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non port: devel/uclmmbase/files/patch-test

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Tue, 12 Apr 2005
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Minor/cosmetic changes:

        . on BSD use warn(3) instead of static "socket_error",
          which is doing the same thing, but poorly;
        . use herror(3) instead of "socket_error", when reporting
          DNS-related problems;
        . patch the test-harness to not fail if our own hostname
          is not resolvable -- this is a sign of misconfiguration,
          not of the library miscompilation.
Sun, 20 Mar 2005
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Upgrade devel/uclmmbase and mbone/vic to their latest respected
versions. Use BSD's to build uclmmbase and avoid building
(most of the) functionality, that is present in our base libraries
(btree, md5, etc.)

In vic stop using PERL, use Tcl/Tk-8.4, respect CC and CFLAGS and some
other improvements. vic is thus unbroken on 5.x

Per fenner's (much) earlier e-mail, grab maintainership for the time

PR:             ports/75066 (obsoleted)
Approved by:    fenner (implicitly)

Number of commits found: 2