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non port: dns/bind99/pkg-help

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Thu, 20 Apr 2017
[ 13:12 mat search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit   Revision:438945 (Only the first 10 of 31 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
Update to 9.9.10, 9.10.5, 9.11.1 and 9.12 to latest snapshot.

While there:

Make it more maintainable by sorting stuff in the Makefile and removing
vestigial pre 10.3 things.

Refresh the root zone hints.

"Fix" the configuration section telling you to get some top level
zones from, which does not allow axfr any more. [1]

PR:		218656 [1]
Reported by:	Thomas Steen Rasmussen / Tykling [1]
MFH:		2017Q2
Sponsored by:	Absolight
Mon, 1 Jun 2015
[ 10:13 mat search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit   Revision:388211
Make BIND start a bit later (and really *after* ldconfig.) [1]
Add an option to have it start way later.

PR:		200375 [1]
Sponsored by:	Absolight
Mon, 18 May 2015
[ 11:41 mat search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit   Revision:386672
Allow BIND 9.10 users to select the old key format when using GOST.[1]

While there, reword the options a bit, and the pkg-help files.

PR:		200031 [1]
Submitted by:	 Leo Vandewoestijne [1]
Sponsored by:	Absolight
Sat, 17 May 2014
[ 21:30 mat search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit   Revision:354375
Fix build with GOST (on 10, base OpenSSL doesn't have it)
Make sure OpenSSL from ports is used < 10.

Sponsored by:	Absolight

Number of commits found: 4