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non port: devel/llvm-devel/Makefile.svn_rev

Number of commits found: 47

Thu, 30 Jul 2015
[ 17:47 brooks ] Original commit   Revision:393253
Use option helpers where possible.[0]

Assorted tidying.

PR:		201986 [0]
Submitted by:	mat [0]
Fri, 24 Jul 2015
[ 23:40 brooks ] Original commit   Revision:392851 (Only the first 10 of 14 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Mostly complete redo to the build of -devel LLVM ports:
 - Switch to cmake.
 - Combine all builds into devel/llvm-devel.
   - Remove devel/libiomp5-devel
   - Make lang/clang-devel a metaport so people can still find it.

Upgrade a snapshot shortly after the 3.7 branch point.

Sponsored by:	DARPA, AFRL
Fri, 8 May 2015
[ 21:30 brooks ] Original commit   Revision:385836 (Only the first 10 of 13 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Update clang-devel and llvm-devel to r236894.

Add a port of the Intel/LLVM OpenMP runtime library.

Sponsored by:	DARPA, AFRL
Mon, 6 Apr 2015
[ 21:51 brooks ] Original commit   Revision:383482
Upgrade to r234164.

PR:		197908 (seems to build with gcc 4.9)
Thu, 15 Jan 2015
[ 19:04 brooks ] Original commit   Revision:377138
Update to r225991 (the 3.6 branch point).
Thu, 18 Dec 2014
[ 20:46 brooks ] Original commit   Revision:374919
Upgrade to r224537.

Add support for -fformat-exentions as a no-op in clang. [0]

Submitted by: [0]
Tue, 18 Nov 2014
[ 23:29 brooks ] Original commit   Revision:372755
Update clang-devel and llvm-devel to r222267.
Thu, 25 Sep 2014
[ 19:10 brooks ] Original commit   Revision:369283 (Only the first 10 of 11 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Upgrade to r218451.


Give llvm a chance to build on arm* and powerpc64 systems. [0]

PR:		191996 [0]
Submitted by: [0]
Sponsored by:	DARPA, AFRL
Thu, 21 Aug 2014
[ 12:43 brooks ] Original commit   Revision:365552
Upgrade to 3.6.r216160.
Fri, 15 Aug 2014
[ 15:41 brooks ] Original commit   Revision:364981
Update to r211638.
Sat, 15 Mar 2014
[ 06:45 brooks ] Original commit   Revision:348290
Upgrade to r203994.
Wed, 6 Nov 2013
[ 00:13 brooks ] Original commit   Revision:332935 (Only the first 10 of 15 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Upgrade the llvm development ports to r193887.  We're about two weeks
from the LLVM 3.4 branch starting.

Apply the clang portion of r255321 from base switching the default C++
library to libc++ on 10+.

Correct clang's notion of the underlying type of (u)intmax_t on MIPS64.
Wed, 16 Oct 2013
[ 17:34 brooks ] Original commit   Revision:330523
Upgrade to 3.4.r191854.


Mark dragonegg IGNORE on systems where the default compiler defaults to
libc++ on the grounds the the clang/llvm ports are likely linked with it
and thus won't work with gcc and libstdc++.
Wed, 4 Sep 2013
[ 15:57 brooks ] Original commit   Revision:326289
Upgrade clang, dragonegg, and llvm -devel ports to r182968.
Fri, 31 May 2013
[ 20:49 brooks ] Original commit   Revision:319542
Update clang/dragonegg/llvm-devel to subversion rev r182968.
Tue, 14 May 2013
[ 22:10 brooks ] Original commit   Revision:318206 (Only the first 10 of 12 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Upgrade LLVM, Clang, and Dragonegg to svn rev r181598.

Install all *intrin*.h files.
Mon, 11 Mar 2013
[ 18:32 brooks ] Original commit   Revision:313927
Upgrade llvm-devel, clang-devel, and dragonegg-devel46 to r174891 (circa
Feb 27th).  Add FileCheck and llvm-lit binaries as some consumers need
Mon, 11 Feb 2013
[ 19:02 brooks ] Original commit   Revision:312075
Upgrade llvm-devel and related ports to 3.3.r174891.

Install .cmake files for devel/llvm-devel so projects that use cmake can
build against the installed copy.
Thu, 10 Jan 2013
[ 18:01 brooks ] Original commit   Revision:310192 (Only the first 10 of 13 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Update the develoment version of the llvm, clang and dragonegg ports to
Fri, 14 Sep 2012
[ 21:03 brooks ] Original commit   Revision:304297
Upgrade to svn rev r163622.  Several fixes to FreeBSD support for -pie and
mips as well as reported improvements to the MIPS backend.
Thu, 23 Aug 2012
[ 21:04 brooks ] Original commit 
Update LLVM and Clang to r162438 plus a couple patchs to make it possible
to target MIPS with FreeBSD's base binutils.
Mon, 16 Jul 2012
[ 22:55 brooks ] Original commit 
Update to a 3.2 snapshot.  OPTIONSng-ify.  Reduce diffs with non-devel
Fri, 13 Apr 2012
[ 22:52 brooks ] Original commit 
Update to LLVM and Clang 3.1.r154687, unless specific issues are found
that need to be fixed to support testing, this is likely the last -devel
update before 3.1 is released.
Wed, 22 Feb 2012
[ 23:19 brooks ] Original commit 
Upgrade to llvm/clang r150242.

