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non port: devel/apr1/distinfo

Number of commits found: 16

Saturday, 1 Apr 2023
15:42 Bernard Spil (brnrd) search for other commits by this committer
devel/apr1: Update to 1.7.3

 * Update APR-util to 1.6.3
 * Fix build with MySQL 8 [2]
 * databases/db5 is depreacated since 2022-06-30 [3]
 * Switch default BDB to 18

PR:		269857, 230538 [2], 261523 [3]
Submitted by:	ngie
With hat:	apache
commit hash: f473a726dba249ec936d340b8b1167ce5996bd30 commit hash: f473a726dba249ec936d340b8b1167ce5996bd30 commit hash: f473a726dba249ec936d340b8b1167ce5996bd30 commit hash: f473a726dba249ec936d340b8b1167ce5996bd30 f473a72
Tuesday, 6 Aug 2019
08:58 joneum search for other commits by this committer
Update to 1.7.0

*) apr_dir_read: [Unix] Dropped the preference of the dirread_r() flavor
   for dirread(), because the former is both deprecated and unneeded.
   [Yann Ylavic, William Rowe]

*) apr_file_info: [Win32 only] Treat only "name surrogate" reparse points
   as symlinks, and not other reparse tag types. PR47630
   [Oleg Liatte <olegliatte>]

*) Test %ld vs. %lld to avoid compiler emits using APR_OFF_T_FMT, in the
   case of apparently equivilant long and long long types. [William Rowe]

*) Recognize APPLE predefined macros as equivilant to DARWIN. [Jim Jagielski]

*) Signals: Allow handling of SIGUSR2 in apr_signal_thread. [Yann Ylavic]

*) Atomics: Support for 64bit ints. [Jim Jagielski]

*) Add the apr_encode_* API that implements RFC4648 and RFC7515
   compliant BASE64, BASE64URL, BASE32, BASE32HEX and BASE16
   encode/decode functions. [Graham Leggett]

*) rand: Use arc4random_buf() on BSD platforms and getrandom() on Linux,
   when available. [Christian Weisgerber <naddy, Yann Ylavic]

*) Add apr_sockaddr_zone_set, apr_sockaddr_zone_set to set and retrieve
   the zone for link-local IPv6 addresses.  [Joe Orton]

*) apr_sockaddr_equal: Compare link-local IPv6 addresses with different
   zones as not equal.  [Joe Orton]

*) apr_sockaddr_ip_getbuf, apr_sockaddr_ip_get: Append "%zone" for
   IPv6 link-local addresses.  [Joe Orton]

*) Locks: add a --disable-timedlocks config option in case users
   encounter more platforms where it fails [Nick Kew].

*) apr_allocator, apr_pools: Add apr_allocator_page_size() and
   apr_allocator_min_order_set() to respectively get the (system's) page size
   in use and set the minimum allocation size for an allocator (expressed in
   2^order pages).  [Yann Ylavic]

*) locks: provide portable implementations of timedlock()s for
   posix-sems, sysv-sems and pthreads for those platforms that
   lack native versions (eg: OSX/macOS). [Jim Jagielski]

*) locks: Introduce apr_{thread,proc,global}_mutex_timedlock().
   [Yann Ylavic]

- Add PORTVERSION (with svn mv) to relevant patches to make it easier for

PR:		239382
Sponsored by:	Netzkommune GmbH
Differential Revision:
Original commitRevision:508239 
Saturday, 27 Oct 2018
21:46 brnrd search for other commits by this committer
devel/apr1: Update APR to 1.6.5

 - MySQL 8.0 (port marked "devel") not compatible [1]

PR:		230538 [1]
Reported by:	<please forget>
Differential Revision:
Original commitRevision:483173 
Wednesday, 8 Nov 2017
08:06 brnrd search for other commits by this committer
devel/apr1: Update to

 - Fixes build with LibreSSL [1]

PR:		222762 [1]
Original commitRevision:453723 
Wednesday, 12 Jul 2017
19:25 brnrd search for other commits by this committer
devel/apr1: Update to 1.6 branch

