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non port: deskutils/calibre/files/

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Monday, 14 Dec 2015
13:52 madpilot search for other commits by this committer
- Update to 2.46.0

This new version depends on the new py-qt5 ports. Thanks to rakuco
and Tobias Berner for helping me make it land in the ports tree!

Also thanks to Kovid Goyal (calibre developer) for his suggestions
on making new calibre releases work on FreeBSD.
Original commitRevision:403723 
Monday, 21 Jul 2014
21:31 marino search for other commits by this committer
deskutils/calibre: Update version 1.44.0 => 1.45.0 plus clean-up

The PR as provided did not pass stage checks.  Not only were there new
installed files not represented in the pkg-plist, but patching the html
files caused the .orig versions to be installed too.  That required
a post-patch target to remove as well as the updated pkg-plist.

A long standing issue that was non-fatal on FreeBSD but fatal on DragonFly
involved the use of the calibre RC script.  The template is
filled in at ${WRKDIR}/calibre, the same exact location for the default
configure directory.  FreeBSD handled that problem like this:

  "No write acces [sic] to /work/a/ports/deskutils/calibre/work/calibre
   using a temporary dir instead"

But the error code returned by DragonFly caused this message there:
  "OSError: [Errno 20] Not a directory: '/wrkdirs/deskutils/calibre/

The solution was to set CALIBRE_CONFIG_DIRECTORY to another location.
Strangely this directory is removed by the build later.

Another change I made was to move XDG_CONFIG_HOME from
${STAGEDIR}/.config to ${WRKDIR}/xdg-config where it doesn't need to
be deleted as a post-install step.  Strangely, this directory is empty
after the build, so all this XDG_CONFIG_HOME can probably be removed

The remaining changes were wrapping lines to respect an 80-column limit
and unmasking install commands.

PR:		191957
Submitted by:	maintainer (Rusty Nejdl)
Original commitRevision:362498 

Number of commits found: 2