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non port: devel/git-cvs/pkg-descr

Number of commits found: 2

Tue, 12 Oct 2021
[ 15:18 Renato Botelho (garga) search for other commits by this committer ]    commit hash:ff5ded75bcda28c580623504e01f5db8eb6be9cf  commit hash:ff5ded75bcda28c580623504e01f5db8eb6be9cf  commit hash:ff5ded75bcda28c580623504e01f5db8eb6be9cf  ff5ded7  (Only the first 10 of 22 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
devel/git: Split into subpackages

Removed CVS, GUI, PERFORCE and SUBVERSION options and also gui and svn
FLAVORS, and create 4 new subports:


All these packages depend of devel/git and install only additional files
and manpages.  This work is based on initial patch submitted by grembo@i
at review D30238.

PR:		251090
Sponsored by:	Rubicon Communications, LLC ("Netgate")
Differential Revision:
Thu, 3 Mar 2016
[ 10:11 rakuco search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit   Revision:410021
New port: devel/git-cvs.

Tool to incrementally import changesets from CVS into a Git repository with
stable commit hashes.


PR:		207456
Submitted by:

Number of commits found: 2