 - Update APR to 1.6.0
 - Update APR-util to 1.6.2
 - Add UPDATING entry
 - Ungroup APR
 - Add missing descriptions
 - Switch to using OPT_VARS
 - Add ODBC driver
 - Remove FreeTDS driver and patch
 - Remove Windows files from WRKDIR not WRKSRC
 - Cosmetic fixes
 - Update patches for new version

Reviewed by:	ohauer (maintainer)
Approved by:	ohauer (maintainer)
Differential Revision:
Original commitRevision:445601 
Friday, 29 May 2015
05:13 ohauer search for other commits by this committer
- update apr to 1.5.2

Changes for APR 1.5.2
  *) apr_escape: Correctly calculate the size of the returned string in
     apr_escape_path and set the correct return value in case we actually
     escape the string. [<aduryagin>] PR 57230.

  *) apr_poll(cb): fix error paths returned values and leaks.  [Yann Ylavic]

  *) apr_skiplist: Optimize the number of allocations by reusing pooled or
     malloc()ed nodes for the lifetime of the skiplist.  [Yann Ylavic]

  *) apr_skiplist: Fix possible multiple-free() on the same value in
     apr_skiplist_remove_all().  [Yann Ylavic]

  *) apr_global_mutex/apr_proc_mutex: Resolve failures with the
     POSIX sem implementation in environments which receive signals.
     [Jeff Trawick]

  *) apr_skiplist: Fix potential corruption of skiplists leading to
     results or crashes. [Takashi Sato <takashi tks st>, Eric Covener]
     PR 56654.
Original commitRevision:387784 
Monday, 22 Sep 2014
18:48 ohauer search for other commits by this committer
- update to apr-util-1.5.4
- add CPE support (reflect only apr-util)
- s/libtool:keepla/libtool/ [1]
- USE_BDB= s/48+/5+/ (db5 is already the default version in the ports tree)
- build always with THREADS and remove the THREAD OPTION
- use dedicated CONFIGURE_ENV for apr/apr-util [2]
- always install lib/apr-util-1 directory
- display apr/apr-util build steps with an ECHO_MSG for better
  buildlog analyzing

Changes with APR-util 1.5.4 [3]
 *) MySQL driver: Fix incorrect handling of bad parameter in the
    driver support for apr_dbd_transaction_end().  PR 56330.
 *) apr_crypto_get_driver(): Fix invalid storage reference on error path.
 *) Fix compile failure for Android.  PR 56627.
 *) Fix detection of Berkeley DB 6.0. PR 55277.
 *) Improve platform detection for bundled expat by updating config.guess
    and config.sub.

[1] Quick test script snippet:
    grep apr-1.5 /usr/ports/INDEX* | cut -d\| -f 2 | sort -u | while read i; do
         grep -H libtool $i/Makefil*

[2] Use "-I${APR_WRKDIR}/include" as first CPPFLAGS value for apr-util
    (do not include old apr_version.h during the build)


with hat apache@
Original commitRevision:368985 
Monday, 21 Apr 2014
17:43 ohauer search for other commits by this committer
- update apr to 1.5.1
- remove back ported patch
- use POSIX instead SysV SHM
- remove LDFLAGS from CONFIGURE_ENV (unbreak auto. testing)

Changes for APR 1.5.1
  *) apr_os_proc_mutex_get() on Unix:  Avoid segfault for cross-
     process pthread mutexes.  [Yann Ylavic <>]

  *) When using shmget-based shared memory, the ID used for ftok is
     now an APR hash of the filename instead of the constant '1'.
     We do this to help avoid collisions. PR 53996 [Jim Jagielski]

  *) apr_socket_atreadeof(): Fix breakage on OS X. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Fix POSIX shared memory (shm_open) use for named shared memory.
     Includes adding '--enable-posix-shm' to force POSIX shm if
     available, and OS X compatibility. PR 55928.
     [Jozef Hatala <jh-asf skrt org>, Jim Jagielski]

  *) Fix race condition when calling apr_dir_make_recursive from
     multiple threads on Windows.
     [Bert Huijben]

  *) Fix apr_escape.c compilation errors on EBCDIC platforms.
     [Eric Covener]

  *) FreeBSD 10: Correct a regression in 1.5.0 which affected non-
     blocking sockets in some applications, including httpd.  [Jeff

  *) apr_skiplist: Add compatibility with C++ applications.
     [Jeff Trawick]

