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The server has been repaired, with a new power supply, for $23. I am waiting for lower COVID rates before visiting the datacenter to return it.
non port: editors/openoffice-devel/files/

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Tue, 13 Aug 2019
[ 16:03 mat ] Original commit   Revision:508837
508837 editors/gomate/pkg-message
508837 editors/kak-lsp/files/
508837 editors/lazarus/files/
508837 editors/led/files/
508837 editors/mp/pkg-message
508837 editors/openoffice-4/files/
508837 editors/openoffice-devel/files/
508837 editors/paredit-mode.el/pkg-message
508837 editors/py-pynvim/files/
508837 editors/slime/files/

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Convert to UCL & cleanup pkg-message (categories e-g)
Tue, 31 Jan 2017
[ 03:25 truckman ] Original commit   Revision:432895
432895 editors/openoffice-devel/Makefile
432895 editors/openoffice-devel/distinfo
432895 editors/openoffice-devel/files/Makefile.others
432895 editors/openoffice-devel/files/extra-patch-align16
432895 editors/openoffice-devel/files/patch-clang40
432895 editors/openoffice-devel/files/patch-lingucomponent_source_spellcheck_spell_sspellimp.cxx
432895 editors/openoffice-devel/files/patch-sal_qa_osl_mutex_osl__Mutex.cxx
432895 editors/openoffice-devel/files/
Upgrade to upstream svn revision r1780246.  This incorporates the
pointer comparision fixes required to compile with clang 4.0, so
delete patch-clang40.  Also,
patch-lingucomponent_source_spellcheck_spell_sspellimp.cxx has been
incorporated upstream.

On amd64, clang++ 4.0 uses the MOVAPS SSE instruction to initialize
sufficiently large objects returned by the "new" operator.  This
requires that the object have 16-byte alignment.  The FreeBSD
malloc() implementation does the correct thing here, but OpenOffice
has a couple of internal memory allocator implementations that only
align to 8-byte boundaries at most.  In addition OpenOffice overrides
the new operator to interpose a couple of layers of wrappers.  If
the --enable-debug option is passed to configure, the wrapper adds
8 to the size passed to the allocator and adds an 8 byte offset to
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Fri, 6 Nov 2015
[ 15:50 truckman ] Original commit   Revision:400938
400938 editors/openoffice-devel/Makefile
400938 editors/openoffice-devel/distinfo
400938 editors/openoffice-devel/files/
400938 editors/openoffice-devel/files/patch-extensions.lst
400938 editors/openoffice-devel/files/patch-i114430-41x
400938 editors/openoffice-devel/files/patch-openjdk8
400938 editors/openoffice-devel/files/patch-sdext_prj_build.lst
400938 editors/openoffice-devel/files/
400938 editors/openoffice-devel/files/
Switch back to tracking the upstream trunk instead of OpenOffice 4.1.2
release candidates.  Upgrade to SVN revision r1712473.

Add an option to build and install the PDF Import extension and enable
it by default.

Patch the extensions.lst file so that it points to the locations
of the extension files rather than passing that information as
a configure option.  Add a patch to enable enable the use of file://
in extensions.lst for local integrated extensions as is documented in
the comments in this file.

Nuke the patches that have been committed upstream.

Don't try to run the script with "sh -c" since this
script is not marked executable.

MFH:		2015Q4
Sat, 24 Oct 2015
[ 01:00 truckman ] Original commit   Revision:400085
400085 editors/openoffice-devel/Makefile
400085 editors/openoffice-devel/distinfo
400085 editors/openoffice-devel/files/Makefile.others
400085 editors/openoffice-devel/files/
400085 editors/openoffice-devel/files/
400085 editors/openoffice-devel/files/
400085 editors/openoffice-devel/files/
Upgrade to OpenOffice 4.1.2-RC3.

Explicity set $JAVA_HOME in startup wrapper to the OpenJDK version used
for the build to avoid any potential issues with relying on javavmwrapper
parsing to determine this at runtime.

Fix an botch in the FreeBSD-specific $LD_LIBRARY_PATH code in the
startup wrapper.

Java is needed at runtime, so flag it as a runtime dependency.

Add an option to build and install the SDK and disable it by default.
The port has been building it all along, but not installing it.  We
save only a small amount of time by not building it, but we save about
70 MB of space when the port is installed.
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Sat, 26 Sep 2015
[ 07:40 truckman ] Original commit   Revision:397932
397932 editors/openoffice-4/Makefile
397932 editors/openoffice-4/files/openoffice-wrapper
397932 editors/openoffice-4/files/patch-sysui_desktop_menus_printeradmin.desktop
397932 editors/openoffice-4/files/
397932 editors/openoffice-devel/Makefile
397932 editors/openoffice-devel/files/openoffice-wrapper
397932 editors/openoffice-devel/files/patch-sysui_desktop_menus_printeradmin.desktop
397932 editors/openoffice-devel/files/
Add Caladea and Carlito fonts.  They are metrically equivalent to some
Microsoft fonts and the proper definitions within OpenOffice have been
added so that they are recognized as such. [1]

The Linux ports handle the mapping from the printeradmin command to the
spadmin executable in the shell wrapper.  Do the same in the FreeBSD
port rather than munging the printeradmin.desktop file.  Retain the
spadmin link to the wrapper for backwards compatability.

The setofficelang command went away a long time ago.  Remove it from
the shell wrapper and remove the link.

