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non port: devel/py-qt4-dbussupport/Makefile

Number of commits found: 13

Fri, 1 Apr 2016
[ 14:00 mat ] Original commit   Revision:412346
412346 databases/R-cran-RMySQL/Makefile
412346 databases/R-cran-RSQLite.extfuns/Makefile
412346 databases/R-cran-RSQLite/Makefile
412346 databases/R-cran-sqldf/Makefile
412346 databases/akonadi-googledata/Makefile
412346 databases/akonadi/Makefile
412346 databases/apq-mysql/Makefile
412346 databases/apq-odbc/Makefile
412346 databases/apq-pgsql/Makefile
412346 databases/apq/Makefile

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Remove ${PORTSDIR}/ from dependencies, categories d, e, f, and g.

With hat:	portmgr
Sponsored by:	Absolight
Sun, 13 Dec 2015
[ 18:25 rakuco ] Original commit   Revision:403682
403682 devel/py-qt4-dbussupport/Makefile
Drop runtime dependency on devel/py-qt4-core.

The py-qt4-dbussupport port is a standalone Python module that only links
against Qt and does not depend on anything from PyQt.
[ 12:45 rakuco ] Original commit   Revision:403662
403662 Mk/Uses/
403662 cad/openscad/Makefile
403662 databases/sqliteman/Makefile
403662 databases/tora/Makefile
403662 devel/py-qt4-dbus/Makefile
403662 devel/py-qt4-dbussupport/Makefile
403662 devel/py-qt4-qscintilla2/pkg-plist
403662 devel/py-qt4/distinfo
403662 devel/py-sip/Makefile
403662 devel/py-sip/distinfo

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Update PyQt4 to 4.11.4, SIP to 4.17 and QScintilla2 to 2.9.1.

Bring in some long overdue updates, some of which are required for us to
later land the PyQt5 ports.

One big change with this update is that the PyQt4 ports now install their
.sip files into share/py-sip/PyQt4 instead of share/py-sip. This way we do
not end up with directories like share/py-sip/QtCore, which are especially
confusing once PyQt5 lands and starts installing files with the same names.

Other noteworthy items:
- PORTREVISION has been bumped on ports depending on devel/qscintilla2
  because's SOVERSION has changed.
- graphics/seexpr has been converted to USE_PYQT, as the file it used to
  define a build-time dependency on x11-toolkits/py-qt4-gui has moved.

Once again, big thanks to Tobias Berner <> and Guido Falsi
(madpilot@) for their initial work on these ports as part of the effort to
land PyQt5 into the tree (see D2910 in Phabricator for an earlier version of
the PyQt5 patch set).

PR:		205143
Tue, 8 Dec 2015
[ 16:49 rakuco ] Original commit   Revision:403297
403297 Mk/Uses/
403297 databases/py-qt4-sql/Makefile
403297 databases/py-qt4-sql/pkg-plist
403297 devel/py-qt4-assistant/Makefile
403297 devel/py-qt4-assistant/pkg-plist
403297 devel/py-qt4-core/Makefile
403297 devel/py-qt4-core/pkg-plist
403297 devel/py-qt4-dbus/Makefile
403297 devel/py-qt4-dbus/pkg-plist
403297 devel/py-qt4-dbussupport/Makefile

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PyQt: Replace with Uses/

In preparation for landing PyQt5 ports, generalize devel/py-qt4's and make it a proper file in Uses/.

Ports wishing to depend on PyQt4 ports can now do the following:
  USES=		pyqt:4
  USE_PYQT=	foo bar_build baz_run

Other changes include the renaming of the PYQT4_DIST variable to PYQT_DIST
and the introduction of the PYQT_SIPDIR plist substitution variable. The
rest of the contents of Uses/ are pretty much identical to what we
had in with additional processing of USE_PYQT.

Even though this patch touches files in many different ports, the goal is
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Sun, 6 Dec 2015
[ 20:20 rakuco ] Original commit   Revision:403155
403155 devel/py-qt4-dbus/Makefile
403155 devel/py-qt4-dbussupport/Makefile
403155 devel/py-qt4/
PyQt4: Finalise splitting py-qt4-dbus and py-qt4-dbussupport.

py-qt4-dbus is a wrapper for QtBus classes, while py-qt4-dbussupport
provides Qt event loop support for py-dbus.

- Remove dependency on devel/py-dbus.

- Update comment.
- Pull devel/py-dbus or devel/py3-dbus depending on Python version.
- Update description for the py-qt4-dbussupport port.

The original commit is from makc@ and was made to kde@'s experimental area51
repository. I am landing it myself in preparation for other commits adding
support for PyQt5 and updating the existing ports.
Wed, 4 Mar 2015
[ 23:20 rakuco ] Original commit   Revision:380454
380454 databases/py-qt4-sql/Makefile
380454 devel/py-qt4-assistant/Makefile
380454 devel/py-qt4-core/Makefile
380454 devel/py-qt4-core/files/
380454 devel/py-qt4-dbus/Makefile
380454 devel/py-qt4-dbussupport/Makefile
380454 devel/py-qt4-declarative/Makefile
380454 devel/py-qt4-designer/Makefile
380454 devel/py-qt4-designerplugin/Makefile
380454 devel/py-qt4-designerplugin/pkg-plist

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Update PyQt and its dependencies.

* PyQt4 has been updated to 4.11.3.
* QScintilla has been updated to 2.8.4.
* SIP has been updated to 4.16.5.

This update is much smaller than the previous one, as there has been no
further need for clean ups in the ports infrastructure.

Pretty much the entire patch set has been originally contributed by Tobias
Berner, who sent it to the KDE on FreeBSD mailing list. Thanks a lot!

