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non port: devel/kyua/pkg-plist

Number of commits found: 13

Friday, 23 Feb 2024
11:25 Muhammad Moinur Rahman (bofh) search for other commits by this committer
devel/kyua: Update to latest snapshot

- Moved man to share/man
- Adopt based on last commit. Somehow despite mentioning about adoption
  I missed to change the MAINTAINER.

Approved by:    jmmv (private mail)
commit hash: 0681b59003643c8eae2afc0df3cc3cbd3ad966b9 commit hash: 0681b59003643c8eae2afc0df3cc3cbd3ad966b9 commit hash: 0681b59003643c8eae2afc0df3cc3cbd3ad966b9 commit hash: 0681b59003643c8eae2afc0df3cc3cbd3ad966b9 0681b59
Wednesday, 3 Jan 2024
05:27 Muhammad Moinur Rahman (bofh) search for other commits by this committer
devel/kyua: Switch to FreeBSD upstream

- As per the recent discussion switch to the FreeBSD upstream
- For now resetting MAINTAINER to myself with ci@ hat on but anyone from
  ci@ feel free to commit
- Pet port{clippy|fmt}

PR:             276071
Approved by:    jmmv (private mail)
commit hash: 6963b8318f5627ab2ffdeb25478cc7bae7a97f40 commit hash: 6963b8318f5627ab2ffdeb25478cc7bae7a97f40 commit hash: 6963b8318f5627ab2ffdeb25478cc7bae7a97f40 commit hash: 6963b8318f5627ab2ffdeb25478cc7bae7a97f40 6963b83
Wednesday, 24 May 2017
14:34 asomers search for other commits by this committer
devel/kyua: Install kyua.conf as a sample file

Previously, kyua upgrades would override users' changes to
/usr/local/etc/kyua/kyua.conf.  Now the upgrade will only affect

PR:		217990
Reported by:	ngie
Reviewed by:	jmmv, ngie
Approved by:	jmmv (maintainer)
Approved by:	brd (ports)
Sponsored by:	Spectra Logic Corp
Original commitRevision:441600 
Friday, 26 Aug 2016
14:58 jmmv search for other commits by this committer
Update devel/kyua to 0.13 from 0.11:

**Released on August 26th, 2016.**

* Fixed execution of test cases as an unprivileged user, at least under
  NetBSD 7.0.  Kyua-level failures were probably a regression introduced
  in Kyua 0.12, but the underlying may have existed for much longer:
  test cases might have previously failed for mysterious reasons when
  running under an unprivileged user.

* Issue #134: Fixed metadata test broken on 32-bit platforms.

* Issue #139: Added per-test case start/end timestamps to all reports.

* Issue #156: Fixed crashes due to the invalid handling of cleanup
  routine data and triggered by the reuse of PIDs in long-running Kyua

* Issue #159: Fixed TAP parser to ignore case while matching `TODO` and
  `SKIP` directives, and to also recognize `Skipped`.

* Fixed potential crash due to a race condition in the unprogramming of
  timers to control test deadlines.

The above are the major changes in 0.13.  Note that, however, this commit
upgrades devel/kyua from 0.11 because 0.12 was rolled back.  For details
on the changes that went into 0.12, see the log for r402256.

Reviewed by:	ngie
Approved by:	bapt (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Original commitRevision:420923 
Wednesday, 30 Mar 2016
16:47 brd search for other commits by this committer
Revert devel/kyua due to random segfaults during longer runs.


Approved by:	jmmv (maintainer), bdrewery (mentor)
Original commitRevision:412176 
Monday, 23 Nov 2015
03:03 jmmv search for other commits by this committer
Update devel/kyua to 0.12.

**Released on November 22nd, 2015.**

This is a huge release and marks a major milestone for Kyua as it finally
implements a long-standing feature request: the ability to execute test
cases in parallel.  This is a big deal because test cases are rarely
CPU-bound: running them in parallel yields much faster execution times for
large test suites, allowing faster iteration of changes during development.

As an example: the FreeBSD test suite as of this date contains 3285 test
cases.  With sequential execution, a full test suite run takes around 12
minutes to complete, whereas on a 4-core machine with a high level of
parallelism it takes a little over 1 minute.

Implementing parallel execution required rewriting most of Kyua's core and
partly explains explains why there has not been a new release for over a
year.  The current implementation is purely subprocess-based, which works
but has some limitations and has resulted in a core that is really complex
and difficult to understand.  Future versions will investigate the use of
threads instead for a simplified programming model and additional
parallelization possibilities.

