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non port: games/anki/files/patch-Makefile

Number of commits found: 6

Monday, 2 Aug 2021
06:16 Kai Knoblich (kai) search for other commits by this committer
games/anki: Update to 2.1.44

Since the 2.1.36 release the build system has changed significantly
again and devel/bazel is now used by upstream for the entire build

With this change, a lot of bazel rules and also some translation files
needs to be downloaded from various repositories during the buildtime.

In order to still make Anki compatible with the Ports framework, the
following approach is used:

  1. Prefetch all the required files before buildtime.
  2. Create and setup a few local bazel repositories along with a set
     of custom bazel rules and to provide Node, Protobuf and Yarn from
     the Ports tree.
  3. Compile the Rust library and place the output files to the
     respective local bazel repository for further processing.
  4. Build the rest via devel/bazel

From a technical point of view, Anki should also be able to be built on
other 64-bit architectures (but requires further patching of a few bazel
rules), as soon as devel/bazel can also be built for those platforms.

The option NLS is gone because the translations are now compiled
directly into the Rust library and they only generate a small overhead.

Changelog since 2.1.35 (too many changes/fixes to list them separately):

Reviewed by:	tcberner
MFH:		2021Q3
Differential Revision:
commit hash: 7cb5fb35608f4cc8a97afd2bdb83fa7f797fcadc commit hash: 7cb5fb35608f4cc8a97afd2bdb83fa7f797fcadc commit hash: 7cb5fb35608f4cc8a97afd2bdb83fa7f797fcadc commit hash: 7cb5fb35608f4cc8a97afd2bdb83fa7f797fcadc 7cb5fb3
Tuesday, 10 Nov 2020
13:01 kai search for other commits by this committer
games/anki: Update to 2.1.35

Since the 2.1.17 release the build system has been significantly revised and
contains many changes (e.g. a Rust library with Python bindings) that had to
be adapted to the Ports framework.

Kudos to David Schlachter for the additional testing and feedback!

Changelog since 2.1.16 (too many changes to list them separately):

PR:		247666
Reported by:	David Schlachter
Reviewed by:	tcberner (earlier revision)
Differential Revision:
Original commitRevision:554834 
Wednesday, 13 Mar 2019
17:08 kai search for other commits by this committer
games/anki: Update to 2.1.11, undeprecate and set to BROKEN

Undeprecate and save the port from the big Qt4 wipeout by switching from Qt4
to Qt5.

Also set games/anki temporarily as BROKEN because www/py-qt5-webengine is
still in a defunct state. This will change when www/qt5-webengine gets
updated to a more recent version soon (hopefully to the end of Q1).

At last but not least: Add options to switch between multimedia/mpv (new
default by upstream) and multimedia/mplayer (previous default) or choose both
of them.


Notable changes since 2.0.52:

- Anki 2.1.x uses the same scheduling, syncing and file format as Anki 2.0.x,
  so one can upgrade and downgrade at will.
- Switched from Python 2.7 to Python 3.6+ and from Qt 4 to Qt 5
- Add-ons will need to be updated to work with 2.1.
- Built in MathJax support
- A "restore backup" option in the profiles screen
- SVG rendering support for LaTeX
- Improved add-on configuration, management and updating
- Night mode for reviewing
- Improved pasting, with less unnecessary formatting included, and better
  handling of media links.

PR:		233192
Approved by:	miwi (mentor)
Differential Revision:
Original commitRevision:495620 
Tuesday, 23 Aug 2016
15:08 amdmi3 search for other commits by this committer
- Update to 2.0.36
- While here, fix LICENSE and unhardcode PREFIX

PR:		211972
Submitted by:
Approved by: (maintainer)
Original commitRevision:420692 
Saturday, 5 Sep 2015
22:48 jbeich search for other commits by this committer
games/anki: update to 2.0.32

PR:		202908
Submitted by:	Bert Burgemeister <> (maintainer)

- Fixed a syncing bug that could lead to lost reviews and sanity
  check errors when deleting a filtered deck before syncing.
- Make default note type titles consistent (thanks to Soren).
- Load saved searches in alphabetical order (thanks to Houssam).
- Fix some fields not being renamed in template when renaming
  field (thanks to Dave).
- Fixed an error message that could occur in add-ons (thanks to Thomas) .
- Add a few more media types in the file selector (thanks to Jonathan).
- Report an error if an add-on download is corrupt.
- Fix sync error being shown twice.
- Updated translations, thanks to the translators.
Original commitRevision:396198 
Thursday, 12 Dec 2013
21:10 nemysis search for other commits by this committer
- Use patches  instead of REINPLACE_CMD, for upstream
- Cleanup Makefile, add patches, use Port Makefile
- Change pkg-plist, adjust NLS

Approved by:	pawel / wg (mentors, implicit)
Original commitRevision:336290 

Number of commits found: 6