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non port: devel/qt4/files/extrapatch-src-corelib-global-qglobal.h

Number of commits found: 5

Sun, 14 Feb 2016
[ 13:21 rakuco ] Original commit   Revision:408855
408855 devel/qt4-corelib/Makefile
408855 devel/qt4/files/extrapatch-src-corelib-global-qglobal.h
Use the right macro name when checking whether libc++ is being used.

This fixes a copy-paste error introduced in r397043 ("Update the Qt4 ports to
4.8.7"): libc++ defines _LIBCPP_VERSION, not _LIBCPP_VER (which is defined by a
Dinkumware-based standard library used by QNX). In practice, this meant
Q_COMPILER_INITIALIZER_LISTS was never being enabled with clang.

Submitted by:	Tobias Berner <>
Sun, 29 Nov 2015
[ 18:08 rakuco ] Original commit   Revision:402613
402613 devel/qt4-corelib/Makefile
402613 devel/qt4/files/extrapatch-src-corelib-global-qglobal.h
402613 x11/kdelibs4/Makefile
402613 x11/kdelibs4/files/patch-cmake_modules_FindQt4.cmake
Make devel/qt4's clang+base libstdc++ patch work without changes to

Unconditionally including ciso646 in qglobal.h to check for libc++ makes
including qglobal.h from C programs fail.

qglobal.h is not supposed to be used in C programs, but kdelibs4's
FindQt.cmake ends up calling CHECK_SYMBOL_EXISTS() instead of
CHECK_CXX_SYMBOL_EXISTS() to check if some macros are defined. Since
kdelibs4 is in maintenance mode, our changes to it can be avoided if we just
check for __cplusplus before including ciso646 (<initializer_list> is not
available in C anyway).
Wed, 16 Sep 2015
[ 08:55 rakuco ] Original commit   Revision:397043
397043 Mk/Uses/
397043 Mk/
397043 cad/qcad/Makefile
397043 databases/qt4-odbc-plugin/Makefile
397043 databases/qt4-sql/Makefile
397043 databases/qt4-sqlite-plugin/Makefile
397043 databases/qt4-sqlite3-plugin/Makefile
397043 devel/dbus-qt4/Makefile
397043 devel/qmake4/pkg-plist
397043 devel/qt4-assistant/Makefile

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Update the Qt4 ports to 4.8.7.

According to upstream, this is the last planned Qt4 release.
A list of changes since 4.8.6 can be found here:

Porting notes and changes:
- Remove several patches that have been upstreamed.
- Make Uses/ pass the contents of LIBS to the qmake environment. [1]
- Repurpose devel/qt4/files/extrapatch-src-corelib-global-qglobal.h now the
  original patch is part of the release (curiously enough, the original
  patch was never actually used, as the ?= assignment in r362837 after
  r362770 was never possible).

  This works around the way compiler support for C++11 features is detected
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Fri, 25 Jul 2014
[ 22:24 rakuco ] Original commit   Revision:362938
362938 devel/qt4-corelib/Makefile
362938 devel/qt4/files/extrapatch-src-corelib-global-qglobal.h
Update the patch introduced in r362770.

Change a preprocessor line with no directive to a normal line with a
comment. While most preprocessors work fine with a line like

  # /* no directive in this line */

devel/smokegen's fails, and breaks devel/smokeqt.

PR:		192095
Thu, 24 Jul 2014
[ 08:37 rakuco ] Original commit   Revision:362770
362770 Mk/
362770 devel/qt4-corelib/Makefile
362770 devel/qt4/files/extrapatch-src-corelib-global-qglobal.h
Backport my patch to make Qt correctly detect clang's support for C++11

So far, Qt4 was basing its check for compiler support for C++11 features
(auto types, lambdas, rvalue references and others) on the values of
__GNUC__ and __GNUC_MINOR__. This works for GCC, but not for clang, whose
__GNUC_MINOR__ is stuck at 2. In practice, this meant Qt programs built
using clang were never able to use C++11 features which are conditionally
available in classes such as QList. This patch makes the detection more in
line with what Qt5 does (checks for GCC and clang are in separate sections
and are done differently).

I couldn't find cases of this negatively affecting any port so far, but it
is useful to have -- Akonadi's unit tests require C++11 support in Qt, for

Only qt4-corelibs's PORTREVISION was bumped to make the new qglobal.h be
installed. Checks for these C++11 features are only present in headers of
other Qt4 ports, so there's no need to rebuild them.

Number of commits found: 5

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