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non port: databases/percona57-client/files/

Number of commits found: 5

Sunday, 1 Oct 2023
09:30 Rene Ladan (rene) search for other commits by this committer
cleanup: Remove expired ports:

2023-10-01 databases/percona57-pam-for-mysql: Upstream EOL reaches on 2023-10-01
2023-10-01 databases/percona57-server: Upstream EOL reaches on 2023-10-01
2023-10-01 databases/percona57-client: Upstream EOL reaches on 2023-10-01
commit hash: 438a30ec44e27e6c183b085f4a5c6479e1bcbbad commit hash: 438a30ec44e27e6c183b085f4a5c6479e1bcbbad commit hash: 438a30ec44e27e6c183b085f4a5c6479e1bcbbad commit hash: 438a30ec44e27e6c183b085f4a5c6479e1bcbbad 438a30e
Tuesday, 26 May 2020
11:04 fluffy search for other commits by this committer
databases/percona57-{client, server}: update to 5.7.30-33 release

Bugs Fixed:

    PS-6979: Modify the processing to call clean up functions to remove CREATE
USER statement from the processlist after the statement has completed (Upstream
    PS-6860: Merge innodb_buffer_pool_pages_LRU_flushed into
    PS-6811: Correct service failure of asserting ACL_PROXY_USER when
skip-name-resolve=1 and there is a Proxy user (Upstream #98908)
    PS-6112: Correct Binlog_snapshot_gtid inconsistency when mysqldump was used
with -single-transaction.
    PS-6945: Correct tokubackup plugin process exported API to allow large file
    PS-6856: Correct binlogs corruptions in PS 5.7.28 and 5.7.29 (Upstream
    PS-6946: Correct tokubackup processing to free memory use from the address
and thread sanitizers
    PS-5893: Add support for running multiple instances with systemD on Debian.
    PS-5620: Modify Docker image to support supplying custom TLS certificates
    PS-4573: Implement use of a single config file - mysqld.cnf file.
    PS-7041: Correct Compilation error when -DWITH_EDITLINE=bundled is used
    PS-7020: Modify MTR tests for Ubuntu 20.04 to include python2 (python 2.6 or
higher) and python3
    PS-6974: Correct instability in the rocksdb.drop_cf_* tests
    PS-6969: Correct instability in the rocksdb.index_stats_large_table
    PS-6954: Correct tokudb-backup-plugin to avoid collision between -std=c++11
and -std=gnu++03.
    PS-6925: Correct mismatched default socket values for mysqld and mysqld_safe
    PS-6899: Correct main.events_bugs and main.events_1 to interpret date
01-01-2020 properly (Upstream #98860)
    PS-6796: Correct instability in percona_changed_page_bmp_shutdown_thread
    PS-6773: Initialize values in sha256_password_authenticate (Upstream #98223)
    PS-5844: Fix a memory leak after 'innodb.alter_crash' in
'prepare_inplace_alter_table_dict()' (Upstream #96472)
    PS-5735: Correct 5.7 package to install the charsets on CentOS 7
    PS-4757: Remove CHECK_IF_CURL_DEPENDS_ON_RTMP to build keyring_vault for
unconditional test
    PS-4649: Document PerconaFT in TokuDB which is fractal tree indexing to
enhance the B-tree data structure

MFH:		2020Q2
Security:	21d59ea3-8559-11ea-a5e2-d4c9ef517024 (MySQL - Server)
Security:	622b5c47-855b-11ea-a5e2-d4c9ef517024 (MySQL - Client)
Original commitRevision:536606 
Sunday, 31 Dec 2017
15:28 feld search for other commits by this committer
databases/percona57-{client,pam-for-mysql,server}: Update to 5.7.20-18

Release notes:

MFH:		2017Q4
Original commitRevision:457697 
Saturday, 1 Apr 2017
15:11 bapt search for other commits by this committer
Update libedit to 20170329
Original commitRevision:437438 
Tuesday, 10 Jan 2017
18:54 feld search for other commits by this committer
Welcome Percona 5.7 ports to the tree

- client and server version 5.7.16-10
- pam-for-mysql: compatible with newer MySQL API (MySQL 5.7+)

Thanks to all who have worked on Percona, MariaDB, and MySQL ports. Your
tireless efforts have been instrumental in making this port happen.

Differential Revision:
Original commitRevision:431126 

Number of commits found: 5