make it easy for maintain.

- CMake now enables use of fastcov if it is available. fastcov is faster than
lcov or gcov. This requires GCC and gcov versions of 9 or higher.
- The DISABLE_SHARED CMake option was unused and has been removed.
- The CMake code to find Protobuf executables now works on platforms that split
these into multiple packages.
- The new ADD_GDB_INDEX CMake option determines whether to enable generation of
a .gdb_index section in binaries, which makes loading them in a debugger faster.
The option is disabled by default. It has no effect if a linker other than lld
or GNU gold is used.
- For the INSTALL_LAYOUT CMake option, the SLES and WIN option values were not
used and have been removed.
- The max_prepared_stmt_count system variable maximum value has been increased
from 1 million (1,048,576) to 4 million (4,194,304). The default value remains
unchanged at 16,382.
- MySQL 8.0 no longer supports building using wolfSSL. All MySQL builds now use
- The RE2 library is no longer used by MySQL. The library is no longer bundled
with source distributions and the WITH_RE2 CMake option is obsolete.

More Infos:

A big thanks to @fluffy for his help with this update

MFH:		2020Q1
Security:	fc91f2ef-fd7b-11e9-a1c7-b499baebfeaf
Sponsored by:	Netzkommune GmbH

Number of commits found: 2