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non port: editors/abiword-devel/pkg-plist

Number of commits found: 8

Saturday, 5 Nov 2005
05:51 mezz search for other commits by this committer
Remove abiword-devel and abiword-plugins-devel, they have been merged into
abiword and abiword-plugins.
Original commit
Thursday, 21 Jul 2005
04:05 mezz search for other commits by this committer
- Update to 2.3.4, see release note for detail:
- Do not extract the useless stuff like MSVC*, abipbx, expat, fribidi, libpng
  and etc. That way will not link any inside dependencies for sure, we want to
  use dependency from our ports tree. [1]

Submitted by:   mi [1]
Original commit
Monday, 11 Jul 2005
03:40 mezz search for other commits by this committer
Update to 2.3.2, only a lot of bug fixes. See release note for detail:
Original commit
Wednesday, 15 Jun 2005
02:43 lesi search for other commits by this committer
Directory share/pixmaps is now included in mtree
(BSD.x11-4.dist rev. 1.27), so remove it from plist.
Original commit
Sunday, 12 Jun 2005
22:09 mezz search for other commits by this committer
- Update to 2.3.1.
- Disable WITH_OPENWRITER for now, which it requires libgsf 1.12.1. I think,
  it is in MarcusCom CVS with GNOME 2.11.x (2.12). I am not sure if I should
  move abiword(-plugins)-devel in MarcusCom CVS yet.
Original commit
Monday, 30 May 2005
06:32 mezz search for other commits by this committer
Fix the missing dependencies. A few days ago, kwm has clean up
libgnomeprintui by remove the un-need dependency. That made my change isn't
right, so I am chasing it. Re-add GNOME option if libgnomeui exists, then
enable and depend on it. Bump the PORTREVISION.

Reported by:    pointyhat via kris
Original commit
Sunday, 22 May 2005
03:11 mezz search for other commits by this committer
        - Move .desktop and image from share/gnome/ to share/.
        - It requires libgnomeprintui now with no option tuneable, so add
          always enable gnome option. It won't make any difference for the
          dependency. Any complain should be take direction to the AbiWord
        - Fix a really no conflict with abiword(-plugins) by rename two files:
                ttftool -> ttftool24
        - Bump the PORTREVISION.

        Fix the distinfo. Somehow, it got lost when I merged sometime ago.
Original commit
Monday, 16 May 2005
22:23 mezz search for other commits by this committer
Repocopy from editors/abiword and editors/abiword-plugins, this is a
development version of AbiWord 2.3.0. You can view the details:

As you can see, there have few awsome new plugins. I haven't port the
dependencies and enable for those new plugins yet, so you are welcome to do it
if you want to as long you let me know.

PR:             ports/80996
Repocopy by:    marcus
Original commit

Number of commits found: 8