  *) Correct a regression in 1.5.0 which affected out-of-tree
     builds on Unix.  [Rainer Jung]

  *) Improve platform detection for bundled expat by updating
     config.guess and config.sub. [Rainer Jung]

with hat apache@
Original commitRevision:351698 
Saturday, 22 Mar 2014
21:14 ohauer search for other commits by this committer
- update to apr-1.5.0
- add fix for FreeBSD 10 obtained from
- bump USE_BDB=42+ -> USE_BDB=48+ [1]
- add entry to UPDATING

Changes for APR 1.5.0 (shortened)

  *) Add apr_sockaddr_is_wildcard() to check if a socket address
     refers to the wildcard address for the protocol family (e.g., for IPv4).  [Jeff Trawick]

  *) Add the apr_escape interface. [Graham Leggett]

  *) Add apr_skiplist family. [Jim Jagielski]

  *) Add the apr_table_getm() call, which transparently handles the
     merging of keys with multiple values. [Graham Leggett]

  *) Add apr_hash_this_key(), apr_hash_this_key_len(), and
     apr_hash_this_val() for easier access to those attributes from
     a hash iterator.  [Hyrum K. Wright <hyrum_wright>]

  *) Improve platform detection by updating config.guess and config.sub.
     [Rainer Jung]

  *) apr_socket_opt_set: Add support for APR_SO_BROADCAST. PR 46389.
     [Armin MAOEller <mueller itestra com>]

  *) Enable platform specific support for the opening of a file or
     pipe in non-blocking mode through the APR_FOPEN_NONBLOCK flag.
     [Graham Leggett]

[1] requested by Pavel Timofeev, Sean Bruno

with hat apache@

PR:		ports/186441
PR:		ports/186899
Original commitRevision:348807 
Sunday, 24 Nov 2013
19:42 ohauer search for other commits by this committer
- update apr-util to 1.5.3
- *no update* to apr-1.5.0 [1]

Changes with APR-util 1.5.3
  *) Fix warnings in odbc driver on 64bit systems.
     PR 55197  [Tom Donovan]

  *) Add support to apr_memcache for unix domain sockets.
     PR 54573 [Remi Gacogne <rgacogne+asf>]

  *) Add support for Berkeley DB 6.0. [Rainer Jung]

[1] apache24 is broken if build against apr-1.5.0 and
    enable-v4-mapped is set to ON (the default)
Original commitRevision:334778 
Saturday, 6 Jul 2013
08:43 ohauer search for other commits by this committer
- update devel/apr1
  apr-1.4.6      -> apr-1.4.8
  apr-util-1.4.1 -> apr-util-1.5.2

- add support for NSS crypto driver (apr-util)

Changes URL's:

Thanks to tijl@ for sending patches to the apache@ list.

with hat apache@
Original commitRevision:322367 
Sunday, 2 Sep 2012
14:31 ohauer search for other commits by this committer
devel/apr1 [1]
- update APR to 1.4.6
- update APR-util to 1.4.1

- adopt new Makefile header, adjust
  PKGNAMESUFFIX in apache22 masterport

www/apache22 [2]-[6]
- rewrite for options NG
- PORTNAME s|apache|apache22|
- remove APR APR-util specific otions,
  will be checked now with help of apr/u-1-config

- rewrite for options NG
- remove no longer needet make targets
  (show-categories, make-options-list)

PR: 165143

PR: 130479
PR: 153406
PR: 158565
PR: 168769
PR: 167965

with hat apache@
Original commitRevision:303550 
Sunday, 22 May 2011
21:31 ohauer search for other commits by this committer
- update to apr-1.4.5
- update to apr-util-1.3.12
- add new make target "test:"

Changes for APR 1.4.5
  *) Security: CVE-2011-1928
     apr_fnmatch(): Fix high CPU loop.  [William Rowe]
  *) Fix top_builddir in installed  [Bojan Smojver]

Changes with APR-util 1.3.12
  *) apr_ldap: Fix crash because of NULL cleanup registered by
     apr_ldap_rebind_init().  [Rainer Jung]

commit with hat apache@
Original commit
Friday, 13 May 2011
23:00 ohauer search for other commits by this committer
- update apr1 to version 1.4.4 (security update CVE-2011-0419)