* Issue #2: Implemented support to execute test cases in parallel when
  invoking `kyua test`.  Parallel execution is *only* enabled when the new
  `parallelism` configuration variable is set to a value greater than `1`.
  The default behavior is still to run tests sequentially because some test
  suites contain test cases with side-effects that might fail when run in
  parallel.  To resolve this, the new metadata property `is_exclusive` can
  be set to `true` on a test basis to indicate that the test must be run on
  its own.

* Known regression: Running `kyua debug` on a TAP-based test program does
  not currently report the output in real time.  The output will only be
  displayed once the test program completes.  This is a shortcoming of
  the new parallel execution engine and will be resolved.

* Removed the external C-based testers code in favor of the new built-in
  implementations.  The new approach feels significantly faster than the
  previous one.

* Fixed the handling of relative paths in the `fs.*` functions available
  in `Kyuafile`s.  All paths are now resolved relative to the location of
  the caller `Kyuafile`.  `` has been updated with these
  changes and you should update custom copies of this file with the new

* Changed temporary directory creation to always grant search
  permissions on temporary directories.  This is to prevent potential
  problems when running Kyua as root and executing test cases that require
  dropping privileges (as they may later be unable to use absolute paths
  that point inside their work directory).

* The cleanup of work directories does not longer attempt to deal with
  mount points.  If a test case mounts a file system and forgets to unmount
  it, the mount point will be left behind.  It is now the responsibility of
  the test case to clean after itself.  The reasons for this change are
  simplicity and clarity: there are many more things that a test case can
  do that have side-effects on the system and Kyua cannot protect against
  them all, so it is better to just have the test undo anything it might
  have done.

* Improved `kyua report --verbose` to properly handle environment
  variables with continuation lines in them, and fixed the integration
  tests for this command to avoid false negatives.

* Changed the configuration file format to accept the definition of
  unknown variables without declaring them local.  The syntax version
  number remains at 2.  This is to allow configuration files for newer Kyua
  versions to work on older Kyua versions, as there is no reason to forbid

* Fixed stacktrace gathering with FreeBSD's ancient version of GDB.
  GDB 6.1.1 (circa 2004) does not have the `-ex` flag so we need to
  generate a temporary GDB script and feed it to GDB with `-x` instead.

* Issue #136: Fixed the XML escaping in the JUnit output so that
  non-printable characters are properly handled when they appear in the
  process's stdout or stderr.

* Issue #141: Improved reporting of errors triggered by sqlite3.  In
  particular, all error messages are now tagged with their corresponding
  database filename and, if they are API-level errors, the name of the
  sqlite3 function that caused them.

* Issue #144: Improved documentation on the support for custom properties
  in the test metadata.

* Converted the `INSTALL`, `NEWS`, and `README` distribution documents to
  Markdown for better formatting online.

Approved by:	bapt (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Original commitRevision:402256 
Thursday, 30 Oct 2014
16:42 jmmv search for other commits by this committer
Update devel/kyua to 0.11.

Released on October 23rd, 2014.

* Added support to print the details of all test cases (metadata and
  their output) to 'report'.  This is via a new '--verbose' flag which
  replaces the previous '--show-context'.

* Added support to specify the amount of physical disk space required
  by a test case.  This is in the form of a new "required_disk_space"
  metadata property, which can also be provided by ATF test cases as

* Assimilated the contents of all the kyua-*-tester(1) and
  kyua-*-interface(7) manual pages into more relevant places.  In
  particular, added more details on test program registration and their
  metadata to kyuafile(5), and added kyua-test-isolation(7) describing
  the isolation features of the test execution.

* Assimilated the contents of all auxiliary manual pages, including
  kyua-build-root(7), kyua-results-files(7), kyua-test-filters(7) and
  kyua-test-isolation(7), into the relevant command-specific manual
  pages.  This is for easier discoverability of relevant information
  when reading how specific Kyua commands work.

* Issue 30: Plumbed through support to query configuration variables
  from ATF's test case heads.  This resolves the confusing situation
  where test cases could only do this from their body and cleanup

* Issue 49: Extended 'report' to support test case filters as
  command-line arguments.  Combined with '--verbose', this allows
  inspecting the details of a test case failure after execution.

* Issue 55: Deprecated support for specifying test_suite overrides on
  a test program basis.  This idiom should not be used but support for
  it remains in place.

* Issue 72: Added caching support to the getcwd(3) test in configure so
  that the result can be overriden for cross-compilation purposes.