PR:		198016
Submitted by:	Tobias Berner <>
Wed, 10 Sep 2014
[ 20:50 gerald ] Original commit   Revision:367888
367888 accessibility/accerciser/Makefile
367888 accessibility/jovie/Makefile
367888 accessibility/kaccessible/Makefile
367888 accessibility/kdeaccessibility4/Makefile
367888 accessibility/kmag/Makefile
367888 accessibility/kmousetool/Makefile
367888 accessibility/kmouth/Makefile
367888 accessibility/orca/Makefile
367888 arabic/kde4-l10n/Makefile
367888 arabic/libreoffice/Makefile

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Update the default version of GCC in the Ports Collection from GCC 4.7.4
to GCC 4.8.3.


PR:		192025
Tested by:	antoine (-exp runs)
Approved by:	portmgr (implicit)
Wed, 23 Jul 2014
[ 19:53 rakuco ] Original commit   Revision:362721
362721 databases/py-qt4-sql/Makefile
362721 databases/sqliteman/Makefile
362721 databases/tora/Makefile
362721 devel/p5-perlqt/Makefile
362721 devel/py-qt4-assistant/Makefile
362721 devel/py-qt4-core/Makefile
362721 devel/py-qt4-core/files/
362721 devel/py-qt4-dbus/Makefile
362721 devel/py-qt4-dbussupport/Makefile
362721 devel/py-qt4-declarative/Makefile

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Update PyQt to 4.11.1, QScintilla to 2.8.3 and SIP to 4.16.2.

... And bump PORTREVISION on ports that depend on devel/qscintilla2 due to
the shlib version change.

This is brought to you by the KDE on FreeBSD team. Besides updating to newer
upstream releases, this commit also contains a lot of under-the-hood changes
to the PyQt/QScintilla/SIP ports. Their Makefiles had accumulated a lot of
cruft over time, so it was time for some summer cleaning:

- General, belated changes:
  * Use OPTIONS helpers wherever possible, stop including
    <> when not necessary, stop checking for
    ${PORT_OPTIONS:MDOCS} and ${PORT_OPTIONS:MEXAMPLES} when not necessary,
    add options such as DOCS and/or DEBUG where they were only checked for.
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Mon, 13 Jan 2014
[ 21:00 rene ] Original commit   Revision:339634
339634 accessibility/accerciser/Makefile
339634 accessibility/at-spi/Makefile
339634 accessibility/orca/Makefile
339634 accessibility/py-atspi/Makefile
339634 accessibility/py-papi/Makefile
339634 archivers/rpm4/Makefile
339634 astro/astrometry/Makefile
339634 astro/py-metar/Makefile
339634 astro/pyephem/Makefile
339634 audio/alsa-lib/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 702 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Python cleanup:
- USE_PYTHON* = 2.X -> USE_PYTHON* = 2
- USE_PYTHON* = 2.X+ -> USE_PYTHON* = yes
Reviewed by:	python (mva, rm)
Approved by:	portmgr-lurkers (mat)
Tue, 15 Oct 2013
[ 21:52 rakuco ] Original commit   Revision:330463
330463 databases/py-qt4-sql/Makefile
330463 devel/py-qt4-assistant/Makefile
330463 devel/py-qt4-core/Makefile
330463 devel/py-qt4-dbus/Makefile
330463 devel/py-qt4-dbussupport/Makefile
330463 devel/py-qt4-declarative/Makefile
330463 devel/py-qt4-designer/Makefile
330463 devel/py-qt4-designerplugin/Makefile
330463 devel/py-qt4-help/Makefile
330463 devel/py-qt4-qscintilla2/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 31 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Update SIP to 4.15.2 and PyQt to 4.10.3.

This commit also adds proper staging support to all the ports being updated.

In collaboration with Schaich Alonso <> and
Tomasz Kowalczyk <>.
Fri, 20 Sep 2013
[ 17:13 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:327724
327724 devel/k8048/Makefile
327724 devel/kBuild/Makefile
327724 devel/kaptain/Makefile
327724 devel/kcachegrind/Makefile
327724 devel/kdbg/Makefile
327724 devel/kdebindings4/Makefile
327724 devel/kdesdk4/Makefile
327724 devel/kdesvn-kde4/Makefile
327724 devel/kdevelop-kde4/Makefile
327724 devel/kdevelop-pg-qt/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 2998 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Add NO_STAGE all over the place in preparation for the staging support (cat:
devel part 3)
Tue, 23 Apr 2013
[ 10:13 bapt ] Original commit   Revision:316333
316333 devel/ORBit2/Makefile
316333 devel/ace/Makefile
316333 devel/allegro-devel/Makefile
316333 devel/avro-c/Makefile
316333 devel/bufferpool/Makefile
316333 devel/clanlib/Makefile
316333 devel/clanlib1/Makefile
316333 devel/clanlib22/Makefile
316333 devel/codeblocks/Makefile
316333 devel/compiz-bcop/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 97 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Convert devel to USES=pkgconfig
Sun, 3 Feb 2013
[ 18:16 makc ] Original commit   Revision:311475
311475 databases/py-qt4-sql/Makefile
311475 databases/py-qt4-sql/pkg-descr
311475 devel/Makefile
311475 devel/py-qt4-assistant/Makefile
311475 devel/py-qt4-assistant/pkg-descr
311475 devel/py-qt4-core/Makefile
311475 devel/py-qt4-core/files/
311475 devel/py-qt4-core/pkg-descr
311475 devel/py-qt4-core/pkg-plist
311475 devel/py-qt4-dbus/Makefile

(Only the first 10 of 70 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
KDE/FreeBSD team presents:
 SIP 4.14.3
 QScintilla 2.7
 PyQt 4.9.6

The area51 repository features commits by jhale and myself.

- Trim Makefile header
- Convert to new option framework

Number of commits found: 13

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