Exec the OpenOffice executables from the wrapper so that the shell for
the wrapper doesn't hang around as an extra process until OpenOffice

Nuke an extraneous shell continuation in the Makefile.

Suggested by:	pfg [1]
Thu, 24 Sep 2015
[ 21:06 truckman ] Original commit   Revision:397760
397760 editors/openoffice-devel/Makefile
397760 editors/openoffice-devel/distinfo
397760 editors/openoffice-devel/files/
Update to svn revsion r1704217.

Fix a regression in directory permissions and add a missing directory used
for shared extensions.  This combination of issues could cause incomplete
cleanup on pkg removal if OpenOffice had been run by a user in the wheel

Add a note about the location of the Wiki Publisher extension to
Mon, 13 Jul 2015
[ 21:03 truckman ] Original commit   Revision:391960
391960 editors/openoffice-devel/Makefile
391960 editors/openoffice-devel/distinfo
391960 editors/openoffice-devel/files/patch-i114430
391960 editors/openoffice-devel/files/patch-i118574
391960 editors/openoffice-devel/files/patch-jpeg
391960 editors/openoffice-devel/files/patch-nss
391960 editors/openoffice-devel/files/
Upgrade to upstream SVN revision 1689959.

patch-jpeg and patch-nss have been upstreamed and are no longer needed.

patch-i118574 no longer seems necessary for a clean build.

Regnerate patch-i114430 with make makepatch.

Always build using boost from ports instead of the bundled boost, updating
the BUILD_DEPENDS with the header that configure looks for.

Add missing LIB_DEPENDS that are brought in by other dependencies, but are
directly linked as requested by pkgconfig/*.pc.

Build using sane and xrender headers from ports instead of bundled headers.
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Thu, 26 Mar 2015
[ 18:03 truckman ] Original commit   Revision:382334
382334 editors/openoffice-devel/Makefile
382334 editors/openoffice-devel/distinfo
382334 editors/openoffice-devel/files/patch-bridges_source_cpp__uno_gcc3__freebsd__intel_cpp2uno.cxx
382334 editors/openoffice-devel/files/patch-bridges_source_cpp__uno_gcc3__freebsd__intel_except.cxx
382334 editors/openoffice-devel/files/patch-bridges_source_cpp__uno_gcc3__freebsd__intel_share.hxx
382334 editors/openoffice-devel/files/patch-bridges_source_cpp__uno_gcc3__freebsd__intel_uno2cpp.cxx
382334 editors/openoffice-devel/files/patch-bridges_source_cpp__uno_gcc3__freebsd__x86-64_cpp2uno.cxx
382334 editors/openoffice-devel/files/patch-bridges_source_cpp__uno_gcc3__freebsd__x86-64_except.cxx
382334 editors/openoffice-devel/files/patch-bridges_source_cpp__uno_gcc3__freebsd__x86-64_share.hxx
382334 editors/openoffice-devel/files/patch-bridges_source_cpp__uno_gcc3__freebsd__x86-64_uno2cpp.cxx

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Upgrade to apache-openoffice SVN revision 1667428.

Word around broken build on FreeBSD 11.0-CURRENT i386, which appears
to be a code generation bug in clang 3.6 when using -Os optimization.

Build using the ports version of graphics/silgraphite instead of
building an internal copy.

When building with clang, use the ports version of devel/boost-libs
instead of an internal copy.

Use the dictionaries already installed by ports.

Update the patch-bridges and patch-*.mk patches to versions that
will be sent upstream.  The latter are tuned for clang to use as
(Only the first 15 lines of the commit message are shown above View all of this commit message)
Tue, 17 Mar 2015
[ 15:04 truckman ] Original commit   Revision:381494
381494 editors/openoffice-4/Makefile
381494 editors/openoffice-4/files/patch-bridges_source_cpp__uno_gcc3__freebsd__intel_except.cxx
381494 editors/openoffice-4/files/patch-bridges_source_cpp__uno_gcc3__freebsd__intel_share.hxx
381494 editors/openoffice-4/files/patch-bridges_source_cpp__uno_gcc3__freebsd__intel_uno2cpp.cxx
381494 editors/openoffice-4/files/patch-bridges_source_cpp__uno_gcc3__freebsd__x86-64_except.cxx
381494 editors/openoffice-4/files/patch-bridges_source_cpp__uno_gcc3__freebsd__x86-64_share.hxx
381494 editors/openoffice-4/files/patch-bridges_source_cpp__uno_gcc3__freebsd__x86-64_uno2cpp.cxx
381494 editors/openoffice-4/files/
381494 editors/openoffice-4/files/patch-shell_source_unix_sysshell_recently__used__file__handler.cxx
381494 editors/openoffice-4/files/

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Unbreak editors/openoffice-4 and editors/openoffice-devel on systems
where clang is the base compiler.  The issue was that these ports
would only successfully build with gcc and libstdc++, so they
specified USE_GCC=yes, but they linked to other C++ ports that were
compiled with clang, which brought in libc++.  The conflict between
libstdc++ and libc++ caused the application to crash whenever an
operation that popped up a dialog box was attempted.  Thanks to
dim@ for helping me track this down.  The fix is to patch various
bits of the openoffice souce to allow it to be built with clang
on systems where the C++ dependencies are also compiled with clang. [1]

Add a CUPS option so that CUPS can be disabled [2].

Register print/cups-client as a LIB_DEPENDS when CUPS is enabled.
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Number of commits found XX: 9

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