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Some details on the 2023-01-16 website outage.
We just rebooted with several updates: * new HMTLify code * no port maintainer is now highly visible (e.g. * fixed search logic error when using plain/ text details at
non port: emulators/virtualbox-ose/files/patch-src_libs_xpcom18a4_xpcom_reflect_xptcall_src_md_unix_xptcinvoke__x86__64__linux.cpp

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Tue, 9 Mar 2021
[ 18:27 madpilot search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit   Revision:567950 (Only the first 10 of 131 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
- Update VirtualBox OSE to 6.1.18
- Old VirtualBox OSE 5.2.44 preserved as "-legacy" versions of the
  ports (repocopied)
- Add back extra patch removed in r528258, actually required to
  build DEBUG kmod
- Correctly define WITH_DEBUG when enabling the DEBUG option, so
  binaries are not stripped

Please note that this new version supports only amd64 CPUs. If you need
to use older hardware please install the legacy ports.

Note that moving VM snapshots across major updates is unsupported, it's
strongly suggested to properly shutdown VMs before upgrading, please
check UPDATING for further details.
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Tue, 14 Apr 2020
[ 13:47 kevans search for other commits by this committer ] Original commit   Revision:531689
emulators/virtualbox-ose: Switch build to USES= compiler:c++14-lang

The runtime breakage that started occurring after the LLVM 7 -> 8 transition
has been diagnosed with help from cem@, and the attached patch fixes it. The
problem ended up being that tail-call optimization was being applied to this
function (which should probably be written in assembly instead) and moving
the tail-call to later on after some stack manipulations. The problem with
this is that this particular function uses alloca() to carefully craft a
stack that it's expecting to be used for the function it's calling at the

The new patch fixes this using a technique that was committed later on in
upstream changeset 75061 to address a similar failure with GCC sanitizers
enabled. The FreeBSD-specific component of this patch is using the different
stack setup if __clang__ is defined as well.
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Number of commits found: 2