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Wednesday, 5 Nov 2014
13:17 ashish search for other commits by this committer
GNU Emacs Updates

 - Update to 24.4[1]
 - Remove all upstreamed diffs[1]
 - Switch to static pkg-plist[1]
 - Add OPTIONs for ACL, file notification, LTO, ALSA, and OSS[1]
 - Reword IGNORE messages for portlint[1]
 - Add fix for a Emacs TRAMP bug
 - Update CANNA patchset[2]

 - Update to bzr snapshot revision 118251
 - Add pkg-install, and pkg-deinstall file missed from r364499
 - Switch to static pkg-plist


 - Update Emacs version numbers
 - Remove deprecated XEmacs entries

PR:		194624[1]
Submitted by:	Joseph Mingrone <jrm at>[1],
                TAKANO Yuji <takachan at>[2]
Original commitRevision:372190 
Saturday, 30 Mar 2013
05:13 ashish search for other commits by this committer
GNU Emacs updates

 - Update to 24.3
 - Update CANNA patchset[1]
 - Unbreak ARM support by using the patch from emacs-devel port
 - Add missing INSTALLS_ICONS[2]
 - Remove a patch which is already integrated upstream
 - Fix Makefile header

 - Update to bzr revision 112178
 - Fix Makefile header
 - Add missing INSTALLS_ICONS[2]

 - Remove ABI versions from LIB_DEPENDS
 - Fix Makefile header
 - Add missing INSTALLS_ICONS[2]

 - Update major version for editors/emacs port

 - Bump PORTREVISION to chase Emacs updates

PR:		ports/177428[2]
Submitted by:	Yuji TAKANO[1] (via private email), bdrewery[2]
Original commitRevision:315598 
Wednesday, 1 Aug 2012
15:20 ashish search for other commits by this committer
GNU Emacs updates

- Update to v. 24.1[1]
- Update CANNA patch to v. 24.1[2]
- Convert OPTIONS to OptionsNG
- Remove patch to VC to make it work with Subversion 1.7
- Add patch to implement process support for FreeBSD from Emacs bug# 5243
- Add patch to fix segfault on Terminal (from NetBSD emacs port)[2]

- Convert OPTIONS to OptionsNG
- Bump PORTREVISION of editors/emacs23 port
- Remove PORTEPOCH, as port needs to be explicitly installed/upgraded
- Connect repocopied editors/emacs23 to build

- Update to bzr revision 109364
- Convert OPTIONS to OptionsNG
- Remove redundant patches
- Add patch to add openpty support for 10-CURRENT from Emacs bug# 12040[3]

- Add EMACS_PORT_NAME block for Emacs 24 to
- Update major version for emacs-devel port
- Take maintainership of

Thanks to everyone who tested these updates, and provided their feedback.

Submitted by:[1]
Submitted by:	Yuji TAKANO[2] (via private email), Jan Beich[3]
Original commit
Sunday, 20 Dec 2009
20:19 bsam search for other commits by this committer
Changes to editors/emacs and Mk/ were taken from
PR/137956 by Ashish SHUKLA (thanks!).  [1]

Those ports which define EMACS_PORT_NAME to be "emacs21" were
not touched (this time). They may be converted to the new
world order by removing the above mentioned assignment.

Four ports were marked as BROKEN with EMACS_PORT_NAME=emacs23
(they do not compile):
. lang/bigloo;
. mail/wanderlust;
. mail/wanderlust-devel;
. www/emacs-w3m.

Three ports were marked as IGNORE with EMACS_PORT_NAME=emacs23:
. japanese/egg-canna (the port version is dated as of 2001,
  does not compile with Emacs 23 and seems it cannot be fixed);
. deskutils/remember.el (was incorporated into Emacs 23);
. editors/nxml (was incorporated into Emacs 23).

Changes that were made after (and as a result of) exp run. For
those ports:
. japanese/migemo-emacs21;
. japanese/migemo-emacs22
EMACS_PORT_NAME?= was changed to EMACS_PORT_NAME= to the apropriate
emacs port name.

PR:             ports/137956 [1], ports/141369 [2]
Submitted by:   Ashish SHUKLA <wahjava at>  [1],
                bsam (me)  [2]
Exp-run by: miwi
Original commit
Tuesday, 8 Sep 2009
11:36 bsam search for other commits by this committer
. backout previous commit (revert editors/emacs to version 22.3)
  since the commit broke dependencies and the ports infrastructure
  was not fully prepared (a new emacs/editors22 port is needed
  for compatibility reasons);

Reported by:    Jan Henrik Sylvester <me at>, kostik
Pointy hat to:  bsam (me)
Original commit
Monday, 7 Sep 2009
19:33 bsam search for other commits by this committer
Updat GNU Emacs to v. 23.1.

Emacs 23 has a wide variety of new features, including:

* Improved Unicode support.
* Font rendering with Fontconfig and Xft.
* Support for using X displays and text terminals in one session,
  and for running as a daemon.
* Support for multi-file commits in distributed version-control
   systems (VC-dir).
* New modes and packages for viewing PDF and postscript files
  (Doc-view mode), connecting to processes through D-Bus (dbus),
  connecting to the GNU Privacy Guard (EasyPG), editing XML
  documents (nXML mode), editing Ruby programs (Ruby mode), and more.

Detailed list is available at:

PR:             ports/137956
Submitted by:   Ashish SHUKLA <wahjava at>
Approved by: (maintainer tineout, 19 days)
Original commit
Monday, 10 Nov 2008
22:30 bsam search for other commits by this committer
. update to version 22.3 (includes a security fix in the way Emacs
  interacts with Python);
. change EMACS_VER at

While I'm here: remove old PORTREVISION.

PR:             127168
Submitted by:   keramida (maintainer)
Original commit
Monday, 16 Jul 2007
17:06 nobutaka search for other commits by this committer
Update to 22.1.
Hand over maintainership to keramida.
Original commit
Thursday, 8 Dec 2005
17:01 nobutaka search for other commits by this committer
- Add .info suffix to filename of info files.
- Use INFO macro.

Requested by:   edwin
Original commit
Sunday, 21 Mar 2004
07:38 kris search for other commits by this committer
Move the ancient emacs 19.x port from editors/emacs to
editors/emacs19, and update the main emacs port to 21.x by copying from
editors/emacs21.  Retire the editors/emacs21 port.

PR:     ports/24983
Original commit

Number of commits found: 10