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non port: devel/nspr/files/patch-bug782111

Number of commits found: 3

Monday, 22 Feb 2016
14:16 jbeich search for other commits by this committer
devel/nspr: update to 4.12

MFH:		2016Q1 (required by nss-3.22.1)
Original commitRevision:409344 
Saturday, 21 Nov 2015
02:26 jbeich search for other commits by this committer
devel/nspr: cleanup cruft to improve style

- Remove out-of-tree build (in favor of D4157)
- Remove custom do-install (config/nsinstall works fine) [1]
- Convert to new testing framework
- Refresh patches with |make makepatch| but leave damage out [2]

[1] Requires PORTREVISION per new entry in plist and DEBUG builds
    no longer embedding WRKDIR in source file name
[2] Here's a list with * indicating severity:
    *** Lost original ptthread.c hunk from patch-bug301986
    *** Mixed patch-bug782111 into patch-bug301986
    ** Duplicated context lines
    * Wrong timestamps with USES=pathfix
Original commitRevision:402128 
Thursday, 30 Aug 2012
14:54 flo search for other commits by this committer
- update firefox and thunderbird to 15.0
- update firefox-esr, thunderbird-esr, linux-thunderbird and linux-firefox to
- update seamonkey and linux-seamonkey to 2.12
- update nss to 3.13.6
- update bsdipc code (posix_spawn, SysV shared memory)
- rename patches to easily track those not (yet) submitted upstream
- reduce package size, except for www/libxul[1]
- restore default objdir to what it was in 13.0
- fix mail/enigmail after thunderbird build changes
- don't accidentally pick up headers from installed ports[3]
- add support for PREFIX != LOCALBASE to Makefile.webplugins [4]
- document vulnerabilities in vuln.xml
- *miscellaneous cleanups and fixups*

Obtained from:	OpenBSD ports[1]
PR:		ports/159831, ports/160933, ports/170467[3], ports/170236 [4]
Submitted by:	avilla [4]
In collaboration with:	Jan Beich <> Who did most of the hard
Original commitRevision:303378 

Number of commits found: 3