Changes: (trimmed non FreeBSD related to keep the list shorter)

Changes for APR 1.4.4
Changes for APR 1.4.3

  *) Security: CVE-2011-0419
     Reimplement apr_fnmatch() from scratch using a non-recursive
     algorithm; now has improved compliance with the fnmatch() spec.
     [William Rowe]

  *) poll, pollset, pollcb on Windows: Handle calls with no file/socket
     descriptors.  PR 49882.  [Stefan Ruppert <sr>, Jeff Trawick]

  *) Fix address handling when accepting an AF_INET socket from a socket
     bound as AF_INET6.   PR 49678.  [Joe Orton]

  *) Add new experimental configure option --enable-allocator-uses-mmap to
     use mmap instead of malloc in apr_allocator_alloc(). This greatly reduces
     memory fragmentation with malloc implementations (e.g. glibc) that
     don't handle allocationss of a page-size-multiples in an efficient way.
     It also makes apr_allocator_max_free_set() actually have some effect
     on such platforms. [Stefan Fritsch]

  *) configure: Make definition of apr_ino_t independent of
     _FILE_OFFSET_BITS even on platforms where ino_t is 'unsigned int'.
     [Stefan Fritsch]

  *) apr_ring: Workaround for aliasing problem that causes gcc 4.5 to
     miscompile some brigade related code. PR 50190. [Stefan Fritsch]

  *) apr_file_flush_locked(): Handle short writes. [Stefan Fritsch]

  *) apr_pollset_create_ex(): Trap errors from pollset providers.
     PR 49094.  [Sami Tolvanen <sami.tolvanen>]

  *) apr_pollset_create*(): Fix memory lifetime problem with the wakeup
     pipe when the pollset was created with APR_POLLSET_NOCOPY.
     [Neil Conway <nrc>]

  *) Fix detection of some Linux variants when configure is built with
     recent GNU tools.  [Eric Covener]

  *) Avoid a redundant fcntl() call in apr_file_open() where O_CLOEXEC
     is supported.  PR 46297.  [Joe Orton]

  *) Improve platform detection by updating config.guess and config.sub.
     [Rainer Jung]

  commit with apache@ hat

PR:             156997
Submitted by:   Tsurutani Naoki <turutani _at_>
Original commit
Wednesday, 6 Oct 2010
05:32 pgollucci search for other commits by this committer
- Update apr-util to 1.3.10

With Hat:   apache@

  *) SECURITY: CVE-2010-1623 (
     Fix a denial of service attack against apr_brigade_split_line().
     [Stefan Fritsch]

  *) SECURITY: CVE-2009-3560, CVE-2009-3720 (
     Fix two buffer over-read flaws in the bundled copy of expat which
     could cause applications to crash while parsing specially-crafted
     XML documents.  [Joe Orton]

  *) Upgrade bundled copy of expat library to 1.95.7.  [Joe Orton]

  *) apr_thread_pool: Fix some potential deadlock situations.  PR 49709.
     [Joe Mudd <Joe.Mudd>]

  *) apr_thread_pool_create: Fix pool corruption caused by multithreaded
     use of the pool when multiple initial threads are created.  PR 47843.
     [Alex Korobka <akorobka>]

  *) apr_thread_pool_create(): Only set the output thread pool handle on
     success.  [Paul Querna]

  *) DBD ODBC support: Fix memory corruption using apr_dbd_datum_get() with
     several different data types, including APR_DBD_TYPE_TIME.  PR 49645.

  *) Add support for Berkeley DB 4.8 and 5.0.  PR 49866, PR 49179.
     [Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <br>,
      Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis <arfrever.fta>]

  *) Make bundled expat compatible with libtool 2.x.  PR 49053.
     [Rainer Jung]

  *) Prefer libtool 1.x when searching for libtool in
     bundled expat release process. [Rainer Jung, Jim Jagielski]

  *) Improve platform detection for bundled expat by updating
     config.guess and config.sub. [Rainer Jung]
Original commit
Tuesday, 18 May 2010
04:00 pgollucci search for other commits by this committer
- Force commit to note repo copy from devel/apr to devel/apr1

PR:             ports/146553
Repo copy by:   marcus
Submitted by:   myself (pgollucci@)
With Hat:       apache@
Original commit

Number of commits found: 16