Enable installation of the shared libaray in LLVM.

Add preliminary support for building and installing the gold linker
plugin.  No option is avaiable to turn it on (use -DWITH_LTOPLUGIN)
because devel/binutils does not yet build the gold linker.
Mon, 17 Oct 2011
[ 20:08 brooks ] Original commit 
Upgrade to r141985.  The is contemporary with the creation of the 3.0
branch.  Please test and report bugs to the llvm developers to make 3.0
a good release.
Thu, 16 Jun 2011
[ 15:07 brooks ] Original commit 
Upgrade the LLVM and Clang -devel ports to r133062.

Update the conflicts lines in all the llvm and clang ports to conflict
with 3.x as well as 2.x and generally simplify the conflict definitions
following the example of llvm-etoile.
Fri, 25 Feb 2011
[ 18:53 brooks ] Original commit 
Upgrade to r126497 and in particulr pick up r126226 which fixes stack
Thu, 24 Feb 2011
[ 21:54 brooks ] Original commit 
Upgrade to LLVM and Clang r126079 to match the version in HEAD.

Add support to the LLVM makefile to set SVN_REV externally to make
upgrading to a specific version easier.
Thu, 9 Dec 2010
[ 19:29 brooks ] Original commit 
Update to r121368.

Reduce diff between llvm/Makefile and llvm-devel/Makefile.

Hopefully fix NOPORTDOCS case.  Currently this bogusly disables
Fri, 15 Oct 2010
[ 19:39 brooks ] Original commit  (Only the first 10 of 14 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Upgrade LLVM and Clang to r116582 and bump the overall version to 2.9
since 2.8 has shipped.

Split out the clang portion of devel/llvm-devel into lang/clang-devel.
Mon, 30 Aug 2010
[ 22:55 brooks ] Original commit 
Upgrade to r112486.

Disable asserts by default as they break threading programs.[1]

PR:             ports/149746 [1]
Submitted by:   avilla
Thu, 17 Jun 2010
[ 17:35 brooks ] Original commit 
Upgrade to r104832 (the version in head.)
Thu, 6 May 2010
[ 15:35 brooks ] Original commit 
Update to r103179.

Start calling this 2.8.r* since 2.7 has shipped.

Add support for FreeBSD printf format extensions.[0]

Submitted by:   rdivacky [0]
Thu, 22 Apr 2010
[ 01:53 brooks ] Original commit 
Update to r102038.

On i386, force compliation with -O2 to avoid a -O3 bug in the base gcc.
Mon, 5 Apr 2010
[ 17:33 brooks ] Original commit 
Upgrade to r100430.
Thu, 18 Mar 2010
[ 19:33 brooks ] Original commit 
Upgrade to r98833.

Revert the previous addition of debugging info.  It made the program too
big to package reliably.
Wed, 3 Mar 2010
[ 20:11 brooks ] Original commit 
Update to 97654.

Switch to using the new llvm test framework (lit).  Tests now pass.

Feature safe:   yes
Tue, 2 Mar 2010
[ 03:58 brooks ] Original commit 
Update to r97497.

Enable debugging symbols as suggested by the packaging guide.

Feature safe:   yes
Tue, 16 Feb 2010
[ 17:58 brooks ] Original commit 
Update to r96348.

This update is reported to be self hosting with -O2.

This update contains a hack of setting REQUIRES_RTTI=1 globaly which
isn't optimal, but works around a problem a people have seen in

Feature safe:   yes
Tue, 8 Dec 2009
[ 16:08 brooks ] Original commit 
Update to r90769.
Build with -fPIC on amd64 and ia64.
Allow the user to disable asserts.

PR:             ports/127718, ports/139207
Wed, 4 Nov 2009
[ 18:02 brooks ] Original commit 
Upgrade to r86028.

Reduce the complexity of CONFLICTS.

Chase plist changes.
Sun, 25 Oct 2009
[ 17:43 brooks ] Original commit 
Upgrade to rev 85018.
Wed, 7 Oct 2009
[ 02:31 brooks ] Original commit 
Upgrade to r83443 which contains some FreeBSD specific fixes.

Add USE_GCC=4.2+ to hopefully allow 6.x systems to build this.

Prodded by:     rdivacky
Sat, 3 Oct 2009
[ 17:58 brooks ] Original commit 
Upgrade to llvm trunk r83078.  Bump the major version to 2.7 since 2.6
has been branced and the release will happen shortly.
Sun, 27 Sep 2009
[ 21:43 brooks ] Original commit 
Upgrade to r82217.

Feature safe:   yes
Wed, 6 May 2009
[ 20:20 brooks ] Original commit 
Upgrade to svn rev 71086

The ccc script has been removed and is entierly superceded by the clang
Tue, 31 Mar 2009
[ 16:51 brooks ] Original commit 
Upgrade to r68053.  Should fix problems with scan-build not finding

Move the svn revision out into it's own file to allow do-fetch to update
it in the -DBOOTSTRAP case.  This makes it easier to do:

        make -DBOOTSTRAP makesum

Number of commits found: 47