* Issue 83: Changed manual page headings to include a "kyua" prefix in
  their name.  This prevents some possible confusion when displaying,
  for example, the "kyua-test" manual page with a plain name of "test".

* Issue 84: Started passing test-suite configuration variables to plain
  and TAP test programs via the environment.  The name of the
  environment variables set this way is prefixed by TEST_ENV_, so a
  configuration variable of the form
  'test_suites.some_name.allow_unsafe_ops=yes' in kyua.conf becomes
  'TEST_ENV_allow_unsafe_ops=YES' in the environment.

* Issue 97 and 116: Fixed the build on Illumos.

* Issue 102: Set TMPDIR to the test case's work directory when running
  the test case.  If the test case happens to use the mktemp(3) family
  of functions (due to misunderstandings on how Kyua works or due to
  the reuse of legacy test code), we don't want it to easily escape the
  automanaged work directory.

* Issue 103: Started being more liberal in the parsing of TAP test
  results by treating the number in 'ok' and 'not ok' lines as optional.

* Issue 105: Started using tmpfs instead of md as a temporary file
  system for tests in FreeBSD so that we do not leak md(4) devices.

* Issue 109: Changed the privilege dropping code to start properly
  dropping group privileges when unprivileged_user is set.  Also fixes

* Issue 110: Changed 'help' to display version information and clarified
  the purpose of the 'about' command in its documentation.

* Issue 111: Fixed crash when defining a test program in a Kyuafile that
  has not yet specified the test suite name.

* Issue 114: Improved the kyuafile(5) manual page by clarifying the
  restrictions of the include() directive and by adding abundant

Differential Revision:
Approved by:	bapt
Original commitRevision:371764 
Monday, 27 Oct 2014
10:40 bapt search for other commits by this committer
Cleanup plist
Original commitRevision:371546 
Thursday, 14 Aug 2014
20:21 jmmv search for other commits by this committer
Update kyua to 0.10:

This change merges the kyua-{atf-compat,cli,testers} packages
into a single devel/kyua package, just as upstream has done, and brings
Kyua to version 0.10.

The list of changes since kyua-cli 0.9 and kyua-testers 0.3:

Experimental version released on August 14th, 2014.

* Merged 'kyua-cli' and 'kyua-testers' into a single 'kyua' package.

* Dropped the 'kyua-atf-compat' package.

* Issue 100: Do not try to drop privileges to unprivileged_user when we
  are already running as an unprivileged user.  Doing so is not possible
  and thus causes spurious test failures when the current user is not
  root and the current user and unprivileged_user do not match.

* Issue 79: Mention kyua.conf(5) in the "see also" section of kyua(1).

* Issue 75: Change the rewrite__expected_signal__bad_arg test in
  testers/atf_result_test to use a different signal value.  This is to
  prevent triggering a core dump that made the test fail in some platforms.

Reviewed by:	bdrewery (D608)
Approved by:	bdrewery (ports)
Original commitRevision:364865 
Saturday, 15 Feb 2014
23:45 jmmv search for other commits by this committer
Turn devel/kyua into a meta-port and add devel/kyua-cli.

The existing devel/kyua package should have been named devel/kyua-cli to
match the upstream structure.  Do the rename now and make devel/kyua be
a meta-port that depends on all kyua packages.

Because there is no version number to represent Kyua as a whole (that's
a problem I have to resolve upstream somehow), bump the epoch of
devel/kyua and use today's date as the version.

No entry should be necessary in MOVED because upgrading to the new
meta-port should do the right thing.

Approved by:	bdrewery
Original commitRevision:344497 
Tuesday, 11 Feb 2014
03:48 jmmv search for other commits by this committer
Install tests for lutok, kyua-testers and kyua.

This is all conditionalized on a TEST option.

Approved by:	bdrewery
Original commitRevision:343717 
Saturday, 25 Jan 2014
20:24 jmmv search for other commits by this committer
Remove FreeBSD svn keyword form pkg-plist files.

Approved by:	bapt (ports)
Original commitRevision:341087 
Friday, 24 Jan 2014
19:46 jmmv (src committer) search for other commits by this committer
Add staging support to kyua* and lutok.

While doing this, consolidate file handling into pkg-plist (instead of
the previous split between the Makefile and the pkg-plist) for simplicity.

Reviewed by:	asomers (ex-maintainer)
Approved by:	bdrewery (ports)
Original commitRevision:340929 

Number of commits found: 13