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non port: devel/avr-libc/files/patch-latex3

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Thu, 21 Jul 2005
[ 21:05 joerg search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit 
Upgrade to version 1.2.4.

Among other bugfixes, this particularly fixes the brokeness for the
recent binutils-2.16 upgrade (so the port is no longer broken now).
Fri, 11 Mar 2005
[ 21:43 joerg search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit 
Fix a problem where the doxygen-generated LaTeX file could no longer
be compiled by LaTeX 3 as it was attempted to convert it to PDF
instead of DVI now.  This eventually caused the entire build to fall
over, as the EPS picture files to be included were no longer be looked
up by the .eps suffix.

Also, now that avr-binutils and avr-gcc can handle the newer AVR
devices (ATmega48/88/168, ATtiny13/2313, AT90CAN128, ATmega325/3250,
ATmega645/6450), the configure script automatically causes crt*.o
files for these devices to be compiled and installed, so reflect this
in the pkg-plist.  This makes these new device types fully supported
in the FreeBSD AVR toolchain (as they are in the popular WinAVR
toolchain already).

The new doxygen version present in the ports also causes a slightly
different directory layout for the generated docs, so adapt
pkg-plist.doc accordingly.

Number of commits found: 2