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non port: devel/geany/files

Number of commits found: 2

Mon, 26 Oct 2020
[ 08:54 madpilot ] Original commit   Revision:553326
- Update geany and geany-plugins to 1.37
- Remove patches included upstream

NOTE: after this release the geany project is phasing out GTK2
support. Most probably the next release will be GTK3 only, and any
plugins not ported to GTK3 will be removed.
Sat, 24 Oct 2020
[ 08:51 madpilot ] Original commit   Revision:553166
Fix crash on close due to a signal handler on VTE widget being fired
after the widget is destroyed.

PR:		250403
Submitted by:	Hodong <>
MFH:		2020Q4

Number of commits found: 2